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Although the wiki attracts visitors and editors from all over the world, many speaking British English, we ask that all users use American English on the wiki, this is due to the fact that the show is produced by an American Broadcasting Company and airs in the United States. We especially ask that users are careful with the z and s way of spelling words. American English primarily uses z where BrEng would primarily use s variants of the word. Although users are asked to follow this, we understand that any variation of the English language is not some user's first language. Due to this, we do run a bot that will automatically clean up some variation of the words, however, it is not an extensive list. The bot will also correct grammar and capitalization issues after sentences end.

Please Note: Below is a full list of how words should be capitalized.

Incorrect Correct Notes
  • The Ancestors
  • the Ancestors
  • "the" determiner should always be lowercase unless occupying the initial position.
  • The Strix
  • the Strix
  • The Hollow
  • the Hollow
  • The Regent
  • regent of the nine covens
  • the Regent
  • Regent of the Nine Covens
  • As above, "the" lowercase. As being Regent is a title, in all instances Regent and the full title must be capitalized.
  • original vampires
  • Original Vampires
  • Original vampire(s)
  • Capitalize in all instances only the adjective.
  • enhanced original
  • enhanced Original
  • Enhanced original
  • Enhanced Original vampire
  • As with Original vampire, only the premodifiers are capitalized.
  • Vampire
  • Witch(es)
  • Seer
  • Werewolf
  • vampire
  • witch(es)
  • seer
  • werewolf
  • Species are not proper nouns and should not be capitalized unless they are in the initial position. As above, any premodifiers such as "Evolved werewolf"/"Harvest witch" should be capitalized as above.
  • Spirits
  • the Spirits
  • Spirits of Nature
  • Spirits itself, as a species, per above, should not be capitalized. The only instance when it is applicable and acceptable to capitalize "Spirits" is when it is referring to the Spirits, the collective group of spirits that resided on the Other Side.
  • Phoenix Sword
  • Phoenix Stone
  • phoenix sword
  • phoenix stone
  • Phoenix sword and phoenix stone should not be capitalized unless in the initial position; if linking and not initial position, use Phoenix Sword|phoenix sword, etc.
  • Klaus's
  • The Originals's
  • Stefans'
  • The Originals'
  • Despite s's being grammatically correct in many languages, including BrEng and American English, please refrain from using it on this community. We use s' format on this community for conformity and the simple matter that it looks cosmetically better.
  • Salvatore school
  • Salvatore School
  • Whilst conventionally "Salvatore school" is grammatically correct, please use "Salvatore School" on articles. The school has been referred to numerous times as the "Salvatore School", so this can be seen as an alternative name to its full name, the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.

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