Gilbert Residence

[Elena lies in her bed. She is breathing hard and can't seem to get to sleep. She gets up and goes to the kitchen. She places a glass of milk in the microwave and warms it up.]

Connor: Can't sleep?

[Elena turns around frightened, but sees no one there. The microwave beeps, making Elena jump. She opens the door and takes the cup out. She turns around and sees Connor leaning on the counter. She gasps.]

Connor: You know it makes sense; guilty conscience.
Elena: You're not here. I'm – I've got to be dreaming.
Connor: And how do you know that I'm not here?

[He starts walking towards Elena. Elena walks backwards, trying to keep distance between them.]

Elena: Because you're...
Connor: Go on, say it.
Elena: Because you're dead.
Connor: Yes, I am. Was that the first time that you've taken a human life?
Elena: You're a ghost. That's gotta be it. You're a ghost, that's what's happening right now. Jer...Jeremy. Jeremy!

[Upstairs, Jeremy hears Elena call for him and wakes up.]

Elena: You're a ghost; you're haunting me. You're a ghost; you're haunting me.
Connor: Can a ghost do this?

[Connor grabs Elena in a chokehold and strangles her. Elena thrusts her elbow into his stomach and releases herself from his grasp. She pushes him, sending Connor flying across a table. Connor gets up and starts to walk back towards Elena. Elena grabs a knife and stabs Connor in the neck. She removes the blade from his neck and sees that she has just stabbed Jeremy, not Connor. Elena drops the knife.]

Elena: Oh my god!

[Jeremy falls to the ground, Elena goes down with him. She is in tears.]

Elena: Jer! Jer! Jer! Jer! No, no, no, no, no, no.

[Elena looks down at Jeremy's hand and sees that he is wearing his ring, but this doesn't make her feel any better.]

Elena: No, no. Jer! Jeremy!

[Later in the morning, Jeremy is lying dead on the couch. Elena is pacing in front of him. Damon is in the room with her.]

Elena: I can't believe this happened. What am I going to say to him?
Damon: Thanks for not ditching the family ring after it drove Ric crazy? [Elena glares at him] You should have called Stefan.
Elena: I don't want to talk to him. He's been lying to me and hiding things from me. He compelled Jeremy to forget God knows what.
Damon: In all fairness, I mean, I think you killing him kinda trumps that. And you should have called Stefan.
Elena: I don't trust him right now, Damon.

[Stefan walks in the house. Elena and Damon look at him.]

Stefan: Hey.
Damon: PS, I called Stefan.

[Stefan walks over to Elena.]

Stefan: What happened? Why did you call me?
Elena: I just - I need to go upstairs and shower. Clean all the blood off my hands.

[Elena walks out of the room. Jeremy comes back to life with a dramatic gasp.]

Stefan: Welcome back. How are you feeling?
Jeremy: What happened?
Damon: Long story, buy the e-book.

[Stefan walks up the stairs and into Elena's room. Elena is changing into a robe. She sees Stefan but walks past him.]

Stefan: Elena. Hey. Listen, I know you're still upset about yesterday and I get it, believe me, but just let me help you.
Elena: I don't want your help right now, Stefan.
Stefan: But you'll accept Damon's?

[Elena turns and looks at Stefan.]

Elena: Don't make this about Damon. You've been working with Klaus doing God knows what, and don't insult me by trying to deny it.
Stefan: Listen, it's not what you think, okay?
Elena: I don't know what to think, but I do know that I don't want to talk to you and I don't really wanna be around you right now.

[Elena walks past him again. Stefan grabs her arm.]

Stefan: Please just...

[Elena rips her arm out of his grasp.]

Elena: No! [Elena shows him her hands.] This is my brother's blood on my hands, Stefan. I stabbed him in the neck last night. So forgive me if I'm not in the mood to listen to you try to talk your way out of this.

[Elena walks into the bathroom and shuts the door. Stefan looks hurt.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Hayley is being poured a shot. Tyler walks into the room.]

Tyler: You're still going? I drank enough last night and then I slept, which is what you guys should have done.
Chris: We're just paying our respects to Dean.
Tyler: That's great, Chris, but could you pay them at a bar instead?
Hayley: Don't be mad. We're celebrating our fallen hybrid friend.

[Hayley walks over to Tyler and pours her shot in his mouth. She wipes her thumb across his bottom lip and sticks her thumb in her mouth. Klaus enters the room.]

Klaus: Well, don't let me interrupt.
Tyler: I didn't know you were here.
Klaus: Clearly.

[Klaus takes a drink from a bottle of alcohol he brought with him.]

