I'm much better. I'm still, you know, a little jittery, a little on edge, but I'm going to be OK.
Stefan to Elena

Under Control is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the eighteenth episode of the series overall.


UNCLE JOHN AND HIS DARK SECRETS — While Stefan struggles to control his new situation, Elena and Jeremy are surprised by a visit from their uncle, John Gilbert. Alaric has an awkward talk with Elena about Isobel. At a Founder's Day event, Stefan displays a rare party attitude and Damon's attempt to find out why Uncle John has returned to town takes an ugly turn. An incident at the party causes trouble between Matt and Tyler, and the relationship between Matt and his mother, Kelly, reaches a new low. Meanwhile, Elena's effort to comfort Jeremy falls short and he decides to take matters into his own hands.


The episode opens on Stefan doing pull-ups in his bedroom. Damon comes in with a glass of blood and makes a snarky comment about his loud music. Damon asks Stefan when he's going back to school, and Stefan, who is now on the floor doing push-ups, tells him he will soon. Damon, exasperated, tells him that his "self-detox" is not natural and pushes him to go back to human blood. Stefan asks him to get his glass of blood away from him and continues his work-out. Damon asks him how long it took him to wean off of it the last time he drank human blood, and Stefan just ignores him. "That's not good," Damon snarks. "I'll be fine; it just takes a little bit of time", Stefan retorts. Damon reminds him that he doesn't have to kill to survive, and tells him that he hasn't hunted a human in way too long. "That's what blood banks are for." Stefan snarks that he's impressed, and Damon tells him that he's being self-serving, and that he's working hard to get the town off of the vampire's trail, which has become difficult since the tomb vampires are running around. When Stefan asks him what he's planning on doing about them, Damon says they can't do much of anything if Stefan doesn't have his strength, and reminds him again that "there's nothing wrong with partaking in a healthy diet of human blood from a blood bank. You're not actually killing anyone."

Stefan repeats that he has his reasons, and Damon again asks him what his reasons are. Stefan turns the question around on him, and asks him if he enjoys watching him struggle. Damon admits that he is, very much so. Stefan states that he has everything under complete control, and Damon humors him, telling him to continue making all the other vampires look bad. He gets up to leave the room, and leaves his glass of blood on the table just long enough that Stefan begins to consider drinking it, when Damon returns for the glass, and takes a deep swig in front of him before swanning off again.

Meanwhile, at the Gilbert house, Elena is urging Jeremy to hurry up as she walks out the door to go to school when a man walks up and says, "Elena!" with a smile. Elena says hello and identifies the man as her Uncle John Gilbert. He says hello to Jenna, and the conversation gets awkward when Jenna snarks that she wasn't expecting him so early. Jeremy comes down the stairs and says hello to Uncle John, who tells him that he had some business to do in town and thought he should visit. Elena and Jeremy leave for school, leaving Jenna and John to talk. When John asks what is up with Jeremy, Jenna tells him that he just lost a friend, and instructs him to be sensitive. John jokes that he is always sensitive, which leads Jenna to get to the point. "So, really, how long are you staying?" John asks her to at least pretend to be happy that he's there, and she tries briefly before verbally giving up. John skips the jokes and asks her if she really thought that he was going to sign the papers and send them back. When Jenna says that she did, he tells her firmly that he's not going to allow her to sell his brother's medical office. Jenna reminds him that the property belongs to Jeremy and Elena, not them, and that it isn't up to either of them, but John goes on to remind her that since they're minors, the estate's trustee gets the final say, which is him.

It cuts to the high school, where Matt and Elena are in the hallway talking about how Uncle John is back. Matt admits that he never really liked him, and Elena says that no one does. Matt assures her that he's here for moral support if she needs him. Elena responds that she'll handle it, and that he's been through enough. The subject changes to Vicki, and Matt thanks her for everything she's done for Vicki's funeral and the memorial, and confesses that he would never have been able to do it without her. Elena changes the topic once again to Caroline, asking if she was still "baking for you guys around the clock", and Matt laughs and says that she finally went to her dad's, and that if she hadn't his mom would have strangled her if she brought over one more lasagna. Matt closes his locker and they walk down the hall.

