Oh, you're still singing. [...] Those slugs revealed your uninhibited self. You really want to share the spotlight with the worst sister ever, Josie Saltzman? The spotlight is officially yours.

We're Gonna Need A Spotlight[2] is the eleventh episode of the first season of Legacies and the eleventh episode of the series overall.


THE SALVATORE SCHOOL'S ANNUAL TALENT SHOW — When Alaric decides to postpone the school's annual talent show, Lizzie and Josie are determined to make sure the show goes on. Meanwhile, tensions arise when the students face a creature that lowers their inhibitions. Lastly, Alaric decides to play hooky with Emma. Hope, Landon, MG and Rafael also appear.[3]


Dorian, Alaric and Hope are awoken by the monster alarm, created by a boundary spell. They check it out, however find that the intruder is a unicorn that accidentally triggered the alarm. Dorian and Alaric are both ready to shoot the unicorn, however Hope is able to convince them not to; unbeknownst to them, a small, slug-like creature crawls from the unicorn's ear and onto Hope's shoe. It later crawls into Hope whilst she is sleeping.

Josie and Lizzie are attempting to be better than previously, and Josie dubs them "Saltzman Twins 2.0". They engage with Rafael, Hope and Landon, and try to put their previous interactions in the past. Lizzie asks if everyone is ready for later that night, and when Landon questions what is happening that night, Josie and Lizzie reveal that the talent show is scheduled for that night. Alaric kills the enjoyment, however, when he announces that the talent show is postponed due to the unicorn. Lizzie and Josie are able to get the show back on, however, when they convince Alaric to let the honor council decide the show's fate.

Hope announces to Landon that whilst she didn't enjoy the talent show previously — due to being alone — she would like to enter this year as a duo with Landon. He is at first reluctant and confused, however decides to enter with her.

Later, Josie questions if Hope knows where the canes are for the talent show. Hope notices that Josie isn't into the whole ordeal, and Josie remarks that she doesn't want to do the exact same thing every year. They're interrupted, however, by Penelope Park, who wishes to talk with Josie. She hands her a letter, asking her to read it in private, however Josie remarks that she won't be reading the letter at all. Hope begins acting increasingly weird, and Josie sarcastically remarks that Emma must've slipped her a happy pill. When Hope hugs Josie, the slug-like creature jumps from her to Josie.

Alaric talks with Emma about how much he dislikes the talent show, and Emma suggests that he play hooky with her. Whilst he is surprised, Emma is able to convince him by suggesting that nobody at the school is focused on school, and that he deserves a day off. Meanwhile, Dorian talks with the unicorn, and one of the slug-like creatures crawls up his leg.

Lizzie is dumbfounded by the current performance of the witches, and makes rude remarks towards them. She questions where Josie is, and Josie arrives moments later. When Lizzie asks where the canes are, she remarks that she doesn't know, and doesn't want to stress over it. When Lizzie remarks that she go to her usual place — in the back — Josie suggests scrapping the routine and doing something else. Lizzie is reluctant, however but Josie continues to push for a new routine.

Rafael helps Landon out with a healing spell. Rafael questions why she isn't doing the practice with Landon, and Hope remarks that if she screws up, he'll heal on his own, whereas Landon won't. Hope makes the situation awkward for Rafael by continuously talking about Landon.

Whilst the vampires decide to sing — thanks to Kaleb being infected by the slug-like creature — Hope and Landon still struggle to make a decision on what they should do for the talent show. They consider cake decorating, however Landon is not sure that cake decorating is a talent. Hope suggests that it is not too late for Landon to sing, however he tells her that he doesn't sing in front of other people. Hope makes a remark about the magical urn, however Landon remarks that he doesn't think messing with the urn is the best idea. Landon tries to take out the cake from the oven, and asks Hope to turn on the fan. When she does, she gets an electric shock that expels the slug-like creature from her ear.

They go to tell Dorian about the slug, and he holds up one of the slugs, revealing that one tried to attach itself to him. He rightly believes the unicorn is the one who brought the slug-like creatures onto the Salvatore campus.

The vampires give a stellar performance at the talent show, with Kaleb leading the singing and the other vampires dancing. The students enjoy the dancing, and everyone claps when their performance is finished. Lizzie is still angry with Josie behind the scenes for not finding the canes. When she leaves, Josie talks with Penelope, and asks if she would like to leave the talent show.

Hope, Landon and Dorian attempt to figure out the situation with the slugs. Dorian believes that the slug-like creatures can replicate, given that there is more than one. Landon suggests the Wrath of Khan, however Dorian and Hope aren't satisfied with the suggestion. They do, however, know that the slug is attempting to get its host to deliver the urn to Malivore. They are able to figure out that the slug is bio-luminescent, and therefore they can track it's movements with an ultraviolet light.

