"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

Mystic Falls

[A shadowy figure, presumably Katherine, is seen walking down the street.]

YOUNG MAN: Hey! Are you part of my Uber pool? Oh my God, you're...

[Katherine stabs him and blood is splattered onto a picture of Caroline on the parade float.]


Mystic Grill

[A video of Katherine stabbing the man is playing on Matt's laptop. A woman is watching it with him.]

MATT: So the victim was here until you closed? Did he say where he was going? If he was meeting up with anyone?

[Peter walks into The Grill.]

MATT: Give me a minute.

[Matt walks over to Peter and hugs him.]

MATT: Dad, when'd you get back?
PETER: Just this morning. And look, I would have called ahead but I wanted to tell you in person.

[Peter looks behind him as Kelly walks into The Grill.]

MATT: Mom?
KELLY: Hi, Matty.
PETER: Hey, I, uh, I thought you were gonna give me a minute with him first?
KELLY: I saw you two talking, I couldn't wait to see my son.
MATT: After waiting four years since your last phone message?
KELLY: As I remember, I asked you to call me back.
PETER: Okay, look, look, I know it's sudden, but you gave me a second chance. Didn't turn out so bad, right?
MATT: I thought you hated him for leaving us?
KELLY: That was a lifetime ago. Things have changed since then. I was, I was actually glad to hear from him.
PETER: I was hoping we could all get dinner tonight.

[Matt gets a text message from Alaric. It says "911".]

MATT: I'm not sure I'll be free.

The Armory

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