Jeremy is in the stoner pit sitting on a couch, listening to music. Tyler sits next to him, lights a joint, and offers it to him. Jeremy declines, and Tyler asks him what his problem is. Jeremy says that he just didn't want any, and Tyler softens. After a beat, he brings up that rumor had it that Vicki's cause of death was an overdose. Jeremy replies that he doesn't understand it, because she seemed to be doing okay before she left town. Tyler allows the possibility that she wasn't. Jeremy asks him how he thinks she ended up buried in the woods, and Tyler responds that it was probably done by whoever was with her when she overdosed so they wouldn't get into trouble. Jeremy maintains that it's an awful lot of work to go through just to get out of trouble, but Tyler suggests that she could have seen something that she hadn't, but then sighed and stated that he didn't know. The two continue to sit in silence.

Damon arrives at the Founder's Hall for the Council meeting. Sheriff Forbes updates the Council on the death of Vicki Donovan: the coroner's office officially ruled Vicki Donovan's death as a drug overdose, her family has been notified, and the truth will remain in this room and they will put all of this behind them. Mayor Lockwood thanks her for the update and announces that John Gilbert has asked to speak in front of the Council, which surprises Damon. Mayor Lockwood welcomes John home, and John comes forward to report that a hospital blood bank in nearby Amherst has reported several break-ins over the past two weeks, and in addition, seven hunters, four campers and two state park employees have been reported missing as well within a 75 mile radius of Mystic Falls. Damon whispers to Sheriff Forbes to ask her who John is, and she explains that he is Elena and Jeremy's uncle, and says that though his name is John, she prefers to call him "Jackass." Mayor Lockwood interrupts John and Sheriff Forbes to assure everyone not to be alarmed right away, which Sheriff Forbes whispers to Damon "Meaning he doesn't want to cancel the Founder's Day kickoff party." John exclaims that the Council thinks all of their problems are over, but that he's here to tell them that nothing has been solved.

We cut away to Alaric's classroom, where Alaric is informing Elena that Jeremy has been writing several papers on vampires in Mystic Falls. Elena is in shock that Jeremy wrote something like that, and Alaric tries to reassure her that Jeremy told him that he didn't believe any of it was real. Elena replies that she hopes he is right, because she's done too much already to protect him from the supernatural world. Alaric gives Elena a look, and finally asks her how she deals with the lies and secrets surrounding Stefan and Damon being vampires, since she's lying to everyone she cares about. Elena explains that it's not safe for Jeremy, or Jenna, or her friends to know the truth. She says she doesn't like keeping things from them, but is willing to do it if it keeps them safe. Alaric admits that he thinks Stefan is a good guy, but in the end, he's still a vampire, just like Damon. Elena gets that it's hard to understand, but she says she knows Stefan is different and would never do anything that would hurt her.

At the Gilbert house, John and Jeremy are eating at the kitchen table while Jenna is cleaning up. Jeremy tells John that he has no interest in going to the Founder's Day Kickoff party, but John reminds him that it's tradition. Jenna snarks that it will be their tradition to break the tradition, but John ignores her and points out that the Gilberts helped found the town, and that they've been a part of it for over 150 years. He then promises that when Jeremy can appreciate the significance, he will tell him all about the family's heritage. Jenna gets in one last jab, mocking the "sacred" Gilbert family legacy, and tells Jeremy that since she's not a Gilbert, she was never cool enough to hear it. When Jeremy asks John why Jenna hates him so much, he confesses that they used to sleep together, causing Jenna to throw a bag at his head, reminding him that she's still in the room.

Up in Elena's bedroom, Elena and Stefan are talking after several days of being apart. Elena asks him why Jeremy would write a report on vampires, and if he thinks Jeremy's compulsion is wearing off. Stefan reminds her that Damon took away those memories for good, and that she shouldn't worry about it. He asks her why she doesn't just ask him, and Elena says she can't. Stefan doesn't understand, because if he doesn't know anything, then it's just an innocent question. Elena replies wistfully that she doesn't know how to talk to him anymore; they used to be more open with each other, but now all these secrets are piling up, and she hasn't even told him that she's adopted yet. Stefan suggests that perhaps she should open up to him; she doesn't have to tell him anything, but she could at least find out what he knows so she can be prepared for it.

