Salvatore Boarding House

[It's daytime. Stefan holds up a cinder block which Elena punches and breaks.]

Stefan: And?
Elena: That did nothing for me. How was it for you?
Stefan: Hm. Okay.

[Stefan picks up another cinder block.]

Stefan: Again.

[Stefan holds the block up. Elena backs up and kicks the block, using her vamp-speed, breaking it cleanly.]

Stefan: Good. Now, focus on letting it go.
Elena: Or we could skip the sublimating part, and you can tell me where she is so that I can rip her head off.
Stefan: I don't know where Katherine is and, even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Elena: Stefan, you're the one who told me to channel all of my emotions into one single feeling.
Stefan: I realize that, I just figured it would be love or hope or compassion, not unwavering hatred for a ruthless vampire that's 500 years older than you.
Elena: Well.
Stefan: All right, give me fifty pull-ups.

[Elena turns around, jumps up, and grabs one of the exposed ceiling beams; she starts doing pull-ups as Stefan walks in front of her.]

Elena: You wanted to kill Klaus when you got your emotions back.
Stefan: I know, and I couldn't.
Elena: You don't think I can kill Katherine?
Stefan: I don't think you really want to.
Elena: Maybe you're right. Maybe I just want to feel the warmth of her chest cavity as I rip out her heart and watch her face as she realizes I took it from her. [She releases herself from the beam, landing on the floor.] Nah, I just want to kill her. It's that simple. [Taking off her jacket] I'm gonna go shower.

Mystic Grill

[Rebekah, sitting at the bar, holds up a graduation letter with her name written elegantly on it. Matt is on the other side of the bar, wiping it down with a rag.]

Rebekah: So, let me get this straight: you send out a notice of your impending graduation and people feel obliged to give you money?
Matt: Pretty much.
Rebekah: That sounds brilliant. Why aren't you participating?
Matt: I don't have a whole lot of family.
Rebekah: That makes two of us. Besides, I don't think it was my mother's dream to see me in a cap and gown. How about your mum?
Matt: Let's just say I'm not holding my breath for a graduation check.

[Outside of the Grill, Caroline and Elena are sitting at a table working on their graduation letters.]

Caroline: Stamp, please.

[Elena tears off a stamp and hands it to Caroline.]

Caroline: Thank you.
Elena: You don't have to pretend to be nice to me, Caroline. I know this is just a ploy to keep me distracted.

[Elena sighs heavily. Caroline looks at Elena's stack of graduation letters.]

Caroline: You're done? I'm only on my second batch.
Elena: [holding up her single letter] We have family friends in Denver. Other than that, no one cares that I'm graduating and, to be honest, neither do I.
Caroline: I know that's how you feel now, but once you get through this hating Katherine phase--
Elena: Wait, do you know where Katherine is?
Caroline: No. Why would I know where she is?
Elena: Yeah, but, Caroline, if you did, you would tell me, right?
Caroline: [sighing] Elena, you're obsessing.

[Elena grabs Caroline's hand with ferocity.]

Elena: Caroline, listen to me, if you know where Katherine is then you have to tell me.

[Caroline pulls her hand out of Elena's.]

Caroline: I don't, Elena. Chill.


[Bonnie is sitting in the middle of a clearing, performing a nonverbal spell. Katherine approaches her.]

Katherine: [singsong] Hello?

[Bonnie ignores her, continuing the spell with her eyes shut tightly. Katherine glances around, as she can hear whispering all around her.]

Katherine: [to herself] Could you be any creepier? [to Bonnie] Why are we here?
Bonnie: [opening her eyes] You want me to make you truly immortal so that nothing can kill you. To do that I need to talk to Qetsiyah, which means I need to lower the veil to the Other Side.
Katherine: That still doesn't explain why you made me trudge through mud in 500-dollar boots.

[Bonnie gets up and turns to face Katherine. She points her arm.]

Bonnie: A few miles that way, twelve hybrids were killed at the Lockwood Cellar. And a few miles that way-- [points in other direction] --twelve humans died at the Young farm. And this is the site where twelve witches were killed.
Katherine: Thirteen, if you don't get to the point.
Bonnie: It's the Expression triangle. I need to charge all three points and channel the mystical energy from Silas' tombstone. Once that happens, I can drop the veil inside the three points and just long enough to get what I need.
Katherine: And what exactly do you need?
Bonnie: Silas has done nothing but torment my friends. Now he wants to unleash hell on Earth. He's evil. In two thousand years, only one person has been able to put him down.
Katherine: Let me guess: Qetsiyah.
Bonnie: If I can contact her, I can ask her how to do it. Now, hand me the rock.
Katherine: You're gonna flood Mystic Falls with dead, supernatural creatures so that you can "ask" a two thousand year old witch to do, not one, but two favors? [laughs] I think I'll take my business elsewhere.

[Katherine starts to walk away, but after a few steps, an invisible force keeps her from leaving. Katherine backs up and tries to leave again but is unsuccessful.]

