We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street is the eighth episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries and the seventy-fourth episode of the series overall.


A FLASHBACK TO NEW ORLEANS IN 1942 — When Stefan confronts Damon with a suspicion about Elena, Damon has no choice but to help Stefan investigate this matter. Searching for answers, Damon and Stefan visit modern day New Orleans to see if they can find anyone who remembers the events of their last visit in 1942, including one of Damon’s former flames, Charlotte, who was sired to him in the past. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie share a girls night while the Salvatore brothers are out of town, and emotions run high when Elena delivers some shocking news. At Hayley’s urging, Tyler confronts one of Klaushybrids, Kimberley, and the situation quickly escalates into violence. Finally, Damon is faced with a heartbreaking decision.



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  • Antagonists: Kimberley and Atticus Shane.
  • This episode features a flashback from 1942 that occurs in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Damon didn't know that Elena was sire-bound to him when he slept with her. [1]
  • Elena feeds from a blood bag for the first time this season after feeding off of people for five episodes since Memorial.
  • Damon and Stefan had gone thirty years without seeing each other 1942, as seen in this episode's flashbacks. The last time they saw each other before 1942 was in 1912 at Zachariah Salvatore's funeral. Before that, the last time they saw each other was fifty years earlier, when they first became vampires. [2]
  • In the flashback, Damon tells Lexi that he does miss his little brother.
  • The killings of Pastor Young and the Council were the twelve sacrificed for the ritual that were mentioned in this episode (Memorial)
  • It's revealed that the sire bond between vampires is literal, as the sire-bound vampire will literally do whatever he or she is told.
    • However, Tyler explains to Elena that the sire bond only controls her actions, and not her feelings when they go to rescue Caroline-- when Tyler was sire-bound to Klaus, he still hated him, but couldn't help but unconsciously do what he said, which means that Elena's love for Damon is real.
  • Jeremy, Klaus and Matt do not appear in this episode.
  • Nandi reveals how a sire bond between vampires works; the turned vampire has to have had feelings for his/her sire. With this revelation, it is possible that there were other examples of this in the series. Examples include Sage and Finn, Lee and Lexi and Damon and Katherine, although it was never confirmed if each of those pairs had a sire bond.
    • Since sire bonds are said to be rare between vampires, it is unlikely that the aforementioned couples were sire-bound to each other, especially considering the fact that Damon had two of the vampire women he sired develop sire bonds to him.
  • Stefan still doesn't believe Elena's feelings for Damon are real, even after Nandi informs him that Elena's sire bond is based on her strong human feelings for Damon before she turned. After their trip, he tells Damon that there is no way that she could truly be in love with him.
    • However, by the middle-end of the season, Elena's sire bond to Damon is broken by Elena turning off her humanity, and when she turns it back on, she realizes that her feelings for Damon are real.
  • It is revealed that Stefan was a soldier in World War II, and Damon was almost enlisted as well, as see them both wearing their uniform in flashback.

Cultural References

  • The name of the episode is a play on "We'll Always Have Paris" - a famous quote from the movie Casablanca. It refers to the memories of the good time they spent together in the past, although they have been separated now.
  • Bourbon Street is a street in New Orleans, famous for it's bars and restaurants. New Orleans was founded by the French in 1718, and the main street named after the ruling family in France at the time: House of Bourbon.
  • Of course, bourbon is Damon's favorite drink. Sometimes called American Whisky, it is distilled from corn.
  • Damon says beads can be found in Bourbon Street. Beads are one of the gifts traditionally thrown from the floats during the Mardi Gras parade.  It is understood that girls need to bare their breasts to get the beads, but the city of New Orleans strongly denies the claim.
  • Fatal Attraction was a 1987 thriller about an affair gone bad. After a weekend affair, the obsessive woman refuses to let go. The scene where the pet bunny is served for dinner is antologc.
  • Elena texts Damon that they are drinking "Dom." She probably means "Dom Pérignon " considered by many to be the world's best champagne.
  • Stefan proposes to Damon they should "bury the hatchet" meaning to make peace.
  • In the corner of Bourbon and Dumaine is the famous "Clover Grill ." Established in 1939, it was already open in 1942, although it's a diner and not a bar. It featured prominently in "The Strange Case of Benjamin Button."
  • Elena describes herself as Superman, the popular comic book character created in 1932. Of course, Smallville, the series that followed the exploits of Clark Kent before he becomes superman was The CW 's most popular show until it ended in 2011. Many of the actors from TVD are Smallville alumni.
  • Cooties - in children's talk, an imaginary disease you can catch by body contact.
  • Skank - a derogatory term for a young woman, implying trashiness, tackiness, low status and sometimes promiscuity. Also the name of a popular band in Brazil.
  • Inequity -  injustice, unfairness. Caroline is implying that all women that ended up in Damon's bathtub were compelled.
  • Man-Slut - Caroline is trying very hard to Slut-shame Damon, even resorting to calling him names.
  • Narcissism -  a personality disorder where the individual is excessively preoccupied with personal power, prestige and vanity. Named after the Greek myth of Narcissus, a young man who became infatuated with his reflection on a lake, and died of hunger because he could not bear to leave its side.
  • Hurricane Katrina - one of the most deadly natural disaster to hit the US. The devastation of New Orleans was severe because many areas of the city are below sea level. It hit in 2005.
  • Good Cop / Bad Cop - an interrogation technique where one person is excessively violent in order to elicit fear, then the next person comes in with a show of sympathy and hopefully will get the confession.


