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  • I live in England, United Kingdom
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am an idiot
  • Bio Possibly writing trash over at TVD Wiki.
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Name Luke
Favourite Subjects
Urban Studies and Planning
Birth October 30th
Current location England
Languages English, French[1]
TV Shows
Legacies, Supernatural, Charmed, Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Elite, The 100, Grace and Frankie, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, Good Girls, Lost in Space
Power is fleeting. It can be taken away with the stroke of a pen or the blade of an axe.

I'm a bureaucrat/sysop[2] here at The Vampire Diaries, Originals and Legacies Wiki. I was made an admin sometime during late 2012, and I have been trying my hardest each day to keep the wiki up to date and free of spam and vandalism. The Originals is by far my favourite show, and I'm fascinated by the origins and complexities of the Mikaelson Family — you may find me frequenting articles surrounding their mythology the most.

Globally, I am also a councilor and member of @fandom global Discussions moderation team and Content team. This means that I help across a variety of communities to keep discussions clean and running smoothly. I also ensure that articles are up to date with the best and most recent news. I mostly edit articles that need help. Given my commitments across the Fandom network however, I am less active here as previously.

I try to check in every couple of days, so if you need help, whether it being; with a block, vandalism, spam or just a general enquiry contact me on my message wall, or see me on Discord. Alternate, you can email me. I try to respond as soon as possible, but if your query is urgent, please ping me or speak with another member of the administrator — if your query relates to something across the Fandom network, or you believe a user is behaving obscenely, please contact staff through the above link. I also oversee the wiki's twitter account, feel free to tweet us anytime @TVD_Wiki.

The Mikaelsons.

  1. I took French for three years. I suppose if you communicate using colours and numbers then, I could probably talk to you in french, if not, your kinda out of luck.
  2. I've been an administrator for 8 years 5 months 18 days and a bureaucrat for 4 years 3 months 29 days

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