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Two pair out on a Friday night coupled. Yeah, a double date.
Caroline to Stefan and Elena

There Goes the Neighborhood is the sixteenth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the sixteenth episode of the series overall.


A NEW STARTAnna brings a surprising guest along when she pays a visit to Damon. Elena and Stefan go on an awkward double date with Caroline and Matt, but Stefan and Matt find they have some common ground. Jenna reunites with her old friend Kelly, and Jeremy's relationship with Anna takes an unexpected direction.


At the home where Pearl is staying, Anna helps the newly emerged vampires to adjust to modern life. She finds a compelled Miss Gibbons feeding a vampire with her own blood before she offers Anna some.

Matt calls out to his mom, but she doesn't answer. She tells him she has been trying to sleep since she had a late night. Matt says there is a bartender position open for her at the grill. Kelly says she will check it out later. Caroline arrives and says hello to Kelly, but she is cold to her. 

At school, Stefan tells Elena that Damon isn't talking to him. He figures that he is hurt since Katherine doesn't want anything to do with him. Elena says she wishes she could get through one day without any vampires except him. She suggests they have some fun later.

Matt suggests to Caroline they hang out and watch a dinner at his place. After Caroline sees Elena give Stefan a kiss, she agrees to go. Pearl shows Harper Anna's phone and accidentally plays a message from Jeremy. Pearl shows Harper her new clothes and tells Frederick and Harper to watch over things while they go to town.

Caroline asks Elena and Stefan if they would like to go out on a double date. She explains she wants to get over their past relationships. After Stefan says it sounds like fun, Elena agrees to go. Damon comes home and finds Pearl and Anna inside. She says she is surprised to see that there is no living people at the house which made an invitation unnecessary. After Anna asks how he deals with unwanted vampires, Damon explains he kills them. He quickly grabs Pearl's neck but she overpowers him, grabs his wrist and tosses him down to the couch.

Jeremy goes online and asks vampire fans about how to become and kill a vampire. Pearl tells Damon about the vampires who left the tomb. They ask him about the Council, the members and the vervain that he supplied them. Pearl says she wants to take back the land that they owned. Pearl offers to help him find Katherine if he helps her. She explains since she was her best friend, she knows how she thinks. Damon says he doesn't want anything to do with Katherine, refuses to help, but Pearl demands he work with her. She pokes in his eyes with her thumbs, throws him down and says she can tear him apart if she chooses.

Stefan brings Elena flowers for their date. Stefan says he wound have driven over, but doesn't want to use his car. Stefan says he wants to try to be normal and do normal things. Pearl and Anna meet with Jenna as she shows them an old building that is up for sale. Jenna explains it used to be an apothecary.

Damon goes to the grill wearing sunglasses and meets Kelly who is at the bar. He explains his eyes are sensitive today. Kelly says she was supposed to interview for a job, but she thinks the manager blew her off since she slept with her boyfriend. Jenna arrives and is surprised to see Kelly. Kelly explains they used to party together. Kelly invites her to join them with some drinks.

At the home, Frederick tells Harper that he hates staying at the house. Harper and Frederick get in a fight, but Pearl arrives and breaks them up. Frederick says he wants to go into town, but Pearl says the Salvatores will recognize them. Matt, Caroline, Elena and Stefan go to the grill for their double date. Elena and Matt talk about how Jenna and Kelly used to be best friends. They see Kelly, Jenna and Damon downing drinks at the bar.

Harper notices Frederick and another vampire Beth Anne about to leave the house. Harper tells them that Pearl told them not to leave, but Frederick says he knows he can't stop him. Anna goes to Jeremy's house which surprises him since he thought she was leaving town. Jeremy is uneasy as she steps into the house.

Damon tells Kelly and Jenna that his world is falling apart and wants to get hammered to drown his sorrows. Elena and Matt reminisce when they got drunk together. After Jenna sees the kids, she asks Kelly to hide.

Anna tells Jeremy that her mom is going to start a business in town. She says she is going to stop home schooling and enter high school. Jeremy says he wants to do a report about vampires in Mystic Falls. He wonders if vampires are normal, but misunderstood. Anna lies and says she made up her knowledge of the subject.

