Hi guys, welcome to my FIRST BLOGPOST at tvdwikia. Today I ranked all the tvd-seasons from 1-6. Hope you'll enjoy it and agree with me- otherwise you can argue me if you want to!

6. Season 5:

I really don't know why I putted this season at the last spot. It was an amazing season but I think they all are, so I needed to pick one for they least. 

Everything good about this season: Delena finally had a relationship in this season, It was funny to see Katherine as a human who fought against the aging process and it had a heartbreaking finale! And don't forget about KLAROLINE:)

Everything bad about this season: The augustine-thing was awful to watch and I was like: Ew, they cutted his eye out? I mean vampires, okay but eye-cutting: EW! And Katherine was a great character and I hate that they letted her die. Also, I didn't want Damon and Bonnie to die even though the last Delena scene was heartbreaking... 

5. Season 1:

Alright, a lot of people will disagree with me but this is MY opinion...

Everything good about this season: I was instantly addicted!!!! I mean, I couldn't stop watching and I'm pretty critical so... They introduced the characters very well and they had an amazing cliffhanger. The miss mystic falls episode was amazing and so are they all. 

Everything bad about this season: Well, I really wished the Datherine kiss scene was a delena kiss scene, but that's only for delena shippers.. And I think Stelena fell in love too soon, even for a stelena shipper as I was back than. I mean it only took them like two episodes or something, and according to me every couple needs a build-up. Also Caroline and matt were a big mistake I HATED them as a couple! Also I wanted Anna to be longer in TVD. 

4. Season 2: Okay seriously BooSeeksCow??? I think everybody else LOVES s1&2 more than every other season so everybody hates me now.... Don't forget the fact that I LOVE them too! 

Everything good: Katherine, klaus, rose, Delena kiss scene. 

Everything bad: Well, if I need to be honest I can't remember much bad or good things, I think this is a season I remember the least of from TVD. And that's actually the most important bad thing.

3. Season 6: 

Everything good: It was heartbreaking to see Elena erases her memories but I loved it when she and damon found out about it. I loved the last dance and seeing everybody says goodbye to elena was so heartbreaking... Jo&Alaric are the only alaric-ship I ever had so.. And Kai was a great character but unfortunately he ruined himself for "killing" elena! And don't forget about the amazing rain kiss!

Everything bad: it took Elena way too long to get her memories back and the worst thing about this season was that Elena died!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Season 3: 

Everything good: I loved the originals finally coming to TVD and all the 1920 flashbacks. Stefan losing his humanity was a bad but also a good thing, Delena motel scene was great and I loved to see the ghosts including Anna & Vicki. AND OF COURSE ELENA TURNING INTO A VAMPIRE, FINALLY! Also this was the main point of the love triangle: seasons 1-2 were obviously Stelena, 4 (most of it),5,6 & 8 Delena.

1. Season 4:

Everything good: All the Delena fans probably love this season, I mean so many honorable moments. I loved the love triangle between Klaus, caroline and Tyler and the developement of Elena's vampire existance. 

Everything bad: The originals moving away, of course. And it took to long for us to realize Delena had nothing to do with the sirebond. The sirebond was one of the worst things. And the cure was boring. 

Well, this was my list! Bye!

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