Klaus: I just popped round to celebrate Dean's successful retrieval of the vampire hunter. Yet when I arrived, I learnt that not only was Dean unsuccessful, but that Elena killed the hunter.
Hayley: Well, maybe if you had let Dean use force on Connor instead of sending him in on a suicide mission.
Klaus: Maybe you should mind your business, wolf girl.
Tyler: What do you care if Connor's dead anyway?
Klaus: I have my reasons. They've ceased to matter. Cheers.

[Klaus raises the bottle of alcohol and takes a drink. There's a knock at the door. Tyler goes to answer it. Caroline enters with a box of stuff.]

Caroline: I brought your stuff. Old laptop, your jersey, the charm bracelet.
Tyler: Care, this isn't a good time.
Caroline: Just take it.

[She shoves the box into Tyler's hands. Klaus places his bottle down and walks over to Caroline.]

Klaus: Caroline.

[Caroline looks at him and folds her arms across her chest.]

Klaus: By the break-up drama unfolding before me I assume you've met Hayley. [Caroline says nothing.] All right, come on, let's go. Let's leave them alone. Your talents are needed elsewhere.
Tyler: For what?
Klaus: I think you've got more important things to deal with, mate.

[Klaus and his hybrids leave. Caroline closes the door and smiles.]

Caroline: Do you think he bought it?
Hayley: Hell, I bought it.
Caroline: [laughs] Thanks for the heads up that he was here, Hayley.
Tyler: You girls are good liars.

[Tyler kisses Caroline. Hayley watches them, awkwardly.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is in the shower. As she cleans herself off, she looks down and sees blood. She gasps and backs up. When she looks up at the shower head there's nothing there. She looks back down and sees blood again; freaked out by this, Elena jumps out of the shower.]

[Damon is downstairs, cleaning up blood. Stefan enters the room.]

Damon: Where did Jeremy go?
Stefan: School. Bonnie has him volunteering for some occult exhibit.
Damon: Or maybe he didn't want to linger in a house where his sister just jammed a knife in his neck.

[Stefan's phone rings.]

Stefan: It's Klaus.
Damon: Oooh, time to face the music. Pay the piper, dance with the devil.
Stefan: You know, I'm glad you find this amusing. If he finds out I told you about the cure, he'll kill both of us.
Damon: Quit avoiding him, that means shady. Shady people get outed.

[Stefan answers the phone.]

Stefan: I don't want to talk about it.

[Klaus is outside, walking through a neighborhood.]

Klaus: Well, I can't imagine why, what with you ruining all my plans for a hybrid filled future.
Stefan: Well, it wouldn't have happened, if you hadn't sworn me to secrecy.

[Stefan looks at Damon. Damon nods.]

Klaus: Well, life's full of ifs, Stefan. But let's accentuate the positives, shall we? The hunter was one of five; we'll find another. It may take centuries, but we've got nothing but time, right?
Stefan: You're using your calm voice today. Who's getting killed?
Klaus: Not you, if that's what you're worried about. But I am concerned about your beloved. Have the hallucinations started yet?

[Stefan and Damon look at each other.]

Stefan: What do you know about that?
Klaus: I'll tell you. Where are you?
Stefan: I'm at her house.
Klaus: How convenient, so am I.

[Klaus knocks on the door. Stefan hangs up his phone. Stefan opens the front door and walks outside, past Klaus. Klaus follows him.]

Klaus: You know, this would all be a lot more civilized if I was just invited inside.
Stefan: It's bad enough I'm out here talking to you. What do you know?
Klaus: I killed the original five hunters, remember? When one kills a hunter, there's a bit of a consequence.
Stefan: What kind of consequence?
Klaus: The hunters were spelled by witches to kill vampires; if you prevent one from fulfilling his destiny then he'll take you down with him.
Stefan: What do you mean? Connor's dead.
Klaus: I mean, Connor's death won't prevent him from making Elena his final vampire kill. She'll need to come with me now. I'll lock her up, keep her away from any sharp wooden objects.
Stefan: She's not going anywhere with you.
Klaus: Well, if we leave her alone, she'll take her own life before the day is out.
Stefan: She's stronger than that.
Klaus: Is she? Believe me, it's for her own good.

[Elena comes out of the bathroom. She looks in the mirror as she adjusts her sweater and sees Connor standing behind her. She gasps and turns around. Connor touches the blood on his neck and walks towards her.]

Connor: Would you like some? You seemed to enjoy it when you drink from me.
Elena: I wasn't myself. I was angry.
Connor: Were you yourself when you snapped my neck with your bare hands?
Elena: You staked me.
Connor: Because you're a monster and you deserve to die. Admit it.
Elena: No!

[Elena walks out of her room. Damon is still downstairs, cleaning up in the kitchen. Elena enters the kitchen.]

Elena: Damon....

