As supernaturals, we all carry a burden. Our eyes are open to evil. And recently, you've had to face it. Some of us process these traumas by suppressing what happened. For others, it's easier to bury it deep inside and pretend like nothing's happened at all. Still, others may take a different route [...] The point is we can all do better at processing the traumas we've been through.
Emma addressing her students

There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go[2] is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Legacies and the thirtieth episode of the series overall.


CRACKING THE CASE — In order to deal with their recent trauma, Emma suggests the students participate in a group simulation that transports them to a film noir world. Hope, Josie, Lizzie, MG and Rafael quickly learn they must confront their conflicts head-on or risk facing the game's catastrophic consequences. Alaric also appears.[3]



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  • Antagonist: Josie Saltzman, The Necromancer (indirectly)
  • In order to leave the Chambre de Chasse, Emma explained that they would need escape words. Apart from Emma and Jade, both of which who did not receive one prior to their narrative's "deaths", each of the the others received Latin-based words with the following meanings:
    • Liquet, which means to "clear" or "it is proven", for Professor Vardemus.[4][5]
    • Praesidio, which means "protect", for Josie.[6]
    • Caecus, which means "confused" or "blind", for Lizzie.[7]
    • Heros, which means "hero", for MG.[8]
    • Mortem, which means "death", for Rafael.[9]
    • Fatum, which means "doom", "death", or "fate", for Hope.[10]
  • As Lizzie attempts to escape from "dark" Josie, she encounters a farm-to-table food business entitled, "Gemini Provisions" — an obvious callback to the Gemini Coven — to which even Lizzie comments being on-the-nose.
  • Emma Tig leaves the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted for good; she tells Alaric that whilst it is the most extraordinary place she has ever been, it is also the most dangerous.



Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title was a line used by M.G.
  • This episode was co-written by Brett Matthews, who also co-wrote the previous two episodes. This is the first instance that the same writer wrote three back-to-back episodes (other than main producers such as Julie Plec or Kevin Williamson in the early stages of three shows). The previous record of two back-to-back episode was set by Hannah Rosner earlier this season.
  • With only 0.52 million viewers, this is the least watched episode in the whole TVD universe.
  • This episode marks Karen David's departure from the cast of Legacies.

Cultural References

  • While in the variation of the Chambre de Chasse, Josie's narrative mentions Howard Hawks. Howard was an American film director, producer, and screenwriter of the classic Hollywood era, circa 1910s – 1960s, and explored various genres including Film noir, which is the basis of the episode.




Last.fm_play.png "Thanks For The Memories" – Karen David
Last.fm_play.png "The 40's Were Grand" – Ron Komie
Last.fm_play.png "Grow As We Go" – Ben Platt




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