Elena rubs Stefan's shoulder and asks him how he's doing. He reassures her that he's doing much better, although he is still anxious and on edge, but that he'll be okay. Elena admits that she's been really worried about him, and missed him a lot. Stefan maintains that he just needed to lay low for a little while and let his body re-adjust, since it has only been a few days since he had to drink her blood. Elena sighs that it has felt like a lifetime, and kisses him. They start kissing more passionately, and Stefan lays Elena down on her bed. Soon, Elena rolls on top of him, but Stefan rolls back on top more aggressively. He stops kissing her for a moment before his game face emerges, and he instinctively pushed himself away so hard that he threw himself against the wall, breaking the lamp on Elena's desk. Elena looks at him with a worried expression.

Later, Elena hears a knock on the door, and opens it to find Damon on the porch. Elena tells him she's glad he's here, and he enters, "You ask, I come. I'm easy like that." Elena shushes him and points upstairs, and Damon sees Jeremy eating cereal in the kitchen. Damon loudly shouts, "NO ELENA, I WILL NOT GO TO YOUR BEDROOM WITH YOU!", laughing before Elena grabs his arm and pulls him upstairs with her; Jeremy just looks at them for a moment before going back to his food.

Damon proclaims her room as "just like I remember". Elena tells him to stop messing around, so he plops onto her bed and puts her teddy bear on his lap before looking at her expectantly. Damon asks her if she knows that Uncle John is in the Founder's Council, which shocks Elena to hear. She snarks that they can add that to the growing list of problems that the three of them have. Damon notices the broken lamp and asks her what happened. When she starts to look more uncomfortable, he looks at her until she finally breaks and tells him that she's worried about Stefan. She explains that he told her that everything was fine, but she can tell that he's struggling. She asks Damon how long it will take for him to get back to normal, and Damon shrugs, "A few days. Give or take." When Elena reminds him that it's already been a few days, Damon snits "Give then, I don't know. What's the big deal?" He gets up and hands her the teddy bear, and Elena states that Stefan isn't himself. Damon walks over to her dresser and opens the top drawer. Damon suggests that maybe Stefan's problem is that he's spent too long denying his nature as he pulls a bra out of the drawer and admires it. Elena swipes it from him and puts it back, telling him to not make her regret calling him. Damon sighs and tells her that it is what it is; the Stefan she knows is the "good-behavior Stefan", due to him fighting against his nature, and informs her that if she doesn't think there is another part to this situation, she hasn't been paying enough attention. Elena reminds him that he's not Damon, but Damon retorts that Stefan doesn't want to be Damon, but that doesn't mean that he isn't, deep-down. He steps closer towards her, looks at her, and leaves.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan is pacing around the library, looking for a book. He appears to be very anxious and wound-up, and pours himself a glass of scotch that he gulps down quickly.

Back at the Gilbert House, Elena pops into Jeremy's room and asks him if he has time to talk. When Jeremy says yes, she tells him they should get out of the house, and walk to a lake. Once there, Elena informs him that she is adopted. Jeremy is shocked that their parents never told her, but Elena is sure that they would have eventually, had they not died. Jeremy asks her why she was too worried to tell him, and Elena confesses that she felt weird about it, going her whole life thinking she's her parents biological child, and Jeremy's biological brother. When Jeremy asks her if it bugs her that she isn't, Elena assures him that he is her brother and always will be, no matter what. Jeremy smiles, and Elena uses that opportunity to bring up his vampire paper for Alaric's class. Jeremy mentions that Alaric has been really cool about helping him raise his grades and get extra credit. Elena asks him why he chose vampires, and he blames boredom, or the possibility that he is just as mental unstable as his ancestors were. When Elena tells him that the Gilberts aren't crazy, Jeremy cracks a joke, "Easy for you to say, you're not one." Elena feigns offense and elbows him.

Damon and Stefan arrive at the Founder's Day 150 Year Anniversary Kickoff. Stefan panics and says that he shouldn't be there. Damon tells him to quit being a downer, and that since they are from a Founding Family, and that it is a party for Founding Families, it would be rude to skip. Stefan snarks that he liked Damon much better when he hated everyone, but Damon claims that he still does, but he just loves that they love him. After some laughs, Damon asks Stefan how he's feeling. Stefan gives him in the same "I'm good, I'm fine" as before, and Damon pushes him further. "No cravings? No urges? Is that whiskey you've been drinking all day doing its job?" When Stefan just laughs, Damon says that they can't change who they are. Stefan points out that nothing would make Damon happier than to see him give up, and tells him that he's going to find Elena. Damon gets in a last dig, telling his little brother not to embarrass him. Out of Damon's sight, Stefan grabs a glass of whiskey from a tray, downs it in one gulp, and places the glass on a table before moving on.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lockwood and Tyler are talking with Kelly and Matt Donovan in the Mayor's office in the mansion. Kelly thanks him for reaching out to them, and the Mayor reminds her that Mystic Falls is one big family, and that they have to come together when they lose a member. The Mayor takes their hands and acknowledges Matt. When the Mayor and Tyler leave, Kelly snits that having a dead kid rates a special greeting from the mayor, which offends Matt. Kelly mutters that she needs a drink and leaves, just as Tyler returns with a bottle of vodka. Matt tells him his father will "beat him down" if he catches Tyler, but Tyler just says to let him try. Matt shrugs and drinks from the bottle.

