[Elijah and Klaus are having breakfast in the dining room, where Klaus is drinking orange juice with champagne and looking pleased with himself. Elijah, however, does not seem amused]

Klaus: Is something the matter, brother? Can I fix you a drink, perhaps?

[He sips his own drink with a smirk, and Elijah just rolls his eyes in annoyance]

Elijah: Strangely enough, Klaus, I'm not in a mimosa mood.
Klaus: Fantastic! More for me.
Elijah: Let's discuss strategy, shall we, Niklaus? Just wondering if you actually have one. We can begin with Mikael's ashes-- given that they are the main ingredient in our weapon against Dahlia, would you care to tell me where they disappeared to?

[Klaus sets down his drink, looking annoyed and put-out]

Klaus: [smiles fakely] Elijah! I have compelled the city's finest pastry chef for your own personal edification, and yet, you ignore my efforts in favor of needless concerns!

[Rebekah enters the room, looking tired and hungover]

REBEKAH: Can we stop talking so loudly?

[She sees the pot of coffee and sighs in relief]

REBEKAH: Give me that.

[Rebekah walks over to pour herself a glass]

Klaus: [amused] What's the matter? New witch body not up to last night's bender?
REBEKAH: [rolls her eyes] So? I had a few.

[She sits down at the opposite end of the table from Klaus]

REBEKAH: It's not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother. Again.
Klaus: [laughs heartily] Whoever said opportunity only knocks once, eh?

[Elijah and Rebekah stare at him blankly and silently, and Klaus scoffs]

Klaus: Oh, come on! We all fled Mikael's tyranny together for centuries! I would have thought the mood this morning might be a bit more jubilant!
Elijah: Under normal circumstances, the annihilation of our father would be rather commendable, Niklaus. Unfortunately, we have a greater threat to contend with.

[Klaus hops to his feet to pour himself another drink]

Klaus: You know, for someone who's been invited to a celebratory breakfast, you're proving quite the buzzkill.
Elijah: [sighs deeply] Well, Niklaus, if anything indeed has killed the-- [He makes air-quotes with his fingers]-- "buzz," as you say, perhaps it was because murdering Father alienated the one person who truly knows how to defeat Dahlia!
Klaus: If Freya wants to be part of this family, she should be willing to accept us, warts and all!
REBEKAH: Elijah's right. Freya loved Mikael, and you've likely ruined everything.
Klaus: [rolls his eyes petulantly] Pity. Whatever shall I do?
Elijah: [aggravated] Whatever you please, apparently!

[Klaus angrily slams his hand against the stable]

Klaus: Do not mistake my high spirits for lack of clarity! I know full well the threat we face. And, I intend to deal with it-- personally.

[Elijah gives him an annoyed and skeptical look, but their conversation is interrupted by the sound of high heels clacking loudly against the stone floor in the next room. Klaus is immediately suspicious of the noise]

Klaus: [unnerved] Someone's here.

[He quickly stands and rushes into the courtyard as Elijah and Rebekah follow behind him. Upon entering, they find Josephine, who is wearing a conspicuously-placed velvet choker around her neck to hide the wounds on her throat that she sustained from Dahlia in the previous episode. She looks at them calmly as they approach her]

Elijah: [confused] Josephine.
JOSEPHINE: [smiles] Forgive me for calling so early, Elijah, but, I've come bearing a message from your aunt Dahlia.

[Elijah looks stunned at this response, but Josephine remains unperturbed]

JOSEPHINE: She is owed a debt, and she means to be paid.
Klaus: [smiles weakly] She can writhe in Hell first.
JOSEPHINE: For merely taking what your mother promised her?

[Klaus' fake-smile falls at these words, and he glares at her]

JOSEPHINE: If you must harbor hatred, isn't it better spent on the one who traded your child away a thousand years ago? Blame Esther, if you must, but I seek only to fulfill a bargain. A bargain that, consequently, resulted in your very existence. Perhaps you should be thanking me?

[Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah all begin to scowl and glare at her as Elijah steps toward her, staring at her intently]

Elijah: Dahlia.
JOSEPHINE / DAHLIA: [grins] My child-- I prefer Aunt Dahlia.

