Part 1: Where the fuck is Elijah and who is this fuckboy?

Sometimes It's genuinely hard for me to remember that the Mikaelsons on TO aren't the Originals on TVD. Their characterizations are completely different. I've talked about NIklaus, Esther and Mikael before. Now I'm going to talk about Elijah.

Ready? Because this is going to blow your mind...Elijah isn't a Niklaus sicophant. He's not obsessed with Niklaus' redemption, hell for most of his life, the idea of it was laughable.

Doesn't that just fly in the face of everything TO is trying to put forward as narrative?

Now, let's begin with the false notion that Niklaus is the most important person in Elijah's life, to the detriment of his other siblings.

To begin with, we look to season 2, when Elijah first appeared. The mysterious Original, with an even more mysterious purpose. Originally, it was presumed that he was working for this boogeyman figure 'Klaus', however, we later find out that not only is he not, he wants to murder the other Original. Why? Because Niklaus killed his siblings and dumped their bodies into the ocean. That to Elijah was unforgivable, and he was going to do it. Bonnie had reduced to NIklaus to something killable, and Elijah had his fist in his treacherous little brother's chest. Only the realization that Niklaus had lied and his siblings were safe saved Niklaus from dying that night.

Then we jump to season 3, where Elijah has been freed by Damon under the assumption that Elijah will turn on Niklaus for dagger him. An assumption that of course, proves correct. But not before we see two very important scenes. The first is when Niklaus proclaims Mikael's death, and Elijah's immediate reaction is to ask why their siblings remain daggered. This right here explains everything we needed to know about the daggering. Elijah hated it, but there was the assumption that it would end at some point, with Mikael's death, which was indeed Niklaus' original intent. Second is when Niklaus reinsterts the dagger into Kol. Elijah is pissed. He hates the fact that Kol's being daggered and he can't do anything to stop it. Until he can, and the moment Elijah has the ability to free his siblings, he does so.

All of them. Rebekah. Kol. Finn. Elijah makes no excuses for keeping one of them locked up, no reasoning not to. After all this time he can finally free his family and he does not hesitate. Furthermore, he makes it very clear he knows exactly who to blame. "I'm learning not to trust your vulgar promises Niklaus," Is what he says. No reference to Mikael or Esther, nor sob story. It's just 'NIklaus you did this, I'm ending it, prepare to hurt.' 

And then he decides to leave Niklaus behind. Him, Rebekah, Kol, Finn, they were all going to leave. They were going to find the coffin containing the mysterious weapon and use it as leverage against their tyrannical brother if he dared to cross them. Elijah had no qualms about this, he didn't even so much as speak up when Rebekah announced her intent to murder Elena and leave Niklaus without even his hybrids to fall back on. It was only the return of their mother that stayed their hand. She came back, and they all thought that perhaps they could have a chance, truly wipe the slate clean.

Except Elijah didn't believe it. His exact words were that he found it difficult to believe Esther could forgive Niklaus "After all he's done to destory this family." No reference to Mikael, no sob story about Niklaus losing his way. Again, Niklaus did this, Elijah acknowledges it, and is surprised that the logical consequences did not follow. 

Until they did. Esther didn't return to give a new beginning to them, but to bring about their end. Their own mother condemned them as monsters, monsters that had to die. And then, at the end of the episode, Elijah said the words that should have formed the bedrock of TO "Mother made us vampires, but she didn't make us monsters. We did that to ourselves."

That applies to all of them. They made themselves what they are, not Mikael, not Esther. Them. 

Then we saw Elijah at the end of season 3, where he made a deal: Hand over the coffin containing Niklaus' dessicated body, and the Originals will scatter to the corners of the Earth. Alaric will follow after them, but he'll never catch them. Elena can grow old and die a natural death, and Niklaus will not be released until generations later, when the Gilbert named is lost to time. Elijah intended to keep Niklaus dessicated for at least a century, more than likely more. 

Hell, even in season 4, the season where the actual Originals started getting destroyed in favour of their TO counterparts, Elijah still showed up long enough to deny the cure to Niklaus.

Why? Because Niklaus is not and has never been Elijah's priority. Elijah's top priority has always been and will always be the family as a whole. When Niklaus screwed up and got himself trapped or hexed or whatever, Elijah had no problem with leaving up laying the bed he made, not if it meant the safety of the family as a whole. That's why he was able to convince himself not to rip Niklaus apart centuries ago when his siblings got daggered, because he was convinced that it was for the safety of the family as a whole.

