LIZZIE: Previously on Legacies...
HOPE: My name is Hope Mikaelson. I'm a hybrid of three different creatures. A tribrid.
ALARIC: We are a school for the supernatural.
LIZZIE: Welcome to the Salvatore School.
JOSIE: I'm Josie.
LIZZIE: I'm Lizzie.
JOSIE: Sisters.
PENELOPE: Lizzie's nemesis Dana liking you? That's the puzzle piece you need to crack Lizzie's candy shell.
LIZZIE: I'll forgive you if you promise not to keep secrets.
JOSIE: I promise.
HOPE: Landon was inside the walls of this school because of me. He had access to the knife he stole because of me.
DORIAN: She's a dragon. To take down a dragon, all you need is a buttload of courage and a sword.
HOPE: Tenebris anima vestra contundito mortem. Et conderet spiritum...
ALARIC: This is a death spell. We don't allow black magic! It gets inside your heart and it poisons your mind.
HOPE: Where are they?
ALARIC: They're gone.
LANDON: I lied to protect myself, but in doing so, I hurt you. For that, I will be forever sorry.
ALARIC: You know, I opened this school to protect these kids. How am I supposed to protect them from stuff that's not supposed to exist?

Flashback: France, 14th Century

[Two cloaked men are walking through a forest in France late at night, holding lit torches so they can see where they're going. They soon approach a large stone altar on which the knife Landon stole from the Salvatore School is laying. The men pull back their hoods so they can get a better look at the blade before one of them begins speaking in Gaulish]

MAN 1: And you wanted to turn back.

[The second man senses something and taps the first man's arm]

MAN 2: Wait.

[The men raise their torches to get a better look at something in the nearby bushes. It's a gargoyle, just like the one seen at the Salvatore School in the previous episode, that is clutching a sword blade-down]

MAN 2: The Guardian. We must leave this place at once.

[The first man scoffs as though he believes his comrade is being dramatic]

MAN 1: Fairy tales for children.
MAN 2: [anxiously] As was the knife!

[The first man raises his hand in a gesture to stop their arguing as he gets closer to the altar. Before the man can even think about touching the knife, they are startled by the sound of wings flapping overhead. They turn back toward the bushes and are alarmed to find that the gargoyle is no longer standing there]

MAN 2: He has awoken!

[The second man, feeling vindicated about being right, turns to run away, only to find that the gargoyle has appeared behind him. The gargoyle stabs the second man in the stomach before yanking the sword out of his abdomen and slashing him across the chest several times. The first man stands and watches in horror as his comrade falls dead to the ground. When the gargoyle turns toward him, he reveals himself to be a witch when he summons fire in each hand and combines them to launch a fireball at the creature]

MAN 1: Ignarious. Ignarious!

[Despite the large amount of fire the witch produced, the gargoyle was completely unaffected, simply walking through the fire as though it were ordinary air. Out of options, the man falls to his knees to plead with the gargoyle]

MAN 1: Mercy! I beg you! Mercy!

[The gargoyle ignores his pleas and raises his sword before killing the man in one blow. Afterward, the creature roars loudly at the sky]


Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric's Office)

[It is late at night, and Alaric is seated at his desk, staring at the mysterious knife and a large book that is sitting in front of it. He looks exhausted as he turns the page, only to be stunned to find an detailed sketch of the knife inscribed on the next page, surrounded by tiny print. Alaric cannot help but sigh as he identifies the language and realizes he has his work cut out for him]

ALARIC: Gaulish. Why does it always have to be Gaulish?

[The branches of the bushes under the office's window begin to rustle behind him, and Alaric turns his head to the side to try to discern the source of the noise. Unfortunately, the quiet growling of the creature looking in on him seems to be too soft for Alaric to hear it, and Alaric goes back to his research]

Salvatore Boarding School (Classroom)

[It is the next morning, and Dorian is teaching a spell casting class to the upper-level witches. All of the students are sitting in a circle, where they begin to hold the hands of those next to them. Josie, Lizzie, and Hope are among the students in this class]

DORIAN: All right, gather together.

[Dorian walks outside of the circle as he instructs them on a group assignment]

DORIAN: Chain spells are about the fluid movement of energy from witch to witch.

[Dorian is suddenly distracted when he realizes someone is missing]

DORIAN: Where's Penelope Park?

[Lizzie smirks before making a snarky comment]

LIZZIE: Um, lady cramps, Mr. Williams.

[Dorian, recognizing Lizzie's mean-girl behavior, rolls his eyes and moves on]

DORIAN: Sorry I asked. A disharmonious group makes for an uneven flow.

[The students laugh at his unintentional pun, much to his annoyance]

DORIAN: Okay...

[Before Dorian can go further in his lecture, a piece of parchment materializes above their heads and falls into his hands. Josie sees the cursive script on the page and realizes it's a summons to her father's office]

JOSIE: Uh-oh. Who's in trouble with the headmaster?

[Hope, who has been unamused by the twins' antics thus far, rolls her eyes sarcastically and gives Lizzie a look]

HOPE: Probably the people who started a rumble with the local high school.

[Dorian opens the note and reads it aloud]

DORIAN: Lizzie Saltzman, Josie Saltzman...

[Dorian turns to look Hope in the eyes, indicating she, too, is wanted for a meeting with Alaric]

DORIAN: And baby makes three. Off you go.

[Hope, Josie, and Lizzie share confused and concerned looks before getting up to leave]

Salvatore Boarding School (Library)

[The girls have joined Alaric in the library, where they're following him around the large room, watching him collect relevant books off the shelves while they demand answers for what he's just told them. It is obvious by their words and body language that none of them are happy about what they're being forced to do]

LIZZIE: This makes no sense, Dad. Why are we being punished?

[Alaric gives Lizzie an exasperated look as though he thinks the answer is obvious]

ALARIC: Because you started a brawl at a charity football game that risked exposing what we really do here!
LIZZIE: [pouting] Well, you weren't mad last night.
ALARIC: I was mad last night! My undying love for my daughters just happened to trump my rage.

[Alaric walks down the steps to one of the study tables and sets the books down before turning to face his daughters and student]

ALARIC: I volunteered everyone in the game, so stop complaining. You're lucky that it's just community service and not actual jail time.
LIZZIE: Can I at least offer a rebuttal in my defense, if it pleases the court?

[Alaric rolls his eyes and gestures toward her to go ahead and defend herself]

LIZZIE: First of all, I was provoked-- my response was totally proportional considering the levels of abuse that I was forced to endure.

[Hope can't help but chuckle, which only proves to make Lizzie more upset]

LIZZIE: And secondly...

[Lizzie hesitates anxiously before finally blurting out what she's really thinking]

LIZZIE: If anyone should take the blame, it's Josie.

[Josie, clearly not expecting this remark, gives Lizzie a betrayed and offended look]

JOSIE: What?

[Lizzie, seeing how much this hurt Josie, immediately starts to backpedal]

LIZZIE: I'm sorry. I totally cracked during cross, but if you had just let Kaleb catch the ball--

[Josie scoffs incredulously]

JOSIE: Yeah, okay--

[Alaric's expression is stern as he redirects their conversation back to their punishment]

ALARIC: You'd still be in trouble--

[Hope, amused by the scene unfolding in front of her, interjects before he can continue]

HOPE: But nice job throwing your sister under the bus!

[Josie is touched by Hope's unexpected argument in her defense and gives her an affectionate and grateful look]

JOSIE: Thank you, Hope.

[Lizzie, now feeling like everyone is turned against her, glares at Josie, who begins a silent argument through facial expressions (with Lizzie upset that Josie was on Hope's proverbial "side" while Josie seemingly believes that Lizzie's alienation of her is what drove her to Hope in the first place). After a moment, Alaric once again tries to get to the point of their argument]

ALARIC: Speaking of, the bus leaves in ten minutes, and I expect all three of you on it, working together today, harmoniously and without drama. End of debate.
HOPE: [scoffing] I wasn't even at the game. Why am I being punished?

[It becomes obvious that Alaric is not ready to tell his daughters what happened with Landon, Rafael, and the dragon the previous day. Instead, he keeps a blank expression on his face as he stares her in the eyes]

ALARIC: You know what you did.

[This evasive answer only makes Lizzie and Josie more curious as to what happened, forcing Alaric to shoo them all away before they can start asking any more questions]

ALARIC: All right, now go. All of you.

[Alaric claps his hands loudly to emphasize his point as he herds his daughters out of the room]

ALARIC: Come on.

[Josie and Lizzie groan as they storm out of the library, but Hope stays put where she is and waits until the twins are gone before arguing]

HOPE: Seriously?