  • This is the first episode of the season to not feature Jeremy or Matt.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of AdrianCharlotte, Nandi and Valerie LaMarche in the series.
  • As Nandi LaMarche is able to do magic in this episode, this means it takes place before the first attempt to finish the Harvest, after which the young Harvest witch Davina Claire began helping the vampire Marcel Gerard control the witches of the French Quarter and forced them to stop practicing magic.
  • This episode marks the fourth appearance of Lexi Branson, and her first in Season Four. She appears in one episode in every season. She was last seen in Season Three's Ghost World.
  • Unlike Seasons Two and Three, this is the first episode number "eight" in which Elijah doesn't appear.
  • It's the first time in Season Four that a "Girl's Night" is featured. Also, it's the first time it takes place at the Salvatore Boarding House.
  • The way that Damon walks Elena to the door and ties a scarf around her neck mirrors the way he interacted with Andie Star in Season Two's Crying Wolf.
  • This episode marks the return of the "Right Now" conversation(s) begun in Our Town; after Elena tells Damon it wouldn't be right for Damon to kiss her again, he responds with: "It's right. Just not right now." In the The Departed, when Elena tells Damon she chooses Stefan over him, she says she cannot think about forever, she can think only about "right now." In this episode, when Damon is convincing her not to tell Stefan about them immediately he says, "This is our time. It's never been right before, but it is right now."
  • The interaction and awkwardness at the door between Stefan, Elena, and Damon mirrors the scene between Damon, Rebekah and Elena in All My Children.
  • Bonnie was last seen in We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes.



Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 2.42 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.43 million less than the previous episode.
  • Ian Somerhalder grew up in a community rather close to New Orleans.
  • There's a very hidden reference to Pinky and The Brain in this episode. [1]
  • Apparently during the first take of "Damon, I know what you're about to do, please don't do this to me," in this episode, Nina Dobrev started crying and they had to break for ten minutes. She said it felt so real.
  • In We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street, Stefan and Damon both sport an M-1943 uniform [2] with a pre-World War II artillery pin on their left collar. Additionally, Damon's chevron on his left shoulder indicates he is a private first class. Stefan is not shown to wear any chevrons, indicating he is a private[3].
  • Hashtag during the airing is #OlBlueEyes


Damon: "Elena?"
Elena: "Hey!"
Damon: "Hey, thought you might have left!"
Elena: "No matter I've to be in school...for at least 20 minutes ago!" (She kisses Damon)
Elena: "What is that face?!"
Damon: "What face?!"
Elena: "That face!
Damon: "I'm happy."

​​​Stefan: "She was sired to you, and I can only assume you took full advantage of that until you got bored of her, right?"

Damon: "Is it impossible to think that she can have feelings for me?"
Stefan: "No, it's impossible for her to be so blind that she doesn't see how wrong you are for her."
Damon: "You're doing what's best for her or what's best for you?"

Lexi: "Stefan is better off alone than with you."
Damon: "What makes you think I'm not balanced and restrained?"
Lexi: "The fact you never have been."

Damon: "Sired? Really, Stefan? This is the most pathetic nonsense I've ever heard come out of your mouth, and you've said some crap in your day."
Stefan: "It was your blood that turned her, right? I mean, she's been different since day one, because of you... you can't deny that."
Damon: "Sure I can. I finally got Elena to a good place about being a vampire. You two idiots can't stand that she's happy because of me."
Stefan: "You know, prove me you're wrong. Tell her it's okay to drink from a blood bag."
Damon: "She can't. Her weird... doppelgänger body rejected the blood from the bag."
Stefan: "Right, because you told her to. You said she had to drink warm human blood straight from the vein. She almost died to make you happy. Look, just ask her to drink from a blood bag. Tell her how happy you'll be if it works and if I'm wrong, I'll be the first who apologize."
Damon: "When her body rejects this blood, which it will, your apology better be epic."

Bonnie: "Elena, hey. Is everything okay?"
Elena: "Yeah, why wouldn't it be?"
Bonnie: "Caroline told me you had to move out to stay away from Jeremy."
Elena: "Matt's at the house staying with him right now. To make sure he keeps all of his hunter stuff in control. He's okay."
Caroline: "But are you? Clearly they don't have a flat iron at Hotel Salvatore."
Elena: "I was in a rush! Look, do you girls have any plans tonight? I'm in desperate need of some girl talk."
Bonnie: "Yeah, I'm in! Shane taught me some small spells I've been wanting to try."
aroline: "Oh, creepy professor guys is "Shane" now."
Bonnie: "He's not... He's not creepy."
Elena: "We're not judging."
Caroline: "I am."
Elena: "Don't listen to her. So, girls night? We can raid the Salvatore wine cellar."
Caroline: "Are you sure Stefan and Damon are cool with us crashing at their place?"
Elena: "I can't go home because my brother's trying to kill me so their place is mine now, too. I'll see you in a bit."

Caroline: "Her burning desire is to make him happy."

Elena: (about Damon) "He kinda just... changed my life."

Damon: (to Elena) "Can't we just let ourselves enjoy this one secret?"

Damon: "This is our time."

Elena: (to Caroline about Damon) "He's not as bad as he wants you to think."

Caroline: "Okay, if you don't start hugging me back, this is gonna get really awkward really fast."
Elena: "You've got my hands pinned down."



Last.fm_play.png "Eyes On Fire" – Blue Foundation
Last.fm_play.png "It Don't Mean a Thing" – TVD NOLA Band (Originally Duke Ellington & Ivie Anderson)
Last.fm_play.png "Take It Back" – Junior Prom
Last.fm_play.png "Stop Breaking Down" – TVD NOLA Band (Originally The White Stripes)
Last.fm_play.png "The Mall" – Fort Lean

Last.fm_play.png "Let it Go" – Dragonette
Last.fm_play.png "So What Do You Say" – PJ Parker
Last.fm_play.png "Hooray For You" – Felicia Carter
Last.fm_play.png "Speechless" – Morning Parade


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