[Elena looks at Damon, but she sees Connor instead. He stands up.]

Connor: Decomposition starts in the first twenty four hours. I'm rotting in an unmarked grave because of you.
Elena: No!

[Elena backs away.]

Damon: What's wrong?

[Elena runs to the front door. Damon follows her.]

Damon: Elena!

[Klaus and Stefan are still outside. They hear the front door open and Elena runs onto the porch and stops. Klaus superspeeds towards her, grabs her, and leaves. Damon walks out onto the porch and sees Stefan standing in the middle of the yard by himself.]

Damon: Elena!

[Damon looks at Stefan. Stefan looks around, worried.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Jeremy is looking down at the tattoo on his hand. Matt walks over to him.]

Jeremy: Hey, do you see anything on my hand?

[Matt looks at his hand and shakes his head.]

Jeremy: What if I told you I saw the beginning of a mark like Connor's?
Matt: Are you serious?
Jeremy: It showed up after he died. He told me that I was a potential. That that's why I could see his mark.
Matt: So what does that make you? Like, the next chosen one or something?

[April and Professor Shane walk up to them, carrying artifacts.]

April: Hey guys.
Matt: Hey April.
Prof. Shane: Well, don't let her do the heavy lifting. I found her wandering the hallways with this. [He shows them a giant rock.] Just teasing, I'm the guy who wrangles all the freaky stuff. [He shakes Matt and Jeremy's hands.] Atticus Shane, please call me Shane, I beg you. Thank you guys for helping, I really appreciate it. You all get free admission to my free exhibit.

[Shane walks away.]

April: Why does he look so familiar?
Jeremy: No idea.
April: Hey, umm, have you guys seen Rebekah? She said she was gonna help me look into what caused the explosion at my dad's farm and then she just...
Matt: Disappeared, yeah I know.

[Matt picks up a box and walks off. April and Jeremy look at each other.]

Gilbert Residence

[Bonnie, Stefan, and Damon are in the kitchen together.]

Bonnie: You lost her?
Damon: Well, "lost" is a very strong word, we just technically don't know where she is.
Stefan: I'm more worried about what Klaus said about this hunter's curse.
Bonnie: How does Klaus even know about this?
Damon: How does Klaus know anything? Guy's like a billion years old.
Stefan: He said it was a witch's curse.

[He looks at Bonnie.]

Bonnie: You know if I could do anything to help, I would. But I..
Damon: But nothing, wave your magic wand, hocus pocus, begone hunter ghostus, whatever.
Bonnie: The spirits won't let me do the magic I'd need to break the curse. But I can ask Shane for help, he knows everything about everything.
Stefan: Great, you two do your thing.
Damon: Where are you going?
Stefan: I'm gonna get her back.

[Stefan leaves.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Chris opens the door to a room. Klaus drags Elena into the room.]

Elena: Let go of me.
Klaus: Certainly. [Klaus lets her go.] I apologize for the lack of windows; it's to preserve the art. And of course to prevent you from taking off your daylight ring and burning yourself to death in the sun.
Elena: I'm not gonna kill myself. I would never do that.
Klaus: Oh, but you'll want to. I did. Problem is, I'm immortal.
Elena: You went through this?
Klaus: Yes, I did. For fifty-two years, four months, and nine days. I was tormented, in my dreams, my every waking moment, relentless, never-ending torture. It was the only period of my life when I actually felt time.
Elena: So, you knew that this would happen if Connor died? That's why you got involved. Did Stefan know too?
Klaus: All he knew was that the hunter had to be kept alive. You should have listened to him when he said he had it covered, love.
Elena: What else does Stefan know?
Klaus: Well, that's one of life's little mysteries, isn't it?

[Klaus backs away and heads for the door.]

Elena: How did you make it stop?

[Klaus stops and looks at her.]

Klaus: I didn't. Eventually it just stopped. The hallucinations tend to appear in strange forms.

[Klaus knocks on the door of the chamber. Chris opens the door.]

Klaus: Don't say I didn't warn you.

[Klaus walks out of the room and Chris shuts the door.]


[Stefan is talking on the phone to Caroline by the side of the road. His motorcycle is parked beside him.]

Stefan: He's got Elena. I need Tyler to get the other hybrids away, so I can get her out. I know I'm probably asking the impossible but...
Caroline: Actually, you're not.

[Stefan looks surprised.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Tyler is talking to Stefan in the living room. Caroline is with them.]

Tyler: Hayley is the one that helped me break the sire bond. She showed me what to do, how to help. When she showed up here I thought it was just coincidence, but it turns out she's been helping one of them, her friend Chris. And she came to help us get the rest of them out from under Klaus.
Stefan: So...are you telling me that Chris isn't sired anymore?
Caroline: That's exactly what he's telling you.

