Note: On Hold.

Here at The Vampire Diaries & Originals Wiki, we currently have 315 relationship articles. Many of which are help needed articles or just don't contain sufficient information to stay as a separate articles. Many of the articles depict a couple/pairing that was just in a few episodes and not significant to the storyline. To cut down on the number of relationship articles, we plan to merge some of these articles into one article.

What will happen?

See More: Proposal

Relationship articles playing a significant role in the storyline of either show will be kept (Elena and Damon, Elena and Stefan, Damon and Alaric etc.), those with lots of information will also stay. Relationships for family will most likely be merged into one, for example, Stefan and Lily, Damon and Lily, will become Stefan, Damon and Lily. Relationships listed in the 'relationship' header of articles, with explanations and image, will remain. However, those in the 'other relationship' section will be merged into one article.

We propose that these articles, that are not needed, should be merged into one article. For example, relationships for Elena that aren't needed will be merged into the Elena Gilbert/Relationships article. Each pairing will get their own module or box that will store information about that said pair.


Proposed Merge

These are the articles that we have proposed to merge into one article:

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