I've been to other places, other realities, and I know that that sounds crazy, but you need to believe me. You always do everything that you can to protect me and Josie. Time after time. World after world. [...] No matter what happens, I need you to hear this. To believe me. There's a world where your dream came true. You built a school for me and Josie, and it was so beautiful. And we were safe and loved. And you helped so many people. And I was just too stupid and jealous to see it.
Lizzie to Alaric

There's A World Where Your Dreams Came True is the tenth episode of the first season of Legacies and the tenth episode of the series overall.


A WORLD WITH NO HOPE — Following a stay in Europe with her mother, Lizzie returns to Mystic Falls and comes face to face with someone who could make all her wishes come true – including making Hope Mikaelson disappear. Alaric and Josie also appear.[2]


The jinni listens to Alaric and Hope's conversation.

Alaric and Hope discuss what monster could possibly arrive at the Salvatore School next considering the artefact has began glowing again. The two joke about what it could possibly be, and Alaric wishes that Landon had never stolen the knife in the first place, which would mean the monsters never came. Unbeknownst to them, a jinnie is watching from afar as the two talk. Suddenly, Lizzie and Josie arrive home which surprises Alaric, and he remarks that they weren't meant to arrive home until later. Lizzie remarks that Caroline got them direct flights and emailed the updated itinerary. Seeing that Alaric is busy with Hope, Lizzie storms to her too her room in a fit of rage. Whilst leaving the room, Lizzie makes a wish out of anger, wishing that Hope had never started at the school.

With Lizzie in her room, the jinni makes herself visible to Lizzie, revealing her name is Ablah. Lizzie is startled at first, but has no time to react when Ablah tells her that her wish has been granted. Ablah clicks her fingers and the two are transported to an alternate version of the Salvatore School. Alaric enters, telling Lizzie it is time for fight training, but Lizzie dismisses him, remarking that she isn't in the mood to watch Hope train. Lizzie is pleasantly surprised when Alaric questions who Hope is. She joins Josie at the docks the two train with Alaric.

Lizzie and Josie show Jed around the school.

Doing as their father asked, Lizzie and Josie prepare to show a new student around the school. The student is Jed, and whilst Lizzie and Josie try to charm him, the current state of the Salvatore School doesn't seem to please or attract him. Lizzie jokes that the maintenance staff must be on break, but questions Josie over the lack of savoury food at the school. Lizzie, new to the reality, questions if they are broke, and Josie reveals that the school is expensive to run — whilst Damon Salvatore has been generous, he and Elena have kids of their own to support. When Josie leaves, Lizzie calls on the Ablah for advice. She realizes that the school received the majority of its funding from Klaus when the school opened, and without Hope, the funding never came. She tells Ablah to fix it, but quickly takes her request back when she realizes it will cost her a second wish.

Lizzie and Josie watch as Alaric trains with Hope.

Attempting to fix the situation, Lizzie visits Alaric's office and is appalled by the way they recruit new students — through use of newspapers and police sightings. Lizzie brings in a globe from the archive room and tells them that she has found a new way to find students and that the globe glows when a new witch uses magic. When Alaric questions how Lizzie thought of this, she remarks that a know it all witch in another life created it. With this, they notice a large energy spike on the globe coming from New Orleans and decide to check it out. Arriving in New Orleans, Lizzie is surprised to see the energy spike is none other than Hope, to which she scoffs. When Hope reveals who she is, Alaric tells her that he knew her parents and thinks he can help. He takes Hope back to the school and she begins training with Alaric, effectively bringing her back to the same situation she and Josie were previously in. Ablah arrives in Lizzie's strife, remarking that she can only grant the wishes Lizzie makes. This causes Lizzie to wish that there was never a Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted in the first place; a wish that Ablah happily grants.

Lizzie is horrified to learn that her wish means that she and Josie must now attend Mystic Falls High School, and Josie finds it weird when she begins asking questions about their attendance there. Lizzie further finds it odd that Josie is head cheer, and is dating Connor — a position which she would see herself in at the Salvatore School. Arriving in class, Lizzie is surprised to see her father is the teacher of their history class, but is day drunk; something Josie reveals to be a regular thing. Josie reminds Lizzie that she is meant to steal Alaric's watch and the relationship between the two becomes strained when Josie finds out Lizzie has not stolen the watch. When Lizzie attempts to steal the watch, she finds Alaric drunk and unconscious. Ablah appears and reveals that everything she is experiencing is a direct result of the wishes she made, and to escape, she would need to use another, more precise wish.

"This world does make sense, when you think about it. Your father built the Salvatore School so you could thrive. You and your sister were born of a dangerous coven known for breeding psychotics, and so he built a safe place to shield you from your darkest impulses. And then you went and wished his dream away because it wasn't perfect. Well, now the students here don't care about protecting your fragile ego. So you are the school freak, and your sister gets to shine."
Ablah to Lizzie

The Mikaelson School fix the situation

Unwilling to use her final wish, Lizzie goes to deliver the watch to Josie, but witnesses Dana and Connor kissing in the parking lot. She tells Josie about this, but Josie shuts her down, citing that she's paranoid. The two get into an argument, and Josie tells her that she's done trying to protect her, and that she is the reason their father is always drunk and mother is always out of town. Lizzie becomes angry and upset at Josie's words and begins experiencing flashes of power which shake the school. Alaric rushes to stop her but is too late as a car pulls up with the Mikaelson crest on the side. Lizzie scoffs when she sees Hope, fixes the situation before them and asks Alaric to come with them. It is revealed that whilst the Salvatore School doesn't exist, the Mikaelson School exists in its place. Hope takes Alaric, Josie and Lizzie back to the school, where she reveals there is a space free for a Headmaster in their European branch — a space they would like Alaric to fill. Lizzie is disgusted in the reality, and uses her final wish to wish that Hope was never born.

