• i might need ur help writing my story. If you need more details, just ask. thanks

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    • No problem, ask me whatever you’d like about writing.

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    • would u mind being a co author to my story?

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    • That would be really cool!

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    • this is basically what I told john as he may help as well:

      this is my story:

      sypnosis-Judas Iscariot is let out of hell to redeem himself after satan is murdered, the whole timeline of the bible becomes dislodged and Judas must take it upon himself to find the killer and fix the timeline. He only has 1 shot and he uses his new angelic powers to fight demonkind while finding the killer.

      here are the first 2 chapters I wrote for references to help u:

      Judas-I am still in hell, for 2000 years I have been trapped in this hellish cage. But I deserve it. For what I did, I betrayed humanity, I betrayed my closest friend. I learned english over time, because I heard the screams of the thousands if not millions of people who ended up here, they all yelled and asked God to let them out, but he never did. He isnt a cruel god, he is a forgiving one but these people marked their fates, including myself. I deserve this, I keep telling myself this. I've lost count of how many days I have been here, Im not one of those people who marks their days over the wall with like a knife or piece of chalk. There is no reason to in my opinion. But I have learned to overcome the burning, maybe I'm the only one immune to this pain by now. Maybe there are more who are immune to the pain, I really don't know and I really don't care at this point. But I will never be immune to the mental pain, its scarring deep to the minds eye and have blinded it to the point where I don't want to imagine things anymore to make me feel better. It's just another day. Or at least it was. A rumbling from overhead hits like a nuclear bomb, yeah I know about those too, I hear alot from the people down here. But it hits and shakes and parts of hell start to crumble apart. I think to myself can this be it? Can this be the day it all ends? But again it makes no difference to me at this point cause the hellfire is just part of me now. It does nothing. But it would still be nice to have a change of atmosphere and still use my senses to feel again if the fire hasnt burned it away. But I look at a bright light above my cell and down angelic figure, I never saw the angels to be honest. But the angelic being fights off tons of satans minions, banishing them into thick darkness. He does it like its nothing. He then approaches my cell. I think to myself, what could this guy do that hasnt already been done? Make me feel even worse about myself? He then uses a form of telekinesis I suppose to break apart the cell door. He then demands I walk out. He says we need to talk.

