Userboxes are templates that are designed to be added to a user's userpage.

How to add

To add a userbox to your user page, simply find it in the links below and then copy the code onto your user page. For example, placing {{Template:User100}} on your user page will add this to it:

User 100
This user has made over 100 edits to this wiki!.

Whoever visits your user page will see that infobox on it.In this case, only put this userbox if you really have over 100 edits.

PS: After all templates you've added to your user page go to the next line (enter) and paste this:

Official Userboxes


Edit Count

{{Count}} will result

This user has 0 total edits on Vampire Diaries Wiki.

{{User100}} will result

User 100
This user has made over 100 edits to this wiki!.

{{User500}} will result

User 500
This user has made over 500 edits to this wiki!.

{{User1000}} will result

User 1K
This user has made over 1000 edits to this wiki!.

{{User5000}} will result

User 5K
This user has made over 5000 edits to this wiki!.

{{User10000}} will result

User 10K
This user has made over 10000 edits to this wiki!.

Nationality and language

Code Result
{{{1}}} This user speaks {{{1}}}.
{{{1}}} This user is from {{{1}}}.


Code Result
Female user This user is female.
Male user This user is male.
{{user age|<(age)>}}
(age) This user is (age) years old.
Rollback icon This user has Rollback rights.
Wall clock This user's time zone is (timezone).


Optional template:


Fill information.


Admin-council-logos Unknown Admin-council-logos
Name Unknown
Year of birth Unknown
Current location Unknown
Languages Unknown
TV Shows

Users' Boxes

Admin-council-logos (1) Protection Your Own Userboxes Protection Admin-council-logos (2)

For all users who want to create your own user / special - boxes, now is possible in TVD & TO Wiki.


This user-box has the freedom to change colors in two sections (image and text), also add any desired text.

  • Note: Source
    can be freely removed, this doesn't affect the contents of user-box.


{{User Box|bg1= (background color of image)|
bg2= (background color of text)|[[File:(image)|(image size)px]]|(Text)}}


<center>{{User Box|bg1=#023b7e|bg2=#00041a|
[[File:Badge-luckyedit.png|60px]]|This user has a Lucky Badge.}}</center>


Badge-luckyedit This user has a Lucky Badge.

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