Lizzie's final wish is perhaps the most detrimental, and plunges her into a reality in which supernatural creatures are hunted by Triad Industries; Rafael Waithe and Emma Tig are among those already dead. Kaleb and Jed tell Lizzie the situation and the three leave to find Alaric as Triad soldiers approach. They find themselves at introduced to "The Resistance", and are all welcomed by Penelope, except Lizzie, who is told to leave. Just as tensions rise between Lizzie and Penelope, Alaric enters and welcomes her home. It is revealed that Klaus lost his humanity two years prior and started a war between supernaturals and humans, resulting in their current situation. Lizzie is distraught to find out that Josie is dead in this reality, which leads her to have a breakdown. Lizzie awakes in the basement below the Salvatore Boarding House, having been subdued by Penelope to stop her breakdown. She talks with Ablah, who tells her that she has more wishes, and she will happily grant them in return for the urn. Lizzie laughs, knowing that there had always been a catch, but Ablah tries to convince her that the urn is a small price to pay for her resetting her life back to the way it was.

Amid the war, Lizzie takes back her wishes, freeing Ablah.

Refusing to give Ablah the urn, Lizzie leaves the basement and heads upstairs, where Alaric reveals they are about to fight Triad. Alaric tells Lizzie about the merge and how she became so scared of Josie — seeing her as her biggest threat — that she went dark and killed her. An emotional wreck, Lizzie reveals to Alaric that there was a reality in which he did everything he could to protect his daughters, including building a school for them, which helped hundreds of people. She promises to fix the situation, and begins arguing with Ablah. She finally realizes that she can fix the whole situation by wishing that Ablah never met the monster that sent her to Malivore. Ablah reveals that this will return her to her reality, however she will not remember any of it. She further reveals that the reality will still play out, and she will still kill Josie, but may go insane in the process.

Returning back to before the wishes were made, Lizzie finds everything as she had previously left it. Alaric is seen on a call with Caroline in which the two promise to keep looking into a solution for the Merge. Lizzie and Alaric talk later in which Lizzie reveals to Alaric that she knows she is broken, but is going to work on it for the future.


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Title card

  • Antagonists: Ablah, Triad Industries (wish reality) and Malivore (indirectly)
  • The title card for this episode is read as Lizzie Saltzman's Legacies instead of Legacies.
  • This episode aired the day after filming for Season One wrapped.
  • Opposite to Maybe I Should Start From The End, where Hope remembers the events that transpired in that episode, Lizzie is shown not remembering her journeys throughout the various wish realities that were conjured up for her by Ablah.
  • The Disney movie Aladdin is referred to by Lizzie. Coincidentally Karen David previously portrayed Princess Jasmine on Once Upon a Time.
  • In the 'apocalypse' reality, the wanted posters and their meaning, i.e. their eyes crossed out, is a direct homage to X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • This episode contains three bloopers:
    • Klaus' surname is incorrectly spelt "Michelson" instead of "Mikaelson under the portraits of him and Caroline. It is spelt correctly in the newspaper article.
    • Caroline is referred to as "Caroline Forbes" under the portraits, however in the text is referred to as "Caroline Mikaelson".
    • In the textbook that Alaric reads — which details the history of the Gemini Coven — half of the content from the left page is repeated on the right page further down.

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Behind the Scenes

Cultural References

  • I Dream of Jeannie - Lizzie mistakenly calls Ablah 'Jeannie' and 'Genie'. 
  • Disney's Aladdin - Lizzie mentions the movie when she's asked by Ablah why that she though she could only have three wishes.
  • X-Men - The Mikaelson Boarding School uniforms have a resemblance to the X-Men outfits.
    • Similarity in the 'apocalypse' reality, Alaric's resistance are dressed similarity to the Dauntless faction from the Divergent franchise.


Lizzie: "Wait, you're a genie."
Ablah: "You must choose your words carefully."
Lizzie: "I wish there was never a Salvatore school to begin with."
Ablah: "Your wish is my command."

Lizzie: "Wait, you're a genie."
Lizzie: "I wish Hope never came to this school."
Ablah: "And your wish is my command."
Lizzie: "This place sucks, except."
Ablah: "That be your next wish?"
Ablah: "You must choose your words carefully."
Lizzie: "I wish there was never a Salvatore school to begin with."
Ablah: "Your wish is my command."

Hope: "You sure it glowed again?"
Alaric: "I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow it's hard to miss."
Hope: "What do you think it's gonna be this time? Cyclops? Slender Man? Santa?"
Alaric: "Well given our luck I think it's safe to rule out old Saint Nick."
Hope: "I don't know, I mean Santa Claus is kind of terrifying when we think about it, breaks into your home, he sees you when you're sleeping not to mention judgy."
Alaric: "Hope I need you to focus."
Hope: "Look I'm trying, I just wish that Satan's nightlight would give us some rest."
Alaric: "Yeah and I wish that knife was never in our school to begin with but it's no like we can change that now, all we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster walking through our doors."



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