      Scene 2
      I don't want to walk out at first cause this guy is a stranger to me. But he still demands I walk out and approach him. I ask who he is.
      Gabriel-My name is gabriel, I am an angel, and one of a dying breed, we're getting picked apart from a mysterious killer. Sighs....and we need your help. 
      Judas-What?, my help?, I ask why?
      Gabriel-Because you're immune to hellfire, you can fight off demons and survive, especially when I give you these powers. 
      Judas-Wait, what powers?
      Gabriel then telekinetically drags him over and puts his glowing hand on Judas's chest.
      Judas-Wait!, what is that?, what is it?
      Gabriel-Quiet!, he demands.
      I think to myself, I have felt burning before but not like this, this hurts 1000 times more than hellfire burning but its refreshing at the same time, cause I feel power coming into me, something I have never had, not really.
      Gabriel-It's done, as he releases his hand off my chest.
      Judas-What's done?, what was that?
      Gabriel-I just gave you some of my abilities, you have telekinesis which as you saw, you can move things with your mind, I gave you teleportation which allows you to travel anywhere in time and space. Telepathy which allows you to read and to an extent control the minds of any being you desire. And finally semi immortality.
      Judas-Semi immortality?
      Gabriel-Yes, you can still be destroyed by certain methods. Or you can do this job for us and ascend onto heaven.
      Judas-And if I say no?
      Gabriel-Then you will be kept in here forever but as far as I am concerned, you don't really have a choice.
      Judas-So what, is this my destiny?, my purpose?
      Gabriel-No, not really, you're just a lackie to a greater purpose. 
      Judas-Which is what exactly?
      Gabriel-Okay look, the devil, the reason you haven't seen him lately, he's dead.
      Judas-Dead?, how is that possible?
      Gabriel-His body was discovered, right over there, but his body was moved by his minions. 
      Judas-Isn't that a good thing? 
      Gabriel-No...because it goes against what the bible planned and laid out. Satan was supposed to be stopped in the end, but not now, we don't understand what is happening. We need you to find the killer and kill them before they go any further and find satan and send him back to hell. And you'll be tracking down all of satans minions who are freed from hell because of the hole I punched. We simply do not have the resources anymore to track down these abominations. But you must find which one of them is behind this all because none of it stems from our garrison.
      Judas-If that is the case, why didnt you get information from those demons you slayed?
      Gabriel-I read their minds, they offered nothing of use. But the others might have.
      Judas-But how am I suppose to do all of that?
      Gabriel-Not our problem. 
      Gabriel-The angels and I. So you will be sent back to earth, and its changed alot.
      Judas-I know many things.
      Gabriel-Perhaps, but you will have to learn to be born again, in the true sense of the word. 
      Gabriel then sends me to earth. 
      Gabriel-Just so you know, money, food and even technology have all changed, you must adapt....or perish.
      Judas-You're not going to be of any help?
      Gabriel-I've helped enough, it's time for you to prove yourself. Do these 3 things for heaven and you will be greatly rewarded. Do the opposite and its back into the hellhole, and when I say sent back, I mean back into the deepest darkest loneliest parts of hell, with nothing but your troubled and regretful thoughts....forever.
      Gabriel-No more of that! One final thing, you'll need a weapon. Pick and choose.
      Gabriel then throws a box full of weapons to me. I look through them and see a particular one. I cannot even describe it. Gabriel calls it a gun. He says it shoots out bullets, which are blunt objects but can cut through nearly anything like a sword. I choose the gun. Gabriel says however those bullets won't work on demons. I need specific bullets. 
      Judas-I think I know what I can use. It's the only thing besides my clothes that were thrown into hell with me. It's a few silver dollars. 
      Gabriel then looks over and blesses them with angelic power. 
      Gabriel-Now you are prepared, you are ready. 
      Gabriel then walks away. 
      Judas-Wait!, I have one condition on all of this.
      Gabriel-You're in no position to make your own demands. 
      Judas-I clearly am, otherwise you wouldn't need me.
      Gabriel (in an angry voice)-What is it?
      Judas-When I find these demons, I cant just send them back to hell, they could escape, so I am going to take them out my way, I'm going to give them a second chance and wipe their minds of all the evil they've done. If I am getting a 2nd chance, so should they.
      Gabriel-That is an abomination and goes against everything the bible states. You're not allowed to do it, that is your first and only warning. The second you do it, you're sent back to hell.
      Gabriel then dissapears. Unbeknownce to him, I am going to betray yet another friend, if I can even call him that. I am going to banish the evil from these monsters and give them the 2nd chance we all deserve.

      I need help creating dialogue as he is to interact with a church of people that are wishy washy on helping him, some want to, some do not. Also I need him to interact with demons and other angels too. 

      Mostly this will be an action packed series so let me worry about the action unless u want to help in that area as well. But I need you to help me find enough dialogue for 20 chapters, this does not need to be done all at once, take as much time as u need. 

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    • My advice on introducing the church people is thru a specific person and congregation. As a person who was raised a Christian, I experienced many people in church with a tendency to remain stubborn and closed minded, but they’re also unaware of their own closed mindedness so they are mostly decent and well mannered with other people. If you’re going for a hardcore, Christian church vibe, I recommend writing the scene as if it’s Southern/Western USA. For example: Judas lands in a rural Christian town in Texas (on Earth) and these towners have southern accents (he experiences this with both awe and confusion at the change earth has underwent). The scene could focus in on a specific southern Christian church-goer. Seeing and interacting with Judas could be thru his/her experience. Let’s call him Bobby Smith for now. Mr. Smith could be a minor character set in his ways, but also wants to help Judas save the universe and planet. This minor character could be the start of a potential human following Judas gains throughout your story. The Iscariots or something like that. That’s just one suggestion.

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    • okay thank you

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    • btw do u have like a facebook or email I can send to cause im afraid someone will steal my work if its posted all over the internet, whereas we can privately share ideas on what to do next.

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    • Do you use Discord? I can PM you there if you’d like?

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    • yeah but we should probably wait till later today cause im getting a bit tired.

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    • Same here; it’s a bit past 1:00 AM where I am so I’ll be heading to bed soon.

