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*Dante Ha as Jogger
*Dante Ha as [[Legacies Season Two Minor Characters#This Year Will Be Different|Jogger]]{{Col-end}}

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But this year will be different. It's high time this place ran with a little discipline and order. I expect you to work harder than ever before. To be rigorous, to push yourselves. To be perfect. Because I believe every one of you is extraordinary. The students in this room have the power to literally change the world. To whom much is given, much is required, and I am requiring of you to be better than humans ever could. Because the day is coming when we will step out of the shadows, when you will no longer hide yourselves. Because the future is supernatural.
Professor Vardemus addresses the Salvatore Boarding School student body

This Year Will Be Different[2] is the second episode of the second season of Template:Legacies and the eighteenth episode of the series overall.


ALEXIS DENISOF GUEST STARS AS THE NEW HEADMASTER — Determined to move forward with her new life alone, Hope's latest hunt leads her on a collision course with the past she's been desperately trying to leave behind. Meanwhile, on their first day back in school, Landon's newfound status as the popular guy leads to tensions with Josie. Elsewhere, as MG contemplates telling Lizzie how he feels about her, the arrival of a mysterious vampire puts a wrench into his plan. Finally, as Alaric gets settled into his new role at Mystic Falls High School, the students of the Salvatore School meet their new headmaster, Professor Vardemus.[3]



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  • Hope uses the alias "Hope Marshall" when speaking with Alaric. She would later reveal the truth about herself to him. This alias is a nod to her mother, Hayley Marshall-Kenner, whose family name is Marshall. This is the second time Hope has used this alias. The first was when she originally attended the boarding school.
    • Hope sees Alaric as the only father-figure she has left.
  • Professor Vardemus is the new Headmaster of the Salvatore School while, Alaric Saltzman is the new Principal of Mystic Falls High School.
  • Hope believes she's trying to stop a troll; however, after she burns the hair on its head, it's revealed that the creature is a cyclops.
  • Landon and Hope see each other for the first time after the events of There's Always a Loophole.
  • Over a week has passed since the events of I'll Never Give Up Hope.
  • An unknown jogger, running in Mystic Falls Cemetery, is killed by a mysterious, hooded figure. The figure carves the symbol for Malivore into the jogger's forehead.
  • Professor Vardemus is creating a new magic curriculum for advanced students, invitation only, and offers Josie to be the first student in his curriculum. It's implied that he'll be teaching "Offensive magic" as he says it is a tool that has its place, but it requires discipline.
  • It is revealed that the prefix "Chronolos" delays a spell's reaction. That way, when the spell takes affect, the caster is long gone, making it harder to get caught.

Body Count

  • Cyclops - Shot in the eye with an arrow; killed by Hope
  • Unknown Jogger - Stabbed through in the chest from the back; killed by an unknown hooded figure



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Hope: "My name is Hope Mikaelson. The entire world has forgotten that I exist and the boy that I love has moved on and I have absolutely no idea what to do next."
Alaric: "I'm Principal Saltzman, who are you?"

Josie: "What are you doing?"
Lizzie: "Warrior two."
Josie: "I thought you said yoga was karate for lazy people?"
Lizzie: "I did. But spending the summer with mom opened my eye to all kinds of new experiences. Plus, using that ascendant thingy is of the table, we agreed we'd stop worrying over all that future merge crap, right?"
Josie: "Right."
Lizzie: "So I'm all about the present. I've have decided to be permanently open to any opportunity that comes my way. This is my semester of yes and I am available for literally anything."

Lizzie: "This is so lame universe. I can't believe I've been stood up by Milton Greasley. This is what I get for assuming you'd send something ama--zing. Hello, you must be new?"
Sebastian: "What is this place?"
Lizzie: "It's the Old Mill. I mean it's the only mill but we also call it the Old Mill for some reason. I hope you're not here to chill. I mean I don't care either way. What's your name? I thought I knew all of the incoming students."
Sebastian: "Ah, this is a school of some kind?"
Lizzie: "The Salvatore School, named after Damon and Stefan Salvatore, I guess, but that was like a long time ago — or whatever."
Sebastian: "I see."
Lizzie: "So you're not a student?"
Sebastian: "No."
Lizzie: "Okay, then who are you? Are you okay, do you wanna sit down?"
Sebastian: "No, No I'm fine. You should keep your distance."
Lizzie: "I'm not gonna hurt you."
Sebastian: "That's not what I'm afraid of. I'm sorry, I should go."
Lizzie: "Uh, wait, what's your name?"
Sebastian: "Sebastian."



Last.fm_play.png "Sister" – K.Flay
Last.fm_play.png "Feel It" – Gia Woods
Last.fm_play.png "Die To Live" – Volbeat & Neil Fallon
Last.fm_play.png "Take Me Home" – Chord Overstreet
Last.fm_play.png "Loneliness" – Aaron Taos




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