Katherine: What the hell?
Bonnie: I linked us.

[Katherine looks back at Bonnie, with intense hatred.]

Bonnie: Which means you're stuck with me for the day. Silas can be anyone. If he gets in your head and figures out that I don't need a full moon to do the spell, it's over. [She looks smugly at Katherine, who walks back towards Bonnie.] Now, about that tombstone.

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Stefan enters the hospital to meet Damon. Police tape can be seen across a doorway and there are police in the reception area.]

Damon: You just missed the doughnuts.
Stefan: Yeah, I was with Elena, burning off a few thousand hate-filled calories. What happened to you helping me?
Damon: Help, yes. Prolong the inevitable? Waste of my time.
Stefan: Mm, you're avoiding. How unexpected.
Damon: I'm not avoiding. Elena's only goal is to end Katherine's life, and that's not gonna just magically disappear with pilates and a juice cleanse.

[Sheriff Forbes approaches them.]

Sheriff Forbes: Hey guys, thanks for coming.
Stefan: Hey.
Damon: Why were we invited?
Sheriff Forbes: Well, the hospital has kept the blood banks empty ever since they were raided last month. We thought at the very least it would help keep the vampire population away.
Stefan: And it didn't?
Sheriff Forbes: See for yourself.

[The Sheriff leads them into a patient's room where a body lay on a bed, its wrists bloodied.]

Damon: Whoa.
Sheriff Forbes: There are four other victims in this wing, each one almost completely drained of blood. You think it's Silas?
Damon: Or a doctor with some very questionable bedside manners.
Sheriff Forbes: But 5 victims? That's a lot of blood, and it's not like he can take it with him.
Stefan: Unless he's fueling up for something big.
Sheriff Forbes: Big? Any details would be helpful, considering I'm dealing with 5 grieving families out there and a psychic killer on the loose.
Damon: Silas wants Bonnie to do a spell to drop the veil from the Other Side.
Sheriff Forbes: I have no idea what that means.
Damon: It's an invisible wall that separates our plane from the plane of all dead supernatural creatures. Now, Silas wants that to go away so he can take the cure, die, and not have to spend an eternity in a supernatural purgatory.
Sheriff Forbes: And when do you suppose Silas plans on doing this?
Damon: Next full moon. Tomorrow night.

Old Lockwood Cellar

[It's night-time. Katherine, still linked to Bonnie, trails along in the woods to the Lockwood cellar.]

Katherine: Ugh, that Lockwood cellar reeks of wet dog. I'll be staying up here.
Bonnie: You obviously don't know how this works.

[Bonnie takes a step toward the stairs leading down to the cellar, and Katherine jerks forward against her will, as though invisible ropes are connecting her to Bonnie. She continues to grunt uncomfortably as she's forced to follow. They finally reach the cellar.]

Katherine: You realize I'm not just some wandering child in a supermarket, right? I'm a vampire that can kill you.
Bonnie: Whatever happens to me, happens to you. Do you really think I want you here?
Katherine: And what is here? Oh, right, 12 dead hybrids. This should be good.

[Bonnie closes her eyes in concentration as she draws power from the mystical energy. The winds pick up, causing the chains to rattle against the bars.]

Mystic Grill

[Back in town, a couple enters the Grill while the wind whips their hair around from outside. Caroline and Rebekah are at the bar with Matt behind it.]

Caroline: Is it supposed to rain tonight?
Rebekah: Do I look like a meteorologist?

[Caroline gives her an exasperated look before looking over at Elena, who is across the room throwing darts.]

Caroline: Well, someone needs to do something, before she explodes.
Rebekah: I got this.

[Rebekah takes a bottle of liquor and a shot glass and walks over to Elena.]

Rebekah: Drink. You're putting everyone on edge.

[Elena tosses the shot back, then places the glass on the table and resumes throwing darts.]

Rebekah: So, what's the deal? I'm new to this whole emotional switch situation.
Elena: It's not complicated. See that dart board? All I can picture is Katherine's face.

[She throws a dart forcefully and hits the bullseye.]

Rebekah: So your emotions are on, they're just dialed to rage.
Elena: Look, Rebekah. I get that we had our Thelma and Louise thing back when I had my humanity off, but let me make one thing clear: we're not friends.
Rebekah: Okay.

[Elena walks over to retrieve her darts when Caroline joins them.]

Caroline: What about us? Are we still friends? All those things you said when your humanity was off - is that how you really feel?
Elena: Caroline, I really don't feel like going down memory lane.

[Elena walks back to line up her next throw.]

Caroline: Well, what about when you said, and I quote, "You're a repulsive, bloodsucking control-freak monster"? Did you really mean those things?

[Elena hesitates over her next throw, then gives it up and looks at Caroline.]

Elena: If you're waiting for an apology, you're not gonna get one. I can't let myself feel bad, because if I feel bad, then I feel everything, and...we've all seen how well I handle that.