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    • here is the outline for my characters:

      judas iscariot-He is the main character, the anti hero and he is looking for redemption desperately. He hates destroying things and people but will if he absolutely must. Unbeknownce to gabriel the angel, he is mind controlling the demons he finds to make an army of good demons but to gabriel, this is an abomination. He wears a welders mask, only wears long sleeved t shirts, pants, coats and carries guns and knives, bathed in holy water and his own blood. He can also channel hellfire to shoot at his victims like a grenade launcher.

      gabriel the angel-He is strict in the ways of angel kind and his garrison, he's alot like castiel from supernatural, the difference is you see his wings and halo and his mighty sword he carries on his back. With what few angels left, him and his brothers and sisters go searching for satan as it was gabriels idea to use judas as their pawn. He is more powerful than he looks BTW. He is nearly indestructible, especially with his angelic armor he wears. The other angels stay in the background for now. All angelic creatures such as pixies, fairies, dwarves, elves, dragons, holy witches/superheroes, and other holy creatures derive from angels

      leonardo thomas-the oldest of vampires, similar to klaus in appearance and the way he acts, except he doesnt have a vampire family but rather the biggest army of vampire minions the world has ever seen due to his power and charisma, he is older than dracula, jesus, and judas himself. Its rumored he is old as time itself. He was freed from hell when gabriel punched a hole into it, knowing he could free abominations from it he released the deadliest creature that even satan is a bit scared of.

      the church goers-

      melissa-she is a warrior of god, who lost her wife due to her beliefs, she is forced into this life but will not serve as a love interest for judas or the other characters

      sarah-she is melissas wife who is now deceased and seen as a ghost, its rumored she might be sucked into the black hole of nothingness if hell and heaven isnt repaired soon. She is extremely powerful with her ghostly powers.

      gemma-she is a very kind person and merely the gardener of the church but she may have a vicious side underneath and is ready to use it to protect herself and her family

      jenna-gemmas daughter, she is 19 and wants out of the church life, she looks to her boyfriend for comfort but her boyfriend maybe a demon working for satan or a vampire working for leonardo

      metacalf-he is gemmas husband, very strict in his church goeing ways and is working for the pastor ezekiel yaegar, he is the pastors right hand man

      pastor ezekiel yaegar-the owner and leader of the church, he claims his mission from god is to rid the world of its abominations but isnt a racist towards humankind, he sees himself as a noah preparing for an end of the world scenario. He is very skeptical to take judas in after finding out who he really is but the other members convince him eventually to take him in. 

      the demons-

      tons of demons got out of hell when gabriel punched that hole and the cages broke, some were already on earth, their current leader is the legendary vampire alphonse de beau who is leondardos maker and might be the oldest human to ever walk the face of the planet. His very name draws fear and the vampires will take command to him over leonardo anyday. He learned some unique powers being advanced in his old age. 

      the rest of the demons are all reptilian or buglike in appearance, they are fallen angels and possess humans as hosts to carry out their missions, they are afraid if they expose their true selves to humankind, the humans and angels will exterminate them all as the pureblooded demons as rare as the angels nowadays. The demonkind has bred bloodsucking vampires, flesheating zombies, horrific goblins/trolls/imps, and finally, werebeasts whose very bite can bite through steel or the toughest of bones.

      i hope this helps u for now. if u need to know more, let me kno

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    • The outline is good! I like how it’s a reminder of certain shows I’ve watched over the years, but your story still has a lot of originality in it. Let me know if you wish to incorporate more species later on.

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    • thanks!

      hopefully we'll be able to swap ideas back and forth cause right now im using a semi broken computer to post my comments

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    • That would be cool; keep me posted!

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    • okay thanks

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    • do you have a discord? and if so what is ur username?

      i ask this cause i dont want our work to be stolen by someone else. But I will incorporate more ideas into their personalities and look even if we cannot bring in new fresh original ideas, it will at least be fun to make and who knows, we may even make a couple of bucks out of this or get to be the next vampire diaries to be on television cause I envision this as a tv series rather than a film series. Judas is going to be chasing down many many many demons in his path, its too many to put into a film series.

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    • My Discord username is: Chrissie-Athena.

      I understand. Plagiarism is a big fear of any author/aspiring author. I myself enjoy themes like yours inside books, shows, movies, etc. It will be fun collaborating with you on a Judas-theme such as your current plot!

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    • cool thanks

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    • im going to send u a message on discord

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    • Got the message 👍🏼. Just sent you a response.

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    • thanks

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    • No problem. Just let me know when you message me on Discord on here. I turned off notifications on Discord.

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    • okay thanks

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    • you may have to send me ur email cause i cannot get into discord

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