This article is about Valerie LaMarche, a character from Season Four. You may be looking for Valerie Tulle, a character from Season Six & Season Seven.
Money won't cut it here, pretty one. Dark magic draws power from dark places. Casting the spell you need requires the sacrifice of twelve human souls.
Valerie LaMarche to Damon Salvatore in We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (flashback)

Valerie LaMarche was a dark witch, Nandi's mother, and the former owner of a shop called Nandi's Specials in New Orleans.

Early History


Valerie and Damon at her shop in 1942

Valerie lived in New Orleans during World War II in a herb shop with her daughter Nandi on Bourbon Street. She was visited by Damon Salvatore, who wanted her help in breaking his sire bond to Charlotte. She told him she could do it, but only if he killed twelve humans to fuel the spell. Despite the fact that he did as she asked, it was revealed in 2010 that it did not work, as Charlotte remained sired to Damon even despite his extended absence. Nandi implied her mother likely used Damon to gain access to a branch of magic even more malevolent than Dark Magic called Expression, which required a sacrifice of twelve human souls. She died at some point after the 1940's, and her daughter Nandi took ownership of the herbal remedy shop in her mother's place.


Valerie was very refined, polite, and professional when it came to what she wanted, but she also had motives that could be described as sinister. She showed no remorse when she suggested that a customer sacrifice twelve humans to fulfill her ambitions. However, Valerie seemed to have loved her daughter, Nandi, and even named the store she owned after her. Nandi, on the other hand, was ashamed of her mother's behavior and did her best to be the opposite of her by only providing simple herbal remedies at the shop after Valerie's death.

Physical Appearance

Valerie had short, wavy, light brown hair and almond brown eyes. She was of medium height and was very beautiful, though she had a very mischievous look about her.

Powers and Abilities

Valerie possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch, though she was knowledgeable in Dark Magic and Expression.


Valerie possessed all the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


Season Four


  • Valerie is a form of Valentina or Valeria, and is also used as an independent name. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning is "To be healthy, strong, valiant".
  • LaMarche originated in the region of Lorraine in France and is derived from the Old French word "marche", meaning "market". Presumably, someone who had to bear this surname would have lived or worked in such a place, which is ironic as Valerie worked in a herb shop on Bourbon Street.


  • Because Valerie was based in New Orleans, it is possible that she is with the Ancestors, as the New Orleans witches consecrate their dead.
    • This can be proven true as it is revealed that all nine covens in New Orleans consecrate their dead and practice Ancestral Magic.


  1. In There in the Disappearing Light, Vincent states that the Ancestors, once freed, will know Peace.

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