Klaus' Family Mansion

Chris: Clothes, toothbrush. [Chris places a duffel bag on the bed.] Klaus said you're gonna be here until he figures out where to put you.
Elena: Just...please go away.

[Chris leaves. Connor appears.]

Connor: I can't. I'm going to be with you forever, a constant reminder of what you've become. So, tell me, how did it feel to drain the life out of me?
Elena: It was horrible. It was the worst thing that I've ever done.
Connor: You're lying.
Elena: No, I'm not.
Connor: Yes, you are. Tell the truth.
Elena: I am telling the truth.
Connor: You're lying.

[Elena gets up and walks over to him.]

Elena: Fine! I liked it. I loved the taste of your blood. Are you happy?
Connor: I'm not happy, Elena. I'm dead. Did you know I had a family? A brother, parents.
Elena: I'm sorry. I'm – I'm really sorry.
Connor: Are you sorry about your parents? It's your fault they died.
Elena: Don't.
Connor: They ran off Wickery Bridge with you in the car, but they weren't supposed to be there, were they? They died because of you. And I'm not going to stop until you've taken your last, miserable breath.
Elena: I'm not going to let you do this to me.

[Connor laughs.]

Connor: Then get rid of me. Kill yourself. You never wanted to be a vampire in the first place, now look at what you've become. You're a monster, and you deserve to die.

[Elena turns away from him, covering her ears.]

Connor: You don't want to listen to me? Fine.

[Elena turns back around.]

Katherine: Then how about you and I have a little chat.
Elena: Katherine?
Katherine: Did you miss me?

Mystic Falls High School

[Professor Shane is giving a lecture on the artifacts at the exhibit. There is a white rock on a pedestal. Copies of its photo have been hung up behind him with the label "Silas".]

Prof. Shane: You're looking at what people believed to be the world's first tombstone. This item was donated to Whitmore College last month.

[April and Matt are watching his lecture.]

April: Oh, I just remember how I know him. Through my dad.
Matt: That guy knew your dad?
April: Yeah, he taught a theology seminar at Whitmore last year.
Prof. Shane: It belonged to a very powerful witch, a witch so powerful in fact that Silas, that was his name, created a spell that would grant him immortality. Now legend says that Silas did the spell with the help of a lady witch who loved him, a woman named Qetsiyah. Sadly for Qetsiyah, Silas wanted to give immortality to another woman, so Qetsiyah killed her and buried Silas alive, leaving him powerless, immortal, and alone. This might actually be the origin story of "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn."

[Damon and Bonnie have walked into the room and have been listening to Shane's speech.]

Damon: You got this?
Bonnie: Yeah, I'll bring him to you.

[Damon walks away.]

Prof. Shane: Now, it's said that Silas wants to rise again. [Damon pauses.] Regain his power, wreak havoc on the world. Maybe we should be afraid. Or maybe it's all a bunch of crap and this is just an old rock.

[Everyone laughs.]

Prof. Shane: All right, listen, enjoy exploring the exhibit. I'll be around to answer any questions. Thank you for coming.

[Everyone gets up and starts to wander towards the exhibits. Shane walks over to Bonnie.]

Prof. Shane: Hey, you made it.
Bonnie: Nice cautionary tale. Qetsiyah sounds like a badass.
Prof. Shane: Nothing compared to Silas.

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Katherine is circling around Elena who is sitting in chair, crying.]

Katherine: Don't you ever stop crying? Poor Elena, always the victim. Except now you're a killer. What does Stefan think of the new you?
Elena: Shut up!
Katherine: The girl he fell in love with is gone, you know. You're like me now, maybe worse.
Elena: I made a mistake. I can do better.
Katherine: No, you can't. You're a vampire. You'll kill again, it'll change you and it'll keep changing you until you're just like me.

[Elena gets up and stares down Katherine.]

Elena: I am nothing like you.
Katherine: I was you before you even existed. And when Stefan knew the real me, he hated me. And now he's gonna hate you too. [She turns around and starts to walk away.] But, at least you still have Damon.
Elena: Shut up!

[Elena attacks Katherine, but since she's not actually there, she just lands on the bed. She sits up, still crying with her hands on her head.]

Mystic Falls High School

[It's nighttime. Damon turns on a desklamp on Alaric's desk and sits down. He opens up a drawer and finds a bottle of bourbon. He takes it out with a smile and props his feet up on the desk.]

Damon: You're missing all the adventure, pal.

[He holds the bottle up for Alaric and takes a swig. Bonnie and Shane enter the room.]

