Salvatore Boarding School

[It is dark outside, and Hope Mikaelson is walking through the wooded area between her school and the cast-iron gates. She speaks in voiceover as she walks with purpose toward the entrance]

HOPE: [voiceover] When we're young, we're taught the distinction between a hero and a villain. Good and evil. A savior and a lost cause. But what if the only real difference is who's telling the story? My name is Hope Mikaelson. I come from a long line of the villains in the tales you've heard about vampires, werewolves, witches, and everything in-between. The school behind these gates protects the secrets of people like me. And tonight, under the light of the full moon, we will be opening our doors to someone new.

All Saint's Church - Atlanta, Georgia

[Landon Kirby and his foster brother, Rafael Waithe, are walking down the street toward the Catholic church in their neighborhood. Landon sounds incredulous and exasperated by Rafael's plans for the evening]

LANDON: Rafael! Seriously, it's not right.
RAFAEL: It is what it is, Landon.
LANDON: You're not Catholic! You shouldn't have to confess your sins.
RAFAEL: I tossed a lawnmower through the patio doors, bruh! If apologizing to God gets Hector and Maria off my back, so be it.

[The two walk into the church, where their foster parents, Hector and Maria, are standing at the sacristy with their priest. Rafael, looking nervous, greets them]

RAFAEL: Buenas tardes, Father Pietro. [Spanish: "Good evening, Father Pietro."]
FATHER PIETRO: Buenas tardes, Rafael. Por favor, pray with me.

[Landon takes a deep breath and drops down on his knees in front of the priest, and their foster parents turn toward Landon, who looks confused by the scene in front of him]

HECTOR: Landon, you can leave now. It's okay, we can take it from here.
LANDON: I'm good, Hector.

[Maria walks over to Landon and speaks to him in a soft voice]

MARIA: Landon, this is between your foster brother and God, okay?

[Rafael, sensing Landon's apprehension, turns to look at him]

RAFAEL: Hey, I got it, bro. Just wait outside.

[Landon sighs and reluctantly does as he's told, walking out the door toward the stairs at the entrance while Hector and Maria follow after him. Once he's outside, Landon sits on the steps, put in his earbuds, and begins listening to "Love is Madness" by Thirty Seconds to Mars, pulling out a small journal from his coat pocket and beginning to write]

[Once he's distracted by his writing and his music, Hector begins wrapping chains around the interior door handles, locking them with a padlock while Maria watches anxiously and holds a rosary in her hands]

[Back inside, Father Pietro begins the ritual in Latin, with both himself and Rafael making the sign of the cross before they begin to pray]

FATHER PIETRO: In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus... [Latin: "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit"]
RAFAEL: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst--

[Father Pietro pours some holy water onto his fingers and anoints Rafael's forehead with it. Rafael suddenly becomes uneasy, not recognizing this part of the prayer]

FATHER PIETRO: Deus, cui próprium et miseréri semper et párcere... [Latin: "God, whose nature is ever merciful and forgiving..."]

[Father Pietro holds up a wooden cross in front of Rafael's face, making it very clear that this is less of a prayer and more of an exorcism]

FATHER PIETRO: Súscipe deprecatiónem nostram; ut hunc fámulum tuum contentus abit! [Latin: "Accept our prayer that this servant of yours departs!"]
RAFAEL: [uneasily] What's going on here?
FATHER PIETRO: Súscipe deprecatiónem nostram; ut hunc fámulum tuum contentus abit!

[Suddenly, Hector and Maria grab Rafael by the shoulders and hold him in place while the priest continues the exorcism]

FATHER PIETRO: Súscipe deprecatiónem nostram; ut hunc fámulum tuum contentus abit! Súscipe deprecatiónem nostram; ut hunc fámulum tuum contentus abit!
RAFAEL: What? What are you doing???
FATHER PIETRO: Et impius discedite! [Latin: "Then impious one, DEPART!"]

[Rafael is in the middle of using all of his strength to try to break free from his foster parents' hold when his bones start breaking and reforming under his skin. Scared, Hector and Maria let go of him as he drops on all fours and begins to transform. The priest continues to speak even as Hector and Maria let go of Rafael, unsure of what is happening]

FATHER PIETRO: Maledicte diabole! [Latin: "Accursed one, DEPART DEMON!"]

[All of the sudden, Rafael's eyes turn black with gold irises, and his teeth begin to lengthen into fangs, revealing he is indeed a newly-triggered werewolf. Terrified, Hector and Maria back off, but the priest continues holding up his cross and shouting at the top of his voice]

[Meanwhile, an old-looking SUV speeds down the road and comes to a screeching halt in front of the church. Hope and Alaric Salzman waste no time getting out and heading toward the church's entrance, with Alaric carrying a loaded crossbow and a bag full of chains. At first, Hope is too focused on the mission to pay attention to anything else, but Landon sees her and yanks out his earbuds in shock. Hope stops walking and smiles weakly when she recognizes her long-lost friend]

HOPE: Landon...
LANDON: [incredulously] Hope?
ALARIC: [frowns] You two know each other?
HOPE: Long story...

[Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of glass breaking and Rafael screaming in agony. Landon, whose music was drowning out the sounds of the exorcism inside until now, looks alarmed and turns toward the door. Hope, too, looks concerned by what is happening in the church]

HOPE: Dr. Saltzman...
ALARIC: Yeah, I'm on it.

[Alaric moves his gear into one hand so he can open the door to the church with the other, but he quickly realizes that they're chained shut]

ALARIC: Doors are locked.

[Hope holds both hands in the air with her palms toward the doors and yanks them away from each other as she uses her magic to break through the chains]

HOPE: Dissera portus!

[The doors fly open as the chains holding them closed break into a half-dozen pieces. Landon looks as though he doesn't believe what he's seeing, but Hope and Alaric are too focused on helping Rafael to explain what is happening]

HOPE: You're gonna want to stay out here, Landon. Trust me.

[Despite this warning, Landon follows Alaric and Hope as they walk toward the sacristy where Rafael, who has been fighting the pain of his transformation, is laying on all fours on the floor as the priest continues to shout at him in Latin]

FATHER PIETRO: Maledicte diabolo! Et impius discedite!

[Alaric, ready for a fight, rolls his eyes before calling out to Hope]

ALARIC: Shut down the exorcist, would you?

[Hope raises her right hand and shouts an incantation as she squeezes her hand into a fist]

HOPE: Silencio!

[A patch of skin appears that covers Father Pietro's mouth and prevents him from speaking. He reaches up and grabs his throat as though he's choking until Hope casts her next spell. She once again raises both hands flat in the air, but this time she thrusts them downward]

HOPE: Ad somnum!

[Father Pietro, Hector, and Maria all suddenly fall asleep and fall onto the floor. Rafael, who is on his hands and knees with his face against the wooden floor, looks at the three desperately]

RAFAEL: Please... help me... What's happening...?

[Rafael's bones start to crack and reform once again as his transformation fully gets underway. Landon, still in disbelief about everything he's seen thus far, looks horrified]

LANDON: My God...
RAFAEL: Help me...

[Rafael's fingers lengthen into claws, his ears begin to lengthen and become pointed, and his joints all pop out of socket as they transform into his wolf form. Meanwhile, Hope and Alaric are in the middle of drilling carabiners into the floor of the sacristy, attaching chains to all four of the hooks in a square]

[Rafael's claws make deep scratches in the wood floor just as Alaric quickly fastens a reinforced collar around his neck]

ALARIC: Easy does it, easy does it...