Elena arrives to see Stefan at the bar, drinking. He sets down his drink and waves at her. He asks her how she's doing and kisses her on the cheek. Elena asks him if he's drunk, and he blushes before saying that he knows that it's weird, but that alcohol helps vampires with cravings. Elena jokes that he's the drunk high school at parties that is always sneaking booze, and Stefan agrees that he is totally that guy. When Elena asks how worried she should be, he says not to be worried, and that it's only temporary until the cravings go away. He then explains that she should take advantage of it while it lasts before asking her if she'd like to dance. Elena reminds him that he hates dancing and that she always has to beg, but he retorts that it's only sober Stefan that hates dancing; drunk Stefan need not be begged to dance. Elena points out that the classical music isn't really for dancing, and Stefan swans off to compel the DJ to play some modern music.

Stefan dances with Kelly Donovan while Elena talks to Damon. Damon makes a crack about being in an alternate universe where Stefan is fun, but Elena is worried, and asks if Stefan will be okay. Damon says he will eventually, one way or anything, and then leaves. Elena meets up with Jenna for a moment before Alaric arrives and greets her. He apologizes for being absent, and asks if she'd like to get a drink.

Matt returns to the party and asks Elena if she wants to dance. When she says she doesn't know, Matt says "yes!" and drags her onto the floor.

Damon meets up with Liz Forbes and compliments her on looking gorgeous out of her police uniform. Liz graciously accepts his compliment, and confesses that while she had her doubts about him, he has won her over, just like everyone else on the Council. Damon thanks her and tells her he's happy to be back in Mystic Falls and involved in the community, and admits that it's beginning to feel like home again. Liz cuts to the chase and tells him he's not going to like what she has to say: John Gilbert's claims checked out, and that the blood bank robberies and missing people are true; they may have another vampire problem. Jeremy interrupts their conversation to ask about the investigation into Vicki's death. She bluntly tells him that it was an overdose, but he still doesn't understand why someone would bury her body. Damon is noticeably uncomfortable, and Liz admits that while the investigation is still ongoing, there's nothing more to tell him. Jeremy concedes and moves on.

Stefan approaches Elena on the dance floor and asks her to dance with her "alcoholic vampire boyfriend". He spins her, and she accidentally bumps into a man, who tells her to watch it. Elena apologizes for being clumsy, but the guy tells her to get off the dance floor. Elena's jaw drops, but Stefan grabs his arm and compels him to apologize. The man apologizes reluctantly, and Stefan repeats to apologize like he means it, which he does. Elena tells him it's fine, and Stefan tells him to walk away. Stefan asks if Elena is okay, and she nods.

At the bar, Elena joins Damon. Elena asks him if he's noticed what his brother has been up to. Damon says that he's been too preoccupied with Elena's brother's behavior. Elena just blinks, and Damon informs her that Jeremy has been asking questions about Vicki's death. Elena points out that Jeremy knows it was an overdose, and Damon fills her in on his confusion as to why someone would bury her. "Who would do that? Oh wait, I know! Me! I mean, I could compel him, but he's wearing vervain." Elena states that she does not want him to be compelled again, and Damon points out that if he keeps asking questions, there will be problems. Elena tells him she'll handle it, and Damon plucks a rose out of a vase and hands it to her as he leaves.

Kelly finishes her drink and hides the glass in a plant. Tyler sees her and calls her out on it, but she just shushes him before asking where the bathroom is. Tyler tells her that he'll show her while she grabs his glass out of his hand. She asks if it's soda before taking a sip; she sighs and says "Vodka, thank god!"