[Klaus takes a deep breath and walks toward her until they are face-to-face]

Klaus: You dare enter my home?
JOSEPHINE / DAHLIA: [sighs boredly] I only came for what is mine.

[As she speaks, the spell that reanimated Josephine's body begins to weaken, and her throat begins to bleed profusely from underneath her choker]

JOSEPHINE / DAHLIA: The time has come to add the child's power to my own. Though, I do not detect her here. I see you've used a spell to cloak her. No matter-- such spells will yield, as will you. Say your farewells. You have 'til nightfall tomorrow, and then the child shall be mine. Be a dear and inform the mother? No reason we can't be civilized about this.

[Klaus smirks at Josephine/Dahlia and gives Elijah a look before completely losing his temper and karate-chopping her in the neck, decapitating her and sending her head flying across the courtyard. Both Rebekah and Elijah look horrified about what they've just heard, but Klaus smiles as he looks at Josephine's lifeless body on the floor]



[Hayley is talking to Aiden and Jackson inside the safe house, while the rest of the werewolf army mills around outside and inside the perimeter of the building. She holds Hope in her arms and rocks her soothingly, and takes a deep breath before she speaks]

HAYLEY: Okay. Good news? Dahlia still doesn't know that we're here. Bad news? She's given us until tomorrow night, and then she's coming for Hope.
JACKSON: Well, I say we get the hell out of here.
HAYLEY: [lowers her voice] Look, Jack, I wanna go as much as you do, but think-- Freya said that Dahlia was drawn to Hope's magic. No matter how far we go, she's still gonna be able to track us! At least this place is spelled-- no one can do magic here, not Hope or Dahlia.
JACKSON: [worriedly] Sure, this place is spelled, but we've seen bigger magic than this break. I say we run while we can.

[Hayley sets Hope in her play pen and she coos as she looks around. Hayley stares at her with concern]

HAYLEY: [sighs] It's a risk either way. She's just so little. It's not fair-- witchcraft, magical spells. She didn't ask for any of this.

[Hayley suddenly gets an idea and gasps in surprise]

HAYLEY: ...Which means that she wouldn't miss it if it was gone...

[Jackson looks at her in confusion]

HAYLEY: Jack, maybe that's it? Dahlia could only sense her when she's using magic. So, what if there's a way of stopping her from doing it in the first place?
JACKSON: [frowns] She's just a baby. How are we gonna do that?
HAYLEY: [determined] I have an idea. Although... it's dangerous. Especially now.

[Aiden, who has been listening to them talk from nearby, suddenly pipes up]

AIDEN: Let me do it.

[Hayley and Jackson both turn to look at him with concern, but Aiden gives them a solemn look]

AIDEN: Look, whatever it is, it's my fault you didn't get away yesterday.
JACKSON: No, that wasn't your fault, Aiden.
AIDEN: [anxiously] Please, just give me a chance to make it up to you.

[Jackson looks back at Hayley before nodding in agreement]


[In the cemetery, Freya is setting up a memorial for Mikael using large stones, a bowl of crystals, and some deer antlers, among other objects. Several of them have Norse runes carved into them, including the rune "gar," which means spear, and is attributed to Odin's spear Gungnir in Norse mythology. Freya kneels in front of the memorial and stares at it sadly for a moment until she is joined by Rebekah, who looks unhappy]

REBEKAH: Freya? I am so, so sorry.
FREYA: About what? Certainly not about our father. I alone mourn him, as I alone loved him. And now, because of Klaus, my father is taken from me once more.

[Rebekah stares at the memorial while she speaks]

REBEKAH: I never knew the man you're mourning. He showed more tenderness to you yesterday than we have ever seen. All I can recall is his terrible temper, his awful cruelty. Especially to Klaus.
FREYA: [sighs] That is not an excuse.
REBEKAH: Isn't it?

[Freya remains silent and looks away]

REBEKAH: I know Klaus can be infuriating-- treacherous, even. But there is no one better to have at your side against someone like Dahlia.

[Freya angrily stands to her feet and walks away, but Rebekah stands and follows her]

REBEKAH: Klaus wants to keep Hope safe as much as you want your freedom. We need to work together.
FREYA: [aggravated] How can you defend him? I was abducted by Dahlia, spent years under her control, and yet he acts as if I am the enemy! I have given you all every reason to trust me, and still, Klaus rejects me.

