I'm much better. I'm still, you know, a little jittery, a little on edge, but I'm going to be OK.
Stefan to Elena

Under Control is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the eighteenth episode of the series overall.


UNCLE JOHN AND HIS DARK SECRETS — While Stefan struggles to control his new situation, Elena and Jeremy are surprised by a visit from their uncle, John Gilbert. Alaric has an awkward talk with Elena about Isobel. At a Founder's Day event, Stefan displays a rare party attitude and Damon's attempt to find out why Uncle John has returned to town takes an ugly turn. An incident at the party causes trouble between Matt and Tyler, and the relationship between Matt and his mother, Kelly, reaches a new low. Meanwhile, Elena's effort to comfort Jeremy falls short and he decides to take matters into his own hands.



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  • Antagonist: John Gilbert.
  • John makes his debut in this episode.
  • John reveals to Damon that he knows that he's a vampire who was turned in 1864, and knows that Katherine was not actually trapped in the tomb, as Damon and many others believed before the tomb was opened.
  • Damon figures out that John is Elena's biological father.
    • However, this would not be confirmed officially by John and Isobel until the episode Isobel.
  • We learn that Stefan is having difficulty controlling his cravings for human blood after feeding on it for the first time in decades in the previous episode.
  • The Founders' Day Kick-Off Party takes place in this episode to begin the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Mystic Falls.
    • This episode also establishes that Mystic Falls was chartered as a town in 1860.
  • This is the only episode of the first season in which Malese Jow (Anna) does not appear since her introduction in Bloodlines.
  • It is revealed that John has his own Gilbert ring after Damon attempts to kill him, only for him to come back to life minutes later.
    • It was also revealed that the Gilbert ring that Alaric was given by Isobel was originally John's, and that the ring John was wearing in this episode belonged to his brother Grayson.


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  • This episode had about 3.15 million viewers in USA, which was 0.33 million less than the previous episode.


Damon: (about the loud music) "Can you turn it up a little bit? It's not getting annoying yet!"
Stefan: (continues exercising) "Sorry."
Damon: "When are you going back to school?"
Stefan: (starts push-ups) "Soon."
(Damon kneels beside him with a glass of blood in his hand that he purposely holds right in front of Stefan's face)
Damon: "Ugh, come on, just drink already. Come on, this self-detox is not natural."
Stefan: (about the glass of blood) "Will you get that away from me, please?"

Damon: "I don't get it. You know you don't have to kill to survive-- that's what blood banks are for! I haven't hunted a human in... God, way too long."
Stefan: "Wow, I'm impressed."

Alaric: "So, how do you deal with it?"
Elena: "What do you mean?"
Alaric: "With all the lies and the secrets. You have to lie to everyone who's important to you."
Elena: "It's not safe for them to know the truth. So, yes, I keep it from them, but it's only because I love them."

Damon: (loudly) "No, Elena I will not go to your bedroom with you. (He flops on Elena's bed in her room) Ahh, just like I remembered it."
Elena: "Stop messing around."
Damon: "Did you know that your uncle has been kicking it with the Founder's Council?"
Elena: (shocked) "What?"
Damon: "Yep."
Elena: "Perfect. We'll just add it to the growing list of how everything's falling apart."

Damon: "The Stefan you know was "Good behavior"-Stefan. "Reign it in"-Stefan. "Fight against his nature to a annoyingly obsessive level"-Stefan. But, if you think that there's not another part to this, then you haven't been paying attention."
Elena: "He's not you, not even close."
Damon: "Well, he doesn't want to be me. But that doesn't mean that deep down, he's not."

Elena: "Are you drunk?"
Stefan: "Umm... Okay, I know it's a little weird, but it's really helping me. Alcohol... it takes the edge off."
Elena: "You're totally that drunk high school guy at parties sneaking booze."
Stefan: "I totally am, yeah."
Elena: "How worried do I need to be?"
Stefan: "Oh no. You don't need to be worried, it's just until the cravings go away. Listen, I think we should enjoy it while it lasts."

John: "Oh, there's a lot more. See, it seems that there was a tomb under the church. The vampires were hidden away, waiting for someone to come along and set them free. But, then, you already knew that, didn't you? Being that you're the one that did it."
Damon: "And you're telling me this why?"
John: "I just thought we'd get the introductions out of the way."
Damon: "Good. Well, you know that I could rip your throat out before anyone would notice."

Damon: "The town's favorite son-- look at his ring."
Alaric: "Well... looks like mine."
Damon: "Yeah, and that'd be a big coincidence if he didn't just come back from the dead five minutes ago. Where the hell did you get that ring?"
Alaric: "Isobel, my wife."
Damon: (laughs) "Who gave birth to Elena... under the medical care of the esteemed Dr. Grayson Gilbert, John's brother."
Alaric: "You think John knew Isobel?"
Damon: "I think John knows a lot of things."

Stefan: "I tried so hard to keep it together tonight, and it was working... it was working. But then Matt's mom... she got hurt and she was bleeding and I had her blood on my hands."
Elena: "And then what happened?"
Stefan: "And then that—- that guy in the parking lot-- I wanted to feed on him and it took everything inside of me not to do it."
Elena: "But, you didn't?"
Stefan: "No, but I wanted to. Elena, my—my head is pounding. And I feel like my... my skin is on... is on fire. I have this hunger inside of me that I've never—- I've never felt before in my entire life. And all I keep thinking about is how I promised that I would never keep anything from you and so I'm telling you this."
Elena: "It's okay. I need you to tell me these things."
Stefan: "But I don't want you to see me like this. I don't want you to know that this side of me exists."



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Last.fm_play.png "1901" – Phoenix
Last.fm_play.png "White Knight" – The Postelles
Last.fm_play.png "Use Your Love" – Katy Perry

Last.fm_play.png "Brick By Boring Brick" – Paramore
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