[By the time they have finished, Rafael has fully transformed into a large wolf with black and dark brown fur and glowing gold eyes. He snarls at the bystanders as Landon looks at him with a terrified expression. Hope looks sympathetically at Rafael, remembering her own first painful transformation]


Back Woods of Mystic Falls, Virginia

[Alaric is driving the SUV while Hope, in the front seat, and Landon and Rafael in the backseat, sit in awkward silence. Rafael is fast asleep due to the trauma of his transformation the previous night, After a moment, Alaric finally speaks up]

ALARIC: How do you two know each other?

[Hope, remembering the days leading up to her father's death two years earlier, hesitates before she responds]

HOPE: He used to serve me milkshakes at the Mystic Grill.
LANDON: [anxiously] Peanut Butter Blast, Whipped cream on the bottom.

[Landon pauses awkwardly for a moment before he continues]

LANDON: We danced once.
HOPE: [giggles] We tried. And then you moved away.
LANDON: Then you made a door blow off its hinges with your brain. Do you feel like explaining that?
ALARIC: Oh, we'll explain everything. We're almost there.
LANDON: [confused] Where are we going?
ALARIC: Somewhere safe.

Salvatore Boarding School (Hallway)

[The four finally arrive at the school, where they are immediately greeted by Alaric's daughters, Josie and Lizzie, both of whom are wearing their school uniforms and look happy to see them]

LIZZIE: Welcome to the Salvatore School. We're your tour guides.
JOSIE: I'm Josie.
LIZZIE: I'm Lizzie. Sisters.
JOSIE: Twins.
LIZZIE: Fraternal, obvs.

[Rafael, now awake, looks both confused and apprehensive about what is happening just as Alaric steps in]

ALARIC: Rafael, why don't you go ahead with the girls while I talk to Landon?

[The twins each link arms with Rafael and lead him toward the school. Before the leave, they sarcastically greet Hope]

JOSIE & LIZZIE: Morning, Hope.

[Hope rolls her eyes before responding in a feigned kind tone of voice]

HOPE: Morning, girls.
LIZZIE: More like despair.
HOPE: I heard that.
LIZZIE: No, you didn't.
HOPE: Didn't have to.

[Alaric groans exasperatedly]

ALARIC: Everyone, behave.
JOSIE & LIZZIE: Love you, Dad.

[As the three walk away, Alaric turns his attention to Landon]

ALARIC: So... Let's get started!

[The scene cuts to inside the school, where Alaric and Hope lead Landon through the various common rooms and hallways]

ALARIC: I'm curious, Landon--

[Alaric stops talking for a moment to gently scold two of the younger students who are chasing each other through the halls]

ALARIC: --Slow down!

[Alaric turns his attention back to Landon]

ALARIC: Were you aware of us when you lived in Mystic Falls?

[Landon looks overwhelmed at all of the action around him as he follows Alaric and Hope]

LANDON: I knew Hope went to some fancy boarding school. People in town said it was for troubled rich kids. I see the rich part is true.

[As they head to Alaric's office, Landon spots a young female student who identifies herself as a witch when she is able to telekinetically raise several textbooks in the air with nothing but a hand gesture]

LANDON: Nobody in town mentioned anyone here could do that.

[The three finally make it to Alaric's office, where he begins to explain the school to Landon as he takes off his jacket and hangs it on a coat rack]

ALARIC: No one in Mystic Falls knows much about us. We blend in, just enough... Participate, contribute, just enough... Keeps people from asking too many questions.
LANDON: What is there to know, exactly?

[Alaric and Hope share a knowing look before Hope shrugs, as if to say, "We might as well tell him."]

ALARIC: Well, I used to have a speech prepared, carefully unpeeling the layers of mystical history, but it turns out most people have read Harry Potter and are actually cool with me skipping the tee-up.
LANDON: [incredulously] You're a school for magic?

[Alaric sits down behind his desk, and Landon takes the cue to sit down in the chair across from him]

ALARIC: We're a school for the supernatural, which covers a lot of territory. Everyone here has something that makes them special in ways the outside world wouldn't understand.

[Landon, still not believing what is happening, looks over at Hope, who has been standing quietly in the corner]

LANDON: So, what are you?

[Rather than answering the question, Hope tries to make her escape]

HOPE: I should get to class...

[Alaric and Hope look surprised by this reaction]

LANDON: No. Sorry, I don't mean to be a dick, but I don't know you--

[Landon points to Alaric before he continues]

LANDON: --and though the image of you whammy-ing a priest is still fresh, I need you here.

[Landon pauses for a moment to compose his thoughts before sighing deeply]

LANDON: Just... tell me what all that was in the church last night?
HOPE: What do you think it was?
LANDON: Well... as best as I can reason, either I've lost my mind, or werewolves are real.

[Alaric and Hope share another silent look, as though they're surprised that Landon figured it out so quickly, and Landon takes their expressions as confirmation and begins to panic]

LANDON: [stutters] Th-this is beyond insane. How is that even possible?
ALARIC: [shrugs] It's a long story involving an ancient, vengeful witch and a bloodline curse. We cover all that in Origins of the Species, grade six.
LANDON: [scoffs] In sixth grade at my school, we learned the state capitals.

[Hope chuckles good-naturedly]

HOPE: We teach that, too.

[Alaric turns the conversation back to the task at hand]

ALARIC: I have some questions about Rafael.

[Landon looks confused by this statement]

LANDON: Like what?
ALARIC: Well, let's start with who he killed recently.

[Landon's eyes widen in alarm]

[While Alaric questions Landon, Josie and Lizzie continue to take Rafael on a tour of the school]

JOSIE: Everybody gets along with everybody here, for the most part.
LIZZIE: The wolves are pretty cliquey. They like to hang with their own.
JOSIE: In defiance of the school's commitment to inclusiveness.
LIZZIE: That is why we volunteered to be your tour guides-- to give you a good witch-welcome before your hairier brethren corrupt you.

[They stop when they reach a classroom. Inside, Dorian Williams is teaching a class full of witches]

JOSIE: That's our librarian, Mr. Williams. He's subbing for our Chemistry of Magic teacher, who accidentally incinerated himself last week in hellfire.
LIZZIE: Burned all the hair off his body, but didn't leave a scar.

[The three pause to listen to the class for a few moments]

DORIAN: Now, this language has been carefully crafted over centuries. So, you may think you can play fast and loose with the syllables, but you'd be very wrong about that. Because otherwise, a love charm becomes a what?

[Dorian looks at the students before calling on a young girl in the back]

DORIAN: Penelope, show us.

[Penelope turns in her seat so that everyone can see her, and Lizzie groans and rolls her eyes out in the hallway]

LIZZIE: She who shall not be named.
JOSIE: [quietly] Talking about her gives her power.

[Rafael looks at the twins in confusion]

RAFAEL: Who are you talking about?
LIZZIE: Josie's evil ex.

[Penelope seems to hear their conversation, as she looks backward at the three for a moment, winking at Josie playfully before holding up her hands to cast the spell. Josie stares at her angrily, her lip twitching in response to her attempts to rile her up]

PENELOPE: Phesmatos is lucas odoray.

[The spell initially creates a gold orb that hovers in the air above her outstretched hands, but after a moment, it pops like a bubble and causes a large cloud of smoke to burst out of it. Everyone begins coughing and covering their mouths as a result of the mystical smoke]

DORIAN: That's right! A stink spell. Yes!