Stefan tells Matt that double dating is hard for him since he usually keeps to himself. Matt tells him he seems like the guy that has everything and rubs people with nothing the wrong way. In the bathroom, Caroline tells Elena not to bring up the past with Matt. After they leave the bathroom, Frederick grabs Elena's arm thinking that she is Katherine. Frederick notices that Stefan Salvatore is at the bar. Elena writes to Stefan a text that says someone recognized her as Katherine, but Frederick disappeared before Stefan could get a good look at him. After Stefan brings Elena back to his mansion, she says she wants one normal night. She says if there is a vampire in town, they will deal with it the next day.

Caroline enters the living room and says she feels like she has been there before. After Matt notices his miniature car collection, Stefan takes him to show him more. Jenna leaves after she notices that Damon and Kelly are flirting heavily.

Stefan brings his friends to his garage and unveils a classic Porsche. He explains the car was passed down the family, but it doesn't run. Stefan asks him to take a look at the engine. After Caroline says she doesn't like sports cars since it is hard to make out in, Matt accidentally admits that it wasn't that bad with Elena. Caroline leaves since she is upset. Stefan tells Matt he knows they had a history they can't ignore. Matt says he is glad Elena is happy with her.

Outside the grill, Jenna breaks a heel. Frederick offers to help her and breaks the other heel. Frederick tells her that he knew Damon when he lived in Miller lane. She says he now stays at the old boarding house. Frederick uses his powers to try to compel her to be with him, but it doesn't work. Frederick notices that she is wearing vervain perfume before she gets into a cab.

Elena tries to talk to Caroline, but she doesn't want to. Caroline figures that Matt will always be in love with her and she will always be a Elena backup for Matt and a Bonnie backup for Elena. Caroline tells Elena she knows why she doesn't get it since she is everyone's first choice. Stefan drives out after Matt gets the car running. Stefan gives Matt the keys and tells him to take it out for a spin.

At the house, Jeremy fixes food and purposely cuts his hand while Anna is turned away. He asks her to help him and walks towards her with his bloody hand. She turns to her primal version, grabs Jeremy's neck and asks him what he is doing. Jeremy says he knew she was a vampire. He offers his blood and she drinks it. Jenna comes home and checks up on him. Jeremy realizes that Anna left.

Matt drives Caroline around and is impressed by the car. He asks her if he passed her test with Elena. Matt says he can't make the past go away. Matt admits Elena still means something to him, but he talked to her as if they were old friends. Matt says he wants to be with Caroline now just before they kiss. Caroline tries to make a move, but hits herself in the cramped quarters.

Damon takes Kelly back to his place, gives her a kiss and starts to undress her. Matt arrives to return the car and is surprised to see his mom with Damon. Elena tells Matt she will take Caroline home. Pearl wonders where Anna was after she returns home. Anna apologizes and receives a hug.

Elena tells Stefan she can't live every moment worrying that there is someone after her. He tells her to call him when she gets home. After she leaves, Frederick approaches the house. He breaks through the window and stabs Stefan in the chest with a shard of glass. Beth Anne arrives and is stabbed by Stefan by a wooden stake. Frederick sees that he is outmatched and leaves. Stefan says he remembers that the vampires were in the tomb. Damon admits he already knew that they escaped.

Kelly apologizes to Matt for what she did. Matt says he tried to have fun and found her acting like a kid by hooking up with a man half her age. Jeremy and Elena ask how their night when and they say nothing unusual happened.

Frederick returns home and tells Pearl that Beth Anne will not come back. He admits that she was right not to leave. Pearl stabs Frederick in the abdomen with a wooden spoon and tells him to listen to her next time.

In bed, Elena calls Stefan and says she got home safe. She says she had a great time on their double date. After he hangs up, Damon asks him to help him dump Bethanne's body in the fire.

