Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. As we have studied philosophy in class, we have continuously learned about ethical dilemma and the different ethics that exist.  

Vampire Diaries is a show based on seven main characters contrasting the lives between witches, vampires and human beings. The ethics in this show comes from  unwavering ethical conviction from continuous switching of allegiances—romantic, family, political, etc. The motif of this show characterizes the love triangle between Stefan, Damon, and Elena. When the series first began she was trying to find happiness after her father and mother died in a car crash. As Stefan, a vampire, came into her life, he strived to fix all the problems of his past by loving Elena, while Damon, also a vampire, strived to do the same thing: make Elena happy. This love Stefan has for Elena continues in season 2 and 3 until he turns his “humanity off” and becomes the “ripper”. While this is occurring, Elena falls in love with Damon creating the complete love triangle between two brothers and one girl. When Stefan  turns his humanity back on, he has to deal with the guilt of the innocent people he has killed. This is considered an ethical dilemma due to the fact he has created problems between his relationship with Elena. Elena loves Stefan and does throughout the rest of the show but she hates him for what he has done.

As the show continues, Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) begins as an obnoxious, cheerleader. She is a snobby blonde cheerleader who shows no remorse on anything she does until, of course, she turns into a vampire. Caroline Forbes shows ethical virtue as she shows moral character through her actions. As her character grows, she turns from a mean girl to a caring friend, who gives nothing but honesty. Caroline shows honesty through the things she tells her friends such as if what they are doing is wrong. Her ethical virtue is also shown in her struggle to find peace from transforming from a human to a vampire. However, she often finds herself in the position of holding the moral grounds, rejecting people when they have done wrong and re-accepting them once they have addressed their mistake and attempted to fix them.

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) is one of the first vampire girls that is brought up in Vampires Diaries. Katherine Pierce’s other name in the show is Katerina Petrova. Katerina Petrova, born in Bulgaria, was disowned by her family in 1940 for having a child, which at the time, was forbidden. Throughout the episodes she is in, she shows strong determination which helps her always get what she wants. Katherine does everything in her power to get what she wants and is relentless until she does. Her ego has complete control over her as she has always been considered a mean, bossy vampire. Katherine always has to feel as if she is one step ahead of everyone else. She always has to be in control of the situations that involves her, showing how she could be considered an ethical egoist.

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