[Outside of the classroom, Lizzie coughs and rolls her eyes before turning to Rafael]

LIZZIE: Come on. We'll show you the turret. It's where all the seniors go to smoke.
RAFAEL: [chuckles] What do they smoke? Eye of newt?
JOSIE: [smiles] Weed.

[Josie and Lizzie then lead Rafael away from the classroom]

Salvatore Boarding School (Administrator's Office)

[Back in Alaric's office, Landon looks anxious and offended by the headmaster's line of questioning]

LANDON: Why would you ask me that?
ALARIC: The werewolf gene lies dormant until the carrier takes a human life. If Rafael triggered his curse, it's because he killed someone, and we don't accept cold-blooded killers into our program.
LANDON: He's not a killer.
HOPE: [sighs] We're not trying--

[Landon cuts her off]

LANDON: He's not a killer!
ALARIC: Well, I know a bit about his background. Neglectful birth parents, orphaned in adolescence, six foster homes in seven years, prone to fits of anger...
LANDON: [angrily] Yeah, you could just as easily be reading my file. That's what it's like out there for people like him and me.

[Seeing Landon's anxiety and anger is only getting worse, Hope finally speaks up to try to ease his fears]

HOPE: Landon, I know this is a lot to take in right now, but we're only trying to help. I've been going here since I was seven. This is a safe place for people like Rafael. It's a home.
ALARIC: But, if we take him in, we need to make sure he's not a threat.

[Landon closes his eyes and sighs, taking a moment to think before he speaks]

LANDON: His girlfriend. Cassie. Last month, he was driving. There was a storm. He took a turn too fast. And then he started acting out. At first, I thought it was just grief. And then, maybe... maybe drugs, or something. And then, he threw a two-hundred-pound lawnmower fifty feet across the yard. That's when our foster parents called in the priest.

[Landon sighs again and adds a comment in a mocking tone of voice that makes it obvious he thinks this entire situation is crazy]

LANDON: I guess they thought he was possessed by the devil.

[Alaric nods, seemingly relieved by this story]

ALARIC: All of that is consistent with a newly-triggered wolf. It's normal. Thank you for that, Landon.

[Alaric and Hope once again share a silent look, and Hope seems unhappy about what is about to come next. She steps in to try to mitigate any resistance on Landon's part]

HOPE: Oh, everything's gonna be okay, I promise.

[Alaric touches a button on the intercom]

ALARIC: We're ready.

[The door opens, and a young man with an afro wearing a school uniform walks into the office. Alaric stands to make introductions]

ALARIC: Landon Kirby, Milton Greasley.

[MG immediately groans]

MG: Come on, Dr. Saltzman.

[Alaric nods and retracts his comment]

ALARIC: Right. MG. I'm sorry. Take it from a guy named Alaric-- I get it.

[Alaric once again turns back to address Landon]

ALARIC: Landon, MG is my student aide.
HOPE: He's also a vampire.

[Landon rolls his eyes and scoffs]

LANDON: Of course he is.

[After a moment, Landon looks over at Alaric]

LANDON: You know, for a school with a secret to keep, you're kind of liberal with your information.

[Alaric smiles fakely at Landon]

ALARIC: Well, we don't actually intend for you to remember any of it.

[MG quickly places a hand on Landon's shoulder and looks him in the eyes, his irises dilating and contracting as he attempts to use compulsion to take his memories of the school]

MG: Forget everything you've seen or learned since last night. All you need to know is that your friend has found a home where he can live a better life. You'll miss him, but you know it's for the best.

[The compulsion seems to do what it was intended to do for a brief moment before Landon snaps out of it and slaps MG's hand off his shoulder, looking around at the three incredulously]

LANDON: Are you two out of your minds? How could I forget any of this?

[Alaric, Hope, and MG immediately begin to panic]

HOPE: MG, did you do it wrong?

[MG's tone makes it clear that he's very offended by the insinuation]

MG: No, I didn't do it wrong! It's the easiest vampire trick in the book.
HOPE: Well, it didn't work.
LANDON: [scoffs] Of course it didn't work!

[Landon turns to rush out of the office, forcing MG to rush between Landon and the door at vampire speed and grab him in a choke-hold]

ALARIC: Careful!

[MG uses just enough vampire strength to get Landon to pass out from oxygen deprivation before beginning to drag him out of the office]

ALARIC: Get him to the cellar. This is not good! This is bad!

[MG heads downstairs to the basement with Landon in tow, with Hope and Alaric following after him]

Salvatore Boarding School (Werewolf Transition Space)

[When Landon awakens, he finds himself laying on a cot in one of the rooms in the cellar. He immediately begins to panic when he sees the cast iron bars on the doors and wastes no time trying to rattle the door open with no success. He starts to hyperventilate as he is thrust into a flashback from his childhood]


[Landon, now a young boy, is in the middle of a fight with his two unseen foster parents]


[Suddenly, young Landon is shoved into a closet before the door is slammed shut and locked]

FOSTER FATHER: You sit here and think about it.
YOUNG LANDON: Please don't lock me in here! Please!


[Back in the present day, Landon looks up at the ceiling before closing his eyes and trying to control his shaky breaths, clearly on the verge of a panic attack as a result of the triggered flashback. After a moment, Hope appears outside of the locked door]

HOPE: Landon...

[Landon, relieved, rushes toward the door and wraps his hands around the iron bars]

LANDON: Hope! Can you get me out of here?

[Hope looks at him sympathetically and shakes her head, visibly upset that Landon is in such a bad state]

HOPE: Not yet. But you're not a prisoner here, I promise.

[Landon looks at her like she's lost her mind]

LANDON: I'm in a witch dungeon!

[Hope gives Landon a small smile]

HOPE: It's a werewolf transition space.
LANDON: [sarcastically] Super.

[Landon once again tries to get control over his breathing as he clenches and opens his shaking hands]

LANDON: I'm not so good with, you know... small spaces.
HOPE: We won't keep you here long. No one expected you couldn't be compelled.
LANDON: [overwhelmed] I don't even know what that means!
HOPE: MG tried to erase your memories of this place, but it didn't work.

[Landon can't help but laugh incredulously]

LANDON: So now what? I'm a hostage? Where's Rafi?
HOPE: [patiently] He's fine. You're fine, too.

[It is obvious that Landon doesn't believe this, so Hope tries to explain what is going on]

HOPE: Look, compulsion doesn't work on people who take this herb called vervain. The town sheriff sometimes slips it into the coffee at the gas station we were at this morning. It takes about a day to pass through your system, but you just have to wait it out.
LANDON: [scoffs] Sure. Yeah, no big deal. Yeah, I'll just sit here alone in the witch dungeon with my thoughts.

[Landon pauses for a moment to think before he speaks again, this time in a genuine tone of voice]

LANDON: [softly] Would you... I mean, could you... wait it out with me?

[Hope seems to want to do just that, but her need to keep herself from getting close to other people takes precedence, and she gets ready to leave]

HOPE: I'm really sorry about all of this... But it was nice to see you again.

Salvatore Boarding School (Ball Field)

[Lizzie and Josie are continuing to show Rafael around the school's campus. They are now at the sports fields, where the students are playing an intricate game. The witch players conjure rings and use their telekinesis to make them hover in the air while the vampires and werewolves use their superhuman physical attributes to score goals by throwing the ball through their rings]

PLAYER: Whoa, move!

[Half of the crowd watching the match are booing while the other half are cheering. The three walk toward the stands and explain the game to Rafael]

LIZZIE: Alyssa Chang made a broom fly in physics last year, but Rick Rogers fell thirty feet during practice, so real-life Quidditch remains an elusive pipe dream. It's called Wickery. My parents invented it when we were ten.

