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So here's my friendly advice. Kill my father while you can. I know he's in the body of someone you love, but the longer you leave him in there, the more of a chance Malivore has to win. [...] It'll start with revenge. Against anyone who's ever wronged him. It's a long list, most recently made longer by you and everyone at your school. And then the hunger will lead the way. An eternal, bottomless well that can never be filled but must be fed. And not just on monsters. He has a taste for humans now. And those he devours will be lost from memory forever. Legions of lives consumed into the blackness, erased from existence in an instant.
Ryan to Hope

There's No I In Team, or Whatever[2] is the second episode of the fourth season of Legacies and the fiftieth episode of the series overall.


THE TIME IS NOWHope has to relinquish control and allow Josie and the Super Squad to enact a risky plan that could save Landon. Landon and Cleo meet in Malivore's darkness and learn more about one another. Meanwhile, Lizzie, Kaleb and Ethan volunteer together, and all does not go according to plan. Alaric, MG and Jed also appear.[3]


On the Niger River of Nigeria, West Africa, sometime before 1464, warriors of Cleo's village brought their most powerful warrior to Ayomi. She'd been infected with Long Spider poison in battle. It is the same day that Cleo learned of magic and the only solution was a powerful transfusion ritual to magically transfer the poison into someone who had been exposed to it before, to someone immune. The warriors bring Kasigo to the hut and Cleo's grandmother successfully performs the spell and heals the warrior.

Hope brings together Kaleb, MG, Wade, Josie and Jed and describes the memory that Cleo shared with her. She explains that if they can find a way to replicate the spell, then they can transfer Malivore out of Landon. Since MG pointed out that Malivore was trying to splinter them, she's adapting and open to collaboration. The team agrees to the plan and Jed questions if Cleo inspired any blueprints for the spell. That, however, is something they'll have to figure out. Wade inquires about Landon, but either way, she needs Malivore out of him.

Kaleb heads to Alaric's office, upset for having lied to Hope about Landon, again. It's a necessary evil, though his attention quickly falls to what Alaric is unboxing. They're t-shirts for Movie in the Square. Their school still owes community service for last year's football fiasco. Alaric needs Kaleb and Lizzie to supervise the students while volunteering for the event.

Lizzie magically tries to dress up the t-shirt, but nothing works for her. Josie reminds her that she's a volunteer, but Lizzie wants to look cute for Ethan so they can enjoy the movie after setting up. She's unsure if he's epic romance material and has even compiled a checklist, one of which is willing to risk his life.

Meanwhile, Jed and Wade have found the transfusion braid in a reference book and attempted to replicate the braid using shoe strings, though it's recommended to use lion's hair. Despite their errors, they'll make it happen and get what they need. While they're doing that, she's already figured out who they'll transfer Malivore into.

At the hospital, Ryan is being discharged and presented with a bill of $81,000. He believes it's a mistake, but Hope reassures him it's not. Speaking of debt, he owes her a favor.

Within Malivore's darkness, Cleo wanders alone. Coming to her grandmother's hut, it's on fire and screams permeate the surrounding area. She attempts to put the fires out, but her magic is useless and she succumbs to the pain and suffering. She pleads with Malivore to make it stop and that she'll give him what he wants, though she needs time. Someone approaches her. It's Landon Kirby, who tells her they get to get her out of there.

Ryan begs to differ about the owed favor and attempts to leave, though Hope uses her magic to freeze him in place. She explains that like Landon, he is Malivore's son and an ideal host. If they can transfer Malivore out of Landon, then he may know of a way to stop Malivore since they've been sharing a brain. Ryan doesn't want to wager his newly human body, but Hope promises freedom if they're successful. Ryan ultimately decides he'll do anything but be a skinsuit for Malivore; he apologizes to Hope and leaves.

At the Town Square, Lizzie and Ethan continue with Movie in the Square preparations. They bond over common interests, and Lizzie even suggests a potential second date, doing something they both enjoy.