Bonnie: Shane, this is my friend, Damon. He's kind of an expert on this stuff too.
Damon: I audited your class. Very enlightening.
Prof. Shane: That's right, I remember you. What's your specialty?
Damon: The origin of a species.
Prof. Shane: Ah, I think Darwin would arm wrestle you for that distinction.
Damon: Not that species.
Prof. Shane: You're into the monster stuff. All right, awesome.
Damon: I was kind of hoping you might have stumbled upon this at some point, maybe.

[Damon pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Shane. Shane takes it, unfolds it and looks at it.]

Prof. Shane: This is the hunter's mark. Where did you get this?

[Shane shows the paper to Damon. It's the sketch that Jeremy made.]

Damon: Came to me in a dream. Do you know anything about the hunter's curse?
Prof. Shane: Why, you got a dead hunter in the trunk of your car or something?
Damon: Metaphorically speaking.
Prof. Shane: Legend says that if a hunter is killed by that which it hunts, then that person will be cursed to walk the Earth in torment until....
Bonnie: Until?
Prof. Shane: Until the new hunter is awakened and their legacy is passed on. They're called potentials.

[Damon takes out his phone as Shane continues to talk.]

Prof. Shane: Listen, I have a bunch of research on it. Why don't I go grab it for you?
Damon: That'd be great. [Shane hands the hunter's mark drawing back to Damon.] Hey, thanks.

[Shane leaves the classroom. Bonnie looks at Damon.]

Bonnie: How are we supposed to find a potential hunter?
Damon: Yeah, about that.

[Damon has called someone on his phone. He puts it up to his ear.]

Damon: Little Gilbert, your services are needed.

[Damon looks up at Bonnie with a sly look on his face.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Tyler, Stefan, and Chris all walk into the parlor room.]

Tyler: Thanks for meeting us.
Chris: Yeah, but make it fast, Klaus will be back soon.
Tyler: No, he won't.

Mystic Grill

[Klaus is sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of red wine. Caroline approaches him.]

Caroline: [taking off her jacket] Place looks pretty good considering your hybrid got blown up in it.
Klaus: Caroline. To what do I owe the pleasure?

[Caroline stands next to him.]

Caroline: I want you to give Elena back.
Klaus: Ah, they sent you to sweet talk me. Well, good form, but I'm afraid I can't do it.
Caroline: Why not?
Klaus: She needs my help.

[Caroline scoffs and rolls her eyes.]

Klaus: Look, I'm not gonna burden you with the gory details, I know you have enough on your plate already.
Caroline: That's none of your business, actually.
Klaus: Yes, well, just know that if Tyler was still sired to me he never would have hurt you.

[Caroline looks at him. Klaus looks up at her.]

Klaus: I wouldn't have let him. Can I at least offer you a drink?

[Caroline hesitates.]

Caroline: Yeah. Thanks.

[Klaus smiles.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

Stefan: All you need to do is get me access to Elena and I'll take it from there.
Tyler: Please, man, help us and then you can disappear. You'll be free.
Chris: Yeah, until Klaus sends one of his other hybrids after me.
Tyler: Hayley and I got your back. We'll make sure nothing happens.

[Katherine is still tormenting Elena in another room.]

Katherine: You were such a good girl when you were human. Always willing to sacrifice yourself for your friends; except weren't they usually the ones that ended up getting hurt?
Elena: I never wanted that.
Katherine: Bonnie lost her Grams because of you. Her mom was turned into a vampire because of you. You know, she probably secretly hates you. Did you ever think of that? I bet she'd be relieved if you were gone.
Elena: I'm not gonna kill myself!
Katherine: Ugh, why not? Your very existence brings people nothing but pain. I mean, maybe it was worth it when you were worth it, but you're nothing now. You're a monster, Elena. You deserve to die.

[Elena is in tears. She falls back into a chair.]

[Outside of the room, Chris approaches the two hybrids standing guard at Elena's room.]

Chris: Klaus said you two have to go to Tyler.
Kimberley: Why?
Chris: Something about his girl Caroline. I'll take over here.

[The two hybrids look at each other and walk off. Chris watches them leave. Stefan turns around the corner and walks towards Chris. Chris hands him the keys. Stefan unlocks the door to Elena's room and enters. Elena is sitting on the floor with her arms wrapped around her legs. She gasps and turns to look at the door.]

Stefan: Elena. Hey.

[Stefan walks into the room slowly. Elena starts to back away. She sees Stefan as Connor.]

Stefan: Hey, it's okay. It's me.
Elena: No, no. [She scrambles off the floor and continues to back away.] Stay - Stay away from me.
Stefan: Let me help you.

[Elena rushes towards the bed and grabs a lead pipe that is underneath it. She rushes at Stefan. Stefan grabs her by the wrist, preventing her from harming him.]

Stefan: Elena, stop!

