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Stefan's car 3 years from now

You can take my town, you can destroy my house, but you will not touch my car!
Stefan about his car in Age of Innocence

This page contains vehicles used in episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.


2008 Steel Blue Metallic Ford Escape

Elena's SUV was first seen in the episode Friday Night Bites. In Lost Girls she took Stefan to visit the old Salvatore Estate. Elena later wrecks it in The Turning Point where Damon pulls her from the wreckage. After the wreck, Elena uses Jenna's Car for the remainder of season 2, but she now has her SUV back, as seen in season 3. 

2013 Porsche Cayenne S

In the episode American Gothic, the car Elena steals along with Rebekah is a 2013 Porsche Cayenne S.


1963 Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe

Stefan's car is a red 1963 Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe. It was first seen in There Goes the Neighborhood, where Stefan tells Matt that it's been passed through the family, though he probably bought it when it was made or took it from a victim. It has yet to make a cameo in season 4.

T-100 Triumph

Stefan's T-100 Triumph motorcycle was first seen at the beginning of the episode The Rager, when Stefan is working on it in front of the Salvatore Boarding House. It is not clear if Stefan already had the motorcycle in his possession or if he had recently purchased it. However, Stefan does mention that he will be using it to help Elena have some fun since her transition had been difficult. In Dead Man on Campus, it is revealed that Damon bought the motorcycle for Stefan, and he said that it probably cost Damon a lot of money.


1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible

Damon's car is a basic 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible. It was first seen in Friday Night Bites when Damon drops Caroline off at cheerleading practice. In For Whom The Bell Tolls, Damon appears to have stolen a late 60's Ford Mustang, which he crashes to jog Stefan's memory. The car is destroyed in Home, when Damon crashes into the Mystic Grill to kill the Travelers, with him and Elena in it. Other than Damon, Elena was the only other person seen driving his car. Between Home and Black Hole Sun Stefan rebuilt the car and in Christmas Through Your Eyes he made it a gift to Damon as belated Merry Christmas/Welcome back to life present.


2007 Blue Toyota Prius

Only seen in the Pilot. Katerina Graham also drives the same type of car in real life.

2006 White Toyota Prius

In all other episode's, Bonnie's Prius is white. Bonnie gets a newer Prius's as the show goes on.


2006 Dodge Charger

In Let The Right One In, she was shown driving the Charger when she's stranded in the woods during a storm, shortly before finding Vicki's body.

2011 Ford Fiesta

Later, in season 2, Caroline was seen driving a 2011 Ford Fiesta.


1981 Dodge Ram

It was first seen in Lost Girls, parked outside the Gilbert House, and in The Turning Point and Unpleasantville when Caroline and Matt have their first kiss on the street.

1981 Chevrolet C20 Fleetside

In season 3, Matt is seen driving a 1981 Chevrolet K20. In The Departed it was driven off the side of the wickery bridge.

2012 Ford F-150

Matt was given a 2012 Ford F-150 XLT quad cab from Rebekah after felling guilty for running him off Wickery Bridge in The Departed and totaling his 1981 Chevrolet C20 Fleetside. Rebekah gifts the truck to Matt in The Five by bringing him the keys to the truck while he is working at the Mystic Grill. He is still angry with her for killing Elena, and rebuffs her generosity, but it appears that he later accepts the gift. It makes another appearance in My Brother’s Keeper while unloading kegs, and again in Stand By Me, when he takes Elena to the stoner pit, and when he drops Bonnie off at her house. The color of the truck is known as 'blue jean.'


1971 Buick GS

Tyler's Car is a vintage 1971 Buick GS. It's first and only appearance is in Haunted when Vicki attacks Tyler but is apprehended by the Salvatore's, where Damon erases Tyler's memory of the attack.


2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

Alaric's vehicle is a white 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. It was first seen in Bad Moon Rising, when he, Damon and Elena were going to look thorough some of Isobel's research at Duke University. Alaric was known to keep slayer weapons in his Tahoe. Alaric's vehicle was set ablaze by Vicki Donovan in Smells Like Teen Spirit .


Mini Cooper S Cabrio

Jenna Sommers Mini Cooper S Cabrio belonged to Jenna throughout season 1 and 2. When Elena wrecks her Ford Escape, Jenna lets Elena drive the Mini Cooper.



2005 Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

The Aston Martin was seen in season 2, at the end of Kill or Be Killed, when she met with Mason to get the moonstone.

Porsche Panamera

In season 3, Katherine was driving a Porsche Panamera during The Reckoning, and the end of Homecoming (interior only).

Grayson and Miranda Gilbert

Volvo S Series

Grayson and Miranda's car was a Volvo S Series sedan. It was seen in The Departed in a flashback sequence, and later in the same episode in flashback at the bottom of the river.

Mayor Richard Lockwood

1998 Ford Crown Victoria

Mayor Richard's Car is a '98 Ford Crown Victoria. In Founder's Day he lends it to his son so he could take Matt and Caroline home before the Gilbert Device was activated. Although Tyler's werewolf aspect was dormant at this point, he still reacted to the device, losing control of the car and crashing.

Mason Lockwood

1982 Ford Bronco XLT

Mason's 1982 Ford Bronco XLT is seen in season 2. In The Return he came to Mystic Falls after the death of his brother, Mayor Richard Lockwood. Damon later killed Mason, put his dead body in the Bronco, and pushed it to the bottom of a ravine.

Logan Fell

2006 Ford Explorer

Logan Fell's SUV is a 2006 Ford Explorer. It was first seen in The Turning Point when Logan tried unsuccessfully to kidnap Caroline and was apprehended by Stefan and Damon. Shortly afterwards, Logan was killed by Alaric Saltzman.


2007 Lincoln Navigator

It was first seen in The End of the Affair, and also later in Before Sunset. It is thought to be the same vehicle Maddox was seen driving in season 2.


Klaus was seen using a M2 Business Class Freightliner in Disturbing Behavior. He had been using this vehicle to cart around the coffins containing his family.

Range Rover Sport Autobiography

He is seen in The Originals with one.

Jeep Cherokee SRT

He has lent Camille his Jeep to protect Hope.


2010 Lincoln MKZ

Elijah's car is a 2010 Lincoln MKZ. It was first seen in All My Children when he takes Elena to the Woods under false pretenses in order to capture her as bait for the Salvatore brothers. 

Since his return in Season 4, it appears he is driving a black Mercedes-Benz C (or E) class. The details are unclear as of yet.

Porsche Panamera S

In Behind the Black Horizon, Elijah and Finn are seen in Elijah's Porsche while they're going to Mystic Falls.

Jaguar F-type

He also has a Jaguar F-type which was seen in Season 5 when reading Hayley's letters.


1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

Jules drives a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser. It was first seen when Jules comes to Mystic Falls searching for information on the whereabouts of her friend and fellow werewolf, Mason Lockwood, in the episode By the Light of the Moon.

Marcel Gerard

BMW i8

Marcel Gerard was seen with his BMW i8. He used it to find Alaric in Season 4 with Elijah.


2011 Gen3 Ford Expedition

Trevor's SUV is a 2011 Gen3 Ford Expedition. It was only seen at the beginning of Rose, when he met with Elena's kidnapper.


2010 Ford Taurus

Kidnapper's Car is a 2010 Ford Taurus. It was only seen at the beginning of Rose, when he met with Trevor. This is the only appearance of the car.


2013 Ford Mustang GT

Hayley's car is a 2013 Ford Mustang GT. It was seen for the first and only time in the episode The Originals, when Hayley searches for her family and the witches kidnapped her.

Peter Maxwell


It was seen in An Eternity of Misery.

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