Hope prepares the transfusion ritual drawing out the intricate sigil on the floor. Alaric is concerned that Ryan won't show up, but Hope remains confident that he will. He wants redemption, even if he won't admit it. Finch brings Josie an entire bucket of salt, but Josie asks her to come to Italy with her. They could visit her mom in Europe over the break, if she wanted, but Finch doesn't give her an answer, opting to grab other supplies instead. Jed and Wade have finalized the transfusion braid from Lion's hair, thanks to the Grove Hill zoo. Preparations are nearly complete and Wade suggests an anti-magic barrier, but Hope explains that it will block the transfusion. Instead, they'll need a dark object to contain Malivore—a black candle. Ryan appears at the school, to Alaric's surprise. He's short on cash to cover his medical bill, but admits he hates owing a debt.

Lizzie talks to Kaleb about her and Ethan. Despite their common interests, she doesn't have that spark of romance. Unlike her, Kaleb is stuck shilling out popcorn to townies instead of rescuing Cleo. She reminds him that they're here so Hope and the others don't have to be. Lizzie siphons from him and causes the popcorn machine to explode spewing popcorn everywhere. Ethan rushes over to help Lizzie and Kaleb walks away, though discovering MG hiding and watching Lizzie.

Ryan visits his father, who is surprised to see him alive, though Ryan's more alive now than he has ever been. Malivore attempts to get Ryan to divulge information to him about Hope's plan, and whatever it is, he will free Ryan. That, however, is a promise made and broken too many times. Malivore attempts a half-hearted apology and admits he should have been better. That is all Ryan needs to hear and Hope steps into the gym. Ryan explains that Malivore is nervous and worried about whatever she's planning, so much so that he'll say anything.

Back in the great hall, Hope performs the transfusion ritual. Wade attempts to keep Malivore, rather Landon, pain free with fairy dust, while Josie warns that she needs to go faster. Hope hesitates, fearing permanent damage to Landon. Jed watches over Ryan, who struggles with the transfer, unable to help. The spell fails and they're expelled from the therapy box. Alaric and Ryan immediately realize they've failed again, adding to the other ten failed simulations. Hope demands to run it again, but Josie counters that they're doing something wrong. Hope can't be the one to perform the spell. They all have something at stake. If Hope can take a step back and trust her, she can perform the spell.

Kaleb confronts MG for spying on Lizzie. MG is adamant that the human and supernatural world don't mix, and when they do, never ends wells for the human. He doesn't want Ethan getting mixed up with that again. Kaleb counters that he's jealous, to which MG admits to being. He wonders if her and Ethan's time is now while his time has come and gone.

Hope decides to hand over the spell to Josie, though Ryan is immediately concerned. Josie hates him, with good reason, but Hope reassures him that she won't let anyone hurt him, including Malivore. Jed and Wade lay Malivore on the table while Josie lights the black candle. Malivore is under a sleeping spell, within a binding circle. Ryan continues to worry, but eventually agrees and wraps the transfusion braid around his wrist. Hope hands off the braid to Josie and she siphons from Finch and promptly begins the spell.

Within the darkness, Landon and Cleo talk. He's curious about what Malivore wants from Cleo and she explains that he wants to know how to kill the tribrid. Landon cuts her off, not wanting to learn anything that would help Malivore. Cleo attempts to focus on other topics of conversation. For Malivore need only concentrate on what he wishes to know, and she can inspire him to realize it. She believes the longer she is here, the more likely she will fail. Changing topics, Landon asks if she's ever been in love, to which she tells him about Leonardo DaVinci. The stronger her feelings are for someone, the more powerfully she inspires them. For Leonardo, he helped change the world, advancing art and science profoundly. Landon shudders to think what becoming the tribrid will do to change Hope and to the supernatural world. He believes she would be an immortal, unstoppable force of nature and the daughter of one of history's most ruthless killers. Cleo unintentionally inspires a solution to kill the tribrid.