[Elena throws Stefan against the wall and rushes at him. She stabs him in the stomach with the lead pipe and rushes out of the room. Stefan falls to the floor.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Damon and Bonnie are standing in the hallway by the artifacts. Bonnie brandishes papers about the Five at him.]

Bonnie: How did I not know any of this stuff about Jeremy?
Damon: The witch who loses her powers gets left out of the important conversations.

[Jeremy runs into the room.]

Jeremy: Is everything okay? Is it Elena?
Bonnie: We figured out how to help her. You need to kill a vampire.
Jeremy: Great, give me a stake, I'll kill Damon right now.
Damon: Easy, Van Helsing. We'll get you one. Don't worry.

[Damon's phone rings.]

Bonnie: Before you do this, you need to know what you're getting yourself into.

[Bonnie pushes the papers into his hands. Damon answers his phone and speaks to Stefan.]

Damon: You can rest easy, brother. We figured out how to solve our little Elena problem.
Stefan: [removing the pipe] Yeah, well, now we have a bigger one. I lost her.
Damon: What? Again?
Stefan: She's in bad shape. I tried to help her but she attacked me. Listen, you go find her, all right? Talk her down, she'll listen to you. Just tell me what I need to do to end this.

Mystic Grill

[Caroline is looking at her phone. She's received the following messages from Stefan: "I lost Elena.", "I need a vampire to kill. I'll turn someone if I have to.", and "Get an answer. Fast." She looks at Klaus and smiles innocently.]

Caroline: So, here's the thing, I didn't just come here to try to get you to release Elena.
Klaus: You don't say.
Caroline: I came here to distract you so that Stefan could go to your house and break her out, which he did. And, don't get mad, but then he lost her.

[Klaus gets up in a fury. Caroline gets up as well.]

Caroline: Klaus.

[Klaus turns and looks at her.]

Klaus: Caroline, you're beautiful, but if you don't stop talking, I will kill you.

[Klaus turns around and starts to walk off.]

Caroline: They figured out how to stop the hallucinations.

[He stops and turns around towards her again.]

Klaus: Okay, you have ten seconds to tell me.


[Elena is walking down a street. She is having flashbacks about the night she became a vampire, feeding on people at the frat party, and killing Connor. Connor and Katherine walk on either side of her, tormenting her further.]

Connor: Are you ready to die yet? You know it's your only way out of this.
Katherine: You can't take back what you did. It can never be undone. You're a monster. You deserve to die.

Wickery Bridge

[Elena stops abruptly. She is standing on the Wickery Bridge. She walks over to the railing and looks down into the water.]

Miranda: It's okay, sweetie.

[Elena looks over and sees her mom standing beside her.]

Elena: Mom?!

[Miranda smiles at Elena and pushes her hair behind her ear. She gently caresses Elena's cheek.]

Miranda: I know what you're going through. It's okay. This bridge is where your life should have ended.

[She drops her hand from Elena's cheek.]

Miranda: Not just once, but twice. You were ready to die, remember?
Elena: [shaking her head] I don't know what to do.
Miranda: Yes you do, honey. You know exactly what to do.

[Miranda looks down at Elena's hand. Elena looks down and lifts up her hand. She stares at her daylight ring. Miranda looks up at her and smiles.]

Miranda: That's right. The sun will come up and this will all be over. It's the right thing to do, Elena. You know it is. Admit it.
Elena: Because I'm a monster. And I deserve to die.

[Elena looks back over the bridge, takes off her ring, and drops it into the water below. She continues to stand on the bridge. She watches as dawn approaches over the mountain range.]

Elena: I can't do this. I can't leave Jeremy.
Miranda: Jeremy is better off without you, don't you see that?
Elena: But Mom, he won't have anyone.
Miranda: He'll have you. You'll be a ghost who helps him, not a monster who hurts him.
Elena: [crying] You're – you're right. I – I – I'm sorry I...Mommy, I didn't mean to disappoint you.
Miranda: You didn't. You were everything I ever wanted you to be. But you died, and you were supposed to stay dead.

[Behind Elena, Damon approaches.]

Damon: Elena.

[Elena turns and looks at him.]

Elena: Damon?

[She turns back and sees her mom is gone. She is upset, but turns back to look at Damon.]

Elena: How did you find me?
Damon: Didn't take a genius to figure it out. Third time's the charm.
Elena: You were right, Damon. Vampires kill people. Stefan was right too. I can't live with myself.
Damon: Look at you, being all glass is half empty. Let's just go talk about this before you do something stupid, okay?

[Elena turns her head and sees Connor.]

Connor: The sun will be up soon. It's almost over.

[She nods and looks back out at the water. The sun is slowly starting to rise. She looks down. Damon looks at her hand.]