[Just as Elena throws another dart, the lights go out throughout the restaurant. Outside, the wind is so strong it's blowing debris through the air and the sounds of heavy objects falling and breaking are heard nearby. Matt, Caroline, and Rebekah go outside to investigate as the other patrons leave, running for cover.]

Rebekah: [shouting to be heard over the wind] The power's completely out.
Caroline: [shouting] I'll call my mom - maybe she knows what's going on.

[She goes back inside as a police cruiser drives by with its sirens sounding.]

Pastor's Ranch

[Katherine and Bonnie are inside the house where Pastor Young blew up the Council.]

Bonnie: Twelve humans burned to death here. They died in vain for Silas.

[She closes her eyes; the lights go out as the winds pick up.]

Katherine: What did you do?
Bonnie: [opening her eyes] I linked the final hotspot. It's time to drop the veil.

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Damon and Stefan are still with the Sheriff at the hospital, where the lights have also gone out. They pore over a map by the light of Liz's flashlight. She marks the map with a marker as she talks.]

Sheriff Forbes: The power outages originated at 3 different places in town: the Young farm, the Lockwood estate, and a blown transformer off Old Miller Road.

[Stefan picks up the marker and connects the dots.]

Stefan: Well, these are the locations of the Silas massacres. It's the Expression triangle. Bonnie must be doing the spell.
Damon: So much for needing a full moon.
Sheriff Forbes: And there's something else: one of the power company guys has a daughter who goes to school with Bonnie. He saw her leaving the Young farm an hour ago...with Elena.
Stefan: But...Caroline's with Elena.
Damon: Looks like Bonnie Bennett has a new doppelgänger friend.
Sheriff Forbes: So how do we find them?
Stefan: Well, they must be some where in the triangle. My guess is that they would be right in the middle.

[He draws a point in the middle of the triangle, then circles it.]

Damon: And where exactly might that be?

[Stefan and Damon look at each other, then back at the map.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Stefan and Damon drive up and park outside the school. The winds are still blowing fiercely. Elena comes out to meet them. They shout to be heard over the wind.]

Stefan: Where's Caroline?
Elena: Inside looking for Bonnie. I think we should split up. Damon and I can look outside while you and Caroline look inside.
Stefan: All right, let me know if you find anything.

[Stefan heads for the school while Elena and Damon start walking.]

Damon: Someone's an eager beaver.

[Elena walks in front of Damon to stop him.]

Elena: Where's Katherine?
Damon: Now I get it. The one brother shoots you down, you ask the other one. Great.
Elena: You know, don't you?
Damon: Do you not notice all of the end-of-the-world crap going on right now?
Elena: Tell me that you don't want her dead. After everything that she did to you? Stringing you along for hundreds of years?
Damon: Elena, we don't need to list all the reasons that I hate Katherine. What we need to do is find Bonnie. Come on.

[He tries to pass her but she blocks him.]

Elena: I don't care about Bonnie. I care about killing Katherine.
Damon: They're together, okay? So maybe you should do a little less threatening and a little more looking. Come on.

[He starts walking and Elena follows.]

[Stefan enters the cafeteria carrying a flashlight. He finds Caroline there.]

Stefan: Hey, there you are. Any luck?
Caroline: I searched the whole school. She should be here.

[The noise of something falling over breaks the silence and they both turn toward it.]

Caroline: What was that?

[They walk over to the kitchens cautiously. Caroline approaches the freezer and opens it to reveal a bag of ice, which starts dripping onto the floor.]

Stefan: Hm. Ice is melting.

[Caroline shuts the freezer door.]

Caroline: Ugh. It just doesn't make any sense. This is the center of the triangle. If she's gonna do the spell, she has to do it here. This is where they should be.
Stefan: Actually, I think we're in the right place...[He shines his flashlight onto the floor, where the water from the melting ice is flowing down a drain.]...just the wrong elevation.

[The shot moves through the floor to underground, where Bonnie and Katherine are standing in a cave.]

Bonnie: Okay, this is the center of the triangle. I'm ready. Now, give me the tombstone.
Katherine: The fact that this spell hinges on some crappy hunk of blood-rock does little to inspire my confidence.

[She hands Bonnie her bag and Bonnie starts taking the tombstone out of it.]

Bonnie: It's filled with the calcified blood of Qetsiyah, one of the strongest witches in the world. It'll work.

[Upstairs, Damon and Elena enter the school while Damon talks to Stefan on the phone. The shots alternate between them.]

Damon: If I remember correctly, I think there's an entrance in the basement.
Stefan: Well, where's the basement?
Elena: [speaking loud enough for Stefan to hear through the phone] Off the boiler room.
Damon: You hear that?
Stefan: All right, I'll meet you there.

[Damon hangs up, stops and turns round to face Elena.]

