I've been waiting for an opportunity for weeks. Watching the Saltzmans as they complained about their lives, worried only about themselves. And then, when everyone else was basking in Coven Day bliss, I linked the two ascendants. When the girls sent the Sandclock, they were also sending themselves and Dr. S. I added a time delay spell so no one would realize what happened until it was too late. You can thank Vardemus for that one.
Alyssa to Emma

This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies is the tenth episode of the second season of Legacies and the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall.


HAPPY COVEN DAY — As the witches of the Salvatore School come together to celebrate Coven Day, the latest monster to infiltrate the school targets Alyssa Chang and the other students by spreading discord and creating chaos among the covens. Elsewhere, Alaric, Lizzie and Josie search for a solution that keeps Josie protected from the dark magic brewing inside the mora miserium. Fed up with feeling powerless alongside Hope, Landon asks her to give him self-defense training. Finally, Alaric's past comes back to haunt him. MG and Kaleb also appear.[2]


Alaric talks with Young Alyssa, inviting her to the Salvatore School.

A flashback to eight years ago. Alaric and Dorian attend the scene of a horrific accident in which a house has been blown up. He talks with a little girl, Alyssa Chang, and tells her about the special school he runs for gifted children and asks if she would like to visit. Cautiously, Alyssa accepts. Dorian questions what to tell the locals about the accident, and Alaric sarcastically asks if they would believe a gas leak.

Four years later, Alyssa begins acting up at the school. She doesn't take interactions with Lizzie and Josie very well, and seems jealous of the gifts they continuously receive from their mother. She begins casting stray spells on the twins in revenge — young vampires around the school begin remarking that Alyssa is on the "warpath".

In the present, Hope interrupts Alyssa whilst she is making out with a boy. Alyssa is angry at this, but Hope remarks that she is going to crash at Landon's to avoid conflicts with Alyssa. When Hope leaves, Alyssa begins looking through Hope's closet for something to wear — she is manipulated indirectly by the qareen.

Alaric, Josie and Lizzie try to figure out the situation with the mora miserium.

In his office, Alaric, Josie and Lizzie are attempting to slow down the degradation of the mora miserium using magic. They fail, however, and Alaric remarks that magic is not the answer. Lizzie suggests sealing the mora miserium in a place magic cannot escape; the Prison World. Alaric is quick to dismiss the idea, however, and leaves shortly after to find a solution of his own. Josie and Lizzie realize that Alaric will not let them anywhere near their uncle, and the two suggest creating their own Prison World specifically for the purpose of containing the mora miserium.

Wade tells the witches he believes he is a fairy.

Alaric welcomes Emma Tig back to the school and the two talk about possible solutions for their problem, however Emma remarks that she doesn't have much knowledge on the subject but will start some research. The two bump into Dorian, who is pleasantly surprised to see Emma back at the school, but welcomes her anyway. Dorian finds it hard to believe that Emma returned to the school just for Coven Day, however Emma remarks that this is the case. Emma introduces Coven Day to the witches of the school shortly after, and it is met by a presentation by Wade. In the presentation, he tells the students that he believes he has been mis-diagnosed and is actually a fairy, not a witch. The students laugh, especially when Alyssa suggests that Wade be eaten by Malivore. Wade notices the qareen in the room, however nobody else is able to see it, leading to Wade running in embarrassment. The qareen begins influencing Hope, and she retaliates against Alyssa when she makes a comment about the class being boring.

Following the catastrophe with Coven Day, Hope confronts a girl over her shoes, remarking that they would look better on her. She uses her magic to switch the two's shoes. Landon arrives shortly after, asking how it went with Alyssa, however Hope — being influenced by the qareen — remarks that his advice was useless, as is he. Wade watches this from a difference and, when Landon leaves to do research, he follows him. Wade explains that he thinks he has found what they're dealing with and presents the qareen. Landon dismisses him initially, however after Wade explains, Landon believes him.

Emma tries an experiment with the witches.

Meanwhile, Emma tries an exercise with the witches to strengthen their bond. Lizzie tries to borrow Emma for her knowledge, however ends up being dragged into the exercise. Emma conjures a sphere within the circle and tells the witches that their job is to pool their positive thoughts and keep it green. However, with manipulation from the qareen, the circle becomes polluted and the witches begin arguing. Emma stops the exercise and sends them to their rooms to cool off. With this, Hope notices something is wrong and alerts Lizzie.

At the Mystic Tap, Alaric talks with Sheriff Mac, questioning her about how to best detonate a "bomb". She gives him advice, however it isn't useful, as she suggests detonating the bomb. The two talk about Ethan, and Alaric remarks that he wishes Lizzie would date someone like him. Sheriff Mac asks about Sebastian, however Alaric dismisses the topic.

