Vincent: I'm gonna be a daddy?

Eva: Yes. Oh, you're going to be a great dad.

Eva to Vincent about their child in Haunter of Ruins

Vincent Griffith and Eva Sinclair's Unborn Child was an unborn fetus that was mentioned in Haunter of Ruins.

This child was a member of the Griffith Family and Sinclair Family.

Early History

Eva returns to the home she shared with her husband, Vincent, to inform him that she had been to the French Quarter to visit Sophie Deveraux (a witch with the special ability to sense pregnancies) and that she was told that she was expecting their child.Vincent seems excited at becoming a father, but afraid for the future of their child, Eva refuses for it to be raised in New Orleans due to Marcel Gerard's tyranny and the danger it posed to the witches, but Vincent (wanting the child to be raised in the city so it is not disconnected from its magical heritage) pleads with her to give him time to find a way to end Marcel's reign of terror, so their child would be able to practice Magic freely, like it had been in the old days.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Four

In Haunter of Ruins, Vincent reveals the story of his child to Marcel and what ultimately started Eva on the path to darkness.


Season Four


  • Given that the child was conceived by two witch parents, and Vincent also stating that it would be part of his bloodline, and have magic in its bones, it is safe to assume that the child was a witch though untapped.
  • This is the third unborn child in the TVD/TO universe, being preceded by Freya's unborn son and Stefan's unborn child.


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