Damon: Where's your ring?

[Elena doesn't answer.]

Damon: Where's your ring, Elena?

Lockwood Mansion

Tyler: You're doing a good thing, Chris.
Chris: Yeah, well, let's see how fast a good thing can get me out of town.

[Hayley hugs Chris.]

Hayley: Call me when you're safe, okay?
Chris: Yeah.

[Chris picks up his stuff and opens the front door. Klaus enters the house.]

Klaus: Going somewhere?

[Klaus grabs Chris by the throat and superspeeds him into the staircase.]

Klaus: When I said don't let her out of your sight, what did you think I meant?
Tyler: It's not his fault, it's mine. I was distracting you. It's my fault she got away!
Klaus: Then maybe you should be the one to die for it.
Hayley: No one has to die!

[Klaus rushes at Hayley.]

Klaus: [Shouting.] Did I not say mind your business?!
Hayley: Tyler's covering for me. I'm the one that let her go.
Tyler: Hayley...
Hayley: [she stops Tyler] No. You want someone dead, go ahead. Kill me. I'd rather die anyway than end up as one of your sired little bitches.
Klaus: Don't tempt me, little wolf.

[Klaus turns around to Chris.]

Klaus: Your existence is to serve me. To please me. Do you understand?
Chris: I'm sorry, I won't fail you again.
Klaus: No, you won't. [He moves aside.] Get out of here.

[Chris quickly walks to the front door. Stefan comes through the door and stabs him with a stake. Chris falls to the ground.]

Hayley: No!

[Hayley covers her hand with her mouth and cries. Jeremy walks into the house with a cleaver in his hands.]

Tyler: Jeremy?

Wickery Bridge

Damon: We need to get you inside.

[Elena looks at him. Connor stands behind her.]

Connor: It's almost time.
Damon: What you're going through is a curse. We know how to break it, but we just have to get you inside.
Connor: Don't let him stop you. I know you want to, but you can't. Don't.

[Damon looks over at the mountains and sees the sun has inched its way farther up in the sky.]

Damon: Damn it, Elena.

[Damon rushes at her and tries to grab her, but she rushes around him and stays a good distance away.]

Lockwood Mansion

Tyler: What the hell, man?!
Stefan: I'm sorry.

[Stefan looks at Jeremy and nods. Jeremy chops Chris' head off with the cleaver. Hayley screams and hides her face.]

Wickery Bridge

[Elena feels the side effects of the curse lift off.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Jeremy looks down at his hand. The tattoo starts to grow across his arm.]

Wickery Bridge

[Elena breathes heavily. She opens her eyes. Connor has gone.]

Elena: He's gone.
Damon: It's okay.

[Elena and Damon start to hear a sizzling noise. Elena looks down. Her flesh is burning. Damon looks over and sees the sun has started to rise. He looks back at Elena. Her face is burning now as well.]

Elena: [scared] Damon?

[Damon rushes at Elena, grabs her, and throws himself and Elena over the bridge and into the water.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena wakes up in her bed. She looks at her hand and sees she has her daylight ring back on. She slowly starts to sit up.]

Damon: Fished it out of the river for you.

[She turns and looks at him. He is sitting on her window seat.]

Damon: Little tip, vampires hate to swim. How are you feeling?
Elena: My head's clear. I can remember everything, but not like I lived it, like it was a really bad dream. [pauses, remembering] You saved me. Thank you.
Damon: Well, you know what they say about teenage suicide.

[He gets up and sits on her bed.]

Damon: Don't do it.

[Elena smiles.]

Elena: I just can't believe that I almost...
Damon: You weren't yourself.

[Elena takes his hand in hers.]

Elena: Yeah, but if it wasn't for you...

[Damon looks down at her hand holding his. She looks down as well. Damon holds her hand up and rubs his thumb in circles over the back of her hand.]

Damon: [sighs] I'm about to take a very high, annoying road and tell you something.

[He takes his hand away from hers and places it on top of her hand instead of holding it.]

Damon: Because I know that you think Stefan's been lying to you. Which, yeah, he has, but this rough patch that you two have been going through is not what you think. Everything that he's been doing, he's been doing for you. To help you. And after he kills me for telling you this, I want you to throw my ashes off of Wickery Bridge, okay?

[Elena laughs.]

Damon: There may be a way out of this for you, Elena.

[Elena looks at him, confused.]

Damon: There may be a cure.

[Elena is surprised.]

Lockwood Mansion

[Hayley is asleep on the couch. Tyler is sitting next to her in a stupor with a bottle of scotch in his hands. Caroline enters the room.]

Caroline: Tyler.
Tyler: [stirs] It's just us. Paying our respects to Chris.

[Tyler takes a swig from the bottle.]