[Alaric's tense tone of voice makes it clear that the debate is over]

ALARIC: What part of what I said needs translating?
HOPE: I want to help you with research.

[Alaric rolls his eyes and looks away]

ALARIC: Dorian has a master's degree in library science. I think the adults have it covered.

[Hope glares at Alaric as she walks toward him]

HOPE: That's not fair. You only play by "grown-up rules" when you don't need something from me.

[Alaric looks Hope in the eyes to emphasize why he's doing this]

ALARIC: I am spinning right now, Hope. And I can't drag you or anyone else any further into this until I figure out what's going on, okay? So, right now, I need you to be a kid--

[Hope scoffs and rolls her eyes, but Alaric ignores her and keeps talking]

ALARIC: --Keeping a dragon-sized secret today until I get some answers.

[Hope continues to glare at Alaric, who gives her a stern look]

ALARIC: Understood?

[Hope smiles fakely at him but is clearly still upset by his punishment]

Mystic Falls Town Square

[The students being punished for their behavior at the game the previous day are in the process of getting off of the Salvatore School bus when Lizzie, trailing behind Hope, takes the opportunity to poke at her in hopes of getting information]

LIZZIE: So, what did you do? My dad never gets mad at you. You're the prodigal daughter. Must have been juicy.

[Hope, just trying to get through the day without incident, evades her line of questioning]

HOPE: Sorry. No time for girl talk. Public service awaits.

[The students gather around Dorian, who will be supervising their community service]

DORIAN: All right, listen up! It's a beautiful day. You got options-- litter, weeds, graffiti! Your choice.

[Dorian holds a tool to pick up litter in offering toward Kaleb, who looks at it and Dorian as though he's lost his mind, though he does take it to get Dorian off his back. He waits until Dorian has walked away before he joins the others]

KALEB: It's bad enough we get punished while the humans get a pass, but there ain't no way in hell I'm picking up their garbage.

[Kaleb holds the tool out to Lizzie, who immediately scoffs and holds up her hands in rejection]

LIZZIE: Uh, I don't do trash either.

[Hope's voice is heard behind Kaleb as she walks toward them]

HOPE: I love trash...

[Hope takes the tool and uses it as an excuse to get away from them]

HOPE: ...As of this moment.

[Hope turns and walks away, but not before Lizzie can make a snarky comment]

LIZZIE: Perf. It suits you.

[Lizzie turns to face Josie, who is unimpressed by her attitude]

LIZZIE: Looks like we're scrubbing paint today.
JOSIE: Dad told us to work together, okay? Harmoniously.
LIZZIE: Yeah, and he also said without drama, and I am feeling a rage attack coming on, so I will be remaining drama-free over by that wall of graffiti. Are you coming or not?

[Josie, unable to tolerate Lizzie's behavior today, narrows her eyes and responds in a sarcastic tone of voice]

JOSIE: I don't know, Lizzie-- is there another bus you want to throw me under?

[Hope watches the twins argue with interest as Josie walks away from Lizzie toward Hope, making it clear she intends to work with her instead. Lizzie is visibly offended by Josie's choice and makes it known to all in their presence that she's hurt by it]

LIZZIE: Fine, Daddy's girls.

[Lizzie looks around at the rest of the students]

LIZZIE: Anyone else?

[Kaleb smirks and walks away as the others split up to deal with their respective tasks. Josie and Hope grab trash bags to pick up the litter as MG looks back and forth between Josie and Lizzie as though he can't decide whether to join his good friend or his crush. Lizzie, annoyed, makes the decision for him]

LIZZIE: Get the lead out, MG.

[Not wanting to add to the drama unfolding in front of them, MG follows Lizzie to help clean up the graffiti]

Woods Off Route 29

[Landon and Rafael are in the woods somewhere near Route 29, where they're seated around a self-made campfire, roasting a rabbit in the flames. Landon looks at their dinner in amusement]

LANDON: Uh, I think it's done.

[Rafael gingerly reaches out and touches the roasted rabbit to see if it is cooked enough before groaning in revulsion and ripping off a small piece of meat]

RAFAEL: Oh... Next time, we gotta catch, like, a deer or something. You know, more meaty, less... rabbity.
LANDON: [laughs] It's food, man. I'm good.

[Rafael hands the stick to Landon, who grimaces as he rips off his own piece. He looks over at Rafael, who smiles at him, causing Landon's expression to change into one of gratitude]

LANDON: Thanks for sticking with me.

[Rafael smiles at his foster brother affectionately and shrugs]

RAFAEL: Nowhere else I'd rather be, bro.

[This comment seems to make Landon feel guilty for allowing Rafael to come with him]

LANDON: I don't know... That school was good for you.
RAFAEL: Lan, you run, I run. Period.

[Landon nods in understanding and holds up his small piece of rabbit, leading Rafael, who looks uneasy, to do the same as though they're toasting with a drink. They both begin to groan as they reluctantly take bites of their dinner, and Landon decides to change the subject]

LANDON: She hates me, doesn't she?
RAFAEL: Hope? Probably. You want to explain why you kept lying to her? Why you lied to me?
LANDON: That's the problem-- I can't. Every time I try to put it into words, all I can say is...

[Landon takes a deep breath before he speaks, and his tone of voice implies that he believes what he is about to say is as ridiculous as Rafael will think it is]

LANDON: ...Its like the knife wanted me to steal it. And then it wanted me to lie.
RAFAEL: Knives don't have conscious thoughts, brother.
LANDON: I know, but knives don't usually attract dragons, either.

[Rafael, not knowing what happened any more than Landon does, sighs and sits back against the log he's using as a makeshift chair]

RAFAEL: Um, well, what's done is done. It's not like you're ever gonna see her again anyway...

[When Landon's smile falls, Rafael realizes what he's said and tries to cheer him back up]

RAFAEL : Hey, hey. It's just the two of us. Living off the land. Nothing better.
LANDON: A burger. A burger would be better.
RAFAEL: A burger would be better...

[They both laugh for as Landon stares into the fire, suddenly thinking of something to improve their current situation]

LANDON: Hey, I got an idea to make some money-- put your new werewolf skills to work. You in?

[Rafael's eyes narrow in confusion before he shrugs in agreement]

Mystic Falls Town Square

[MG, Kaleb, and Lizzie are standing in front of a shop in the town square whose windows have been covered in spray-painted graffiti that says "SALVATORE IS 4 LOOSERS" in purple print. MG is using a cleaning brush and soapy water in an effort to wash the paint off while Kaleb and Lizzie watch him. After a moment, Lizzie sighs and speaks up in an impatient voice]

LIZZIE: Come on MG, any slower and you're be going in reverse.
MG: Look, I'm doing the best I can without vamping in public.

[Kaleb scoffs at him condescendingly]

KALEB: That's just plain pitiful, bruh.

[Lizzie gives Kaleb an annoyed look and calls him out on his inaction]

LIZZIE: Well, at least he's trying. I don't see you pitching in.

[Kaleb sits on a nearby stool and rolls his eyes]

KALEB: 'Cause this whole thing's whack. What, we get punished for wanting to win a game fair and square?

[MG looks at him as though the answer is obvious]

MG: It wasn't fair. We're supernatural, they're human.

[Kaleb scoffs again before making his argument]

KALEB: And Lebron's maybe the best player ever. Should he quit scoring because no one on the court can check him?

[Lizzie's expression seems to suggest that she doesn't necessarily agree with Kaleb on this point as he continues]

KALEB: We're faster, we're stronger...

[Kaleb chuckles before deciding to just come out and say what is really on his mind]

KALEB: We're better. And we ain't got nothing to apologize for.

[MG and Lizzie share a silent look as Kaleb emphasizes his point]

KALEB: Nothing.

[Just then, Connor, Dana, and a few more of their friends from Mystic Falls High School approach them. Connor is holding a milkshake in his hands and has a smug grin on his face]

CONNOR: Hypothetical question...

[Lizzie, trying to keep her anger in check, turns and walks away from them as Kaleb rolls his eyes and sighs before muttering under his breath]

KALEB: Great...

[Connor, satisfied to know he's already hit a nerve, continues to taunt them]

CONNOR: How bad would it suck if whoever did this graffiti just came back tonight and put it right back up again?

[Dana coos to back up his bullying]

DANA: Hmm?

[Lizzie, wanting to shut this down quickly, throws a snarky comment right back]

LIZZIE: Well, whoever it is, I hope he improves his spelling.

