my favorite tvd music:

Favorite Promos

Questions/Things I wanna see:


did the malivore creatures ever interact with the old characters?

how can the merge be stopped?-through a spell or another being

what happened to elijah?

who killed the genie and the necromancer?-unsure

who created the merge curse and how do they know it will kill them?

why did the necromancer collect sphinx and pothos?

why his zombie wont fight the monsters

how can landon remember hope?-unsure

what is the prophecy?-There are two prisoners. One is the master of his cage. The other returns home without power. The sins of the father are visited upon the daughters here. And not here. New hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow. The wolf among you has many faces. When time fractures darkness overwhelms. But the greatest destroyer of all is love.“

who does the sphinix work for?-unsure

why is malivore not sending out more monsters

what is wrong with hope and landon

why did the siblings keep finn in the box and what did freya see in klaus head?

things I wanna see:

antagonists become better people, possibly redeemed

fight scenes

more crossovers

more heretics(possibly), immortals(?), augustines(?), sirens(no), hunters(?), siphoners(?), originals(possibly), immortal witches(?), hybrids(possibly), werewolves, witches, vampires(kols, rebekahs, marcels) and visually new species

new powers?-backwards time travel?, super memory?, bulletproof body?, elasticity/shrinkage, pure shapeshifting, cloning(not doppleganger), mind control anything

certain characters brought back/the characters and items aren't destroyed-mixed feelings?

things i dont wanna see:

plot holes

characters destroying things

other things


kai is trapped in the prison world, possibly the only way to get out is through siphoning and aurora is trapped in her coffin until freya dies

keelin is wearing a moon ring

hope can use her witch powers and possibly werewolf powers

the hell bell can only be activated by a donovan, 

witches can only take in so much power before they disinigrate

vamps and wolves have strength, speed, senses, durability, healing, immortality(vampires), and witches have all the other powers

witches are responsible for everything supernatural

witches evolved from cade

cade created the sirens, over 2000 years ago

qetsiyah created the immortality potion for her and silas, but only amara and silas took it

the werewolves were created 1500 years ago by the hollow

dahlia and freya made the spell for semi immortality over 1000 years ago

the vampire species dates back to over 1000 years ago

qetsiyah or her descendent created the brotherhood of the five

nature created the dopplegangers

supernatural people cannot come back without the other side, otherwise they will go to peace or back to hell

a mikaelson witch is needed for the creation/undoing of the originals

status of remaining creatures: either hope or marcel(may or may not be a beast anymore) is the most powerful creatures left, then rebekah and kol and freya then the wolves, then the new orleans witches(can only channel from the earth), then the vampires(presumably exist from klaus's and rebekahs)

declan is in charge of the human faction in new orleans the magic items in MF around the time of season 5 were stripped of it

only dimensions left are peace, oblivion, and prison world, possibly another ancestral well exists from tundes homeland

all the werewolf packs merged into one(presumably)

hope can turn from a wolf back into a witch within a few minutes

elena is the only physical doppleganger left

presumably the beings that got sent into peace/oblivion are silas, markos, katherine, cade, sybil, seline, kelly, and the characters of seasons 6-8, 2-5

any dead supernatural character from seasons 1 to 5 of tvd and season 1 of TO could still be alive-vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids and possibly other creatures hope cant control her wolf form only esther can undo the vampirism curse vampires do not turn into originals with age

the other side cannot return

alternatives to plot holes


super strength/flight-

super speed/teleportation-

super senses/telepathy-

super agility-

super durability-

super healing-

super memory-


weather control/telekinesis/disease infliction-

shapeshifting/height and weight control-


wall crawling-


xray vision/phasing-

mind control/posession-



time travel/prophecies-

objects/dimensions-get rid of the other side and ancestral well/replace them with storylines of world domination instead

forgetting things-

status of characters:

the ancestors, joe, the guerrera brothers, mary alice and astrid, nandi and her ancestor, phoenix stone vampires, julians vamps?, luciens vamps?, klaus's bloodline, tristan, some of elijah, finn , rebekah and kols line, cult of silas(only told to be gone), gemini coven, the travellers?, the five?, the armory members?, augustine society, sybil and seline, charlotte, malivores children, tomas, alistair, tomb vamps

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