A flashback to four years ago reveals a conversation between Alaric and Emma. Alaric questions whether they needed to "expel" Alyssa given her behaviors, however Emma tells him that they promised not to do that anymore. Meanwhile, in the present, the qareen's influence continues to grow. Hope continuously begins to offend Wade and Landon, and Wade leaves the library as a result. Landon tells Hope that the qareen only magnifies insecurities, so the comments are somewhat her feelings.

Wade shows his wings.

Wade kills the qareen.

In Alaric's office, the qareen attacks Josie and steals the mora miserium, and whilst knocked out, she has a vision of herself and the future if the mora miserium breaks. When she awakes, it is revealed that Landon too is infected. They formulate a plan, and Landon tells Wade that fairies run on belief. He tries to convince Wade that everyone believes in him, and this leads to everyone chanting his name in the hall. The qareen arrives, but Wade still does not believe in himself and is unable to battle the qareen. Landon takes it upon himself to fight the qareen in order to convince Wade to believe in himself, which he eventually does, causing him to grow wings. He is able to battle the qareen with the wings, killing it.

In a flashback to two years prior, Alaric and Emma talk with Alyssa. Alaric tells Alyssa that she has to be removed from the school and "sent away" for her behavior — which now includes binding objects and people and trying to destroy them. Emma, however, against this idea, tells Alaric that she isn't like "the others" and should be given a choice. She tells Alyssa she can remove her memories and give her a fresh start, to which everyone agrees.

The witches create the ascendant and another Prison World.

Thinking about Sheriff Mac's advice — and realizing that the sand clock breaking is one part of the prophecy — Alaric opts to allow Lizzie and Josie to send the clock away. They gather all of the witches, who work together to form a new ascendant. They then collectively work together to send the sand clock to a new Prison World, which is successful. Meanwhile, Alaric calls to thank Sheriff Mac and asks her out for dinner, to which she accepts. When he tries to turn off a lamp, he is transported to the Prison World.

Hope tells Landon that she doesn't want him to be the hero anymore as the hero never survives. He, however, promises that he will continue to train, with or without her help. This saddens her, and she goes to Lizzie and Josie's room to cry with them. As they lie together in bed, Josie and Lizzie disappear and are transported to the Prison World too.

In a flashback to two years prior, Alyssa and Emma talk. Emma tells Alyssa that she is satisfied with her progress and the two do not need to continue with their weekly meetings. This excites Alyssa. Meanwhile in the present, Alyssa confronts Emma, revealing that she knows Emma wiped her memory previously. Emma tells Alyssa that they will discuss the event with Alaric, however Alyssa reveals that she duplicated the ascendant/Prison World spell and has transported Alaric, Lizzie and Josie to the 2028 Prison World — she remarks that this is "poetic". She wipes Emma's memory of her confessing, and returns to her room. When she returns to her room, she is confronted by Hope, who found the ascendant.

Sebastian in the 2018 Prison World.

In the Prison World, Alaric realizes where he is, and arms himself with a stake by breaking a chair. Lizzie and Josie enter and question where they are, with Alaric revealing they are in the 2028 Prison World. At that moment, Sebastian reveals himself, and it is revealed that he did not choose to leave the school, but was outed by Alaric.


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  • Antagonists: Malivore (indirectly), The Necromancer (indirectly), Alyssa Chang and unnamed qareen
  • Eight years prior to current events, Alaric and Dorian take Alyssa Chang to the Salvatore Boarding school. Her home is completely destroyed — covered up with a "gas leak" — and she's left orphaned.
  • Alyssa Chang had a problematic history at the boarding school. So much so that two year prior to current events, she sent Lizzie to the hospital with severe burns. Alaric was going to send her away, but Emma offered a second option; with her permission, they took away her memories to give her a "new start".
    • Unlike other students that weren't given a second option, problematic students were sent away to the 2018 prison world.
  • Wade is revealed to be a fairy — the second new species at the Salvatore School after Landon.
  • A new Prison World is created to house the mora miserium. Using a delayed linking spell, Alyssa sends Alaric, Lizzie and Josie to the 2018 prison world, where they find out Sebastian had previously been sent.
  • This episode contains the character trope"not quite dead". Whilst everyone assumes Sebastian has been killed by Alaric Saltzman in the previous episode, his death was never shown and he is revealed to be alive.
  • This episode contains a continuity error. Alyssa Chang mentions that Lizzie is the first girl Sebastian has been with since 1509, however he was in a relationship with Cassandra during the Roanoke period c. 1585-1590.
    • It is possible that Olivia Liang meant to say 1590 and nobody noticed the mistake during filming. This would line up with the current timeline without posing a continuity error.

Body Count

  • Landon Kirby - Snapped neck; killed by the qareen, but resurrected



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