[Lizzie glances over at the window where the word "LOSERS" was spelled "LOOSERS." Kaleb chuckles in amusement, which causes the Mystic Falls kids' smiles to fall. Dana, looking for another way to get a shot at Lizzie, looks around before setting her focus on MG]


[MG looks surprised by pleased by her attention]

MG: Dana, what's good?

[Dana smiles happily, and Lizzie's jaw drops, clearly offended by MG's affection toward her enemy]

LIZZIE: Uh, he's busy, Dana.
DANA: Um, he can speak for himself, Saltzman.

[MG, no doubt remembering what Penelope told him about their "long-con" for MG to win over Lizzie, takes the opportunity to make her more jealous]

MG: You know what, I was just getting ready to grab a break.
DANA: Mmm.

[Before Lizzie can even process what is happening, Connor rapidly rips the top off of his cup and throws the contents at Lizzie. The strawberry milkshake gets all over her neck, chest, and shirt, and she gasps as it hits her]


[He fake-gasps as though it was just an unfortunate accident rather than an intentional prank]

CONNOR: That's my bad. My bad.
DANA: Haha, oh...

[Connor, Dana, and the others all start to snicker at Lizzie, who is only becoming more enraged by the second]

Salvatore Boarding School (Garden)

[Lizzie has somehow gotten back to the school, where the younger students are in the garden, tending to the various herbs and plants. One of the children, a boy named Pedro, watches Lizzie storm toward the school itself and looks concerned]

PEDRO: Lizzie, you, uh...

[Pedro's sentence trails off when he sees how much rage is in her expression, and Lizzie immediately retorts]

LIZZIE: Choose your next words carefully, Pedro.

[Lizzie marches past him, and Pedro watches in shock and concern. As Lizzie rushes up the staircase to the main building, she passes the gargoyle from the previous episode, who has moved to the garden from the front yard and whose eyes glow bright red as he turns his head toward her]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric's Office)

[Alaric is sitting at his desk, using a large gold magnifying glass to examine an illustration in the old Gaulish tome that looks suspiciously similar to the gargoyle that was just shown on-screen]

[After a moment, Alaric sets down the magnifying glass, picking up a Granny Smith apple sitting next to it on his desk and taking a bite out of it before. He then turns to stare at the supernatural knife, which is resting in a glass tank full of clear liquid. After a moment, he hears a knock on the door and wastes no time trying to send the visitor away in favor of continuing his research]

ALARIC: Now's not a good time...

[The door opens, revealing the visitor to be Emma, who gives him a knowing look as she walks toward his desk]

EMMA: When I was brought on, I was told that counseling was mandatory for everyone at school... by you.
ALARIC: I've got things to do. I'm gonna have to, uh, rain-check therapy.

[Emma nods and hums in a way that indicates that she doesn't believe his excuses for skipping out on counseling]


[As her eyes sweep around the room, she notices the knife sitting in the tank and changes the subject]

EMMA: Is that the knife the dragon was chasing?

[Alaric gives her a questioning look, clearly not expecting Emma to have known about that. Emma returns his look with a slightly mocking expression]

EMMA: Dorian never misses his appointments.

[Alaric opens his mouth but hesitates before he speaks, not wanting to return to the topic of his need for advice and not wanting to tell more people than are necessary about what he's studying. After a moment of internal debate, Alaric decides to answer the question honestly]

ALARIC: [sighing] Yes. And, if my translations are correct, whoever wields it has the power to save the world...

[Emma's eyes move from the knife toward Alaric with interest]

ALARIC: ...Or end all life as we know it.

[Alaric chuckles anxiously]

ALARIC: It's hard to say-- fourth-century Gaulish is tricky.

[Emma gives him an exasperated look]

EMMA: Well, in that case, stop cleaning it and destroy the damn thing.
ALARIC: Hmm...

[Alaric picks up what looks like a pale green bath bomb and drops it into the tank. It starts to fizz as it makes contact with the water but does nothing whatsoever to the knife]

ALARIC: Hydrochloric acid. I've tried explosives, an acetylene torch, a circular saw... I've even run over it with my truck! And, according to legend, it's indestructible... And I'm starting to agree.

[Emma, overwhelmed by this information, circles the conversation back to counseling and gives him a knowing look]

EMMA: So, in addition to father, teacher, mentor, you've also added linguist, slayer of mythical creatures, and demolitions expert to your resume? That's a lot to take on-- especially all by yourself.
ALARIC: [sighs] When I say I'm fine, I'm--

[Alaric is suddenly cut off by the arrival of his daughter Lizzie, who marches into the office with an expression of pure rage, still covered in the milkshake Connor threw at her]

LIZZIE: --A jerk!

[Lizzie slams the door to the office behind her, and Alaric, alarmed, stands to his feet to greet her]

LIZZIE: You are a total jerk!

[Alaric is distracted from her mood by the sight of her covered in milkshake and frowns in confusion]

ALARIC: What happened to you?
LIZZIE: A Neanderthal from Mystic Falls High assaulted me with a milkshake. This stupid girl Dana was being--

[Lizzie, overwhelmed with anger, stops herself mid-sentence and takes a deep breath to try to calm herself down. When she speaks again, she sounds as though she is moments from beginning to cry]

LIZZIE: You know what? I can't even talk about it. But now Hope and Josie are all sisters in solidarity, but... as I was walking home, I did the work and dug deep and realized...

[Lizzie turns to face Emma and gestures toward Alaric with her hands]

LIZZIE: ...That this is all his fault.

[The expression on Alaric's face makes it obvious that this was not the ending to the story he was expecting as he replies in an offended tone of voice]

ALARIC: How is this my fault?
LIZZIE: Because if you had just been at that game instead of running around with Hope, then everything would've gone differently. And it is not fair that she gets to know secrets that your own daughters don't.

[Emma glances between Lizzie and Alaric and shrugs at the latter]

EMMA: She has a point...
ALARIC: [exasperatedly] Not helping!

[Lizzie, now in tears, stares her father in the eyes]

LIZZIE: I am not going back there.

[Alaric, trying to deescalate the situation, nods in an appeasing manner]

ALARIC: Okay, that's fine. Um, why don't you go help the primary school kids out in the garden?

[Lizzie glares at her father for a moment before she turns back toward Emma and retorts in an exhausted tone of voice]

LIZZIE: At least now you know why I am so screwed up.

[Lizzie turns on her heel and flees from the office, slamming the door once again on her way out. Emma looks over at Alaric, who smiles fakely as though to say "See what I have to deal with?"]

Salvatore Boarding School (Garden)

[Lizzie has just thrown herself down on one of the stone seats in the garden and sighs as she looks up at the sky. Pedro sees her and wanders over to talk to her]

PEDRO: Aren't you supposed to help?

[Lizzie sighs exhaustedly and sits up to look at him]

LIZZIE: Consider this a life lesson, Pedro. People disappoint.

[A sound like stones grinding together can be heard behind Lizzie, and Pedro's eyes widen in fear]

PEDRO: ...That statue just moved.

[Lizzie turns around to find the gargoyle behind a bush a couple yards away from her, holding its sword by the grip with the end of the blade pointed down at the base. Lizzie rolls her eyes and gets back to talking about her current dilemma]

LIZZIE: Good one. I mean, I deserve to know what's happening just as much as Hope! I'm his freaking daughter!

[The noise is heard once more, and Pedro continues to look alarmed]

PEDRO: It's doing it again!

[Lizzie turns around and looks back at the gargoyle, who is no longer standing behind the bush-- it has moved half the distance from which it was just located and is now within feet of Lizzie, who frowns but is otherwise unconcerned]

LIZZIE: We're being punked, Pedro. The sixth grade witches are learning illusion spells this semester.

[The sound of grinding stone is now accompanied by a low growl and several loud thumping noises as Pedro tries to get Lizzie to pay attention]

PEDRO: It's.... It's... It's...

[Lizzie sighs and rolls her eyes]

LIZZIE: Let me guess... it's right behind me?

[Lizzie turns around to prove herself right, only to be shocked to find that the gargoyle has disappeared entirely. Pedro looks around and is startled to find that the statue is now standing behind him. Suddenly, the gargoyle's eyes open to reveal glowing red irises as it bares its teeth at the young boy]

PEDRO: Lizzie!

[Lizzie turns back toward the younger student and is horrified to find the gargoyle taking large, jerky steps towards them with its sword pointed in their direction. Lizzie grabs Pedro by the hand and pulls him away from the creature as fast as she can]

LIZZIE: Pedro! Run!

[The gargoyle chases the two as they make their way toward the entrance to the school, with Lizzie running protectively behind Pedro in case the gargoyle attacks]

LIZZIE: Get inside, Pedro!