On the balcony, John joins Damon and they introduce themselves and make small talk about how long they've each been back in town. John asks him if he knows that the vampire problem is real, and points out that it's just like 1864 all over again, with vampires running amok, and says they'll just have to hunt them all down, throw them in a church, and burn it down again. Damon acknowledges that that is the story, and John clarifies that it's only part of it. When Damon asks if there's more, John explains that there's a lot more, and goes into detail about how the vampires were sealed in the tomb and waiting for someone to set them free, before pointing out that Damon already knew that. Damon looks uncomfortable, so John pushes harder; "I mean, you're the one who did it." Damon asks why he's telling him this, and John just says that he thought they should get the introductions out of the way. Damon reminds him that he could rip his throat out before anyone would notice, but he assumes he's probably taking vervain. John dares him to take a bite to find out, but Damon declares it unworthy of his time. Damon begins to leave, before zooming back, snapping John's neck, and throwing the body off the balcony.

Back inside, Elena confronts Jeremy about his conversation with Sheriff Forbes. Jeremy thinks that it's a cover-up, but Elena reminds him that the coroner's office confirmed it. Elena's face gives her away when Jeremy asks her if she believes them, and when she finally tells him to just drop it, he can tell that she's hiding something. She denies it, and he looks at her suspiciously before leaving.

Kelly and Tyler are drunk and talking outside. They joke that they can't walk, and Kelly laments that Matt will kill her for getting out of control again. Tyler assures her that he won't notice, because Matt is letting himself have fun for once. Kelly says she should be on her best behavior after Vicki's death, but she doesn't want to think about it. Tyler admits that he wasn't good to her, and that he hates that he can't make any of it right. "It's like I don't even deserve to miss her." Kelly tells him he's nice for talking to her, and laments again that she's all alone. They look at each other, and Tyler confesses that he's all alone too. They smile.

Matt and Elena meet up again, and Matt jokes that he never knew how much fun he was missing at Founder's parties, and asks if it's bad that he's enjoying himself. She assures him that it's great, and thanks him for making her dance. She agrees to go out for some air with him as she eyes Stefan drinking more at the bar. Matt asks her if she's seen his mom, and as she's saying no as they walk out. Elena sees Kelly and Tyler making out. Matt rushes up to them and grabs Tyler to ask him what the hell he's doing. Matt yells "MOM!" as Tyler tells him to calm down. Matt punches him in the face, and they begin to fight, pushing Kelly down on the ground in the process. Alaric catches Tyler and asks him what's going on. Elena screams at Matt and Tyler to stop it, as Tyler is brutally hurting Matt. The Mayor arrives and tells Alaric he will take care of it from here. He asks Tyler if he's hurt, and tells him to get cleaned up. Mayor Lockwood tries to deflect the attention back to the party as Elena tries to clean up Matt's face.

Stefan is still drinking when Damon comes back inside and asks if Stefan wants bad news or really bad news. Stefan replies that he doesn't want any news, so Damon rephrases, "Do you want to hear how the Council is back in vampire-mode, or how I just killed Uncle John Gilbert?" Stefan is shocked, but Damon just retorts "Great party!" as he walks away. Before Stefan can catch up to him, he sees Kelly crying and bleeding and approaches her. When Stefan asks her if she's okay, she sobs that she's ruined everything. Stefan kneels down and stares at the blood oozing from Kelly's forehead. He starts to touch it, and Kelly gets weirded out. When Stefan realizes what he's doing, he quickly apologizes, excuses himself and runs outside. He stops and stares at the blood on his fingers, and then licks them clean.

The Mayor thanks everyone for coming and announces that he's invited John Gilbert to ring the official charter bell. Damon is shocked when John joins him up front and rings the bell. Damon joins Alaric and tells him to look at John's right hand. Alaric says the ring looks just like his, and Damon points out that it would be a coincidence if he hadn't just come back to life five minutes ago. When asked, Alaric informs Damon that he got the ring from his wife, Isobel. Damon exposits, "Who gave birth to Elena, under the medical care of the esteemed Dr. Grayson Gilbert, John's brother!" They look at John, and Alaric asks if he thought John knew Isobel. Damon responds that he thinks John knows a lot of things.

