On second thought, let the games begin.
Lizzie to Alaric

We're Not Worthy is the season premiere of the third season of Legacies and the thirty-third episode of the series overall.


LET THE GAMES BEGIN — In order to get a handle on some urgencies at the school, Alaric sends the students off-campus for their first-ever field day. But when a medieval monster arrives with a challenge, the students are left scrambling to guess which one of them may be a worthy opponent. Hope, Landon, Josie, Lizzie, MG, Rafael, Kaleb and Jed also appear.[2]


Having been killed previously by Rafael, Landon's spirit wonders around Mystic Falls Cemetery, whilst Landon explains to Hope that he will miss her, but he is doing what is right. Moments later, Landon sees a light beyond the gates of the cemetery, but finds himself stopped by the Necromancer when he tries to walk into it.

Meanwhile at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, Alaric holds an assembly in which he explains that the year has been rough, but they must find a way to move on and go back to normal. There are mixed emotions from the crowd, however, with Alyssa Chang asking what has come of Josie and all of the terrible things she did whilst under the influence of the Darkness. Alaric reassures everyone at the school that Josie is back to normal, but Alyssa is reluctant to accept this notion. Following this, Wade asks what has come of Landon, with Alaric explaining that he is doing everything in his power to fix the situation and bring Landon back to life; he further remarks that Hope is taking a few days out of the public eye to deal with the loss of Landon. In order to distract them, MG announces a field trip for the school students, much to their surprise.

Before leaving for the field trip, Lizzie confronts her father about his plans, citing that she has come up with a seventeen-step plan to solve the issues at the school. Alaric dismisses her, however, citing that he needs her to keep an eye on Josie until everything blows over. Lizzie is reluctant, remarking that this would entail her returning to her old, destructive self and she is no longer that person. Lizzie quickly changes her mind when she sees the witches — headed by Alyssa — tormenting and picking on Josie; Lizzie remarks that it is "game on".

At Salvatore Crypt, Chad returns to find his earphones, but finds the Crypt empty. As a joke, he puts on the Necromancer's cloak and begins messing about, sarcastically remarking that he wishes to summon a Pegasus from the pit. Chad is surprised when a woman emerges from the pit, and remarks that she is Nimue, Lady of the Lake. She asks for his help, citing that they must leave the crypt immediately.

At the Salvatore School, Alaric and Rafael talk about Hope, and keeping her situation a secret from the school. Alaric tells Rafael to keep put as he will talk to the Necromancer, but Rafael refuses, pleading to go with him. As they enter the lounge of the School, the Necromancer enters fighting with Landon, but Alaric is unable to see him. The Necromancer explains that he cannot attain the dark magic promised to him until Landon returns from death, and when Alaric sarcastically remarks for him to bring Landon back, the Necromancer reveals that Landon will not return to his body. Alaric confronts the Necromancer about Hope and her current situation, and he reveals that he has nothing to do with Hope and her magical-coma. Alaric asks Rafael to deal with Landon whilst he deals with the Necromancer and Hope.

After talking with Landon, Rafael finds out that Landon will not return to life as he doesn't want the Necromancer to have full access to the dark magic. This would make the Necromancer capable of hurting his friends, which he does not want. Rafael tries to convince Landon that he must return, and that him being a hero will more than likely end in tragedy; from their experiences, it always does.

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore School's field day, Lizzie talks with MG about how all of the three species are cooperating nicely with one another, with some teams of mixed species established. The two are worried, however, that things may go downhill when team captains and the events are picked. Lizzie is distracted when she notices Alyssa asking the witches if she can be their captain. Lizzie interrupts, citing that the witches should vote for her to be their captain if they know what is good for them. Despite pleas from Josie for Lizzie to stop, she is reluctant. Alyssa dismisses Lizzie's remarks, given MG has allowed her free reign to chose their first activity: tug of war.

As the game of tug of war begins, Josie worries that her team will lose, especially since Alyssa has teamed up with vampires and werewolves. Lizzie tells her to relax and cast the "immobilus" spell, but is reluctant to listen when Josie tells her that she cannot. As the game begins, the witches begin losing and Lizzie pleads out for Josie to cast the spell, but doesn't hear as Josie tells her that she cannot. The game ends with a victory from Alyssa's side and an embarrassing fall from Josie. Josie is furious, and tells Lizzie that she hid away her magic but that Lizzie shouldn't get involved as she makes things worse. Moments later, however, they are interrupted when Wade arrives with the mysterious Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, citing that she wants the sword he borrowed from Alaric, which turns out to be the fabled Excalibur.

The Lady of the Lake tells the students that a monster is following her for the sword, but before MG can hand over the sword, it pulls itself from his grasp and lodges itself in a nearby rock. As the students investigate, the Lady of the Lake explains that the monster is the "Green Knight", the former true wielder of Excalibur, and that the last time he wielded Excalibur Camelot fell. She explains that the only way to stop him is with Excalibur, but someone else must become the true wielder; she further notes that she cursed the Green Knight to become slower with each step he takes towards Excalibur, but that he will eventually reach it.

Landon and Rafael talk about him returning to his body, but Landon remarks that he doesn't want to, and lists all of the positives about being a ghost. Rafael tells him that him remaining a ghost is not an option, therefore if he will not return to his body willingly, he will force his hand. With this, Rafael talks with the Necromancer, citing that either the host or the spirit must be willing and since the spirit isn't, Rafael is willing to be the host. The Necromancer remarks that things just got interesting but before he can enact Rafael's plan, Chad arrives at the school explaining the arrival of the Lady of the Lake.

Whilst Landon is still reluctant to accept that he must return to his body, Rafael devises a new plan. He shows Landon Hope's body, citing that she will not wake until he returns. Eventually, Landon agrees to return and Hope awakens moments later. Landon assures her that he will always be with her.

After convincing Landon, Rafael arrives to the Salvatore field day, wherein all of the students are trying to fight off the Green Knight and prevent him from wielding Excalibur. After Rafael arrives, he pulls the sword from the stone, unbeknownst that the sword is Excalibur, and stabs the Green Knight, killing him immediately. With this, the Lady of the Lake crowns Rafael the new wielder of Excalibur. She remarks that if he is worthy, she will not have to return to collect the sword as previously done; she disappears moments later.

Alyssa accompanies Chad as he leaves the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, and the two talk about what they will do in the future. Chad tells Alyssa that he will return to the ice cream parlour and try to make manager, but before he has the chance, he begins vomiting blood and dies moments later. Alyssa confronts the Necromancer about Chad's death, worried that she too will meet the same fate, but he assures her that if she agrees to be his eternal acolyte that she will survive.


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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title was a line used by Lizzie.
  • On October 29, 2020, Cynthia Adarkwa tweeted that she and Penny Cox "accidentally co-wrote [the] season opener [because] covid is wild."[3]
  • Originally We're Not Worthy was supposed to be the 2x17, while Goodbyes Sure Do Suck was 2x18. According to Julie Plec, both episodes were shot out of order and that allowed them to switch the order and thus 2x17 became 3x02 while 2x18 became 3x01.[4]

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