Emma and Alaric enjoy drinking at the bar. They decide to play truth or shot, and the two enjoy learning about each other's history. Emma asks why Alaric is always so hard on himself, and he tells her that he has a school to run and students to take care of. Alaric asks if Emma would want to get dinner with him, however she reveals that she just started seeing someone.

Dorian, Landon and Hope track down the slug-like creatures using ultraviolet lights. They eventually find themselves at the talent show, and Dorian tells the two that they need to find a way to remove the slugs; this leads Landon to remarking that they need to find a way of shocking the entire school without killing them. Landon and Hope are privy to Rafael's spoken-word poetry, clearly aimed towards Hope. Landon is confused at the situation, but knows deep down that Rafael is jealous of his relationship with Hope. Simultaneously everyone infected stands when Rafael mentions the urn. Hope and Landon run and seal the students in the hall with a boundary spell.

Meanwhile, Emma is singing at the Mystic Tap, clearly under the influence of the slug-like creature. Alaric is mesmerized by her performance, but finds himself singing alongside her shortly after. Alaric receives a call from Dorian, revealing the existence of the slugs, and Emma and Alaric come to the conclusion that they're infected, and Emma and Alaric kiss. When Emma shocks herself, it is revealed that she is infected, but when Alaric shocks himself, he is not infected; Alaric finds this awkward, given he has no excuse for asking Emma out or acting the way he has been throughout the day.

Hope and Landon tie Lizzie up, believing her to be infected. However when the bracelet Caroline gave her shocks her, it is revealed that she is not infected. Lizzie reveals that the bracelet shocks her whenever she says anything mean.

Emma and Alaric arrive back at the school, and Emma reveals that she has found a solution, dust that conducts electricity. They distribute it onto all of the students and Emma creates a spark, electrocuting all of the students and expelling the slug-like creatures.

Josie questions what was in Penelope's note, and Penelope tells her that she was meant to read it. They kiss, however Josie makes it clear that the two of them are never getting back together. They attempt to take the urn, but are interrupted by Hope, who knocks Penelope out with a spell. Lizzie manages to slip the bracelet onto Josie and shock her, expelling the creature.

Alaric sends out an announcement of a talent show redo, given the terrible day they have had. Landon, however confronts Rafael over his prior words, and Rafael tells him that he is happy for Landon and that they're good.

Despite Josie being back to normal, Lizzie tells her that the spotlight is hers and that she will be singing like she had previously wanted. Josie sings, and the rest of the witches provide back-up dancing with new choreography.

Later, Landon and Hope talk. Landon sings her a song like she previously asked, and Hope promises to stop preventing herself from being happy with Landon. Alaric is possessed once again by ingesting a slug, and throws the urn into the river downtown.


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  • Antagonists: Slug and Malivore (indirectly)
  • Hope is revealed to not be a fan of science fiction as she didn't get Landon's Wrath of Khan reference after the slug creature was shocked from her prefrontal cortex.

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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title is a line used by Kaleb.
  • It was originally announced that Paul Wesley would direct this episode.[4] However, for reasons unknown, he instead directed the 13th episode The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do.
  • Netflix incorrectly titles this episode We're Gonna Need a Spotlight.

Cultural References


Hope: "Hey, wait!"
Dorian: "It's a monster, Hope."
Hope: "You're not seriously suggesting we kill a unicorn. It's trapped it's harmless."
Dorian: "Got my eye on you."
Hope: "You've been infected with a mind controlling parasite."
Dorian: "The unicorn brought him on school grounds to infect all of us. It gets worse as it spreads."
Hope: "So they're all infected."
Dorian: "Stop you're all getting detention."

Alaric: "Vampires, werewolves, dragons. I mean, I have faced terrifying danger in my life. But there's only one day in my calendar marked with a black x. One day I fear above all others. Because if I have to hear somebody sing how many minutes there are in a year, one more time. I'm gonna throw myself to the unicorn."
Emma: "So why don't you play hooky with me?"
Emma: "What? The latest monster is harmless, your daughters are playing nice, and no one is paying attention to school. So give yourself the day off."

Lizzie: "Alright, witches, grab a cane. I've got some new choreography."
Kaleb: "We should sing!"
Emma: "Mind control slugs?"
Alaric: "We are totally infected, are we?"
Hope: "Suddenly I don't want to be in the talent show."
Landon: "Oh no, he promised he wouldn't do this again."



Last.fm_play.png "Hester's Hop" – Steve & Karen Multer
Last.fm_play.png "Feeling Good" – Chris Lee
Last.fm_play.png "Bad Lands" – Chase Pena
Last.fm_play.png "All By Myself" – Karen David
Last.fm_play.png "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" – Karen David and Matt Davis
Last.fm_play.png "Entry Of The Gladiators" – Stephen Edwards
Last.fm_play.png "Stepping Into The Light" – Kaylee Bryant
Last.fm_play.png "About Her" – Aria Shahghasemi




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