Why do I always get the homely ones? Just to be clear, your car's a P.O.S. I mean, we can wash it, but it's still a P.O.S.

Tiki was a character who appeared in the fifth episode of the first season in The Vampire Diaries. She is a fellow student and a former cheerleader who attended Mystic Falls High School, before she graduated. She participated in the Sexy Suds Car Wash. Her grandfather was the one who recognized Stefan from 1953.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

In Friday Night Bites, while she didn't make a notable appearance, she helped raise the poster with the other cheerleaders.

In You're Undead to Me, Tiki attended the Sexy Suds Car Wash in order to raise money for Mystic Falls High School's athletic department. After she insulted customer's car, calling it 'trash', she quickly angered Bonnie, who unintentionally lost control of her magic and caused the water from the hose to spray her heavily. After Tiki notes that Caroline has left, leaving her in charge, Tiki gave Bonnie an order to sweep the water of the pavement, which made Bonnie even more annoyed.

Her grandfather is the old man who made his first appearance in the same episode, in which he remembers Stefan Salvatore from the time he spent at the Salvatore Boarding House in the 1950s.


Tiki is a hotheaded individual. She can be rude to others, especially to Bonnie and a customer at the car wash. She is shown to be bossy as well.

Physical Appearance

Tiki had a slim but athletic build. She seemed to prefer to wear loop earrings. Tiki also had her dark, brown hair up in a short ponytail and has brown eyes.


  • Tiki and her Grandfather (Family)
  • Tiki and Bonnie (Fellow Classmate/Frenemies)


Season One

Season Eight


  • Tiki is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is "Jewel". For the Maori of New Zealand, Tiki is the first man. The name is also given to the large humanoid wood carved figures, and to the Polynesian decoration theme used in bars and restaurants.[1]


  • She was first mentioned in Friday Night Bites by Caroline Forbes.
  • She is one of the few minor characters that was in more than one episode and not specifically introduced to be killed off.
  • She is also one of the only characters who's family that has been introduced aren't dead.



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