Jeremy is surprised to see Anna in his room. She tells him she could have killed him, but he says she didn't. Anna asks her how he knew. Jeremy says he knew a girl named Vicki who acted strange after she was attacked by animals. Jeremy says he noticed how her face changed when they kissed at the cemetery. Anna asks Jeremy not to tell anyone. Jeremy asks her why she didn't kill him. She says she thinks she is a sucker for lost guys like him. Jeremy says he wanted to confront her because he wants to become a vampire too.


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  • Antagonists: Frederick and Bethanne.
  • This is the first time we see Stefan's red 1962 Porsche 356 B.
  • Jeremy discovers the true existence of vampires in this episode, after becoming suspicious and reading Elena's diary.
  • This episode is the last of this season to not feature Alaric Saltzman.
  • Frederick sees Elena for the first time and mistakes her for Katherine.
  • Frederick and Bethanne attack Damon and Stefan at the boarding house because they blame the brothers for the vampires being captured and entombed, unaware that it was actually Katherine who sold them out to the town.
    • Because of their attack, Bethanne is killed by Stefan. This act will later have consequences on Stefan's part in Let the Right One In.
  • Jeremy confronts Anna about her being a vampire and tells her he wants her to turn him.


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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 2.80 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.53 million less than the previous episode, making it the least watched episode in the season.


Anna: (catching the tomb vampires up on the last 146 years) "What are you guys watching? You guys have been watching the same thing the whole time? There are over 150 channels, it's called a remote control. This button changes the channel... No, hold it like this."

Damon: "I no longer have any desire to see Katherine... ever again. And there's no way in hell I'm going to play the role of your little minion."
Pearl: "I'm not asking for your help, Damon. Finding Katherine was just a mere gesture of kindness. The rest is non-negotiable. (She gouges Damon's eyes out with her thumbs) I have four hundred years on you, little boy. I'll rip you from limb to limb without even blinking, and you know it. I'll be in touch."

Elena: "Have you ever even been on a double date before?"
Stefan: "Oh, absolutely. Uh... '72. Hef and the twins. I got Miss June."

Kelly: "I love to see a man drown his sorrows. It's so sexy."
Damon: "It's more like nursing my wounds. And you?"
Kelly: "Well, I was supposed to be interviewing for the bartender's job, but, um, I think the manager blew me off."

Jenna: "Don't be grumpy, it can't be that bad."
Damon: "You'd be surprised. My primary reason for existence has abandoned me, and after today's events, the remains of the shaky ground I walk on are about to go kaboom... Let's get hammered."

Matt: (in Stefan's living room) "Man, I always wanted to see what it looks like in this place."
Stefan: "Yeah, I guess it's a.... bit much."
Matt (laughs): "Yeah, my entire house could fit in here, like, twice."

Jeremy: (enticing Anna with his blood to force her to reveal her vampire self to him): "Its just a cut. Anna, will you hand me that towel?"
Anna: "Uh... Uh... I can't."
Jeremy: "You got a problem with blood, Anna?"

Jeremy: (to Anna after she fed on him) "Why didn't you... kill me?"
Anna: "I don't know. Maybe I'm a sucker for guys like you."
Jeremy: "Like what?"
Anna: "Lost. Why would you confront me about it? Why would you risk it?"
Jeremy: "Because if it was true... Maybe... maybe its true about Vicki. And also, because... I want you to turn me."

Kelly: "Mattie, please."
Matt: "Do you know what I was doing tonight, Mom? I was having fun. You know, trying to forget about all the crap I have to deal with every day... just enjoy a night with my friends. And then there you are, wasted at the bar—- where I work, by the way, to pay the bills that you don't pay-- and then, you're off acting like a freaking kid, hooking up with some guy half your age. I'm the kid, Mom. You're supposed to be responsible for me."



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Last.fm_play.png "Cloudhead" – In-Flight Safety
Last.fm_play.png "The Ocean" – Teagan & Sara
Last.fm_play.png "Cross My Heart" – Marianas Trench

Last.fm_play.png "Perfect Day" – The Constellations
Last.fm_play.png "Crash" – In-Flight Safety
Last.fm_play.png "Lovesick Mistake" – Erin McCarley
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