Elena: What?
Damon: You're gonna have to stay here.
Elena: Are you kidding me?
Damon: We really need to stop Bonnie from doing the spell, and if you get all murderous and screw it up--
Elena: Is that really the reason?
Damon: As self-righteous as Stefan is, he has a point. Behind your rage, there is a tidal wave of feelings - all of your guilt, all your grief, every emotion you've ever put off, and killing Katherine's gonna let it all in. And if you can't handle it, then we're back to square one.
Elena: And if I can? What if killing Katherine takes away all that grief and guilt? What if killing Katherine finally lets me feel all the good things that I've lost? Damon, help me. As soon as I get over this hurdle, I'll be me. I'll be able to think clearly, I'll be myself, and everything will go back to normal.

[Damon has looked reluctant through the entire speech, and continues to look so.]

Damon: She's strong, and crafty, and you'll die.

[Elena sighs, pauses for a moment, then suddenly stabs Damon in the belly with a stake. He groans in pain and sinks to the floor.]

Elena: At least I'll die trying.

[Elena vamp-runs away as Damon falls to the floor.]

Underground Cave

[Bonnie is holding the tombstone in her hands, concentrating on it. The rock starts "bleeding"; blood oozes out as though it's fresh and drips onto the ground.]

Katherine: What is happening?
Bonnie: I'm channeling the Expression triangle.

[Torches placed around the cave suddenly ignite, illuminating the cave with dancing light.]

Bonnie: It's done. The veil's down.

[Katherine smirks expectantly.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Damon sits up, groaning as he tries to pull out the stake. Suddenly someone walks up behind him - it's Alaric.]

Alaric: Need a hand?

[He reaches down and pulls the stake out. Damon groans in pain.]

Damon: So this is either really good, or really bad.

[Alaric crouches down and laughs.]

Alaric: It's good to see you too, Damon.
Damon: I'd say the feeling is mutual, except a lot of people aren't exactly who they say they are around here.
Alaric: You think I'm Silas? Are you kidding me?

[He gives Damon a hand and they both stand up.]

Damon: See, now this puts us in a bit of a pickle, because that is exactly what Silas would say.

[Alaric thinks for a moment, then walks away toward a locker. He pounds his fist on it once and it springs open. He pulls out a bottle of liquor.]

Alaric: Now, would Silas know about Locker 42?

[Damon starts to grin, as does Alaric, and they embrace, laughing.]

Damon: Ah, hang on. If I can see you...[he pats Alaric's arms and face]...and I can touch you, that means the little witch did it. She dropped the veil.
Alaric: Well, not completely. It's only down inside the Expression triangle. If I step outside of it, it's back to ghost world.
Damon: Well, where is everybody? I figured with the veil down, it'd be like Ghost-a-palooza.
Alaric: Well, not every ghost has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls. Just the ones like me, looking after their idiot best friends.
Damon: I'm more worried about the ones looking out for their enemies.

Mystic Grill

[Rebekah is lighting candles when Matt comes back inside.]

Matt: This wind is weird. One minute it was blowing like a hurricane, now nothing, not even a breeze.
Rebekah: Looks like something wicked finally came.
Matt: You know, you don't have to be here. I mean, technically only one of us is getting paid.

[Rebekah starts to approach Matt.]

Rebekah: But it's fun. And kind of cozy, with the storm outside, and the candlelight...and us.

[She smiles at him, but her face falls when she hears the door open. Kol walks into the room.]

Rebekah: Oh, my god. Kol.
Kol: Greetings from the dead. So, who fancies a drink?

[Rebekah gapes at him as he walks over to the bar.]

Rebekah: I thought I'd never see you again.
Kol: [pouring a drink] Spare me the waterworks, sister. I've already watched you grieve. It lasted a full 24 hours, remember?
Matt: I'm assuming this means Bonnie dropped the veil.
Kol: Not completely, and not for long. But who am I to give up an opportunity for revenge? My killer's already dead, but his sister's just as culpable, so maybe you could help me find her.
Matt: If you hurt Elena, I swear--

[Kol violently smashes a glass bottle on the edge of a table and holds up the jagged remnant in his hand.]

Kol: Oh, I'm going to. But please, continue. I'm curious as to where you're going with this.
Rebekah: You've made your point, Kol. Leave.
Kol: First tell me where I can find Elena.
Rebekah: She left here hours ago, we don't know where she is. Now get out!
Kol: I see you finally got the quarterback to pay attention to you. How's the throwing arm, champ?

[He throws the broken bottle and it hits Matt in the shoulder and lodges into it; he groans in pain. Kol starts walking away.]

Underground Cave

[Bonnie is kneeling on the ground as Katherine paces impatiently.]

Katherine: Tick-tock, Bonnie.
Bonnie: Stop talking. I can't reach out to Qetsiyah with you breaking my concentration every 5 seconds.

[Rolling her eyes, Katherine walks over to a rock and leans against it, sighing loudly. She stares at Bonnie for a few seconds before tensing and standing up.]

Katherine: Bonnie. Did you hear that? Someone's coming.
Bonnie: Can you be quiet?
Katherine: I have vampire hearing, Bonnie, and there's someone here. Unlink me so that I can go stall them while we wait for Qetsiyah to show up.
Bonnie: I'm not letting you go.
Katherine: Then at least give me some slack.
Bonnie: Fine. Go. Stop them.

