What are you doing, Vick?
Matt to Vicki about Jeremy and Tyler

The relationship between the deceased werewolf Tyler Lockwood, the former vampire Vicki Donovan and the Supernatural Hunter Jeremy Gilbert reveals struggles, romance, and angst to catch the eyes of the elusive Vicki Donovan as she struggled to choose the right guy before she died.


Vicki and Jeremy hooked up before the start of the series during the summer and ever since, she tried to ignore him, even after the school year started.

Even though Jeremy still had a crush on her, Tyler and Vicki were already dating at the very beginning of the series. According to Jeremy, Tyler treated Vicki badly and has taken advantage of her, which caused tension between him and Jeremy.

In the very end, Vicki chose Jeremy over Tyler, but was later staked by Stefan because she couldn't control her hunger. 

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Season One


In Pilot, Jeremy is shown to sell Vicki drugs before Tyler comes up. Tyler and Vicki kiss in front of Jeremy, who looks disturbed by the scene. Afterward, the pair depart, leaving Jeremy behind at the stoner pit.




  • All three have been turned into a supernatural creature, Jeremy a Medium and Supernatural Hunter, Vicki a Vampire, and Tyler a Werewolf and Hybrid.
  • All three have also died at least once.
    • Unlike Tyler and Jeremy, however, Vicki was never resurrected.
    • Tyler is permanently dead, killed by Damon Salvatore, under Sybil's influence.
  • Vicki slept with both Tyler and Jeremy at some point before her death.
  • They all have known each other since childhood.

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