How would I edit this (List of Hybrids page : Trivia section)

▪ There are currently a single being left alive for each type of hybrid.

▪▪Niklaus Mikaelson is the only Original Hybrid in existence.

▪▪Hayley Marshall-Kenner is the sole Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid known in existence.

▪▪Valerie Tulle is the only Witch-Vampire Hybrid left.

▪▪▪There are now two again with Kai Parker's resurrection from hell and subsequent banishment to a new prison world.

▪▪Hope Mikaelson is the only Tribrid in existence.

Do i keep it as is and just add under the werewolf section that Hayley is dead and there are 2 other hybrids now (better wording)?  Or just erase the whole thing as the statement of their being one of each is no longer true? 

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