[Josie and Lizzie split up, with Josie rushing over to sit next to her friend, MG, and Lizzie staying with Rafael as the two sit on the front bench to watch the game]

LIZZIE: Their version is a little less violent than ours.
MG: Yo. Giving up dibs on the new guy so quickly?

[Josie is clearly not thrilled about it, but she puts on a fake smile to force herself to be okay with her decision]

JOSIE: It's not a competition. Plus, I'm still nursing a wounded soul.
MG: Hmmm... Penelope Park?
JOSIE: [smiles] We don't mention her name anymore, remember?
MG: [chuckles] Sorry.

[The two look over at Lizzie and Rafael; Rafael is watching the game with interest while Lizzie, looking nervous, sits beside him. MG does not seem very happy about the sight of them together]

MG: Do you think he'll go for her?
JOSIE: [sighs] Probably. They usually do.

[Over on the other end of the stands, Lizzie starts to talk to Rafael with a sympathetic expression]

LIZZIE: I heard about your girlfriend.

[Rafael seems unnerved by this change in topic, forcing Lizzie to anxiously explain herself]

LIZZIE: Oh, I have spies everywhere. I'm nosy in that, like, charming way...?

[Rafael doesn't seem to know how to react to this conversation]

RAFAEL: Thanks, I guess...
LIZZIE: On the plus side, we're all happy to know that you're single.

[Rafael makes an angry face, and Lizzie's jaw drops when she realizes what she's done]

LIZZIE: Oh, God. That was my "inside voice." I am so sorry. Guys like you make me nervous.

[Rafael gives Lizzie a confused look]

RAFAEL: Guys like me?
LIZZIE: You know... Hot... Angry...

[Lizzie hesitates before whispering the next word]

LIZZIE: Damaged...

[This conversation has clearly gone the opposite direction in which Lizzie intended, and Rafael's tone of voice is both angry and tired]

RAFAEL: Yeah, well... I've sort of made a point in my life of, uh, keeping clear of girls like you. So, I guess I'm gonna go find Landon.

[Rafael stands to his feet and walks back toward the school, leaving a horrified and upset Lizzie to cry in the stands as the referee for the game blows the whistle]

Steven's Quarry

[Hope and Alaric, now wearing workout clothes, are on the dock overlooking the lake by the quarry, where they're training in close-quarters combat. Alaric is wearing pads on his hands to block Hope's punches and kicks as they come. Grunting from the exertion, Hope brings up their current situation with Landon]

HOPE: You didn't have to lock him in the cellar.

[Alaric scoffs as he and Hope fight in what looks like a well-choreographed dance of sorts]

ALARIC: Where else was I gonna put him?

[The two continue to fight, with Hope leaning backward to avoid being hit in the face by Alaric's gloved hand]

ALARIC: Block with your hand.

[Hope stares at him, visibly frustrated and annoyed as she swats his fist away from her]

HOPE: I got it.

[Alaric gives Hope a look as they circle around each other]

ALARIC: If you had it, I wouldn't have to say it.

[Alaric attempts to hit her with a right cross, only for Hope to dodge it and shove him away from her. However, when she spins to strike him in the shoulders, Alaric grabs her by the arms and spins her around, pinning her arm behind her back. Annoyed, Hope mutters an incantation under her breath]

HOPE: Dimiterre.

[The spell causes Alaric to flip high in the air above her head before landing hard on his back behind her. Hope uses her werewolf agility to do a front-flip into the air, landing with her legs on either side of his body and pinning him down to the dock with her hand. Alaric can't help but chuckle at this blow]

ALARIC: Cheater.
HOPE: [smirks] You should really let a vampire start doing my training. You're getting a little old for me to be breaking your human bones.

[Alaric gasps jokingly as Hope reaches out her hand to help pull him back onto his feet]

ALARIC: How dare you!

[Once they're standing again, Alaric puts up his hands as a silent instruction that Hope start working on her punches]

ALARIC: You and Landon have a thing or something?

[Hope looks tense as she continues to punch at Alaric's padded hands]

HOPE: I don't have things.

[Alaric gives Hope an exasperated look]

ALARIC: Yes, I'm well aware of your quest to avoid all emotional intimacy. There was obviously something...

[Hope remains silent as she and Alaric continue trading punches and kicks. After a long moment, Hope finally speaks up]

HOPE: I liked him. He was normal.

[Alaric, not surprised by this answer, grabs her by the fist so he can look her in the eyes]

ALARIC: Well, let's keep him that way. We survive here because we follow the rules. We can't get sloppy about it.

[Hope looks at Alaric defensively before making her argument]

HOPE: You're the one that's always telling me I need to get out more!
ALARIC: [laughs] I tell you that you need to stop locking yourself in your dorm room, binge-watching Cutthroat Kitchen. I don't tell you to go out and fraternize with the human locals.

[Hope rolls her eyes as they resume their training]

HOPE: You know, you can just be my headmaster. All this other stuff isn't in the job description.
ALARIC: Attempt to make an actual friend here, and we could reevaluate this relationship.

[Suddenly, their debate is interrupted by Josie, who does not seem happy to see the two training together as she gives Alaric a knowing look]

JOSIE: Dad? Clean-up on aisle L.

[Alaric, understanding what she's saying, sighs and walks away with his water bottle in hand to go check on Lizzie, leaving Hope on the dock]

Salvatore Boarding School (Kitchen)

[Lizzie, overwhelmed with emotion after her falling-out with Rafael, is in the school kitchen, where she's using her powers to take out her frustrations]

[Screaming in anguish, Lizzie telekinetically pulls the dishes out of the cupboards, shattering them into many small pieces in the air before they fall to the ground. Once the plates have been smashed, she moves on to using figure gestures to summon knives in the air]

[Upon hearing someone entering the room, she flicks her wrist to send another knife in their direction, only to realize it's her father at the last minute and stop the trajectory in mid-air. Gulping, Alaric takes a deep breath before grabbing the knife to ensure it wouldn't hit him. Lizzie looks miserable and guilty about what she's just done as she greets him]

LIZZIE: Hi, Daddy.

[Despite the scare he just experienced, Alaric smiles warmly at his daughter as he walks toward her]

ALARIC: Hey, baby.

Salvatore Boarding School (Werewolf Transition Space)

[Back at the dorms, Hope is laying in bed, trying to focus on the book she's reading. However, after a moment, she tires of the fact that she can't concentrate and sits up in bed, rubbing her face with her hand and running it through her hair before standing to her feet]

[Down in the cellar, Landon is laying flat on his back on the cot, but before long, he's squirming and anxiously moving around. He, too, sits up and dangles his legs over the side of the bed before pacing around the cell, ultimately deciding to sit on the floor by the door. Just then, Hope appears outside of the cell and smiles at him tiredly]

HOPE: Hey.

[Landon looks shocked to see this particular visitor]

HOPE: Can't sleep either?
LANDON: Yeah... small spaces... You?
HOPE: Sometimes I get restless.
LANDON: Busy brain?
HOPE: [chuckles] Busy everything. My body has a lot going on inside it.
LANDON: Which is an awesome segue into you telling me how you can move things with your mind.

[Hope looks at him evasively and changes the topic]

HOPE: You ask a lot of questions.
LANDON: [scoffs] Wouldn't you?
HOPE: Hmmm.

[Despite his current situation, a small smile appears on Landon's face, which does not escape Hope's notice]

HOPE: Why are you smiling?
LANDON: I'm remembering the day we danced in the town square. The guy who used to mess with me in school finally got what was coming to him. I'd had a good day.


