Stefan: We're here to honor Tyler.

Alaric: He was strong, in the face of so much loss.

Enzo: He fought the darkness inside himself and won. I respected the hell out of him.

Bonnie: Tyler was willing to sacrifice everything for us.

Matt: He cared about all of us. And he was my best friend.

Caroline: He was so much more than a small-town kid and he lived so much more than a small-town life. I loved him. You know, we all did.

Tyler Lockwood's Funeral took place in Coming Home Was a Mistake.

Season Eight

After finding Tyler's body in the trunk of a green mustang that Damon had left on I-20, Matt brings Tyler home to Mystic Falls in a casket while also alerting Caroline, Bonnie and Alaric of Tyler's tragic end. Once at the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan looks over his body as Caroline and Matt watch him from the back, all saddened by his death. Matt, Caroline, Stefan and Alaric take him to the cemetery in order to bury his body with the rest of the Lockwood Family. However, they're interrupted by Damon, whose has already dug four holes, one for each of them. Stefan approaches, Damon insists that he be cautious, as it was underestimating him that got Tyler killed.

Once Damon is captured, the group decides to give Tyler a proper memorial in front of the Ferris wheel at the Carnival, each of them saying their goodbyes to him. Stefan reminds them that no one knows what comes next for them after death but they can't allow that to haunt them or make them forget what they mean to each other. He looks over to the Ferris wheel, recalling the moment that he set up there with Elena and told her how important it was to appreciate the moment since that's all they have. He cuts on all the lights to the Carnival, explaining that in honor of Tyler and Elena, they have to continue to create joyful moments.


  • Bonnie and Enzo were unable to attend Tyler's initial burial.


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