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    "To oppose us is to oppose the natural order. By choice or by force, the witches of the French Quarter will rise again."
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Some people just want to watch the world burn.
– Penelope Park

Greetings and Welcome to my Profile! I'm a big fan of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Charmed and other supernatural shows, especially if magic is involved. I'm a site admin (promoted May 8th, 2017) and Fandom Councilor (since July 12, 2019) and pretty active on this community, so if you have questions please feel free to ask, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. If I can't answer it, then I will direct you to someone for further assistance. In case you can't tell per my profile I'm a Witch fanatic and a "Witchipedia" guide towards anything TVD , TO, and Legacies. If I don't know it, I'll find it out! You'll find me editing mainly witches, witchcraft, magic powers, and related magical object articles. I've completely revised and continue to update the Spells and Rituals page, thus practically a walking Grimoire towards TVD/TO/LEgacies. Though mentioned later, I'm a huge Bonnie Bennett lover, fan, and actress supporter as well as a Beremy shipper (the only 'ship that I 'ship'). I'm also a huge fan of Kat Graham and her music. Side note, I also love the Scarlet Witch and happy to see her debut on the big screen. Again, Welcome and Happy Editing :)

See my Sandbox where I work through some of the bigger page revisions. My bot: Bennett Witch Bot18

  • See my current and on-going or Future edits:
  • On Going:
    • Character Episode Summaries (Lizzie, Emma and other witch characters - 'slow' going)
    • Pyrokinesis (Expansion and all occurrences)
    • Screencaps for current Legacies episodes and eventually for episodes (TO) that are lacking.
  • On Hold:
    • Comics (Creating and updating, plot etc.,)
    • Summaries for certain Characters and Relationships.
  • Discontinued
    • Transcripts -- when available (Update previous ones with spells; correcting page format; contribute to the new season - Transcripts will cease for Legacies S2 and beyond) -various
  • Past major edits:
    • Spells and Rituals (New spells with new season) Revision and clean up.
    • Witchcraft Merged Spell Casting info on to main page.
    • Projection Merging Astral Projection and Teleportation Pages; revised and updated.
    • Telekinesis (Expansion and all occurrences; formatting, adding images/gifs)
    • Pain Infliction (Expansion and all occurrences; formatting, adding images/gifs)
    • Individual Magic and Power pages (Traditional, Dark, etc.)
    • Individual Magical Practices pages (Sacrificial, etc.,)
Avengers Age of Ultron - Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch

The Vampire Diaries

What is the best spell(s) enacted within the show... well here are the best two!!!

The Vampire Diaries 2x21 - Bonnie takes on Klaus; Elijah and Klaus escape

The Vampire Diaries 2x21 - Bonnie takes on Klaus; Elijah and Klaus escape

Bonnie using the Incantation of the Storm against Klaus!

The Vampire Diaries 8x16 - Bonnie saves Mystic Falls with the help of Bennett witches HD

The Vampire Diaries 8x16 - Bonnie saves Mystic Falls with the help of Bennett witches HD

Bennett Witches together!

My Favorite Characters

Basically any Bennett Witch with a few others here and there. XD

Ah Grams, the beloved matriarch of the Bennett line. How I fell in love with her during her first appearance. It grew when she challenged Damon and then my heart broke when she died. Like Penny Halliwell in Charmed, she is the recurring spirit the guides her granddaughter (when the veil is down) and continues to watch over Bonnie, eventually saving her (after)life.


"Grams isn`t the one who`s haunted by a 150 year old ghost, is she? "

"We both wanna protect the people we care about. This difference is, for you, Damon is one of them. You saw what I was able to do tonight. I know who I am now. And if Damon spills so much as one drop of innocent blood, I`ll take him down — even if I have to take you with him."

"Did your family journals tell you what happened to Emily? What about my Grams? It never ends well for people like me."

"Jeremy, do you think I was born with these powers so I could float feathers and blow out candles?"

"Emily, I know you’re there. Please help me. I love him."

