• Samcarter34

    Part 1: Where the fuck is Elijah and who is this fuckboy?

    Sometimes It's genuinely hard for me to remember that the Mikaelsons on TO aren't the Originals on TVD. Their characterizations are completely different. I've talked about NIklaus, Esther and Mikael before. Now I'm going to talk about Elijah.

    Ready? Because this is going to blow your mind...Elijah isn't a Niklaus sicophant. He's not obsessed with Niklaus' redemption, hell for most of his life, the idea of it was laughable.

    Doesn't that just fly in the face of everything TO is trying to put forward as narrative?

    Now, let's begin with the false notion that Niklaus is the most important person in Elijah's life, to the detriment of his other siblings.

    To begin with, we look to season 2, when…

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  • Samcarter34

    So, a while ago someone asked why people hate Hayley, and I just went on a rant. This is really just a copy of it so that I have a link I can just copy and past everytime someone else asks that (which is happening more often then I'd have thought)

    She's a Mary Sue.

    She was introduced on TVD as a villain, she spent months befriending the hybrids, promising them that they could be free, and she sent them all to their deaths for a flashdrive about dead people (which in turns makes her statement to Elijah about living for the living sheer hypocrisy). And it's never brought up again, the writers just chose to ignore it, which in turn makes Hayley out be a psychopath.

    If you want a condensed version of everything wrong with her character, look to R…

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