[Freya picks up a smaller stone with the same "gar" rune carved into it]

FREYA: And honestly? I cannot understand why you would continue to trust him.

[Freya sighs and walks past Rebekah, but before she leaves the cemetery, she stops and turns back toward her sister]

FREYA: You and Elijah have a choice-- from now on, it's either Klaus, or me.

[Freya leaves, and Rebekah looks conflicted and exhausted]


[Klaus is in his art room at the compound, where he is furiously painting an abstract piece. He has covered a large canvas in dark red, gold, and green/brown paint, which has a mottled appearance. Elijah enters the room to find him absorbed in his artwork and seems appalled at his behavior]

Elijah: [sighs] You do understand there is no time?

[Klaus looks back at Elijah and glares at him before going back to his work]

Elijah: Niklaus, if Mikael's ashes are the key to ending Dahlia, then surely you must see the need to share their whereabouts?

[Klaus doesn't even turn around, he simply continues painting]

Klaus: I see nothing of the sort.
Elijah: [confused and hurt] It is no secret that you often strategize while painting. I assume you have a plan, here.
Klaus: You ask that I share my strategies so you can run straight to Freya and bring her into the circle of trust? I think not.
Elijah: [frustrated] It is too dangerous for you, brother. You cannot do this alone!
Klaus: And who should I trust to protect Hope? Our new-found sister with duplicitous motives of her own? Hayley, whose allegiance to her husband grows stronger by the day? Or, how about Jackson, self-declared King of the Wolves?
Elijah: You need only trust me.
Klaus: I would love to, Elijah. Now, more than ever, I need my brother, my closest ally, my blood.

[He hesitates for a moment and frowns in frustration]

Klaus: But, you have not been the same since Mother got inside your head.

[Elijah looks hurt and walks away from him]

Klaus: Your judgment is not what it was. You are not what you were! The Elijah I know would never have clung so desperately to the word of a duplicitous stranger telling him what he wants to hear!
Elijah: [sighs] Freya is our blood, brother. She also has every reason to want Dahlia's demise! We have no cause to distrust her!
Klaus: Which is a far cry from being trustworthy! She vanquished Finn, yes, but only after she herself resurrected him. And, though lorded for saving Rebekah from Eva Sinclair, but how do we know she didn't have a hand in waking that demon in the first place?
Elijah: Niklaus, if we cannot trust one another, we can't work together.

[Klaus sighs and returns to his painting]

Klaus: No, we cannot.

[Elijah frowns at him, clearly frustrated with his attitude and hurt by his distrust of him]

[Elsewhere, Aiden is in Klaus' study, where he's pulling a pair of the cursed manacles that prevent a witch from doing magic out of a wooden box and gently stowing them into his inner jacket pocket. Once he's done, Klaus wanders into the room, wiping off his paint-smeared hands on a rag and looking surprised to see him]

Klaus: Aiden. To what do I owe this visit?

[Aiden is clearly startled by this encounter, and tries his best to calm his nerves as to not arouse Klaus' suspicions]

AIDEN: I... just wanted to tell you that Hayley, Jackson, and Hope are at Marcel's jazz club, and they're safe there. Very well-protected.
Klaus: Well, you can hardly be my eyes and ears there if you're standing before me. [He gives Aiden a hard look] Why are you here?

[Aiden, at a loss for excuses, gestures to a stuffed bunny sitting on Klaus' desk before picking it up]

AIDEN: Uh, this! Hayley said she left it here yesterday? I guess it's Hope's favorite!

[Aiden laughs nervously, and Klaus seems slightly suspicious, but shrugs it off and chuckles as he walks toward Aiden]

Klaus: [quietly] Your loyalty is refreshing.

[Aiden smiles and holds up the bunny again and heads for the door. Before he can leave, Klaus calls out to him]

Klaus: However, your life will be worth less than the velveteen on this little rabbit if I find my faith in you has been misplaced. Understood?

[Aiden says nothing, he just smiles nervously before he leaves. Klaus continues to look suspicious, but after a moment, he smirks]


[Aiden has just arrived at Kol's former playhouse, where he is informing Josh and Davina about his encounter with Klaus]

AIDEN: Klaus doesn't suspect a thing!
JOSH: [freaks out] Oh! Right! Yes, I'm sure that Klaus "Color Me Paranoid" Mikaelson totally fell for your whole, "I came across the river for Hope's bunny" ruse!

