Tyler's Party was a swimming party organized by Tyler in the woods near the Lockwood Mansion. It was the night of a full moon.

During this party, we first saw Aimee Bradley, who flirts with Matt. When Caroline saw that she compelled Aimee to go and find someone who's single to flirt with. Tyler brought Aimee to the old cellar. When Mason came there to tie himself up, he saw Tyler and Aimee and left to lock himself up somewhere else. When he started kissing Aimee, she looked uncomfortable and suddenly refused to make out with him anymore, telling him that she wasn't sure why she came and she likes Matt.

Caroline went into the woods with Matt. When they started making out, Matt had a cut in his wrist that made Caroline lose control because of the blood. She bit his wrist and sucked the blood out of his neck. Stefan came and stopped her. He was aware of the werewolf and told her to run as fast as she can. They stopped near the old Lockwood property and saw Tyler, then the werewolf (Mason) suddenly attacked Caroline. Stefan saved her. While the werewolf is about to launch another attack, Tyler yells "stop!", the wolf then looks at Tyler like he knows who Tyler is and runs off. Later by Mason's car, Mason told Tyler that he's a werewolf.



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