[Katherine walks away and heads down one of the tunnels.]

Katherine: Silas...come and get me...

[The sound of someone moving with vampire speed makes Katherine swivel around a few times, but they're moving too fast for her to catch sight of them. Finally the intruder stabs Katherine in the belly - it's Elena.]

Elena: Hello, Katherine.

[In the chamber, Bonnie shouts in pain and falls to the ground. She pulls her hand away from her belly - it's covered in her own blood.]

[Elena pushes Katherine into the boiler room upstairs.]

Katherine: I let you out of your cage, and this is how you thank me?
Elena: No. This is how I thank you.

[She vamp-speeds over to Katherine, pulls her up and slams her face against a hot pipe. Katherine shouts in pain as it burns her face. In the cave, Bonnie shouts in pain as her face burns, too. She writhes on the ground, gasping and yelling, when Stefan and Caroline rush into the chamber.]

Stefan: Bonnie. Bonnie, what happened?
Bonnie: Katherine. Find Katherine. We're linked.
Caroline: Then unlink her. You go, I'll stay with Bonnie.

[Stefan leaves the chamber.]

[Upstairs, Katherine continues to shout as her face burns against the pipe.]

Elena: You have done nothing but suck the happiness out of my life. Well, now I get to kill you.

[Elena gets her stake ready.]

Katherine: No, wait - please!
Elena: Goodbye, Katherine.

[She makes a swing at Katherine but is thwarted by Stefan, who launches himself on her and pins her to the ground.]

Elena: Stefan!
Katherine: [smiling] Thanks for the save, handsome.

[Stefan struggles to restrain Elena.]

Stefan: Get the hell out of here before I kill you myself.
Katherine: Really? I'm your biggest problem right now?

[They watch Katherine walk out of the room.]

Mystic Grill

[Rebekah gently removes the glass shards from Matt's shoulder with a pair of tongs.]

Rebekah: You know I could just cure this for you easily, right?
Matt: I'll be fine.
Rebekah: Why won't you ever let me help you?
Matt: It's not you, I just...Look, people in this town have a bad habit of turning into vampires, and I'd like to graduate high school as a human.

[Rebekah smiles at him.]

Matt: I think there's a First Aid kit in the back.
Rebekah: Okay.

[She takes the flashlight into the back room and grabs the kit. Suddenly she hears the sound of friction, like an object being swiped against something, along with someone grunting softly. Rebekah investigates and shines her light on Caroline sitting on the floor.]

Rebekah: Caroline, how are you still here--

[She sees that Caroline is repeatedly cutting a open wrist with some sharp object.]

Rebekah: Oh, my god.
Caroline: [as though in a trance] I have to keep cutting.

Underground Cave

['Caroline' crouches beside Bonnie.]

Caroline/Silas: Bonnie, are you okay?
Bonnie: Yeah, now that I unlinked her.

[Caroline helps Bonnie up.]

Caroline/Silas: What are you doing down here?
Bonnie: Waiting for Qetsiyah.
Caroline/Silas: [Strangely.] You might be waiting a while.

[Caroline disappears, and the disfigured Silas appears behind her.]

Silas: Qetsiyah isn't coming, Bonnie.

[She turns toward him.]

Bonnie: Silas. But - I saw Caroline. How? I thought you couldn't get inside my head.
Silas: That's what I wanted you to think. I can make you see whatever I want you to see. Am I a disfigured monster?

[Stefan/Silas appears behind Bonnie; she swivels around as Silas keeps changing form.]

Stefan/Silas: Of course not. The monster is what I wanted you to see.
Caroline/Silas: That's the beauty of all this. You have no idea who I am.
Stefan/Silas: Or what I look like.
Silas: Or how deep I am inside of your head.
Stefan/Silas: You thought that you were more powerful than me?
Caroline/Silas: I am stronger than you can imagine. I defeated the Hunter's Curse in minutes. You thought that you could betray me? You can't. I will always be one...step...ahead.

Mystic Falls High School

[Stefan finally lets go of Elena and they get up.]

Elena: How could you save her? She was as good as dead.
Stefan: Yeah, and so was Bonnie. Bonnie used a spell to link herself to Katherine, so if you killed her, Bonnie would be dead, too.
Elena: How do you know that?
Stefan: Because I saw her, Elena. You almost killed your best friend.
Elena: I don't believe you.
Stefan: Really?
Elena: You never wanted me to kill Katherine. Why are you protecting her, Stefan?
Stefan: Listen to yourself. Your rage is making you crazy.
Elena: Do you still have feelings for her?
Stefan: This isn't even about Katherine, this is about Jeremy. What, you think that killing her will take all that pain away? It won't.
Elena: Oh, but beating up cinder blocks will?
Stefan: No, it's a distraction. Just like killing Katherine, just like turning your emotions off. The truth is, there are no shortcuts. You are a vampire, Elena. Loss is part of the deal. Look, I've been alive for 163 years. I have lost more loved ones than I can count, and it hurts me every single time.
Elena: So there's no hope? You're saying I'm hopeless?
Stefan: No, I'm saying you have to face your grief. But you don't have to do it alone - I can help you.
Elena: Oh, of course you can. God, Stefan! Always trying to help, and you're concerned for me, it's just like--
Stefan: You're transferring your rage onto me, that's good.
Elena: I don't need to transfer anything. I can hate two people just fine.

