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May the ghosts of our fallen keep you company.
Aya's last words to Tristan after she betrayed him in A Ghost Along the Mississippi

The relationship between the vampires, Tristan de Martel and Aya Al-Rashid. Aya was originally Tristan's most trusted ally, but she betrayed him when Elijah convinced her to let him drown for eternity due to being supernaturally trapped in a shipping crate by the Serratura. Aya was then killed by Hayley Marshall-Kenner, ending this relationship on bad terms.

Early History

After Elijah created the Strix, he fled from his father Mikael, who had come after him and his vampire community. Abandoned, Aya was found by Tristan, who became her savior in her eyes. Tristan took charge of the Strix and Aya remained loyal to him, still furious towards Elijah for abandoning the society they had built together.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Three

Aya continues to work for Tristan, specifically handling Marcel Gerard, their newest recruit. Aya continues to be a resourceful and a loyal ally for Tristan and The Strix. However, when the Originals capture in by luring Tristan into a trap, Aya is convinced by Elijah to break away from Tristan's leadership. Aya defied Tristan's rule by deciding not to save Tristan, betraying him.

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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  • Originally, Aya ran the Strix with Elijah Mikaelson.
    • Aya then continued the work of the Astrid with Tristan after Elijah left her and the group.
  • Tristan and Aya ran the Strix for centuries together.
  • Aya betrayed Tristan in modern times by allowing the Mikaelson family to lock him up in a shipping crate and dumping the crate into the bottom of the ocean for Tristan to drown forever.



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