[Lizzie and Pedro finally make it inside the entrance hall, where they stop to catch their breath. Lizzie kneels so she's down on Pedro's level and holds out both of her hands]

LIZZIE: I need you to give me your hand.

[Pedro does as he's told, and Lizzie's hands begin to glow red as she siphons some magic from him. Once she's gotten what she needs, she instructs him to go get help]

LIZZIE: Now, go find my dad. Go!

[The gargoyle stomps through the doors, snarling and growling menacingly as Pedro rushes away. Lizzie, looking nervous, takes several deep breaths to center herself as she prepares to do whatever she can to defend against the creature. The gargoyle spreads its wings out and shrieks loudly as Lizzie holds her arms wide open and casts a spell]

LIZZIE: Imperium monstrum!

[Lizzie curls her arms in a circular motion as though she's giving an invisible person a hug, only for the gargoyle to raise a clawed hand and lunge at her, causing her to scream in terror]


Salvatore Boarding School (Entrance Hall)

[Lizzie is laying unconscious on the floor of the entrance hall when Alaric rushes into the room and calls out to her]

ALARIC: Lizzie?

[Lizzie's eyes fly open, but she can do nothing more than whimper in fear, unable to do so much as open her mouth to speak. When her father sees her, he wastes no time running to her side to see what is wrong]

ALARIC: Oh, my God, Lizzie!

[Terrified, Alaric starts to whisper under his breath as he assesses her]

ALARIC: Watch out! Lizzie, baby, come here... Oh, what happened? What happened? Can you...?

[When Lizzie is unable to give him any information about what has just occurred, Alaric starts to look around for someone else to explain for her]

ALARIC: She isn't moving. Why-why isn't she moving?

[Pedro, who got Alaric to the entrance hall as Lizzie asked, looks just as terrified as Lizzie does]

PEDRO: The statue hurt her.

[Alaric looks back down at Lizzie and suddenly realizes that the front of her shirt has been slashed open. He gently pulls the torn scraps of fabric away to reveal that she has three long, deep claw gashes across her abdomen, which seem to be turning gray and stone-like in appearance]

Salvatore Boarding School / Mystic Falls Town Square

[Emma has gathered with Pedro and some of the other younger students around Lizzie's body to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Alaric has stepped into the adjacent hall in order to call Dorian, who is reading at one of the tables outside of the Mystic Grill, for assistance. When Dorian answers the phone, Alaric doesn't beat around the bush]

ALARIC: Tell me what you know about gargoyles.

[Dorian frowns incredulously]

DORIAN: Did you say gargoyles?

[Alaric, realizing that Dorian is not very learned in this particular legendary creature, gives him instructions on where to start]

ALARIC: Okay, uh, search Medieval French folklore. Look for The Legend of the Gargoyle Petrotho. If I'm right, I think he's poisoned Lizzie with some sort of actual grayscale. She's paralyzed. What if it spreads to her heart?

[Though Alaric can't see it, Dorian looks just as concerned as his mentor is and nods in agreement]

DORIAN: I'm on it.

[Alaric and Dorian hang up their respective phones. Alaric looks over at Lizzie, who is still being tended to by some of the younger witches]

Mystic Falls Town Square

[Hope and Josie are in the park, where they are using spiked tools to pick up litter and are placing it inside large orange trash bags. Hope looks over at Josie, who is dedicated to the task she's been assigned, before chuckling and making a snarky comment]

HOPE: You have a future in waste management.

[Josie takes the observation in stride as she opens another trash bag]

JOSIE: Cleaning up messes is kind of my thing.

[Hope shrugs in agreement]

HOPE: Well, your sister is kind of a dumpster fire...

[Josie stops what she's doing and looks at Hope with a frustrated expression]

JOSIE: Why do you always pick fights?

[Hope gives Josie a silent look as though she doesn't know what she's talking about, forcing Josie to elaborate]

JOSIE: We've know each other a decade, and any time you have the chance, you poke.

[Hope rolls her eyes defensively as she gets back to picking up litter]

HOPE: You guys do your fair share of poking.
JOSIE: Yeah, in retaliation to your pokes. And with you spending so much time with my dad, and keeping secrets--

[Hope, not wanting to have to lie about what she knows, tries to cut Josie off before she can continue]

HOPE: --We're not keeping secrets--

[Josie continues talking despite Hope's interruption]

JOSIE: --Oh, yeah? What happened when you went to go find Landon Kirby?

[Hope looks at the ground evasively]

HOPE: Nothing happened.
JOSIE: Something clearly did happen. Rafael never showed up at school, my dad was rattled.... So, why won't you just tell me?

[Hope, overwhelmed, punctuates her response by slamming her tool into the ground]

HOPE: Because there's nothing to tell!

[Though Hope intends to slam her tool into the ground, she ends up missing and stabbing her boot-clad foot with the sharp spike instead. She yelps in pain when she realizes what she's done]

JOSIE: Oh, my God!

[Josie, horrified, immediately rushes over to where Hope is standing]

HOPE: Ahhh!

[Hope stops and catches her breath before looking at Josie expectantly and groaning]


[Josie, realizing that Hope needs her assistance, looks at her with an anxious expression]

JOSIE: Are you okay? I mean, what do I do?

[Hope clenches her jaw as she gives Josie a look]

HOPE: Help me pull it out!

[Josie's eyes widen in shock and alarm, clearly caught off guard by this request]

JOSIE: What?

[Hope impatiently insists on this course of action, eager to heal and allow the pain to end]

HOPE: I can heal myself. Pull it out!

[Josie takes a deep breath and does what she's told, falling back on her bottom from the force needed to pry the spike from Hope's foot]


[After a moment, Josie looks at Hope with a mischievous expression]

JOSIE: You poked yourself.

[Hope can't help but laugh to spite herself, responding playfully as Josie herself begins to giggle herself]

HOPE: Shut up!


[Landon and Rafael are in an unknown city’s downtown area, where they have gathered a small group of people in front of an alley. At the front of the group is a young woman who is looking at them incredulously]

GIRL: To the roof and back in twenty seconds?
LANDON: Or we double your money.
GIRL: You're on. Ten bucks.

[The girl pulls out her phone from her back pocket and starts a timer as Landon claps Rafael affectionately on the back]

LANDON: We got this.

[Rafael, getting himself psyched up for some free-running, nods in agreement]


[The girl sets the timer and hits go before looking at Rafael as though he’s already behind]

GIRL: Twenty… Nineteen…

[Rafael rushes toward a wooden staircase in the alley, quickly making it up the steps before leaping onto the railings, which he uses as mini-leap pads. He hesitates for a moment and looks over at Landon, who nods in reassurance, before squatting so he can leap almost six feet into the air. He grabs onto the fire escape ladder overhead and quickly climbs it all the way to the top of the building]

GIRL: He's not gonna make it.

[Rafael, hearing this comment, looks over the edge of the roof before deciding to take his chances and simply leaps over the edge, landing on his feet with ease with one second to spare. Landon looks overwhelmed by this display of his werewolf powers, but everyone else in the crowd looks impressed]

RAFAEL: Wooooo!

[The timer goes off, and everyone begins to cheer and clap for him. The girl looks at Landon as though she’s been taken advantage of, but Landon simply shrugs and takes her money]

LANDON: What can I say? My boy's on fire.

[The theatrics have seemed to continue on for a little while longer, and the scene cuts to Landon walking through the crowd, collecting all of the money they’ve won. He then makes his way to Rafael, who is bent over as he catches his breath, clapping him on the back in congratulations for all the money they’ve earned. After a moment, an man in the crowd, wearing a fedora and a blue and orange button-shirt, calls out to him]

MAN: Triple or nothing.

[Rafael’s jaw drops in shock, and Landon chuckles nervously]

LANDON: Sir, we've already taken your money twice.

[The man smiles at them before holding up a hundred dollar bill in between his index and middle fingers]

MAN: How about a hundred?

[Rafael’s smile has transformed into a look of skeptical uneasiness, especially once the man informs them of his stipulations]

MAN: But I want him to do it in ten seconds.

[Landon shrugs and walks over so he’s standing next to the man in the crowd, eager to see Rafael for himself. When Rafael realizes what Landon is doing, he looks at him as though he’s insane]

LANDON: Start the clock.

[The camera cuts to the back of the crowd, where most of the bystanders have their phones out to either time his stunts or capture them on video. However, at the back of the crowd, a man wearing a brown sweatshirt with his hood up sends a text message to an unidentifiable number that simply reads “They’re here.”]

