I am reaching out to fans of some of my favorite horror television series. I absolutely love with the Vampire Diaries, and dig the Originals too. I am also in the process of writing my own horror series based largely on shapeshifters. I am not at liberty to disclose the details of this yet, but would love to hear from fans of the genre. While these questions may seem a bit - well - basic, they may also be very helpful to me as a writer and creator. 

1) What traits or characteristics connect you the most to a main character?  Think Stefan Salvator - is it his charm, good looks, sensitive side, even though he is a Vampire. What about Damon - he's the guy everyone loves to hate and hates to love? What draws you to him - is it the find line he walks between good and evil?

2) How important are  curses or prophecies? Obviously, the story would tank without these elements, but are there things about them that can come off contrived? Unbelievable? 

3) How important is it to stick to one genre, or do you also like mixing things up. Think Vampire Diaries, meets Stranger Things, meets Supergirl? Would folks be interested in something like this?

4) Diversity - this issue is very important to me personally. Everything from ethnic/cultural diversity to gender identity. What kind of characters have been traditionally missing from shows you have watched and what kind of characters wuold you like to see? 

I look forward to hearing feedback from anyone who's open and willing to share. 

Thanks, Joe 

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