[Hope, anxiously awaiting her first transformation into a werewolf during that night's full moon, spends her last remaining moments talking to Landon at the town square's music festival. After a moment, Landon gets a rush of courage]

LANDON: Do you maybe want to dance, or something?

[Hope looks at Landon with surprise]

HOPE: You want me to dance with you?
LANDON: Kinda living in the moment, here.

[Landon and Hope then begin to slow-dance in front of the stage where the live music was playing]


[In the present day, Landon looks at Hope with a rueful smile]

LANDON: Just like me to crush on the girl with the most baggage.

[Hope once again appears to be touched by what Landon has said to her, but her survival instincts kick in and cause her to pull away from him yet another time. She silently stands to her feet and wraps her unbuttoned cardigan sweater around herself against the cold]

HOPE: I'm gonna try that sleep thing again.
LANDON: You know, you do that a lot.
HOPE: Do what?
LANDON: Leave.
HOPE: I can be dangerous to people. It's better if I keep my distance.
LANDON: Better for who?
HOPE: [sighs] Again with the questions.

[Hope walks out of the cellar, leaving a glum Landon behind to consider everything that has happened the last few days. However, after a moment, the gate door to the cell pops open, much to Landon's confusion. Thinking it was Hope's doing, Landon starts to walk out the door to look around]

LANDON: Couldn't stay away, huh?

[Landon looks around but doesn't see anyone. He frowns, not understanding what is going on, but before he has time to think of it further, an invisible force grabs Landon by the ankle and yanks him down the hall]

Old Mill, Mystic Falls Woods

[The invisible force yanking Landon by the ankles stops in the woods. He stands to his feet, dusting himself off, and is shocked to see Rafael and Josie approaching him. Behind them, a loud party is underway in what remains of the old mill]


[Rafael and Landon embrace for a brief moment, and it's clear that they are both relieved to have found each other]

LANDON: What the hell, man?
RAFAEL: You-you all right? They helped me get you out.

[Rafael gestures toward Josie, who smiles shyly]

JOSIE: Summoning spell. Did I bruise you? I'm really still working out the kinks...

[Landon still looks like he can't believe any of this is real, but instead of arguing, he laughs]

LANDON: Summoning spell?

[Rafael claps Landon on the back and steers him toward the party]

RAFAEL: Let's get you a drink, bro.

[Once inside the old mill ruins, Rafael gestures toward a group of young men showing off their werewolf physical abilities]

RAFAEL: Watch this-- they teach it in P.E.

[Rafael looks delighted by the sight of his fellow wolves, and Landon is surprised by how comfortable he looks here]

LANDON: You seem good. I was worried.
RAFAEL: I was talking to these wolf dudes back here. All that stuff I've been feeling? Everything that gets me into trouble? It's normal. I want you to meet them.

[Landon's smile falls, and he looks apprehensively at his foster brother]

LANDON: Uh, honestly? I think it's best if I just take this opportunity to jump the fence and disappear.

[Rafael wastes no time responding to this statement]

RAFAEL: I'll go with you.
LANDON: [sighs] Raf, no.
RAFAEL: Lan, it's you and me! So, whatever we do, we do it together.

[Landon, realizing he's not going to win this argument, and not wanting to pull Rafael away from a place that could be good for him, smiles weakly and gestures toward where the party-goers are getting drinks]

LANDON: Yeah, we'll talk about it over a drink. Want anything?
RAFAEL: [smiles] I'm good.

[Landon walks away, pausing for a moment until Rafael is distracted before heading out, intending to run away like he initially suggested]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie's Dorm Room)

[Lizzie and Alaric are sitting cross-legged on the floor in the twins' room. Alaric is holding a singing bowl and a striker and is trying to get Lizzie to join him in meditation. He strikes the bowl and speaks in a low, monotone voice]

ALARIC: Breeeeeaaaatheeeee...

[He closes his eyes and focuses on the singing sound, but Lizzie rolls her eyes and gives Alaric a look]

LIZZIE: Dad, this is lame.

[Alaric opens his eyes and gives his daughter a look]

ALARIC: You nearly gave me a tracheotomy with a bread knife. Humor me.

[Alaric strikes the bowl again, taking a deep breath and humming along with it as he closes his eyes]

ALARIC: Hmmm...

[Lizzie watches him for a moment before speaking up again]

LIZZIE: You know, I could just whip up a remedy with some herbs from the bio lab...

[Alaric's eyes fly open as he makes a face at her]

ALARIC: No! No. No magic. Your magic gets you into these states, and I want your mind to get you out of them.

[Alaric closes his eyes and takes a deep breath for a third time, but Lizzie, looking devastated, keeps staring]

LIZZIE: Dad...?

[Alaric opens his eyes and looks at her]

LIZZIE: Do you think I'm broken?

[Alaric, realizing how bad this is bothering Lizzie, smiles ruefully at her]

ALARIC: Of course not.

[Lizzie looks at her father as though she doesn't believe him, and Alaric sighs]

ALARIC: I think your biological mother's crazy-ass witch ancestors left you with a legacy of darkness that you have to work through.
LIZZIE: But Josie doesn't have freak-outs...

[Alaric gives her a knowing look]

ALARIC: Josie spends a lot of time worrying about other people's happiness. It's a supernatural phenomenon called codependency, and I'm pretty sure she got it from my side of the family.

[Lizzie thinks about this for a long moment before she speaks]

LIZZIE: I just... I don't ever want to hurt anyone.
ALARIC: I know that, honey. That's why we opened this school-- to learn control. Which is why I'm here now to help, okay?

[Lizzie starts to pout]

LIZZIE: I'm surprised that you have time, what with all of the private training sessions you've been doing with Hope Mikaelson...

[Alaric gives her another knowing look]

ALARIC: Maybe if you made friends, we could do group training.
LIZZIE: I've tried to be her friend-- when I was five, and when I was nine, and when I was thirteen. She never makes any effort.
ALARIC: She has lost a lot, and you know that. She's just afraid to let herself care.

[Lizzie rolls her eyes bitterly]

LIZZIE: Boo-hoo. Everyone in here has lost something. She doesn't hold the patent on it.

[Alaric, seeing Lizzie is getting worked up again, tries to redirect her back to their meditation]

ALARIC: Breathe. Breathe.

[Lizzie takes a deep breath and finally closes her eyes to meditate with her father. However, before they can go any further, a knock is heard at the door]

LIZZIE: Come in.

[The door opens, and Hope, still in her pajamas, stands in the doorway, much to Lizzie's displeasure. She groans in annoyance]

LIZZIE: Speak of the actual devil...

[Hope ignores her, instead looking straight at Alaric, who has turned to see who it is]

HOPE: Sorry to bother... Um, I'm feeling kind of restless. I kind of need a release.

[Alaric, realizing that she wants to shift into her wolf form and run through the woods, nods]

ALARIC: Uh, back acres. But stay away from the old mill-- the heathens are having a secret party I'm going to break up in ten minutes.

[Hope quickly turns to head to the backyard]

HOPE: Thanks.

[Once she's gone, Lizzie looks at Alaric, clearly appalled]

LIZZIE: I'm missing a party?