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor)

[Most of the school’s students are gathered in the large ground-level rooms, particularly their common room, which was previously the Salvatore Boarding House’s parlor. Lizzie, who is still paralyzed from the gargoyle, has been placed on the nearby couch while Alaric gives them all instructions]

ALARIC: We are on lockdown, No one goes outside. Period. I want you all in your rooms. Upper class, you're on the buddy system. Lower class, I want you to go with Emma to the Grand Hall, okay? Everyone, let's go.

[Alaric claps his hands and shoos the students to their respective areas while Emma, intent not to scare the younger children any more than necessary, crouch to their level and reassure them before steering them toward another lower class teacher to be taken to the Grand Hall]

EMMA: You're coming with me, okay?

[Emma breaks off from the group evacuating the room and makes a beeline for Alaric, who goes on to give her even more instructions]

ALARIC: All right, take Lizzie with you and the kids. Keep an eye on that infection. I'm gonna try and draw it away from the school.
EMMA: [frowning] How do you know it will follow you?
ALARIC: Because I think I have what it wants.

[Emma, realizing he’s talking about the knife, takes a deep breath gives Alaric a look that indicates she is only going with his plan due to a lack of better options. She once again begins ushering the younger children toward the assembly hall]

EMMA: Don't fret. We'll be fine.

[Meanwhile, Alaric has rushed to his office, where he moves behind his desk, opening the lid to a pottery piece to find the key to unlock his middle drawer. Inside is the mysterious knife, which he grabs quickly. He then jogs back into the now-empty hallway, the blade clutched tightly in his right fist. Alaric slowly walks through the hall when he hears a snarling noise further into the building, following the sound toward its source]

[He has just passed an adjacent hall when he senses something and turns toward the entrance to a classroom, where the gargoyle is once again posed with both hands clutching his sword point-down as though he’s guarding it. The gargoyle’s eyes are closed, and Alaric gulps anxiously as he stands face-to-face with him. He stares at the creature for a long moment, and when he doesn’t open his eyes, he attempts to stab the gargoyle with the mystical knife. Unfortunately, the gargoyle can sense this oncoming attack and grabs Alaric by the arm before the blade can get near him, roaring furiously in his face as he does so. The camera zooms in on the gargoyle’s fanged mouth as it shrieks at him]

Mystic Falls Town Square

[Hope and Josie are loading the bags of garbage they picked up into a pile when Josie suddenly grabs her stomach and doubles over with a groan. Hope looks at her new friend with concern]

HOPE: Everything okay?

[The pain passes, and Josie stands up to her full height, though not before noticing something happen behind Hope]

JOSIE: Yeah... I think that that's just making me a little nauseous...

[She points at the tree behind Hope, where MG and Dana are currently making out with each other]

HOPE: Huh.

[Hope rolls her eyes sarcastically]

HOPE: Didn't see that coming.
JOSIE: It's simple math. MG has the hormones of a teenager and the impulse control of a preschooler.

[Josie gives Hope a look, and both girls laugh in amusement]

JOSIE: He also always goes for the wrong kinds of girls.

[Hope turns back to Josie and raises an eyebrow]

HOPE: Given my last crush, I can't judge.

[The two begin to walk down the sidewalk as they continue chatting]

JOSIE: Well, my last crush was actually Satan incarnate-- that is, I guess, unless you count...

[Josie trails off as she crosses her arms over her chest, and Hope looks at her curiously]

HOPE: Who?

[Josie, looking glum, shakes her head to minimize it]

JOSIE: Never mind. It really doesn't matter anymore. Lizzie has dibs.
HOPE: Dibs?

[Hope’s eyes widen when she realizes who Josie is talking about]

HOPE: On Rafael? She always calls dibs. When is it gonna be your turn?

[Josie shrugs dismissively, though it’s obvious it hurts her]

JOSIE: It just is what it is.
HOPE: Right, well... that doesn't really make it right.

[Josie stops, clearly shocked that Hope would defend her in that way. Hope, realizing that Josie has been open with her, decides to return the favor by coming clean on why Josie’s father is upset with her]

HOPE: Your dad knows I used black magic. That's why I'm in trouble.

[Josie’s eyes widen in shock and briefly in betrayal, and Hope immediately clarifies her statement]

HOPE: Don't worry, I didn't tell him that you helped me with the spell.

[Josie seems genuinely touched that Hope would protect her in that way and smiles weakly]

JOSIE: Thank you.
HOPE: And Landon and Rafael took off together. Landon told me he didn't know why he stole the knife. But then, he lied about having it, so I don't know what to believe. Then he wrote me this letter that was, I don't know... sweet?

[Josie nods in understanding before making another confession of her own]

JOSIE: Lizzie's... sensitive. Our mom is going on all these really long recruitment missions recently. That's why she's extra testy. She just really misses her.

[Hope smiles sadly, remembering how much she misses her own mother]

HOPE: I know the feeling.

[Hope starts to walk again, and Josie quickly catches up with her to continue their conversation]

JOSIE: I remember how your mom used to come by the school. We all used to say how beautiful she was.
HOPE: She was.

[Josie’s sad smile turns into a guilty expression]

JOSIE: We really should have sent you flowers or something…

[Hope, still feeling emotional, can’t help but laugh]

HOPE: You did. Your dad signed your names. It was obvious.
JOSIE: Okay... we definitely deserve a little bit of poking.

[The girls laugh again just before Josie changes the subject]

JOSIE: I wonder where the boys are right now…

[This gives Hope an idea, and she stops walking so she can face Josie and make her pitch]

HOPE: There's this spell that my aunt Freya taught me. It's kind of like a full-immersion video chat.
JOSIE: Okay, but don't we need something of Landon's—

[Hope reaches into her pants pocket and pulls out the folded piece of parchment on which Landon wrote his goodbye note. Josie’s jaw drops in surprise]

JOSIE: Is that the letter?

[Hope nods before giving Josie a serious look]

HOPE: You can't tell your dad. They don't teach this at school.

[Josie smiles affectionately at her]

JOSIE: This is the kind of secret I can get behind.

[Hope smiles back at her before they leave to start the spell]

Woods off Route 29

[Landon and Rafael are back in their original hiding place, where Landon is grinning as he counts their money. Rafael is laying on a fallen tree trunk next to him, eating a burger and looking content as he laughs with a mouthful of food]

RAFAEL: Well, this is more like it.
LANDON: [smirking] Get used to it.

[The two fist bump each other happily before Landon returns to counting the cash while eating a burger of his own. However, the smile on his face falls as soon as he sees a $5 bill in the stack that has a message scrawled in bright red ink—“RUN, WOLF, OR DIE.” Alarmed, Landon begins to look around to see if anyone has followed them into the woods. Rafael, now eating curly fries, notices his worried look and frowns]

RAFAEL: Oh, everything cool?

[Not wanting to worry his foster brother, Landon immediately puts on a fake smile and shuffles the cash in his hands]

LANDON: Yeah... It's all good.

[Landon is suddenly distracted by the sight of Hope, standing in what is presumably some type of astral projection several yards away, partially hidden by the trees. His eyes widen, totally stunned and confused as to how she found them]


[Landon stands to his feet, and the two stare at each other for a long moment before Hope suddenly vanishes into thin air. Rafael looks at Landon, slightly concerned that he’s losing it, before Landon folds up the cash and puts it into his inner jacket pocket. Now sure that something or someone is after them, Landon anxiously begins gathering their things]

LANDON: We should get out of here.

Mystic Falls Town Square

[Hope and Josie are hidden behind a tree in the town square, holding hands as part of the spell; their hands are glowing with Landon’s letter pinned between them. After a moment, Josie once again doubles over and clutches her abdomen. Hope looks confused and concerned as she crouches to look Josie in the eyes]

HOPE: [gasping] Why did you stop?

[The pain only seems to get worse, and Josie gasps for breath as she realizes what seems to be going on]

JOSIE: This is twin pain. Something's wrong. I think Lizzie's in trouble.

Salvatore Boarding School (Front Gates)

[The gargoyle, who managed to steal the knife from Alaric, is stomping toward the front gate to escape. However, just as he’s about to cross the threshold of the school’s property, he’s repelled by a huge barrier of blueish-purple energy. The gargoyle growls under his breath and looks around for a chink in the proverbial armor, only to find the barrier is covering the entire campus. The creature suddenly flashes back to earlier in the day]


[The gargoyle has chased Lizzie and Pedro into the school’s entrance hall. Lizzie, who has just siphoned some magic from Pedro, spreads her arms wide and calls out a spell as she wraps her arms around as though she’s hugging an invisible person]

LIZZIE: Imperium monstrum!


