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Name Theodor
Year of birth May 1994
Current location Romania
Languages English, French, Romanian
TV Shows
The Vampire Diaries, Heroes, Nikita, Prison Break, Chuck, Californication

About me

My name is Theodor and I am a huge Vampire Diaries fan. The whole vampire concept seems fascinating to me, and the vampires in this series are the most realistic, as copared to Twilight, Dracula or True Blood where the vampires shine in the sun and run away from garlic, which I think is a bit to fantasy like...

I am also huge on editing wikis because they offer limitless potential and are as a matter of fact very expresive. I simply love working at the Vampire Diaries Wiki and I will keep up the good work!

My contributions

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Family Series is a complex series of articles depicting the most important families in the series. I plan on making it huge, but now I am working on the family trees so I will try to post one family every day.


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