You know, every culture on Earth has legends about creatures that only appear in dreams. But a woman in a black dress and a veil is pretty specific.
Alaric to Hope and Rafael

What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams? is the ninth episode of the first season of Legacies and the ninth episode of the series overall.


YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE – During a stressful week of exams, Hope, Rafael, Landon and MG's attempts to study get thwarted by the arrival of a new monster who feeds off their worst fears. Meanwhile, Hope struggles with a secret she's been keeping from Landon. Alaric also appears.[2]


At Triad Industries, Ryan Clarke asks the clerk for information about Seylah Chelon. The man is unable to provide anything as the system throws errors, citing that Seylah never worked for Triad. Clarke hands the man a photograph where Seylah is wearing the logo, and asks to check the paper archives. The clerk initially refuses, telling Clarke that access to the archives requires an access code that only those with the highest security clearance know, nevertheless, Clarke provides the access code and the clerk shows him the files. He reads Seylah's files, and is confused as to how she could be in Mystic Falls the previous day if she had been absorbed years earlier.

At the Salvatore School, Pedro begins experiencing strange nightmares wherein a hooded figure attacks him. He is jolted awake by the nightmare, and the other children tell him to go back to sleep. Meanwhile, Hope and Alaric are debating what to tell the other students about the glowing artefact and the possible monster that could be coming for it. Alaric decides to hold an emergency meeting, calling all of the students to the hall in the middle of the night. He tells the students that the Lockwood Mansion has been evacuated and they are to stay there until things are safe at the school, however Kaleb, Landon and Rafael refuse to leave. Instead, they all leave for different parts of the school, with Landon searching for Hope — with questions over his missing memories — and Rafael hitting the library.

Individually, each of them falls asleep and is haunted by the hooded figure from Pedro's earlier nightmare. Rafael is affected the most, when he dreams of kissing Hope, but is jolted to a different nightmare by the sound of Kurt's buckle. The hooded figure questions where "it" (the glowing urn) is, however Rafael is perplexed and unaware of the situation unfolding before him. When he jolts awake, however, he is left with an imprint of the buckle on his arm, showing that what happens in the dream also happens in reality. When Rafael explains his nightmare to Alaric and the others, he deems that the monster they're currently facing is a night hag. He explains this to the school in a second emergency meeting, telling those who are not evacuating to do whatever they can to stay awake. Landon asks Hope if the two can talk, however she brushes him off, not wanting to reveal anything about Seylah to him.

Each of the students fail in their attempts to stay awake, with MG falling asleep and dreaming about becoming a ripper. Simultaneously, Landon falls asleep in class and dreams of being embarrassed in front of his entire class during an exam. Both are told by the night hag that they know what to do, referencing the return of the urn to Malivore. Landon stabs himself with a pencil in order to wake up, and visits Alaric's office afterwards whilst Hope cleans him up. Alaric suggests that Landon evacuate with the others, however Landon is adamant that he must stay. Afterwards, Hope visits the gym to find Rafael working out, he reluctantly agrees to be her sparring partner. When they are done, Rafael asks Hope to not hurt Landon, however she tells him that she is still interested in being with him.

Landon calls a meeting with Hope and Alaric. He reveals that the monster probably isn't a night hag, but an oneri, a monster that poses as other monsters. They formulate a plan to pull the monster into reality, however Hope is weary that she cannot be the one to do it as her falling asleep would compromise the location of the urn. Rafael, Landon, MG and Kaleb volunteer to fall asleep, and each of them are tormented by the oneri in their nightmares. Landon is successful in bringing the oneri into reality, and when they awaken, they find that Hope is already battling it. With Alaric's help, Hope is able to kill the oneri by stabbing it in the eyes.

Rafael and Hope talk afterwards, and Rafael tells Hope that the two cannot talk as close friends anymore given his recent dreams about Hope. Landon and Hope talk afterwards, and Landon tells Hope that his worse fear is losing what he has with Hope. The two kiss afterwards.

Clarke arrives at Rafael and Landon's previous foster family, questioning why they are still receiving benefits when the two no longer live at their address. Clarke offers to hold off on reporting if the two give him more information on the whereabouts of Landon.


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