[She starts to leave and Stefan reaches out to stop her.]

Stefan: Hey--

[Elena swings her fist into Stefan's face.]

Elena: Just like the cinder block - nothing.

[She leaves.]

Mystic Grill

[Rebekah has brought Caroline into the main restaurant. Caroline looks as though she is in a trance while Rebekah holds her hands on either side of Caroline's head.]

Rebekah: Caroline, hey, snap out of it.
Caroline: I need to bleed. Silas wants me to bleed.
Rebekah: Stop it, you're hallucinating!

[Caroline makes a grab for a weapon on the bar.]

Caroline: Just let me do this. I need to do this.
Rebekah: [restraining her] You're going to cut your hands off!

[Matt, across the room, talks on the phone with Damon.]

Matt: She's been here this whole time - that means Silas is with you.

Mystic Falls High School

[Damon walks into the boiler room at the high school with Alaric as he talks with Matt on the phone; the shots alternate between here and the Grill.]

Damon: Perfect.
Matt: Yeah, it gets worse. The veil's down. Kol came by looking for Elena, and he seemed a little pissed.
Damon: You got any good news for me, Donovan?
Matt: We'll handle this, your back.

[Damon hangs up and looks at Alaric.]

Damon: Call Stefan and tell him about Caroline. Tell him to keep an eye on Elena. God knows he'll do a better job than me.
Alaric: Stefan? Isn't she your girlfriend?
Damon: Who knows. I know she was sired to me. I know her emotions were off. I know she's so full of rage, she wants to rip Katherine's head off.
Alaric: But you have no idea how she feels about you, and now you're freaking out.
Damon: Call Stefan.

[He walks away.]

Mystic Grill

[Rebekah is still struggling to hold Caroline.]

Caroline: Let go of me!
Matt: Have you tried compelling her?
Rebekah: I can't, she's on vervain.
Caroline: Let me go!

[Rebekah lifts one of the graduation invitations on the bar.]

Rebekah: Look, Caroline, you're graduating and - and Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary really want you to graduate with both your hands!
Caroline: I need to keep cutting, I need to keep cutting, I need to keep cutting...
Rebekah: Stop!
Caroline: I--

[Rebekah suddenly swings at Caroline and slaps her across the face. Caroline stops her intonations and straightens up, holding her face with her hands for a moment. Rebekah waits with baited breath for her reaction.]

Caroline: Bitch!
Rebekah: [relieved] There is the Caroline I know and loathe.

Underground Cave

[Bonnie is talking to Caroline/Silas.]

Bonnie: Stay away from me.
Caroline/Silas: Gladly...[She turns and walks a few paces.]...once you finish the spell. Then, when the veil is dropped completely, I can take the cure.

[Caroline/Silas pulls the small, pill-shaped cure out of her pocket.]

Caroline/Silas: I just want to pass on, Bonnie. I'll even let you kill me. I'll be out of your life for good.
Bonnie: But every dead supernatural creature will be roaming the earth.
Caroline/Silas: Well, if you don't help me, I'll be roaming the earth.
Bonnie: I was never gonna drop the veil.
Caroline/Silas: I'm curious: what was your plan? Pow-wow with Qetsiyah? Brainstorm ways to put me down? Qetsiyah's not coming. She wants me on the Other Side with her - for eternity.

[Damon's voice echoes in the tunnels.]

Damon: Bonnie? Bonnie?
Caroline/Silas: That sounds familiar.

[Caroline voice morphs into Alaric's, and suddenly his form is standing there.]

Alaric/Silas: Maybe Damon will convince you.
Bonnie: I won't let you--
Alaric/Silas: You won't let me what?

[Bonnie starts to gasp for breath.]

Alaric/Silas: You feel that, Bonnie? The air thinning...barely enough to breathe.

[Bonnie sinks to the ground, unable to take a deep breath. Alaric/Silas chuckles and leaves the chamber, taking the flashlight with him.]


[Elena approaches Jeremy's headstone and reads its epitaph.]

Elena: "Brother and friend"? What genius came up with that one?

[She kneels down in front of it; the emotion builds in her voice as she speaks.]

Elena: I give up, Jer. I really wanted to kill her for you, but there's no point. [She picks up a dried-out bouquet of flowers.] Stefan's right, it's just a distraction, and--

[She twists the flowers in her hands, then throws them down passionately. She brings her hand up to cover her face for a few seconds, then sniffles loudly and sets it down. Her voice is thick with tears.]

Elena: I can't - I can't do this. I can't-- I can't move on. And I don't want to. If that makes me weak, then fine, I'm weak, but...I can't handle you-- I can't handle you being gone. I can't handle feeling like this anymore.

