My father banned us from doing Traveler Magic. He said it was the devil's work or something dramatic that terrified us.

Travelers emphasize on collective magic

Traveler Magic is a form of witchcraft that is strictly used by a subculture of witches known as the Travelers.

This form of magic specializes in spirit possession, a form of Dark Magic, as well as an emphasis on "collective" magic. Only by joining together, in large gatherings as "Passengers", are Travelers able to perform powerful feats of magic. Without access to the magic of other Travelers, their power is considerably weak. Such spells are cast in Czech, as opposed to Latin which is conventionally used when practicing Traditional Magic.


Traveler Magic was created after the great divide of conventional and unconventional witches as a result of the former cursing the latter. As a result of being cursed, they were incapable of using Traditional Magic nor gathering as a tribe.

Spells and Rituals

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  • Traveler Magic was an alternate way invented by the Travelers to access Traditional magic.
  • Silas and Qetsiyah did not use this form of magic as they were not affected by the curse placed on the Travelers which cut them off from Traditional magic. When they cast the immortality spell, all the witches now known as Travelers used the same magic as the other witches.
    • However, Silas himself has shown to have an extensive knowledge of modern Traveler magic as he taught one of their most complex spells to Bonnie Bennett.
  • Being unable to channel Nature, doppelgänger blood appears to be valuable to them as a considerable source of power for their spells.
  • Travelers are known to make Dark Objects as shown in There's Always a Loophole

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