"I went against the balance of nature when I brought Jeremy back to life, and now I`m paying the consequences."

"When you use magic, there's always a price."

"I am not Bonnie. You don't wanna mess with me."

"Witches talk, even on the Other Side. Who do you think makes all the rules?"

"You stay away from this sort of Darkness! This magic is dark, Bonnie. It is not Nature's plan. Touch it again and the Spirits will unleash their anger in ways that will make you suffer.”

"Expression is the manifestation of your will. You could do anything!"

"I found peace, because I made sure that you'll find yours."

"Have you not been listening to me? I have trust issues. I’m controlling, and paranoid, and a little crazy and that's working out just fine.”

“So, call me a woman scorned or a vindictive bitch or whatever label suits your story, but I thought I was his one true love, and he ripped my heart out.”

“I want to shoot fireballs at Silas and drown him in acid.”

“Altering someone’s lifespan is what started this whole mess in the first place. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not saving your life.”

"As I pass through you, you’ll feel my death. You’ll feel every death. Every supernatural being that passes over to the Other Side will pass through you. Sorry. That’s gonna hurt like a bitch.”

Nature keeps a balance to everything. -Emily Bennett to Stefan Salvatore

You should have told me another witch was involved. She's a Bennett witch, Katherine. But I'm sure you knew that. -Lucy to Katherine in Masquerade

Bonnie: How do I know you? When I gave you the stone, how did I know I could trust you? Lucy: That feeling you got, you ever felt it before? Bonnie: Being around family. My grams. Lucy: My mother is Johanna, first cousin twice removed from Pauline, niece of Sheila aka... Bonnie: Grams? We are related? Lucy: Yeah, we kind of are. It's nice to meet you Bonnie. Seeing you tonight was a wakeup call for me. I got to stop letting vampires control me. So thank you for that.

"This magic you speak of breeds consequence. This is the making of a plague, Esther. The Spirits will turn on you." -Ayana to Esther in Ordinary People

"Hmm. My mother was glad to receive your letter announcing the bell's completion. But not as glad as I was to decipher the information you had so cleverly hidden within. Your courage will save us all."

"The bell has been corrupted. The twelfth ring will bring hellfire. No! The bell has been corrupted! It will destroy us all! We must stop it! Stand as one! Chant with me! Phasmatos motus incendiarios!"

"Averte oculos tuos a quo exitus. Hunc exitus ab auribos."

"No! We cannot allow the devil to walk the Earth. Motus!"

- What Are You?

"For one-thousand years, I’ve been forced to watch you. Felt the pain of every victim. Suffered, while you shed blood. Even you, Elijah, with your claim to nobility, you’re no different. All of you. You’re a plague on this earth."

"I love my family, Elena, but they are an abomination. I betrayed nature when I created them. It's my duty to kill them."

"I could think of no better allies than the woman who sent Mikael into his long sleep and the girl who fought Niklaus so bravely. You are the descendants of the witch Ayana. She was a great mentor of mine, and I think it's only fitting that I draw from her bloodline. I draw from the entirety of the Bennett bloodline, living and dead. The connection affords me great power, although it is somewhat difficult to maintain, which is why I require you, mother and daughter, the bloodline made manifest. Tonight, my sisters, we shall bring peace to the spirits of nature that we serve, and for that, I thank you."

"A thousand years ago, I was one of the greatest witches that had ever lived. Now I've returned!"

My Favorite Couple: Beremy

Tumblr lh8wh0KXoS1qcxvf0o1 500

"Wait, you’re Elena’s little brother. I’ve known you forever. You’re that punk kid. I remember your awkward phase, and then your emo phase, your druggie phase. Overnight you turned into this hot guy who’s really sweet …"

"I died, Jer. I died the day before graduation and the rest of this has been a gift and I choose to be thankful that I didn't waste a second of it. So, take care of Elena....I love you."

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My Favorite Originals Characters

My Favorite Couple: Klaus and Genevieve

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