[The gargoyle realizes that Lizzie has cast a spell around the school to prevent it from leaving and roars in frustration as it turns back toward the main building]

Mystic Falls Town Square

[A concerned Josie and Hope have just approached Dorian, who is still researching gargoyles at a table outside the Mystic Grill, in hopes of convincing him to let them return home]

DORIAN: I'm sorry, I can't let you leave.
JOSIE: [insistently] No, I need to go home to see my sister.

[Dorian sighs as he attempts to reassure them that the matter is being handled]

DORIAN: Your dad's with your sister, and I'm under strict orders to keep you here.

[Josie scoffs as though she thinks Dorian is being ridiculous]

JOSIE: What? Why?

[Hope narrows her eyes as she notices the book Dorian is reading, which appears to be in Gaulish and has multiple illustrations of various gargoyles]

HOPE: And why are you researching that?

[Dorian slams the book closed before they can get a better look and sighs once again as the girls stare at him expectantly]

[Over by the town square proper, MG and Dana continue to hook up near a tree. After a moment, Dana pulls away and giggles while MG, who is having difficulty believing what is happening, looks at her as though he’s won the lottery]

MG: This is tight. You're hot-- like, mad hot.

[This compliment seems to satisfy Dana, who smirks at him]

DANA: Hotter than Lizzie?

[MG frowns, not understanding why she asked this comment]

MG: Uh...

[MG considers her words for a moment and becomes suspicious of her motives, leading him to gently move her so until they’re switching positions before staring her in the eyes and compelling her for answers]

MG: Uh, tell me the truth, Are you actually feeling me?

[The compulsion appears to work, and Dana answers him honestly]

DANA: You're a good guy-- pretty cute, great hair. But I'm secretly in love with my best friend Sasha's boyfriend, Connor.

[This response does nothing to diminish his confusion as to what is going on between them]

MG: Well, why are we doing this, then?
DANA: To make Connor jealous.

[Dana shrugs as though the answer should be honest]

DANA: Which, let's be honest, is totally what you're doing with Lizzie Saltzman.

[MG groans in frustration when he realizes what is going on and begins muttering to himself as he paces around]

MG: So, rather than make out with you, like any other guy would, I had to ask the honorable-yet-supremely-stupid question... And now, if I keep going, I'm taking advantage of you, and my mama didn't raise me like that.

[MG sighs deeply before once again staring into Dana’s eyes to compel her]

MG: Forget we made out.

[MG thinks for a moment and gets an idea]

MG: But, also remember I'm a really cool dude with super dope football skills, and I crush it all day, every day.

[MG can’t help but smile at what he’s doing]

MG: Go.

[Dana walks away as she was ordered to do while MG watches her with a sad expression]

Woods Off Route 29

[Landon, still spooked from the note he saw in the cash they won and from seeing Hope in the woods for a moment, is frantically packing up his belongings. Rafael, still finishing his burger, looks at Landon, both confused and exasperated at his behavior. When Landon sees that Rafael isn’t getting ready to leave, he anxiously urges him to follow him]

LANDON: Come on, Raf. Let's go.
RAFAEL: Why? Yo, this is a perfectly good spot, bro,
LANDON: We should keep moving.

[Landon puts on his backpack and starts to walk away, and Rafael, realizing that he’s once again hiding something from him, runs after him]

RAFAEL: Mmm, nah.

[Rafael grabs Landon by the arm and spins him around so they’re eye-to-eye]

RAFAEL: No. No, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's up.

[Landon hesitates for a moment, anxiously looking around to see if anyone has found them yet. When he seemingly senses nothing around them, he turns back to Rafael and takes a deep breath to explain himself. However, before he can say anything, he’s suddenly hit in the neck with a tranquilizer dart. Landon makes a choking sound just before his eyes roll back into his head and he collapses onto the ground. Rafael, panicked, tries to rouse him, but he's already passed out]

RAFAEL: Lan. Lan!

[Rafael, realizing that Landon had his reasons for being concerned, looks around to try to find the shooter, only to be shot in the neck with an identical dart which knocks him out as well]

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor)

[The gargoyle has reentered the school, where it is slowly stomping through the entrance hall, leaving gashes in the wooden walls with its claws as it glides them over it. The gargoyle seems to be using enhanced senses to find what it is looking for, and it shrieks loudly enough to be heard by Emma and the others, who are hiding in the Grand Hall as Alaric instructed. Emma looks up toward the source of the sound with a concerned expression and whispers to the others]

EMMA: It's in the hallway.

[The gargoyle continues to march toward them with the knife clutched in his left hand, and Emma briefly checks on Lizzie, who has been laid on a table, before walking toward the door and whispering her instructions to the younger children]

EMMA: Everyone, stay very quiet.

[Lizzie starts to whimper in fear, and Emma, standing with her feet apart and her arms outstretched, prepares to cast a spell]

EMMA: Nullum visilaris.

[Emma moves her arms in a circular motion, and, once the spell has been cast, she moves to the window to see what the gargoyle is doing. Emma is startled when the creature suddenly appears in front of the door and snarls menacingly, but when the camera turns to get the gargoyle’s perspective, it is revealed that Emma has cast a cloaking spell, essentially making herself and all of the other students invisible. The gargoyle, thinking the classroom is empty, moves on to the next one, and Emma lets out a shaky sigh]

Woods Off Route 29

[A grunting noise is heard nearby, which rouses Landon awake. He opens his eyes to find that he and Rafael are chained to trees, and that the groaning noise he hears is Rafael trying to use his werewolf strength to break free from his restraints. Still a little muzzy from the tranquilizer, Landon weakly calls out to his foster brother]

RAFAEL: Lan? You okay?
LANDON: I don't think either of us are…
RAFAEL: Better off than him.

[Rafael jerks his head to the right, and Landon follows his line of sight to find the man in the fedora who bet them one hundred dollars earlier, who is slumped on the ground, leaning against a tree. There is an arrow buried in his chest, and he is clearly dead]

[After a moment, they are both startled by the sound of footsteps approaching them from the other direction, and they both turn to see another person who’s identity is concealed by a hooded sweatshirt. Rafael once again returns to trying to break through the chains, and Landon watches anxiously, only for a familiar male voice to call out to them]

JEREMY: Relax, both of you.

[The man pulls down his hood, revealing that it is Jeremy Gilbert, a supernatural hunter]

JEREMY: I am not here to hurt you.

[Landon looks at Jeremy warily, and Rafael is visibly suspicious of him as well]

LANDON: Who are you?

[Jeremy holds up a pair of bolt cutters and smirks]

JEREMY: Your new best friend.

[Rafael and Landon share a worried look]

Mystic Falls Town Square

[MG has just gotten onto the bus, and he stops in his tracks when he sees Dana seemingly hooking up with someone else, though his identity is not immediately noticeable due to the man’s back being turned to him. MG can’t help but laugh darkly in exasperation]

MG: Unbelievable. I told you to go, not make out with some other dude...

[MG’s jaw drops when the “dude” turns around and reveals himself to be Kaleb. The drops of blood falling down his chin makes it obvious that he wasn’t making out with Dana—he was feeding on her. MG’s expression is a mix of jealousy and being generally appalled by his behavior]

MG: Kaleb? What are you doing?

[Kaleb’s tone makes it clear that he’s annoyed to be interrupted, and he wipes the blood from his lips on his shirt sleeve]

KALEB: What's it look like? Eating.

[MG frowns worriedly, and Kaleb, suddenly afraid that MG is going to tell on him, tries to smooth things over. He chuckles nervously as he changes hid tone to one that is more kind]

KALEB: Oh, my bad! Where's my manners?

[Kaleb moves so that Dana is pushed toward MG as an offering, and Dana, who is sitting quietly and blank-faced next to him, has seemingly been compelled to remain quiet. MG is clearly tempted by the blood dripping down her neck from Kaleb’s fang marks, but his control over his appetite leads him to protest]

MG: We're not supposed to...

[Kaleb seems to be frustrated by MG’s constant rule-following and retorts in a snarky voice]

KALEB: Supposed to what? Supposed to be following Lizzie around like she zapped our asses with some level-ten sad puppy spell, right?

[Kaleb gestures toward Dana once again in offering]

KALEB: Come on, do your thing.

[MG clenches his jaw and stands his ground, visibly unamused by his antics]

MG: I said I'm good.

[Kaleb turns back to Dana, staring her in the eyes to compel her]

KALEB: That's a nasty hickey you got. Go home, find a scarf, and forget all about today.

[Dana, once again falling for the compulsion, stands up and cheerfully walks off the bus]

DANA: Laters, cutie.