Caroline: Tyler, we didn't have a choice.
Tyler: I told him we had his back. I told him if he helped us he'd be free.
Caroline: But we needed to help our friend.
Tyler: Yeah, we helped our friend by handing over another friend.
Caroline: Chris wasn't...
Tyler: Chris was a friend, Caroline. He's like me. He's part of my pack. All he wanted to do was be unsired by that disgusting piece of...[He sighs. After a moment, he looks at Caroline.] How did you even get Klaus to agree to give up one of his hybrids?
Caroline: I agreed to go on a date with him.

[Tyler nods and gets up.]

Caroline: I just thought that it might help keep up the ruse between you and Hayley.

[Tyler pours himself another drink and looks at her. He throws his glass against the wall behind her. Caroline flinches. Hayley wakes up from the loud noise.]

Hayley: What the hell is going on?
Tyler: Nothing. Nothing at all. Just celebrating the life of a fallen hybrid friend.

[He looks at Caroline. She looks back at him with fear and sadness.]

Mystic Grill

[Damon takes off his jacket and sits down at the bar.]

Damon: [to the bartender] Bourbon.

[He looks at the seat next to him.]

Damon: Make that two.

[Matt walks up and stands on the other side of Damon.]

Matt: You're still saving a spot for Mr. Saltzman, huh?
Damon: I'd say I'm in the market for a new drinking buddy. You're not qualified.
Matt: I know that you don't like me.

[Damon moves one of the bourbons in front of the empty seat next to him.]

Matt: But I dug up some stuff about the explosion at the Young farm, I kind of need to tell someone about.

[Damon urges him to continue, non-verbally.]

Matt: So, April mentioned that her dad knew that Professor Shane guy. Which wouldn't be creepy, except, he had all that info about the hunter's curse, and we live in a town where, you know, anybody who knows stuff is creepy until proven otherwise.
Damon: You're on the verge of impressing me. Drive it home.
Matt: I got the Sheriff to dig up the pastor's phone records. Turns out, he made like a call a day to the same number the last month he was alive. And on the day that the Council got blown up at the farm, he called it ten times. The office of Professor Atticus Shane.

Professor Shane's Office

[Bonnie and Shane are in his office together.]

Prof. Shane: Did your, uh, did your friend, Damon, did he get everything he was looking for in my files?
Bonnie: Yeah. Thanks. I – um - I have to ask, how do you know all this stuff?

[Shane pulls up a chair and sits down in front of Bonnie.]

Prof. Shane: Bonnie, look, I've been around the world ten times over. I've studied every supernatural creature known to man; and for the record, witches are hands down the most powerful so, I'm in your corner all the way, I'm your biggest ally. But let me just say one thing, when your new hunter – and I know you have one – when he completes his mark you're gonna want to come to me. 'Cause I'm gonna be the only one who can help, trust me on that, okay?

[Bonnie nods.]

Prof. Shane: The only one.

Gilbert Residence

[Stefan is leaning on a pillar outside the house. Elena opens the door and walks over to him.]

Elena: I'm sorry that I stabbed you.
Stefan: Nah, it's all right, I probably deserved it. So, um, Damon told me that he clued you in.
Elena: You didn't kill him, did you?
Stefan: [laughs] Nah, screw Klaus and his secrets. [He sits down on the porch's steps.] We all want the same thing, we just have to work together for it.

[Elena sits down next to him.]

Elena: Stefan, why did you send Damon to come look for me instead of you?
Stefan: I sent him because lately it seems like he's able to get through to you in ways that I can't. You'll listen to him. You trust him, even when you can't trust me.
Elena: I didn't mean to not...
Stefan: Come on, Elena, I mean after everything that we've been can admit it.

[They look at each other for a long time. Elena looks down and finally responds.]

Elena: You've been so strong for me. Helping me, fighting for that girl that chose you, the girl that I was when I died on the bridge, and I love you so much for wanting to find this cure. Because I'd like nothing more than to get her back, because the – the girl that she's become, that – that I've become is different, somehow. Darker. Who I am, what I want...
Stefan: What you want, or...who you want?
Elena: Something's changed, between Damon and me. Much more than it ever used to be. It's like – it's like everything that I felt for him before I was a vampire...
Stefan: Has been magnified. Your feelings for him have been magnified.
Elena: I'm sorry. I don't want to lie to you.
Stefan: You know, before when I was the, uh, the Ripper, I understood why you cared for him. I mean, I practically drove you to it. But now...I can't do this, Elena.

[Elena looks over at him.]

Stefan: Not anymore.
Elena: I know.

[Stefan looks away from her. Elena looks at him for a moment longer but turns away, fighting back tears. They sit on the porch steps together in silence.]

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