There wa none of this 'redemption' bullshit, or obsession with Niklaus. He took on the role of protector to his siblings, and that's what he dedicated himself to. That was his nobility. Elijah is a vampire, a thousand year old vampire. The worldview he has is completely alien to us, what consitutes good and evil. The only time that was ever really questioned was when Esther called him out on it. 

That is Elijah, and that's why fuckboy is a gigantic insult to the character, because he is everything Elijah wasn't. Elijah was content to leave one in a bad way to save all, fuckboy will leave all to suffer in favour of this isane and inane 'redemption' idea. Elijah was cold, lethal and efficient. Fuckboy is a dumbass. Elijah was attracted to sentiments of nobility that he himself strived to, fuckboy has only physical attraction to someone who has none of those qualities.

So, quite simply. Elijah isn't on TO, Elijah's never been on TO, it's always been fuckboy. A horrible misinterpretting of what was a great character.

Part 2: Marcel the victim

KillerKev once asked a question, something to the effect of 'can't Marcel ever win.' And the answer is, quite simply; no.

He can't, he never will. Marcel is, in the eyes of the narrative, completely worthless.

Think about it, the entire premise of this show is that somehow miracle baby will redeem Niklaus. That he will change because of his child. This, which flies in the face of all facts that horrible people do not become better because a baby gets thrown into the mix, is the entire point of the show. One that it has never been able to go beyond. However, there was one great flaw in that plan; they'd already created a child for Niklaus. The nameless slave that eventually became Marcel Gerard. How then could they possible say that Hope could change Niklaus for the better when he already had a child and it did nothing for him? The answer they chose? Undermine and undervalue Marcel. We've seen it since the beginning. He was never treated like someone raised by the Mikaelsons for over a hundred years. Hell, even his relationship with Rebekah just screams of separation. They develop romantic feelings because there are no familial ones. 

Because Marcel wasn't good enough, he didn't change Niklaus, and because of that, the narrative will forever punish him for it. We've known it for seasons, but finally, they just plain spelled it out.

Marcel: Come to gloat?

[Fuckboy]: Five years ago I was forced to make a decision. Take your life, or lose everything.

Marcel: Yeah, I know. I was there.

[Fuckboy]: Niklaus was faced with a similar decision today, and here you are.

Marcel: And here I am. Excuse me if I don’t express my gratitude.

[Fuckboy]: He’s changing. 

Marcel: Oh really? He put me in the same place that I kept him. That’s revenge. So, same old Klaus. 

[Fuckboy]: Well, I would say that he would describe this as strategy. But you and I, we both know he’s always regarded you as something of a son. So did I once upon a time. In fact, I used to believe that you were the key to my brother’s redemption. 

Marcel: Redemption? He’s never gonna change, not even for his own daughter.

[Fuckboy]: Oh, he already has. She has changed him. You Marcellus, you are not needed, welcomed, or wanted. You have only been spared purely because you are my brother’s greatest weakness. And I cannot show mercy towards anyone who would demonstrate threat towards this family. And if indeed you should prevent the redemption, of the cruel, the wicked, the vindictive Niklaus Mikaelson, I promise you, I will deliver another kind of nightmare.

Look at that statement, that final, horrible, disgusting paragraph. Hope changed him, he's becoming 'better' for her, and Marcel's not wanted because he failed to change Niklaus. That might as well have been Narducci standing there, finally giving text to the subtext that's been there from the beginning. Marcel is a failure as a child because Niklaus remained an awful person. Because in TO, it the duty of the children to 'redeem' their parents. Esther said it in season 2, and now hear we are again.

They needed to make Hope the grand deus ex machina Mary Sue, and to that end. They decided that Marcel didn't count. He wasn't a real child, so he didn't succeed. Because he didn't succeed, he's worthless. 

Truly a wonderful message for anyone involved in adoption, parent or child, hmm? And there's also the fact that the black child's treated like an outsider despite all his successes while the white child is treated like a godamned Messiah just for existing.

You know what? I want Niklaus to become horrible. To be even worse than he was. He has a child now, one who will question his authority. Let him murder, pillage and burn. Let fuckboy bear witness to the reality that Elijah already knows: They are each their architects of their own monstrosity, and no child will ever change that. Let fuckboy's entire ambition burn to the fucking ground.


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