[Kaleb, concerned about being outed for his rule-breaking, sighs and walks over to MG]

KALEB: Look, we homies, right? And I ain't hurting anybody. So, secret's ours?

[Kaleb holds out his hand, and MG, not liking what is happening but also not wanting to make waves with his classmates, hesitates before he nods in agreement, albeit reluctantly]

MG: Uh, yeah, man.

[MG shakes his hand to seal their agreement]

MG: Yeah, sure.

[The two fist-bump, and Kaleb smiles in relief before walking past him to get off the bus]

KALEB: Vamps before tramps.

[MG, now alone on the bus, bites his lip anxiously]

Salvatore Boarding School (Entrance Hall)

[Night has fallen, and Josie and Hope have just returned to the school. They’re immediately unnerved by how empty the ground floor is]

JOSIE: Lizzie?

[Realizing that there isn’t anyone nearby, Hope decides they should split up]

HOPE: I'll check the library.

[Hope takes the right hand hall and begins walking down it, leaving Josie to walk further down the entrance hall]

[Hope has just passed Alaric’s office when his voice is suddenly heard behind her]

ALARIC: What are you doing here?

[Hope is startled, as she wasn’t expecting Alaric to pop up on her, and she turns to face him]

HOPE: Oh, my God. You scared me!

[Alaric is clearly not happy to see Hope]

ALARIC: Dorian was supposed to keep you away.
HOPE: He tried. He lost. But here—

[Hope holds out a small, thin and old book with a triskelion printing on the front. The book is titled Medieval French Folklore]

HOPE: Killing Gargoyles 101. He thought you could translate it.

[Alaric groans when he realizes that the book isn’t in English, despite the English title, upon opening to the front page]

ALARIC: Gaulish. Son of a—

[Alaric, not wanting to curse in front of a student, stops himself from doing so and instead studies the book for a long moment. Hope impatiently tries to redirect him to the task at hand]

HOPE: So, are we on our own, or did the Gauls provide clear instructions?

[Alaric takes a deep breath and closes the book]

ALARIC: In a nutshell, it says “Hit hard. Repeat as needed.”

[Both Hope and Alaric are startled when they hear the stomping footsteps and shriek of the gargoyle, and Hope looks at her headmaster with wide eyes]

HOPE: Is that...?

[The thumping steps of the gargoyle cause the overhead lights in the hallway swing around, and Alaric tries to quickly recap what has happened before they go to defeat the creature]

ALARIC: Yeah. Listen, it poisoned Lizzie-- I'm guessing to get my attention. Then it attacked me and took the knife.
HOPE: The knife? The dragon knife? And you're still breathing?
ALARIC: Oh, I have a theory about that--
HOPE: Well, save it, because we had to take down that containment spell to get inside the school, meaning our monster can get out.
ALARIC: A containment spell?

[Alaric thinks for a moment before he realizes what his daughter did before she was hurt]

ALARIC: Lizzie wanted to make sure whatever attacked her didn't escape into the world.

[Alaric smiles proudly]

ALARIC: Good girl.

[Alaric starts to formulate a plan and walks over to the corner where a large steel axe is mounted on the wall]

ALARIC: All right. Well, I guess we better find it—

[Alaric grunts as he wrenches the axe off the wall before returning to where Hope is standing]

ALARIC: --Before it makes the evening news.

[Alaric looks at Hope curiously]

ALARIC: So, how'd you take the containment spell down?

[Before Hope can answer, Josie’s voice calls out from behind him]

JOSIE: She didn't.

[Alaric turns and looks at Josie in surprise that she siphoned the spell]

JOSIE: I did.

[Josie yanks the axe out of Alaric’s hands as she gives him a serious look]

JOSIE: And I have questions.

Woods Off Route 29

[Jeremy has just freed Landon from his restraints and is in the process of cutting the chains binding Rafael as well. Landon rubs his sore arms before looking over at the dead hunter sitting a few feet away]

LANDON: Who is that?
JEREMY: A werewolf hunter.

[Rafael looks at Jeremy in disbelief]

RAFAEL: Is that really a thing?

[Jeremy rolls his eyes at Rafael’s naivete as the young wolf stands to his feet]

JEREMY: You're new to this. You probably think that being supernatural gives you the upper hand. It doesn't. This world is a scary place for someone like you, especially when you're dumb enough to use your powers in public.
LANDON: So, what, you go around saving new werewolves, or what?
JEREMY: The name's Jeremy. I've known Alaric since I was a kid, and now I work for him sometimes. He told me to track you and make sure that you stay out of trouble, which, apparently, you suck at.

[Jeremy turns to look at Rafael]

JEREMY: And that note? That was supposed to scare you to safety.

[Jeremy taps his index and middle fingers to his temple to emphasize his point, but Rafael frowns in confusion, not knowing what he’s talking about]


[Landon sighs when he realizes he's busted, and Rafael and Jeremy watch as he reaches into his inner jacket pocket and pulls out the five dollar bill with the warning written on it. He hands the note to Rafael so he can read it, and Jeremy, sensing the tension between the brothers, decides to awkwardly excuse himself and give them some privacy]

JEREMY: I'm gonna go grab the shovels. Once we bury the body, I'll bring you both to school.

[Rafael, visibly furious, waits until Jeremy walks away before confronting Landon, who looks at the ground sheepishly]

RAFAEL: What happened to "no more lies?"
LANDON: You gave up a lot, coming out here with me. We were having fun today-- the kind of fun you haven't let yourself have since Cassie died. When I saw the note and knew it was all gonna go to hell, I just...

[Landon sighs, unable to put it into words better than that]

LANDON: I just froze. I'm-I'm sorry, Rafael. I'm sorry. You should go with him. Honestly, you're probably better off without me anyway.

[Rafael, clearly conflicted, is unable to look Landon in the eye, and Landon anxiously walks past him, clapping him on the shoulder affectionately before pacing around. Rafael processes all of this new information for a long moment, and when he finally speaks up again, his tone of voice is softer and less accusing]

RAFAEL: I never thanked you for that. After Cassie, you were there-- like, all in. It might not have seemed like I appreciated it.

[Rafael clenches his jaw, his eyes and voice indicating that he’s holding back tears]

RAFAEL: I did. So, let's do what we gotta do here, then let's go back to school.

[Landon gives him a tired look]

LANDON: They don't want me there.

[Rafael’s tone of voice makes it clear that he won’t take no for an answer]

RAFAEL: I'm not going without you. All in. All in!

[Landon slowly nods, and the two reach out and clasp hands before hugging each other tightly, with Rafael clapping him affectionately on the back while he does so]

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor)

[Alaric, Josie, and Hope are walking with purpose down the main hallway in search of the gargoyle. Josie is still holding the axe she took from Alaric, and Alaric has since found his own weapon, which he has clutched in his right hand]

[Meanwhile, Emma, the still-paralyzed Lizzie, and the lower school students are still hiding in the Grand Hall. When the three walk through the back doors into the hall, Lizzie’s eyes flicker towards the source of the sound, trying as best she can to see who is there]

ALARIC: Emma? Emma?

[The back room is empty, and Emma, also hearing that they have visitors, stands on her guard until Alaric, Hope, and Josie open the sliding doors to the front room to find them. However, before any of them can say anything, Emma raises her index finger to her lips to shush them]

EMMA: Shhh…

[The loud stomping noise starts to pick up again behind Hope, who immediately senses the creature and turns to face it as it growls at her and spreads its wings. Josie and Alaric turn around a moment later upon hearing the grinding stone sound it makes whenever the gargoyle moves, and Emma quickly closes the sliding doors once again to protect the younger students]

[Hope, standing several feet in front of Alaric and Josie, prepares for the worst when suddenly, the gargoyle leaps into the air and uses its wings to glide over the staircase and down on the floor directly facing her. Hope is just barely able to dodge the gargoyle when it attempts to stab her with the mysterious knife but falls flat on her back on the floor in the process. As she scrambles to get back onto her feet, the gargoyle prepares to attempt to stab her a second time, causing Alaric to rush forward toward the creature. Horrified, Josie cries out to stop her dad from putting himself in danger]

JOSIE: No, Dad!

[Alaric shoves himself between the gargoyle and Hope, gasping as the creature attempts to stab him in the heart with the mysterious knife]


[The gargoyle is stunned by this turn of events and fortunately , the creature stops itself when it is just inches away from stabbing the knife into Alaric’s chest. Shocked to be spared, Alaric gasps for breath, and the gargoyle looks confused as its red eyes widen in surprise. The two stare at each other for a long moment as the gargoyle processes this situation, only to be interrupted by Josie, who appears behind the gargoyle and swings her axe at it, breaking off a large piece of its left wing]

[The gargoyle turns to face Josie, raising the knife in preparation to stab her, only for Alaric to hack at its wings with his own axe, mimicking what Josie had just done before him. This breaks off another piece of its wing, and it roars ferociously, but just as it is about to lunge toward the two Saltzmans, Hope spreads her arms and starts to cast a spell]

HOPE: Fluctus impulsa!

