• No one ever listens to him despite him having leagues more knowledge about certsin things than they do. They constantly dismiss him as just be whiny or scared. He should be equal in power to Elijah but he's weaker than Damon. And nothing he's done is any worse than anything Klaus' had done yet Elijah treated him like he was unworthy.-i feel the only persons who dismissed him was of course elena and the others, he told them about silas and they ignored him

    As far as we know, Marcel can't turn anyone. And on the wikia they are referred to as Sofya's men. Supported by the fact that they followed her orders.-the vampires im referring to were the vampires marcel made in season 2, not after he became an original

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    • Klaus and Rebekah also dismissed him. Even Hayley did. The only one to ever take him seriously was Freya. An example would be how they were going to run into Marcel's compound and just take Klaus with very little planning. Kol wanted to wait one day to plan so as to assure no one got killed and Hope didn't become an orphan. Elijah ignored him, Hayley called him scared, and Rebekah was annoyed. It's only Marcels mercy they survived.

      Were those vampires even in season 4? The only one ive seen on show that he made in season 2 was Gia and she's dead.

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    • i dont remember those dismissing scenes, i sort of remember the bus scene and i remember the scene where kol wanted to drive away in the finale

      yeah they are there, they just are background vamps

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    • That bus scene in 4x02 was the main one. Any other time was just stuff they spouted lightly every once in a while. But it was more the writers of the show that acted like he's incompetent, rather than other characters.

      Well they weren't the ones he and Rebekah fought in 4x02.

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    • i see, i didnt take the whole criticism too badly, i actually thought kol had a pretty good run in originals, better than his tvd run

      ill take ur word

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