Old Mill, Mystic Falls Woods

[Back at the party, Josie, with a drink in hand, is walking around when she sees Penelope standing by a tree. The two stare at each other for a long moment before Penelope walks away]

[Meanwhile, MG is having an animated discussion with some fellow vampires nearby]

MG: No, like, Twilight ruined all vampire mythos. Okay, y'all want reality? Y'all gotta go old school. Okay, my man Blade? He is the GOAT. His crazy moms was, all--

[MG impersonates the mother of Blade in the Blade Trilogy]

MG: "You wouldn't kill me," and then he's, all--

[MG switches to an impersonation of Blade himself]

MG: "I must release you." And then he's bam! Stab! Dude kills his crazy-ass mom!

[The two boys look at him in confusion, and MG starts to backpedal]

MG: I'm not saying that y'all should kill your mom, 'cause that's messed up.

[MG walks away from the group. Meanwhile, Josie and Rafael are sitting around a fire together. Rafael gives her a small smile]

RAFAEL: Thanks for your help with Landon.
JOSIE: Oh, yeah, of course!

[Josie's smile fades slightly as she changes the subject]

JOSIE: I know that my sister kind of put her foot in it earlier...

[They both laugh]

JOSIE: I just really wanted you to know that we really are sorry about what happened to you.

[Rafael is touched by this concern and thinks for a moment before he responds]

RAFAEL: Thanks. I had gotten a track scholarship to UVA. She was gonna follow me after graduation.

[Rafael sighs sadly]

RAFAEL: She was the best person I knew. I pretty much loved her in that way that they say only exists in movies.

[Josie, reminded of her break-up with Penelope, smiles wryly]

JOSIE: People who say that are the people who have never had their hearts crushed.

[Rafael chuckles]

RAFAEL: You, too?
JOSIE: On the regular. I care too much. It's kind of a problem.

[Rafael smiles at her, and the two seem to be having a moment]

RAFAEL: I don't think that's a problem at all.

[Josie, clearly smitten, smiles at him for a long moment before she remembers what she intended to do and turns the topic back to her twin]

JOSIE: You should give Lizzie a second chance. Lizzie is the best person that I know.

Mystic Falls Woods

[Landon is slowly walking through the woods, trying to find the way to the road so he can get out of town. However, when he stops to look around, he suddenly hears a growling noise behind him and turns to investigate. It's a gray wolf with glowing gold eyes who snarls at Landon menacingly]

[Landon takes off in the opposite direction as the wolf chases after him. Despite his best efforts to outrun the wolf, the animal is too fast. It leaps into the air to tackle Landon, only to turn into a person before landing on him on the ground]

[Before Landon can process what happened, the person rips off Landon's coat and uses it to cover themselves up. Once Landon is able to get to his feet, it is revealed that the person is Hope, who was running the woods in her wolf form and who is looking at Landon incredulously]

HOPE: Are you crazy? I almost killed you!

Salvatore Boarding School (Library)

[Landon is wandering around the school library, looking at all of the display cases full of various objects. He stops and stares at an ancient-looking knife for a moment before reaching out to open the case. Just then, Hope, now clothed, enters the room, carrying Landon's jacket]

HOPE: Don't touch that.

[Landon backs away from the case as though he's been caught stealing and starts to ramble defensively]

LANDON: I didn't. I-I mean, I wasn't.

[Visibly anxious, Landon changes the subject]

LANDON: Where are we?
HOPE: [smiles] Uh, the Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library. All the artifacts in here have a supernatural history.

[Landon points at the knife in the case]

LANDON: What's the story on that one?

[Hope chuckles]

HOPE: No idea. But, in my experience, your safest bet is to not touch it.
LANDON: Noted.

[The two stand in awkward silence for a moment before Hope speaks again]

HOPE: I'm sorry about earlier. You shouldn't have been out there.

[Landon laughs nervously]

LANDON: Yeah... I'll file that under "The Things That Seem Really Obvious After The Fact."

[They share another awkward pause before Landon changes the subject to Hope]

LANDON: So, I guess this means you're a werewolf... He said casually.

[Hope smiles at him]

HOPE: I'm a lot of things.
LANDON: Care to elaborate?
HOPE: They're just going to make you forget tomorrow.
LANDON: Come on. Humor me.

[Hope thinks about this for a moment before seemingly agreeing to share her story]

Salvatore Boarding School (Kitchen)

[Penelope is sitting on the counter in the school kitchen, looking bored, while MG rummages through the cabinets]

MG: This isn't much of an after-party, Penelope. There aren't any snacks. I need food-- I got the munchies.

[MG turns to search another cupboard, only for Penelope to raise her boot-clad foot in the air to block his way]

PENELOPE: I can help you with that.

[Penelope tilts her head to the side and brushes her hair off her neck in offering. MG blinks and immediately turns away from the temptation]

MG: I'm okay. Uh, we'll get in trouble.
PENELOPE: [flirtatiously] I know.

[MG continues to walk away from her, and she looks offended by his disinterest]

PENELOPE: Seriously? I'm offering to rock your world right now.
MG: [sighs] Okay, well... For one, we're not supposed to. For two, last I checked, you were more into girls, and for three--

[Penelope rolls her eyes and interrupts him, tugging at the collar of her shirt in invitation]

PENELOPE: No one asked you to bring math into this conversation.

[MG rolls his eyes back at her]

MG: You know what I mean.

[Penelope stands to her feet and walks toward him with purpose]

PENELOPE: For one, rules are meant to be broken. For two, I am an equal-opportunity evil temptress, and your binary assumptions about sexuality? They're dated.

[Penelope is now face to face with MG, her lips just inches away from his own]

PENELOPE: And, for three... I don't really care what your three was. But, are you gonna suck me dry, or not?

[Penelope once again bares the left side of her neck, and the veins around MG's eyes start to darken as he hungrily begins making out with her. After a moment, he pulls away, his teeth lengthening into fangs as he prepares to bite into her neck. Before he can feed on her, however, Josie walks into the kitchen and looks betrayed]


[Josie looks devastated and rushes away from the two as Penelope wipes her lip with her thumb and smirks, making it clear that messing with Josie was her goal all along]

Salvatore Boarding School (Library)

[Hope has just taken a large book from one of the shelves and walks it over to the table in front of Landon]

HOPE: The blood that runs through my veins isn't human. My dad was one of the earth's Original Vampires.
HOPE: [nods] Was. Turns out even immortal beings can find a way to die eventually.

[Hope opens the book, and Landon reads the chapter title aloud]

LANDON: "Klaus Mikaelson: The Great Evil."

[Hope smiles wryly at him]

HOPE: He wasn't very popular around here.

[Landon shrugs dismissively]

LANDON: One of my foster dads used to burn us with his cigarettes. I guess evil is relative.

[Hope seems saddened by both the reminder of her father's death and the thought of the horrors that Landon has endured through his life. After a moment, Hope continues her story]

HOPE: My mother was a werewolf Alpha.
LANDON: There's that "was" again.
HOPE: [sighs] The people I care about have a tendency to die on me. I try not to get close to people anymore.
LANDON: Yeah, I can see that.

[Hope, surprised by how much Landon has been paying attention to her, pauses for a moment to look him in the eyes before she gets back to the explanation]

HOPE: Um, my grandmother was a witch. So, all of those things passed down, making me a--

[Landon interjects before she can continue]

LANDON: --Unicorn?

[Hope smiles despite herself]

HOPE: A hybrid of three different creatures. A tribrid. I can control when I turn, which is what I was doing tonight. I'm the only one of my kind.
LANDON: [smiles] See? Unicorn.

[Hope, surprised by Landon's kindness, giggles as she gets an idea]

HOPE: Can I show you something?

[Hope walks toward him so they are face to face]

HOPE: Earlier, you mentioned the jock that had messed with you the day we danced...

