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Witch spell link This page is an official policy on The Vampire Diaries Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

Discord is used to talk with users live, and can be seen as a replacement for Fandom's depreciated Chat feature (now Fandom/Gamepedia Discord; see more). The wiki endorses the server as its official server, and is moderated by the administration team with the same rules as the wiki.

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Although we do not have a strict policy on what is to happen in discord, we do ask that users follow the below guidelines. Users who do not behave in the server will be banned. There are a few rules below:

  • The discord follows Fandom ToU, if you are violating those, you will be banned from the server.
  • The discord also follows the wiki rules. If you are banned from the server, you will also be banned from the wiki.
  • Personal attacks, harassment, sexual harassment, insults, bullying, homophobia or religion predujice.
  • Racial bigotry, sexually degrading language, or other hate speech are not permitted.
  • Being a dick. As a guideline, don't go out of your way to irritate others. (And especially do not try to test the admin's and/or chat moderator's patience and/or limits.) Vicious abuse is grounds for sanctions.
  • Discussion of real world issues and events is generally permitted. However, before raising any of these points or joining a discussion on these you should remember that your fellow chatters may hold strong views in these areas. Where a particular subject appears to be causing distress, offence, or is otherwise disrupting the ability for others to enjoy chat, a moderator at their discretion may direct that a conversation either be closed or moved into private chat.
  • Spamming external links to outside sources and/or other servers/wikis is not permitted.
  • Moderators have similar permissions to administrators and their discretion is usually upheld. If you have a problem with a moderators actions, contact an administrator.


Users entering the server are expected to have prior knowledge of all rules. We would like to remind users that Moderators are free to deal with any of the above-stated topics at their discretion. Moderators are free to enforce a ban for any amount of time or a kick without needing approval of an administrator. As above, a ban on the server translates to a ban on the wiki!

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