Josie performs the transfusion ritual and Hope sits on the sidelines, talking to Alaric. Hope believes she wouldn't have to put them through any of this if she'd just become the tribrid. She used to think that she'd do anything for Landon, but hesitates on this. Malivore, however, begins to wake from the sleeping spell, shocking Wade who's dosed him with fairy dust. Alaric holds Hope back and Josie picks up the pace with the ritual. Jed believes they should stop the spell, but Josie pushes to go faster. Finch grabs her hand and she siphons from her, completing the spell. Ryan wakes, though he's still himself. So is Malivore, but he reveals something has happened. Malivore whips the transfusion braid, knocking over the black candle and Ryan begins to lose control of his faculties. As he runs away, he throws Jed into the adjacent wall, knocking him unconscious.

Alaric and Hope return Malivore to his cage and learn that the transfusion ritual worked, but against them. He was inspired by Cleo and learned of Hope's plan and instead transferred a dybbuk into Ryan. A dybbuk is a parasitic spirit of Jewish folklore that imbues its host with supernatural strength. Malivore sends the dybbuk to Movie in the Square and reveals that the only way to kill it is to kill the host.

Lizzie and Ethan enjoy the movie and Kaleb and MG talk. As Lizzie gets up to grab a milkshake, she sees Ryan and walks over to talk. Kaleb pushes MG to talk to Lizzie, though after the movie. Both he and Kaleb have lost sight of her. Lizzie confronts Ryan, but again loses control to the dybbuk. His body transforms into a monster and moves to attack Lizzie. Ethan, however, steps up to fight off the misshapen bully, but the dybbuk easily swats him away. He attacks Lizzie, knocking her unconscious, too and kidnaps her.

Alaric prepares to go after Ryan, but Hope refuses to kill him. She made a promise. Alaric respects her decision, but he won't let him hurt the people he loves, his daughters or students. Hope decides to veto his decision and casts a sleeping spell on him, responding that she's the one who has to make the hard choice.

Kaleb and MG find Ethan unconscious. MG decides to take him back to the school while Kaleb goes after lizzie.

Cleo pleads with Landon to not to leave her, but he tells her that if she's figured out a way to kill the tribrid, then she needs to get away from him and get out of Malivore. He explains that there are doors back to their world, she just has to find one. She's a muse and should inspire herself for a change. They exchange goodbyes and walk opposite ways from one another.

Lizzie's held captive by the dybbuk who threatens to burn her alive. Kaleb arrives and attempts to confine the monster, but his superior strength knocks him through a wall. Hope whips the transfusion braid around the dybbuk's hand and performs the transfusion ritual, transferring the dybbuk out of Ryan, saving him.

Kaleb, Lizzie, and Hope rush Ryan back to the hospital. Lizzie confides to Kaleb that Ethan coming to rescue her was an epic move. She also thanks Kaleb for saving her, but he admits that Hope was the one to actually save her. Ryan recovers in the hospital bed and believes he was a goner. Hope admits he nearly was, but gave him Kaleb's blood to heal him after the transfer. Ryan thanks her for keeping her promise and she fulfills the other end of her deal. She hands him his money and a ticket out of town. She's letting him go and will figure something else out to deal with Malivore. They're close enough to be friends now and he offers her advice. She should kill Malivore now, while she still has the chance, despite being in Landon. He also tells her that she should talk to Alaric about Landon.

Ethan is still out cold and Josie thinks that he'll be okay, just slightly concussed. She leaves to resolve things with Finch and MG watches over Ethan, but quickly leaves. Malivore calls out for help, which rouses Ethan awake, prompting him to go searching for the cries for help.

Josie meets Finch at the Square. Things got intense and Finch took an extra shift. She's still coming to terms with the Merge and lets it slip that there is nothing peaceful about counting the days until she loses someone she loves. She doesn't know if she can do this. Finch tells her she's sorry and leaves Josie sitting on the bench alone.

MG discovers that Ethan left and alerts Alaric. Together they go searching for him and find him held captive by Malivore. He threatens to kill Ethan and demands to be released. Alaric is forced to do as Malivore asks and releases them. Kaleb, Hope and Lizzie return to school, learning that Malivore has escaped and Alaric comes clean about Landon.

On the road, Ethan pleads with Malivore to let him go, but he is more interested in hitching a ride. Ethan tells him he can take the truck, but Malivore has other plans. Grabbing him by the mouth, Malivore forces mud into his body, his eyes turning black.


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  • This episode's title was a line used by Hope.

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