[Elena sobs for several moments before someone approaches her from behind.]

Kol: Hello, old friend.

[Elena stands up and turns round to see Kol.]

Kol: Pity about your brother. Guess it's just me against you now.

[He vamp-speeds towards her as Elena makes a determined face.]

Underground Cave

[Bonnie continues to struggle breathing. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice behind her.]

Grams: Bonnie.

[Bonnie stops struggling and turns around.]

Grams: This isn't real, Bonnie. Feel the air in your lungs. Break through--
Bonnie: [shoving her away] Silas.
Grams: Would Silas try to save your life? Now breathe, child.

[Bonnie settles down.]

Grams: There.

[They stand together and embrace.]

Bonnie: I - I was so worried about you.
Grams: I know. But I'm okay. [They part.] I've been watching over you.
Bonnie: I messed up. I'm sorry.
Grams: You can still stop Silas.
Bonnie: No, I can't. Qetsiyah was able to immobilize him so he couldn't feed and get into people's heads. I don't know how to do that. I don't know how to put him down.
Grams: You can do that. Expression is the manifestation of your will. You could do anything. I don't like it, but sometimes there are no choices. But you are strong enough. You can do this.

[Bonnie smiles at her grams.]

[In the tunnels, Damon encounters Alaric.]

Alaric/Silas: Whoa, it's just me. I called Stefan, he's heading for Elena. Did you find Silas?
Damon: Yep.

[Damon swings the butt of his flashlight at Alaric's face, knocking him to the ground. Damon drops the flashlight, picks up a length of chain and starst to strangle Alaric with it.]

Alaric/Silas: [choking] Damon, it's me!
Damon: No, you're not. I've spent more time in these tunnels than I care to admit, and there's no way you just came from the school. Your mind games don't work on me, Silas.

[As Alaric continues to make choked shouts, Bonnie enters their tunnel.]

Bonnie: I may not be able to kill you, but I will stop you.

[She closes her eyes as she concentrates, her hair blowing in a sudden breeze.]

Bonnie: I will make the blood clot in your veins. I will make every bone, muscle and joint in your body turn to stone. You won't have power over us anymore.

[Alaric/Silas turns away as his body hardens, groaning in pain. His face starts to change back to what it really looks like.]

Damon: What the hell is happening?
Bonnie: He can't hide behind his mind-control anymore. He's becoming his true self.

[Silas hardens completely with his hand covering his face. Damon looks round to look at him.]

Damon: Who exactly might his true self be?
Bonnie: I guess we'll never know.

The Cemetery

[Kol kicks Elena to the ground; she coughs, winded.]

Kol: Now this is what I've missed: two people connecting.

[He kicks her again.]

Kol: It's lonely on the Other Side...and I swear being invisible will drive you mad. The way you couldn't see me standing in front of you, or feel my breath on your cheek as I whispered all the ways that I wished for you to suffer.

[He grabs her by the throat and lifts her as she struggles to breathe.]

Kol: But alas, now you can.
Elena: Go ahead, Kol. Kill me. You'd be doing me a favor.
Kol: [whispering] As you wish, darling.

[Suddenly, Kol drops Elena and catches a flying stake with his hand. Jeremy stands pointing his crossbow at him.]

Jeremy: How many times do I need to kill you?
Kol: Jeremy Gilbert...Welcome back. Now, what's the saying? 'Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice, shame on--'

[Stefan vamp-speeds at Kol and snaps his neck.]

Stefan: Let's leave it at that, shall we?
Jeremy: Elena! [He runs to her.] Elena.

[Lying on the ground, Elena weakly lifts her hand and places it on Jeremy's arm.]

Jeremy: Hey.

[She scrambles up and wraps her arms around him, sobbing.]

Elena: Jeremy.

[Sometime later, Bonnie is talking to Damon and Stefan.]

Bonnie: You need to get rid of Silas' body.
Damon: Well, there's a slight problem, Medusa. Even though you turned him into stone, if he gets one more drop of blood he's back to his old mind tricks.
Stefan: All right, so let's do what we should've done to Klaus - let's drop his body in the middle of the ocean.

[Elena approaches them.]

Elena: Bonnie? [Bonnie looks round at her.] I don't know what to say.
Bonnie: You don't have to say anything.
Elena: But I was so horrible to you.
Bonnie: You weren't you. I know what that's like. I wasn't me for a long time. We can talk about that later. [She smiles.] You've got some catching up to do.

[She nods at Jeremy, who comes up behind Elena.]

Jeremy: Thank you, Bonnie.
Bonnie: I'll give you guys as much time as I can. [Jeremy hugs her and they part.] But I have to go put the veil back up.

[Bonnie leaves.]

Stefan: I should, ah, make sure Kol's body is somewhere safe until the veil goes back up.
Elena: Stefan, wait--

[Stefan nods at her knowingly.]

Stefan: Welcome back.

[They smile at each other before Stefan leaves.]