Stefan is trying to pull himself together in the parking lot. As he goes to leave, he runs into the man that he compelled earlier, who pushes him and apologizes. He pushes Stefan again, and snarks that he just can't stop saying "I'm sorry." Stefan tries to get him to leave, but the guy keeps pushing, so Stefan puts on his game face, grabs his fist with his hand and squeezes and scares him away.

Meanwhile, back home at the Gilberts', Jeremy sneaks into Elena's room and looks for her diary. He finally finds it behind a painting and starts to read her entries about the strange animal attacks, Damon turning Vicki, Vicki almost killing Jeremy and Elena, and Damon compelling Jeremy to forget everything.

Back at the party, Stefan is crouched over the man, who is on the ground by the curb. Elena thinks she sees Stefan, but he runs off before she could catch him. She sees the man on the ground and runs over to him. He rubs his eyes and drowsily tells her that his arm hurts, because he lost his balance and fell because he's clumsy.

Tyler is alone in his dad's office. The Mayor comes in and tells him to go. Tyler tries to apologize, saying that he didn't know what happened, he had been drinking and lost control. The Mayor forcefully smacks him in the face with the back of his hand, and informs him that this is the last time he embarrasses this family.

At the Donovan house, Matt is packing up Kelly's stuff, and tells her to get out. He can raise himself a lot better than his mom can take care of both of them. Kelly apologizes and promises to do better, but Matt isn't hearing it; he tells her to be out by morning.

Damon and Alaric leave the party behind John Gilbert. John says he hates being the last to leave a party because it's desperate, and asks Damon if he's going to try to kill him again, or if he's going to have Alaric do it. Alaric asks how he knows him, and John just says, "I do. Alaric Saltzman, a high school history teacher with a secret. When Damon points out that he knows a lot for someone who just got to town, John simply replies that his knowledge of Mystic Falls goes far beyond what anyone else knows. He then warns them that if they've planned a "high-speed snatch-ring-vamp-kill move", they should know that he has a fail-safe that will send everything he knows about vampires to the Council, including the tale of the original Salvatore brothers. Damon is shocked and speechless. Alaric asks how he got the ring, and John answers that he inherited one, and his brother Grayson had the other. The ring John is wearing was Grayson's, and the one Alaric is wearing was his that he gave to Isobel, although had he know she'd given it away, he would have kept it.

It is then that John reveals that he sent Isobel to Damon when she wanted to become a vampire, and then asks who he thought did it; Katherine Pierce? When Damon asks him how he knows Katherine, John snarks, "How do I know anything, Damon?" He ignores Damon's question of what he wants, and tells them it's been a pleasure as he walks away.

Before bed, Jenna and Elena groan as they think of the next month of Founder's Day events. Elena checks on Jeremy, who is not very talkative towards her, and she assumes it's because of their fight. When she goes to her room, she finds Stefan sitting on her bed. He apologizes for running off earlier, and tells Elena he isn't okay when she asks. She tells him to talk to her, and he explains that he's tried so hard to keep it together tonight, and it was working until he saw Matt's mom bleeding. He confesses to wanting to feed on the jerk in the parking lot, and even though he didn't, he still wants to. He complains that his head is pounding and he feels like his skin is on fire. He has a hunger that he's never felt before and confesses that while he promised he would never keep anything from her, he doesn't want her to know these things, or see him like this; he doesn't want her to know this side of him exists.

Elena tells him she needs him to talk to him, and promises that he'll get through it, and that she'll help him. Stefan declines out of fear of what he could do to her, but she assures him that she isn't afraid. He tells her that he loves her, and she echoes the sentiment.

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon is sitting on the couch in front of the fire with a glass of blood. He begins to tell him their problems with John, but once he sees Stefan's face, he stops and tells him he doesn't look well. He observes that it's different this time, that the need is too strong—not surprised that it would be after so many decades. He leaves his glass of blood on the table and bids his brother goodnight. Stefan eyes the glass; after a moment, he lunges for it and gulps it down.