[Hope reaches up and puts her hands on each side of Landon's face, closing her eyes and focusing]


[The day of Hope's first full moon, Landon worked a shift as a waiter at the Mystic Grill, where several "jocks" from Mystic Falls High School began throwing napkins at Landon as they laughed hysterically]

JOCK: [mockingly] I'm so sorry!

[The jocks got into the leader's fancy red car and speed away]

[In the present, Landon looks surprised by what he's seeing]

LANDON: That's the guy. You can just dial up one of my memories like that?

[Hope, still cupping Landon's face with her hands, keeps her eyes closed as she shows him more]

HOPE: It's not your memory-- it's mine.

[Back in the flashback, the scene cuts to the high school, where the football team and cheerleading squad were hosting a car wash as a fundraiser. Hope, annoyed by the jocks' bullying of Landon, holds her flat hands out on either side of her body and begins to chant quietly under her breath]

HOPE: Glas oh li deltour, glas oh li deltour, glas oh li deltour...

[The water used to wash the sports car of the main bully begins to freeze, and after a moment, Hope flicks her wrists, causing the windows to shatter from the force of the cold. The bully is absolutely flabbergasted by what just happened]

JOCK: My car! Oh my god!

[Hope smirks in satisfaction]


[Back in the present, Landon opens his eyes and looks at Hope as though he can't believe what he just saw]

LANDON: You did that for me?
HOPE: He had it coming.

[Hope realizes that she's still touching Landon's face with her hands and snaps out of the moment]

HOPE: Um, we shouldn't be in here after curfew. We should get you back before anyone knows that you're gone.

[Hope and Landon walk out of the library and head to the cellar]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie's Room)

[Josie has just returned to her room from the party to find Lizzie dozing in her bed. The sound of the door opening and closing wakes her up, and Lizzie greets her softly]

LIZZIE: Hey, Jo...

[Josie walks past her own bed in favor of laying down next to her twin instead. She stops to gather her thoughts for a moment before she tells Lizzie what happened]

JOSIE: I just saw MG with his tongue down you-know-who's throat.

[Lizzie gasps, clearly appalled by this gossip]

LIZZIE: Gross! He should know better than to make out with the Dark Lord. Bad friend move.
JOSIE: [quietly] Yeah...
LIZZIE: Just forget about her. Focus on somebody new. A good crush will even you out.

[Josie hears Lizzie's words and seemingly thinks of Rafael, only to hear her twin talk about him]

LIZZIE: I'm setting my sights on Rafael... If he ever speaks to me again after I was such a freak show.

[Lizzie cuddles up to Josie, putting her head on her sister's shoulder while Josie stares at the ceiling, unwilling to ruin Lizzie's happiness by revealing her own feelings about Rafael]

Salvatore Boarding School (Werewolf Transition Space)

[Hope has just returned Landon to his cell. When she notices how tense he is at the thought of being locked in a small space again, Hope once again gets an idea]

HOPE: Give me your hand.

[Landon smiles wryly at her but does as he's asked]

LANDON: I thought we'd established I'm a terrible dancer.

[Hope giggles before taking his hand into her own and muttering an incantation under her breath]

HOPE: Begun preitori speculo...

[Suddenly, the ceiling fades away, revealing a perfect dark sky with millions of visible stars twinkling overhead. It makes the space feel bigger and less confined, and Landon looks at Hope gratefully as she smiles]

HOPE: I thought that might help you sleep.

[Landon looks at her, clearly awestruck by all he has learned about her today]

LANDON: You are a really nice person, Hope Mikaelson.

[The two of them stare at each other for a long moment before Landon speaks up]

LANDON: Is this the part where you run?

[Hope chuckles, knowing he has a point]

HOPE: Yeah, I know.

[Landon's smile falls when he realizes what tomorrow will bring]

LANDON: I'm not gonna remember any of this, am I?

[Hope sighs sadly]

HOPE: Probably not... No...

[Hope turns to leave, only for Landon to muster up the courage to follow her]

LANDON: Well, in that case...

[Landon rushes over to her and puts his hand on her face before kissing her passionately, the dark bluish-purple sky with blinking stars acting as the backdrop for the scene]

Salvatore Boarding School (Administrator's Office)

[It is morning now, and Landon is meeting with Alaric in his office to prepare for his departure]

ALARIC: It's been twenty-four hours. You ready for round two?

[Landon hesitates for a moment before he replies]

LANDON: Actually, I was wondering if I could stay.

[Alaric, understanding where Landon is coming from, sighs and tries to let him down gently]

ALARIC: I can put you in touch with somebody who can help you with your problems at home...
LANDON: I don't have a home. Not anymore.

[When it's clear that Alaric is not willing to budge on this, Landon tries to make his case]

LANDON: I can work-- I can do the dishes, and help with the janitorial stuff, I can cook...
ALARIC: [softly] I'm sorry, Landon... but you don't belong here.

[Landon is unable to conceal his frustration any longer]

LANDON: Then where do I belong? Tell me where I should go. You have no idea what it's like out there.

[Realizing that his agitation is not helping his argument, Landon sighs before speaking in a more controlled tone of voice]

LANDON: I don't want to cause trouble-- I just want a way out of my own life.

[Alaric pauses for a moment to consider how to best respond to Landon's request]

ALARIC: I know it seems cruel, but please understand... This school was created so we could shape the minds of young supernatural beings, protect their secret, and then send them out into the human world fully equipped to handle it. We are here to prevent these great kids from indulging in their darkest impulses. Make no mistake-- these are predatory creatures. Vampires are driven by the feed and the kill. Wolves can't control themselves in their primal state. And witches?

[Alaric is unable to stop himself from chuckling darkly]

ALARIC: Witches, when provoked, are responsible for some of the worst atrocities in history. It's simply not safe for you here. I'm sorry.

[Landon, knowing there is no way to convince Alaric to allow him to stay, nods and replies quietly]

LANDON: I understand.

[Alaric pushes the intercom button and speaks into the microphone]

ALARIC: Have MG come on in, please.

[MG opens the door and walks into the office, looking at Landon with sympathy]

MG: I'm sorry about yesterday, but your buddy's gonna be okay here. We'll look out for him.

[MG once again puts his right hand on Landon's shoulder so he can look the young human in the eye and compel him. MG's irises dilate and contract as he attempts to take his memories a second time]

MG: Now, all you gotta do is go home. Forget everything that you've seen or learned in the past two days. All you need to know is that your friend has found a home where he can live a better life.

[Landon blinks as the compulsion seemingly kicks in]

Salvatore Boarding School (Entrance)

[Rafael, in a Salvatore School uniform, has just walked Landon outside to say his goodbyes]

RAFAEL: Are you sure?
LANDON: Yeah, I'll be fine. I promise.

[Landon sets off with his backpack while Rafael watches him go. Unbeknownst to Landon and Rafael, Hope has been watching their goodbye through the nearby window, and she smiles sadly as she watches Landon walk away]

Salvatore Boarding School (Library)

[Alaric has just entered the library to speak with Dorian, who found the display case with the knife Landon was looking at the previous evening smashed and the knife nowhere to be found]

ALARIC: What's wrong?
DORIAN: The alarm didn't trigger. I don't know why.
ALARIC: What was it?
DORIAN: A knife dated circa the 12th century. Supernatural origins unknown.

Salvatore Boarding School (Backyard)

[Alaric has met with Hope outside to tell her the bad news. It's obvious by Hope's tone of voice that she doesn't believe what she's hearing]

HOPE: How do you know it was him?