Elena: There isn't enough time.
Damon: It'll never be enough time.
Elena: Damon, I'm sorry that--
Damon: Stop. The most important thing right now is Jeremy, and saying goodbye.

[Elena turns to look back at Jeremy, then hugs him again, crying.]

Mystic Grill

[Stefan walks into the Grill and sits at a table. Caroline enters the room and sits down across from him, setting down a bottle.]

Caroline: Good, you're here. We need to celebrate.
Stefan: Yeah, I'm not really in the mood to, ah, celebrate.
Caroline: What's wrong with you? Silas is dead, or whatever, and you're just sitting here like a bump on a log.
Stefan: There was someone that I thought I would see today, and, ah...I didn't. That's all.
Lexi: You better mean me.

[Stefan and Caroline look at each other.]

Stefan: You've got to be kidding me.

[He turns in his seat to see Lexi standing behind him. He smiles and stands to embrace her.]

Lexi: [to Caroline] Thank you for keeping an eye on this one.

[Caroline smiles.]


[Damon and Alaric are packing the trunk of the car.]

Damon: Calcified Silas is one heavy son-of-a-bitch.

[They slam the trunk shut. Damon pulls out a flask and takes a swig.]

Alaric: I can't think of a more appropriate way to spend my last moment as a semi-living person.
Damon: Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have some place better to be?
Alaric: [laughing] Guess not.

[He takes the flask from Damon and takes a swig.]

Damon: I thought you were cutting back.
Alaric: Yeah, well, I thought you were gonna take care of the children.
Damon: You heard that? Well, that's not creepy.
Alaric: I, ah - I found this-- [he holds up a small box] --in the dead guy's pocket. Thought it might do more use here than, say, 3 miles below sea level.

[Damon takes the cure out of the box and holds it up.]

Damon: What the hell am I supposed to do with this?
Alaric: [smiling] Get the girl.

Mystic Falls

[Stefan and Lexi are walking down a street.]

Lexi: She punched you in the face?
Stefan: Yep.

[Lexi laughs.]

Lexi: Take a hint!
Stefan: So wait, you've been back, what, 5 minutes and you're already laughing at me?
Lexi: No, I've been laughing at you for a while, you just haven't been able to see me.
Stefan: Do you have any idea how much I've missed you?

[Lexi links her arm with Stefan's.]

Lexi: Trust me, I do. Although I see I've been replaced by another blonde?

[She looks at Stefan suggestively.]

Stefan: What are you giving me that look for?
Lexi: She's cute.
Stefan: Do not start.

[Lexi rolls her eyes.]

Underground Cave

[Bonnie is arranging some candles when she senses someone nearby. Her grams is standing a few feet away.]

Grams: You have to put up the veil.
Bonnie: Not yet.
Grams: What are you doing, Bonnie?
Bonnie: I can bring Jeremy back, I can keep him here.
Grams: No, you can't!
Bonnie: Elena needs him. This was always the plan. Jeremy wasn't supposed to die.
Grams: It was the will of Nature. There is no magic in this world that is strong enough to challenge it.
Bonnie: I have every magic! I have the spirits!

[Bonnie raises her hands and the flames of the candles shoot up tall.]

Bonnie: Phasmatos revenios un Animum.
Grams: Stop it!
Bonnie: I have Expression!
Grams: Stop it, Bonnie!

[Veins start to circulate darkly beneath Bonnie's skin.]

Bonnie: I have the darkness.
Grams: Bonnie, don't.
Bonnie: Phasmatos revenios un Animum. Phasmatos revenios un Animum. [The flames climb higher.] Phasmatos revenios un Animum. Phasmatos revenios un Animum!

[Bonnie takes a huge gasp and falls to the ground.]

Mystic Grill

[Matt locks the door behind him as he and Rebekah leave the Grill.]

Matt: In case Caroline didn't thank you for pulling her out of that hallucination earlier...thanks.
Rebekah: I'm just glad I got the chance to knock her upside the face.

[Matt laughs, but suddenly Rebekah stops in her tracks.]

Rebekah: Oh, my god.

[They see a man walking through the park across the street.]

Matt: Who the hell is that?
Rebekah: That is my ex-boyfriend, Alexander. [Alexander sees them.] He's a vampire hunter.

[The lights suddenly come back on throughout downtown. Rebekah sighs with relief.]

Rebekah: Thank god, the power's coming back. Maybe that means the veil's almost up and he'll disappear again.

[Alexander looks over at them and starts approaching.]

Matt: Or not.
Rebekah: We should get out of here.

[She turns and runs smack into Connor Jordan and Galen Vaughn.]

Connor: You should.
Vaughn: Too bad you can't.

Underground Cave

[Bonnie comes to, lying on the ground. She gets up and seems disoriented. Suddenly a hand falls to rest on her shoulder. She turns to see her grams.]

Grams: I'm sorry, Bonnie. The spell. It was just too much.

[Sheila steps aside so that Bonnie can see her own body lying on the ground.]

Bonnie: Oh, my god...I'm dead!

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