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We aim to publish up-to-date information for all episodes and characters as soon as we can—but sometimes it's a little too early. Information depicting what could happen in further episodes of The Vampire Diaries or The Originals found online by a trusted source, is publishable on the wiki—take a look at Spoilers—without being removed. However, we cannot publish information taken from an episode which has not yet aired on The CW in the United States. Whether the episode has leaked online or aired on CTV in Canada, publishing information from these sources could get you temporarily or indefinitely banned from the wiki.

What is a "Spoiler"

  • Teasers.
  • Promo.
  • Insiders.
  • Talks with Plec, Narducci or Dries.
  • News released by trusted sources.
  • News released by The CW.
  • Showfax casting.

What we don't allow

We don't allow any information on the wiki gotten directly from an episode that has not officially aired by The CW. The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays on CTV in Canada, to make it fair for users that do not originate from Canada—and the fact that The Vampire Diaries is an American show—we cannot add information that could spoil the episode for those users.


You can discuss the episode that has aired in Canada on our Spoiler forum, feel free to release any information here about the latest episode without it being deleted or you being blocked. Users who browse this forum board cannot complain that they have had the episode spoiled and no action will be taken to users spoiling on this forum.

What we allow

  • Promotions (Photos or trailers).
  • Teasers.
  • Insiders with the crew.
  • News released by trusted sources.
  • Showfax casting.
  • News released by The CW.
  • Talks with the crew.

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