It's not your strength that they're afraid of. You are a Mikaelson witch with a werewolf mother, and an Original father. You are the one that could finally unite all the factions, and that goes against everything that they believe in. They thrive on hatred. And you? You, my sweet girl, are their worst fear.
Hayley to Hope

What, Will, I, Have, Left is the sixth episode of the fifth season of The Originals and the eighty-fifth episode of the series overall.


THE RACE TO SAVE HAYLEY — After learning how she can get Hayley back, Hope sets off on a dangerous mission to end the mess she started. Klaus turns to Caroline for help when he discovers Hope's plan. Vincent and Freya clash over whether to let Declan in on New Orleans's supernatural secrets. Elijah also appears.[2]



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Klaus: "What do you mean Hope is missing?"
Caroline: "She took off with her boyfriend."
Klaus: "I'm going to kill him."
Greta: "The only one strong enough to stop Klaus Mikaelson is..."
Elijah: "Is me."

Caroline: "They just texted. My tracking class should be zeroing in on them, we should have a location nailed down any minute."
Klaus: "So what, we just wait here and sip rancid diner coffee?"
Caroline: "Or you can think about what you'll say when you see Hope or more importantly, what you won't say. It'll be tempting to lash out, but you'll regret it later."
Klaus: "You know, you have a lot to answer for, and not just for losing my daughter."
Caroline: "She's not lost."
Klaus: "After all your haranging 'be a better father, become more engaged.'"
Caroline: "I refute harangue. I am not a haranguer, I give constructive advice."
Klaus: "Which I heeded at my own peril, and Hope didn't make it any easier."
Caroline: "She's not eight years old anymore. She doesn't have to look up to you now just because you're her dad, you have to earn it."
Klaus: "You know, truth to be told, it's been bloody awful. I mean, it was bad enough what I had to keep my distance, but now, the desire to keep her close, to protect her, the constant worry. I've never known such pain."
Caroline: "Well, congratulations, you just became a father."

Vincent: "I'm surprised you still got time for coffee."
Freya: "I drove all night, cut me some slack."
Vincent: "I'm done cutting the Mikaelsons slack."
Freya: "You want to ease up a little, Vin, okay? I'm beat."
Declan: "Felt like someone should do this."
Freya: "No, that's um, a good idea, Declan."
Declan: "I just, I feel so helpless."

Greta: "Roman may be in danger."
Antoinette: "What's happened?"
Greta: "He's gotten mixed up with Hope Mikaelson, but the moment her father finds out that she's involved with a Sienna..."
Antoinette: "She'll kill him."
Greta: "The only one strong enough to kill Klaus Mikaelson, save your brother's life..."
Elijah: "Is me."
Klaus: "What do you mean Hope is missing?"
Caroline: "A few hours ago she took off with a boy from school."
Klaus: "What?"
Caroline: "We are looking for them. In fact, our entire honor's tracking class in on it."
Klaus: "Who's this boy? I'm going to kill him."
Caroline: "Some girls just like the bad boys. The more sheltered they are, the more likely it is."
Klaus: "You say like it's inevitable. It's not rite of passage."
Caroline: "For some girls it is. It was for me. If there was a bad boy within a five-mile radius, I would find him and some were even way too old for me."



Last.fm_play.png "Promise Everything" – Basement
Last.fm_play.png "Blade of Truth" – J. Roddy Walston and the Business
Last.fm_play.png "Creep" – Ember Island
Last.fm_play.png "Live in the Moment" – Portugal the Man




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