[Alaric scoffs as though he thinks Hope is being naive]

ALARIC: Ancient artifact goes missing, along with too-good-to-be-true hapless human? You do the math, Hope.

[Hope shakes her head in disbelief]

HOPE: That would make him a liar, okay? I've known my fair share of those, and there was nothing about him--

[Alaric interrupts her to try to get her to see reason]

ALARIC: --Hope--

[Hope cuts him off before he can continue]

HOPE: No, you don't understand. There's no way that the one time that I choose to get close to someone, they turn out to be a liar. It's not possible, okay? I'm not that stupid!

[Alaric, feeling sympathetic toward Hope for the position this puts her in, tries to explain why he's right]

ALARIC: When he walked out that door, we compelled him to go home.
HOPE: [irritably] So?
ALARIC: So, he didn't. It's the first place we checked! And if he didn't go home, that means his memory wasn't erased! He was just pretending that it was.

[The scene cuts to a bus, which is driving out of Mystic Falls. On it is Landon, who has his hood up to blend in with the crowd and who has his notebook and pen sitting on his lap. He looks around to make sure no one is watching before pulling the knife out of his inner jacket pocket. Alaric and Hope's conversation continues in voiceover]

ALARIC: [voiceover] If his mind can't be controlled by a supernatural being, then that only means one thing-- that he is a supernatural being.

Salvatore Boarding School (Assembly Hall)

[Alaric has gathered all of the students to an assembly that evening to keep them updated on what has happened]

ALARIC: For ten years, we've gone undetected. Protecting you, protecting our secret, has been our singular mission. Tonight, I need your help to find Landon Kirby... before he exposes us all.

[The students begin to chatter amongst themselves regarding this news. The camera cuts to Rafael, who is frowning as though he doesn't know what to believe]

Salvatore Boarding School (Front Yard)

[Once the assembly dismissed for the evening, Josie walked through the yard to her dorm room when MG sees her and rushes over to join her]

MG: Jo...

[Josie scowls at him and keeps walking]

JOSIE: I'm not talking to you.
MG: Hold on!

[MG finally gets Josie to stop walking so they can have a conversation]

MG: I'm sorry, all right? I'm an ass. You-know-who, she puts those sex herbs in her weed, and I had a momentary lapse in judgement.

[Josie looks as though she's almost on the verge of tears]

JOSIE: Why does everyone find her so special?
MG: [scoffs] She's not special. She's just... available.

[This does nothing to make Josie feel better, so MG quickly leans forward and wraps her in a hug]

MG: Come here. Don't hate me, okay?

[After a moment, MG pulls away and squeezes her arm in a comforting gesture before he walks away. Josie is suddenly distracted by the sound of laughing nearby and begins to scowl again when she sees Penelope laughing hysterically in conversation with a couple other girls. Tired of how Penelope has been making her feel, she holds up her hand at waist level and whispers an incantation under her breath]

JOSIE: Igno lucen.

[Suddenly, Penelope's jacket sleeve catches on fire, and she begins screaming for help as she tries to snuff out the flames]

PENELOPE: Ahhh! Ahhh! Put it out!

[A bystander pulls off her shawl and uses it to put out the fire as Josie turns to walk in the opposite direction. Unbeknownst to Josie, Hope saw the whole event from behind a tree and begins to formulate a plan]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie's Room)

[Josie is straightening up her room when Hope appears in the doorway]

HOPE: I need your help.
JOSIE: [sarcastically] Three words more than your annual average. Find someone else.

[Hope ignores this dismissal and instead walks into the room and shuts the door behind her so she can continue to talk to Josie privately. Josie sits down on her bed with a book, barely even looking at Hope as she stands in front of her]

HOPE: This stuff with Landon is my fault. I can fix it. I know how to track him, but it involves using dark magic...
JOSIE: [tersely] Well, we're not allowed to use dark magic here, so...

[Hope's expression turns slightly mischievous as she stares at Josie]

HOPE: Says the girl who just lit her ex on fire.

[Josie's eyes widen in alarm, and her tone of voice becomes accusatory]

JOSIE: Are you blackmailing me?

[Hope immediately tries to talk herself out of this mess]

HOPE: No! I'm just... looking for a kindred spirit in revenge.

[Josie thinks about this for a moment before reluctantly deciding to join her]

[Josie and Hope kneel on the floor in preparation to perform the spell. An open spellbook lays on the floor between them, with instructions written in a magical language. Josie strikes a match and begins lighting candles while Hope reaches into a cardboard box and pulls out a rat. She looks at the creature with a guilty expression]

HOPE: [whispers] Sorry...

[Hope squeezes the rat in both hands and snaps its spine, killing it. Josie begins spreading crushed herbs all over the pages of the spell book while Hope cuts open the rat's stomach and allows its blood to drip onto the herbs and parchment. When they're done, Josie looks at Hope with concern]

JOSIE: Are you sure about this?

[Hope gets a steely look in her eye]

HOPE: Absolutely.

[Both girls cross their wrists and grab each others' hands, with Josie siphoning some magic from Hope before they begin to chant]

HOPE & JOSIE: [in unison] Inveniet hostium et tenebrae. Inveniet hostium et tenebrae. Inveniet hostium et tenebrae.

[Both girls have their eyes closed and are trying to make sense of the scene as wind starts to blow papers around the room. Landon is briefly seen half-asleep on the bus before the scene cuts away]

JOSIE: Do you see anything?
HOPE: Just flashes.

[The flashes of the bus continue, but nothing informative has been shown as of yet, much to Hope's frustration]

HOPE: Come on, give me something.

[The two see more flashes of the front of the bus and Landon's sleeping face before they finally get some helpful information in the form of a highway sign]

JOSIE: I got it. Route 29.

[Hope, too, sees a sign depicting where the bus is currently driving]

HOPE: Near the state line.

[Suddenly, the vision shows Landon pulling the knife out of his jacket pocket and looking at it]

JOSIE: Is that the knife?
HOPE: Yeah.

[The knife's blade begins to glow bright red, as though it is sensing their spell, and Landon looks confused as he squeezes his eyes closed to avoid being blinded by the knife's light]

JOSIE: What's it doing?
HOPE: I have no idea.

Route 29, Near Virginia State Line

[Sheriff Matt Donovan has just met Alaric and Hope to the state route, where they are all stunned to find the bus looking as though it exploded. Matt does his best to fill them in on what he knows]

MATT: Called in a favor with a buddy at State Patrol, asked him to lock down the scene 'til we got here. Local PD thinks it was a chemical spill.

[Both Hope and Alaric look horrified by the sight of the bus]

ALARIC: What's the actual story?

[Matt's face takes on a grim expression]

MATT: I'll leave that to you to figure out.
ALARIC: [nods] All right. Thanks, Sheriff.

[Alaric and Hope walk toward the bus, heading up the stairs to see what is inside while Hope narrates in voiceover]

HOPE: [voiceover] Funny how life works. After years of pushing people away, I opened my heart to Landon Kirby, the human in the wrong place at the right time who just needed a place to belong.

[Alaric and Hope finally make it inside of the bus and are absolutely horrified by the sight in front of them. Every person on the bus, from the driver to those seated in the very back, have all been burned so badly they resemble mummified corpses. The only rider not present is Landon, who is nowhere to be found. Hope clenches her jaw with hatred in her eyes]

HOPE: [voiceover] Turns out, Landon isn't the hero of my story at all. But, when I hunt him down, I'm gonna be the villain of his.


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