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  • Antagonist: John Gilbert.
  • John makes his debut in this episode.
  • John reveals to Damon that he knows that he's a vampire who was turned in 1864, and knows that Katherine was not actually trapped in the tomb, as Damon and many others believed before the tomb was opened.
  • Damon figures out that John is Elena's biological father.
    • However, this would not be confirmed officially by John and Isobel until the episode Isobel.
  • We learn that Stefan is having difficulty controlling his cravings for human blood after feeding on it for the first time in decades in the previous episode.
  • The Founders' Day Kick-Off Party takes place in this episode to begin the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Mystic Falls.
    • This episode also establishes that Mystic Falls was chartered as a town in 1860.
  • This is the only episode of the first season in which Malese Jow (Anna) does not appear since her introduction in Bloodlines.
  • It is revealed that John has his own Gilbert ring after Damon attempts to kill him, only for him to come back to life minutes later.
    • It was also revealed that the Gilbert ring that Alaric was given by Isobel was originally John's, and that the ring John was wearing in this episode belonged to his brother Grayson.


Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 3.15 million viewers in USA, which was 0.33 million less than the previous episode.


Damon: (about the loud music) "Can you turn it up a little bit? It's not getting annoying yet!"
Stefan: (continues exercising) "Sorry."
Damon: "When are you going back to school?"
Stefan: (starts push-ups) "Soon."
(Damon kneels beside him with a glass of blood in his hand that he purposely holds right in front of Stefan's face)
Damon: "Ugh, come on, just drink already. Come on, this self-detox is not natural."
Stefan: (about the glass of blood) "Will you get that away from me, please?"

Damon: "I don't get it. You know you don't have to kill to survive-- that's what blood banks are for! I haven't hunted a human in... God, way too long."
Stefan: "Wow, I'm impressed."

Alaric: "So, how do you deal with it?"
Elena: "What do you mean?"
Alaric: "With all the lies and the secrets. You have to lie to everyone who's important to you."
Elena: "It's not safe for them to know the truth. So, yes, I keep it from them, but it's only because I love them."

Damon: (loudly) "No, Elena I will not go to your bedroom with you. (He flops on Elena's bed in her room) Ahh, just like I remembered it."
Elena: "Stop messing around."
Damon: "Did you know that your uncle has been kicking it with the Founder's Council?"
Elena: (shocked) "What?"
Damon: "Yep."
Elena: "Perfect. We'll just add it to the growing list of how everything's falling apart."

Damon: "The Stefan you know was "Good behavior"-Stefan. "Reign it in"-Stefan. "Fight against his nature to a annoyingly obsessive level"-Stefan. But, if you think that there's not another part to this, then you haven't been paying attention."
Elena: "He's not you, not even close."
Damon: "Well, he doesn't want to be me. But that doesn't mean that deep down, he's not."

Elena: "Are you drunk?"
Stefan: "Umm... Okay, I know it's a little weird, but it's really helping me. Alcohol... it takes the edge off."
Elena: "You're totally that drunk high school guy at parties sneaking booze."
Stefan: "I totally am, yeah."
Elena: "How worried do I need to be?"
Stefan: "Oh no. You don't need to be worried, it's just until the cravings go away. Listen, I think we should enjoy it while it lasts."

John: "Oh, there's a lot more. See, it seems that there was a tomb under the church. The vampires were hidden away, waiting for someone to come along and set them free. But, then, you already knew that, didn't you? Being that you're the one that did it."
Damon: "And you're telling me this why?"
John: "I just thought we'd get the introductions out of the way."
Damon: "Good. Well, you know that I could rip your throat out before anyone would notice."

Damon: "The town's favorite son-- look at his ring."
Alaric: "Well... looks like mine."
Damon: "Yeah, and that'd be a big coincidence if he didn't just come back from the dead five minutes ago. Where the hell did you get that ring?"
Alaric: "Isobel, my wife."
Damon: (laughs) "Who gave birth to Elena... under the medical care of the esteemed Dr. Grayson Gilbert, John's brother."
Alaric: "You think John knew Isobel?"
Damon: "I think John knows a lot of things."

Stefan: "I tried so hard to keep it together tonight, and it was working... it was working. But then Matt's mom... she got hurt and she was bleeding and I had her blood on my hands."
Elena: "And then what happened?"
Stefan: "And then that—- that guy in the parking lot-- I wanted to feed on him and it took everything inside of me not to do it."
Elena: "But, you didn't?"
Stefan: "No, but I wanted to. Elena, my—my head is pounding. And I feel like my... my skin is on... is on fire. I have this hunger inside of me that I've never—- I've never felt before in my entire life. And all I keep thinking about is how I promised that I would never keep anything from you and so I'm telling you this."
Elena: "It's okay. I need you to tell me these things."
Stefan: "But I don't want you to see me like this. I don't want you to know that this side of me exists."



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