Witch spell link This page is an official policy on The Vampire Diaries Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

We ask that all users take the time to read the below guidelines before uploading files to the wiki. We are currently hosting 95,297 files on the wiki. Many which need to be categorized and licensed to adhere to the below guidelines.



When uploading screencaps for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, images on pages should be limited to 5 screencaps per scene. This applies to all pages - Episodes, Relationships, Actor pages, etc. We also ask that each image be sized at 250px, this can be done by adding |250px somewhere in the image brackets. Images used as the focus on articles without an infobox may be sized at 300px, but no larger. If possible, the highest resolution image should be uploaded (720p/1080p/HD) so the image can be seen clearly, if not possible, please hold off on uploading the image. There are several sites that you can find screencaps of both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, some have been included on the right.


Images should be named accurately to depict the topic they are showing. For example, an image containing Stefan Salvatore, should contain the name 'Stefan' in the filename and sometimes it is applicable to add the episode such as: Stefan404.png to represent an image of Stefan from the fourth episode of season four. Images that do not adhere to this policy can and will be renamed/deleted. We consider this a big part of the image policy as it better helps us identify images to add to articles. To better help this, if uploading images directly from your computer into the editor, please make sure that the image is saved under a identifiable name as wiki will use that string as the filename.

Duplicate Images

Please do not upload duplicate images and/or duplicate or very similar filenames. Usually, when uploading a duplicate image and/or filename, wiki will acknowledge that the image is already uploaded and will warn the user, at this point, the user should stop the upload process and use the image already uploaded. Duplicate images do nothing for us except make it harder to identify images and take up filenames that can otherwise be used as an advantage. A full list of duplicate images can be found here.

Fan Images

Fan images are not allowed on any article in the main namespace. This includes articles, episodes, species etc. All fan images should be confined to comments, message walls, profiles, blogs, sandboxes or [user]sub-pages. Fan images are classed as any image that has been altered from the original form it aired in either on box set and/or live tv.


There are many reasons gifs can be seen as necessary on an article. However, we ask that gif usage on articles is kept to a minimum. Gifs are not allowed on episode, family, location and transcript pages with special cases for power, characters and species articles. Gifs should not be used in the episode summaries on a characters article but may be used within the powers and abilities section and relationship section, however, we ask that the bare minimum is used. Gifs can be freely used on species and/or power articles to represent said subject. Finally, gifs shouldn't be used on relationship articles but will be condoned to represent an important event in said couples relationship, for example, the Damon/Elena rain kiss gif is condoned on their relationship page. Gifs should not be placed in galleries on articles where they are condoned.

Categorizing Images

Main article: Category Policy

Each images should have categories to better group them to the subject they are depicting. For example, images of Stefan Salvatore should be given the category Images of Stefan Salvatore etc. A full list of categories in use for images is available here. Images can be categorized by editing the image or using the category module at the bottom of the image, either way works. Another way to categorize images is when uploading. Entering a category into the summary box when uploading will add that category to the image, this also works when using the multiple uploader, however, all images will be given said categories, there is no way to choose which image gets the category.


When uploading a video to the wiki, it should be in 720/1080p and the occurring events should clearly be able to be seen. Videos can be added from YouTube and the filename should, following the image policy, be named appropriately. Alternately, videos can be directly added from wikia's library of licensed videos, although the library doesn't have quite the variation YouTube does. Videos, like images, should too be categorized with appropriate category. Although acceptable please refrain from using videos on any other articles except for promos of episodes, with few exceptions to power articles but before adding an admin should be contacted. Please also check the wiki for duplicate videos before adding them, feel free to replace videos with higher definition ones.

Copyright Notices

All images uploaded to the wiki must follow the copyright outlined by the authors. Images uploaded to the wiki to be used in the main namespace must hold the fair use copyright notice. Tagging an article is extremely important to us as it avoids images being deleted and/or copyright problems in the future. Images released by the CW and/or it's parent companies are deemed fair use under US copyright policy and should be tagged {{Promotional}}. Screencaps taken from other websites and/or by users and uploaded to the wiki are also deemed fair use under US copyright law and should be tagged {{Screenshot}}.


We want to make it easier for users to find images to add to articles via the 'add image' button in the editor, for this reason, we must exclaim that media from other fandoms is prohibited. Any images that do not regard the TVD/TO universe, will be deleted without warning; please do not upload them. We must also enforce this rule to make sure our ParentPage is always up to date with what the wiki entails. We cannot rule all content on the wiki TV-14 if we have images from other fandoms that depict TV-14+ topics. For this reason, we restrict images.

Despite the restrictions, users are free to talk about other fandoms wherever they wish — excluding the main namespace of course. Links to images are too, allowed.

Out of Universe Images

Images from other fandoms/out of universe are strictly prohibited from being uploaded. However, linking the images in comment sections is allowed.

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