[The knife flies out of the gargoyle’s hand and lands behind it near the staircase. Hope, realizing she can’t do this alone, holds out her hand for Josie to take]

HOPE: Josie, help me.

[Josie looks at Hope anxiously]

HOPE: Just repeat after me.

[Josie runs over to Hope and they clasp their right and left hands together, causing them to glow red as Josie siphons magic from her, while also spreading out their free arms to aim the spell at the gargoyle]

HOPE & JOSIE: [simultaneously] Fluctus impulsa. Fluctus impulsa. Fluctus impulsa.

[The spell seems to momentarily immobilize the gargoyle, who spreads its own arms and stares at the ceiling. When the creature manages to break free just enough to take a single step toward them, the girls focus their energy even more into the spell]

HOPE & JOSIE: [simultaneously] Fluctus impulsa. Fluctus impulsa. Fluctus impulsa!

[Suddenly, the gargoyle explodes into a shower of small broken pieces of stone, which are now littering the floor, tables, and chairs in the room. Hope looks relieved, Alaric looks shocked, and Josie is still clearly furious at her father for his earlier actions. Hope exhales deeply and looks over at Josie with pride]

HOPE: Nice job!

[Now that the danger has passed, Josie wastes no time turning around and scolding her father for his recklessness]

JOSIE: How could you jump in front of her like that? You could have died, Dad!

[Alaric’s expression softens in an attempt to reassure his daughter about his plan]

ALARIC: Honey, I knew it wouldn't kill me because my research said so—

[Before Alaric can elaborate further, Josie storms away with tears in her eyes. Alaric sighs and looks over at Hope who, for once, has nothing to say]

Salvatore Boarding School (Alaric's Office)

[Later on, Hope and Alaric have gathered in Alaric’s office for some debriefing after the day’s events]

HOPE: How's Lizzie?
ALARIC: Recovering quickly, thanks to her sister.
HOPE: So, how did you know the gargoyle wouldn't kill you?
ALARIC: Gargoyles are protectors.

[Alaric picks up one of the books he was studying earlier and walks across his office to put it back on the shelf as he continues his explanation]

ALARIC: And folklore tells a tale of a gargoyle who once protected a small settlement in France whose villagers revered a powerful relic—a knife.

[Hope is shocked by this turn of events]

HOPE: Our knife?

[Alaric nods in confirmation before walking back around his desk]

ALARIC: As the story goes, the gargoyle loved the humans he protected so much, he vowed never to harm humanity. Instead, he chose to fight evil on their behalf.

[Hope smiles ruefully when she realizes what this means]

HOPE: Me being the evil one in this scenario. Josie, Lizzie...
ALARIC: In its mind, yes. I realized when it didn't hurt me before...

[Alaric sighs, clearly exhausted after everything that happened today]

ALARIC: It saw me as the one who needed protection.
HOPE: I'm not sure that knowing that will make them feel any better.

[The two stare at each other for a long moment before Alaric changes the subject

ALARIC: I should get back to the girls.

[Alaric walks toward the door to his office, but before he can leave, Hope calls out to stop him]

HOPE: Wait.

[Alaric turns to look at Hope questioningly]

HOPE: One more thing...

[Hope takes a deep breath before she says what she needs to say]

HOPE: You're always telling us that we need to work together-- to put our own feelings aside for the school, for the community. I know I haven't always listened to you with that kind of stuff, but I'm starting to think that it's actually pretty good advice. So, maybe you should take it... Because if you want me and the twins to get along, for them to be happy, for the school to be safe... These secrets are gonna tear us all apart.

[Alaric considers her words for a moment, seemingly realizing that she has a very good point]

Ending Montage

[In the GRAND HALL, Alaric has gathered the whole school once again debrief regarding the recent events involving the school. He stands at the front of the room to finally be honest about the newly-discovered creatures]

ALARIC: If you'd asked me a week ago, I would have told you there's a difference between myth and fact. I would have told you that supernaturals were limited to the species under this roof. I would have said that folklore and fairy tales were just stories. But I can no longer say that any of that is true… 'Cause just a few days ago, we were confronted by the existence of a dragon.

[The students all begin to murmur quietly amongst themselves before Alaric continues]

ALARIC: And then, today, our campus was terrorized by a gargoyle come to life. Some of us were forced to fight. We won... This time. They were drawn here by a knife that went missing earlier this week. And, for whatever reason, these creatures consider us to be the enemy. In their minds, we're the villains because we won't give them what they want. We don't even know why they want it. But we're gonna find out.

[The scene cuts to ALARIC’S OFFICE, where Alaric has just wrapped the knife up in an off-white handkerchief before handing it to Dorian. He looks at Alaric with an exasperated and incredulous expression]

DORIAN: You're really trying to kill me, huh?

[Alaric smiles and squeezes Dorian’s shoulder with his hand]

ALARIC: More like you're one of the only people I can trust.
DORIAN: I'll call if I run into any problems. Oh, and I want a raise. With dental.

[The men both chuckle as Alaric watches Dorian leave with the knife]

[Back in the GRAND HALL, Alaric continues his speech to the students]

ALARIC: I can't say for sure what their true intentions are. I can't say there won't be more attacks. That's why I'm telling you this-- to warn you.

[Alaric’s speech continues in voiceover as the scene cuts to the COMMON ROOM, where Josie and a recovering Lizzie are cuddled up on a couch. MG approaches them with a plateful of brownies and a sheepish expression]

ALARIC: [voiceover] To ask you to look out for each other.
MG: Hey... I had the kitchen make these. Your favorite-- brownies.

[He hands Lizzie the plate, and she takes it as she smiles gratefully at him]

LIZZIE: Thanks, MG.
ALARIC: [voiceover] To do what's best for one another.

[Josie smiles at MG as he walks away. When she catches Hope’s eye from across the room, the two share a weak smile, exhausted by everything that happened that day. Josie then goes back to talking to Lizzie, and Hope walks back down the hallway]

ALARIC: [voiceover] Because we're more than just a school. We're a family. And we will stand together. We will fight together. And we will win or lose this battle together, no matter what comes next.

[Hope in her tracks when she reaches the entrance hall and sees Landon and Rafael hugging before Rafael and Alaric enter the latter’s office. Landon remains in the hallway for a moment, with both he and Hope staring at each other for a long, tense moment before Hope clenches her jaw and turns to walk away, obviously still upset with him for lying to her]

Mystic Falls Woods

[Dana is in the driver’s seat of her car, listening to TV on the Radio on the speakers while sitting with her best friend Sasha, who is in the passenger seat. They’re parked right outside the edge of the Salvatore School property and appear to be waiting for someone]

SASHA: He said he'd be here soon.
DANA: [irritably] "Soon" was an hour ago.

[Dana gestures towards the school gate to emphasize her point]

DANA: The Salvatore School isn't going to deface itself. Call Connor and tell him to get his ass here with the spray paint.
SASHA: [scoffs] And come off as needy? No thanks.

[Dana’s response is both snarky with a hint of genuine meanness]

DANA: You are needy, Sasha. That's why our friendship works.

[Sasha reluctantly pulls out her phone to call Connor and frowns at the screen]

SASHA: I don't have any service.

[Dana checks her own phone to see if hers is any different before holding the screen up to Sasha as proof]

DANA: I'm on, like, two percent.

[After a moment, Sasha exits the car in favor of wandering around in an attempt to find cell phone service. Dana zones out for a brief moment, only for the sound of Sasha screaming to rouse her back to attention. She immediately turns the volume down on the music and rolls down her window, sticking her head out to call for her best friend]

DANA: Sasha, what are you doing?

[It is clear that Dana is scared, though she is doing her best to put on a brave face as she continues to shout to her]

DANA: Sasha, if you and Connor are boning in the woods, I'm gonna kill you!

[Dana hears a rustling noise in the nearby trees and begins to hyperventilate from fear. She quickly rolls up her window and tries to catch her breath for a moment as she looks around to see if she can see Sasha anywhere. She suddenly jerks in fear when something large falls onto the roof of her car with so much force that it makes a huge dent in the ceiling. She quickly grabs the steering wheel to her car as though she’s about to speed away when she suddenly sees something off-screen and screams in terror over the sounds of snarling nearby]



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