I am spinning right now, Hope. And I can't drag you or anyone else any further into this until I figure out what's going on, okay? So right now, I need you to be a kid keeping a dragon-sized secret today until I get some answers. Understood?
Alaric to Hope

We're Being Punked, Pedro is the third episode of the first season of Template:Legacies and the third episode of the series overall.


KEEPING SECRETS — As punishment for breaking the rules, Hope, Lizzie, Josie and MG are forced to participate in a community service project in the Mystic Falls town square. Meanwhile, Landon and Rafael's attempt at a carefree life on the road takes a dangerous turn when they become unsuspecting targets. Finally, Alaric realizes that keeping secrets from his students may be causing more harm than good.[2]



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  • Antagonist: Gargoyle
  • This is the first flashback episode of Legacies.
  • This is the first appearance of Jeremy Gilbert since I Was Feeling Epic, Template:The Vampire Diaries series finale. He states that he sometimes works for Alaric and helped track down Rafael and Landon.
  • Alaric gives the mystery knife that was wanted by both the dragon and the gargoyle, the latter who was the guardian of it, to Dorian to find out what it is and why these new creatures want it.

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  • LeBron James is a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Alaric: "Tell me what you know about gargoyles."
Dorian: "Did you say gargoyles?"
Alaric: "According to legend, it's indestructible."
Emma: "Shhh..."

Alaric: "Tell me what you know about gargoyles."
Dorian: "Did you say gargoyles?"
Pedro: "That statue just moved."
Alaric: "According to legend, it's indestructible."
Alaric: "He's poisoned Lizzie with some sort of actual grayscale."
Alaric: "We are on lockdown."
Emma: "Shhh..."

Pedro: "Aren't you supposed to help?"
Lizzie: "Consider this a life lesson, Pedro. People disappoint."
Pedro: "That statue just moved."
Lizzie: "Good one. I mean, I deserve to know what's happening just as much as Hope! I'm his freaking daughter!"
Pedro: "It's doing it again!"
Lizzie: "We're being punked, Pedro. The sixth grade witches are learning illusion spells this semester."
Pedro: "It's.... It's... It's..."
Lizzie: "Let me guess... it's right behind me?"
Pedro: "Lizzie!"
Lizzie: "Pedro! Run!"

Alaric: "You know, I opened this school to protect these kids. How am I supposed to protect them from stuff that's not supposed to exist?"
Josie: "Good game."
Dana: "Suck it, loser."
Lizzie: "Not now, Dana!"
Alaric: "This is a death spell."
Kaleb: "What, we get punished for wanting to win a game fair and square?"
MG: "It wasn't fair. We're supernatural, they're human."
Kaleb: "And Lebron's maybe the best player ever. Should he quit scoring because no one on the court can check him?"
Kaleb: "We're faster, we're stronger, we're better."
Pedro: "Lizzie!"
Lizzie: "Pedro! Run!"



Last.fm_play.png "Loser" – Jagwar Twin
Last.fm_play.png "Lazarus" – Fictionist
Last.fm_play.png "Break The Barrier" – Miss Li
Last.fm_play.png "Who Are You" – RAIGN
Last.fm_play.png "I Feel Fine" – Waxhead
Last.fm_play.png "Wolf Like Me" – TV On The Radio




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