I've spent years torturing myself, asking myself why my father sacrificed himself for me. To get to this point where, I mean, I totally understand it. And I don't want you to have to go through that pain, Dr. Saltzman you've been through enough. And I don't want anyone at school to miss me, because they're my friends. Maybe I would have seen that sooner if I hadn't been beating myself up all this time.
— Hope to Alaric in There's Always a Loophole

Hope is strong and brave and doesn't hesitate to save those she loves or those who need it. I like the fact that she tries to be better, to keep the promise she made to her father. Even if in case of disappointment she can quickly become vengeful but admits later to have acted wrong. I also like the fact that she's open her heart to Landon and agree to be friends with classmates. The only thing I didn't like is when she lied to Landon about his mother, even though it was supposedly to protect him she didn't have to decide what Landon had the right to know or not. It seems even a little hypocritical to have lied to Landon when at first she was angry with him when he lied about the knife.

My name's not Hope Marshall. It's Hope Mikaelson. I'm Klaus and Hayley's daughter. And I know you don't remember this, but, um... you're the closest thing I have to a father now. And the entire world has forgotten that I exist, and the boy I love has moved on, so I have absolutely no idea what to do next.
— Hope to Alaric in This Year Will Be Different

Hope proves once again to be a person with a big heart since even though she has several times had the opportunity to tell everyone who she is, she didn't do it because she didn't want to destroy the happiness of her friends. On the other hand even if I respect and admire her choices I think that her complex of martyr can really become annoying. To sacrifice oneself for the people we love is a noble act but she must also take the time to reflect on the consequence of sacrifice, which she doesn't always seem to do.


Hope : But with a father and a grandfather like mine, I'm probably not immune to those issues myself. I don't take it lightly and I would never make fun of you for it.

Lizzie : I believe you.

— Hope and Lizzie in There's a Mummy on Main Street
  • Nickname : Hizzie
  • First Met : since childhood (in 2019)
  • Status : Friend (Former Frenemies)

Their friendship seems true, they trust each other and help each other, it's as if the years spent as a rival had never existed. Both are afraid of losing the people they love but act differently (Hope isolating herself, Lizzie grabbing attention). Also, both offer each other what they need (Hope needs a friend who would be able to understand her and Lizzie needs a friend who wouldn't be her twin).

If you need me to help you smite the she-devil, I got you, girl.
— Hope to Josie in We're Gonna Need A Spotlight
  • Nickname : Hosie
  • First Met : since childhood (in 2019)
  • Status : Friend (distant for a decade, Josie secretly had a crush for Hope)

Even during the ten years they were distant they were not enemies on the contrary Hope often defended Josie. Hope wasn't angry when she knew that Josie was responsible for the fire that destroyed her stuff (including the only painting she made with her father, it means that Hope forgives Josie very quickly for creating a lot of problems, unlike Roman or Landon, where she took a longer time before granting forgiveness). They seems to have quickly become a good friends and they always worry about each other. But when Josie was cold with Lizzie she seemed jealous of the friendship between Hope and her sister and no longer seemed to want to be friends with Hope. It was understood that their relationship could possibly someday become more than friendship.

Oh, here we go. The whole "I'm tired of being in Lizzie's shadow" speech? Well, guess what. Codependency takes two people. Yes, I'm awful and needy, but deep down, you're happy to hide and let me be the one that they hate because you're too scared to be yourself. You are as much a part of this cycle as I am.
— Lizzie to Josie in I’ll Tell You a Story
  • Nickname : Jizzie or Losie
  • First Met : at birth
  • Status : twin sisters very close

They are close and always there for each other but they are in a codependency relationship which makes their relationship toxic. Both are afraid of losing each other's love then they act to always have it (Lizzie taking Josie's full attention and Josie willingly put herself in the shadows so as not to upset her sister) but they must learn to stay close while having their own lives, that even if sometimes they do things without each other it doesn't mean they will lose the love of the other. Their relationship dynamics must change if they really want to be happy because for now they seem close only thanks to their codependency.

You know, for weeks, I have been hoping that you would give me one reason to stay. Instead, you gave me a thousand reasons to go.
— Penelope to Josie in Let's Just Finish the Dance
  • Nickname : Posie
  • First Met : unknown (seem to know each other for a long time)
  • Status : ex-girlfriends (but are still in love)

We don't know anything about how their relationship was but it was confirmed that Penelope broke up because she could no longer stand to see Josie sacrifice herself for Lizzie and didn't spend any time on her relationship. Because of that Josie saw Penelope as "the devil" but in fact Penelope always took care of Josie. Before leaving, Penelope to confess to Josie his love but Josie didn't say anything even if it was clear that she didn't want Penelope to leave, because even though Josie loves Penelope, she doesn't want to give to their couple a second chance and therefore preferred not to answer anything.

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