[Aiden turns to Davina and holds up the pair of cursed shackles]

AIDEN: Look, these manacles are spelled to neutralize witch power, right? [Davina nods] So, Davina, if you could transfer the magic from these onto something smaller? Just think about it-- if the baby can't give off magic, then Dahlia won't be able to track her!
DAVINA: I can try, but what difference does it make? I thought the baby was already safe?
AIDEN: Hayley and Jackson are getting ready to run.

[Davina looks both shocked and slightly jealous at this revelation]

DAVINA: Wow. [She laughs bitterly] Good for them. If Kol had asked me to run before he got hexed? Well, he wouldn't have had to ask me twice.

[Aiden looks at her sympathetically before turning to Josh, who seems stressed out about this whole situation. After a moment, Davina sighs and holds out her hands to Aiden]


[She takes the manacles from Aiden and sets them down on a table before taking off the silver bracelet she and Kol made and setting the chain next to it]

DAVINA: Let's say I do this-- aren't we forgetting one really important thing? [She looks at Aiden worriedly] If Klaus finds out what you did--
AIDEN: [cuts her off] Let me worry about that.

[Davina sighs worriedly and looks down at the manacles and chain on the table]


[Hayley and Hope are sitting together on the stage of the jazz club when she suddenly sees green vines magically creeping up the outside and inside walls of the building. They become so thick and numerous that eventually, they completely cover the windows. Hayley stands up, holding Hope protectively in her arms, and a handful of werewolf guards join her in investigating the vines, which are now blooming with blood-red flowers. Hayley recognizes the flowers from her encounter with Dahlia's proxies the previous day]

HAYLEY: [scared] They're dahlias. She knows we're here.

[After the break, Dahlia walks down the stone stairs that lead to St. James Infirmary. She sees a nearby werewolf guard calling someone on a cell phone and flicks her fingers to knock out the cell service]

DAHLIA: [chants] Vidau.

[The werewolf takes the phone away from his ear and looks at it in confusion. Dahlia flicks her fingers again, this time toward the safe house itself]

DAHLIA: [chants] Vidau.

[Hayley has just picked up her phone to call for help, but because of Dahlia's spell, the call doesn't go through. Back outside, Dahlia sits down on a stone wall and clenches her hands into fists before twisting them as though she were wringing out a wet washcloth, which snaps the spine of another werewolf guard who is pacing nearby. Inside, Hayley tries to call Klaus on the landline phone, but the call still doesn't go through. She hangs up the phone and turns to one of the guards, looking anxious]

HAYLEY: I need you to go get help. Now.

[Dahlia is walking toward the entrance when the werewolf rushes toward her, and Dahlia almost looks bored as she thrusts her hand forward and twists her wrist, which snaps the werewolf's neck]


[The werewolf falls dead to the floor, and Dahlia steps past him and smiles when she reaches the entrance to the jazz club/safe house. She stops right outside the threshold and holds her hand horizontally in front of her face as she whistles the tune that she hummed to Freya as a child, which travels across her flat hand and into the safe house, where Hayley hears it echoing loudly around the room and becomes terrified]


[Rebekah is pacing around Marcel's apartment, where she is ranting to Marcel about her visit with Freya while he plays darts]

REBEKAH: So that's it? I'm to choose between the brother I've known a thousand years and the sister I've always wanted? And, of course, Nik doesn't exactly make it easy with his ruddy painting! It's like he's just fiddling away while Rome burns!

[Marcel turns and walks toward her]

MARCEL: Klaus is at his best when there's an enemy he needs to take down. I guarantee he's got a plan.
REBEKAH: [worried] What if that plan doesn't bear fruit before nightfall tomorrow?
MARCEL: [sighs] We've been through worse, right? We'll get through this.

[Marcel returns to throwing darts at the dartboard on his wall, while Rebekah sighs in frustration and continues pacing around the apartment]

REBEKAH: I wish we could just ship him off to bloody Sardinia or somewhere, with all his paints and his wine cellar, until this all blows over.
MARCEL: So, what's the alternative? We can't go up against him, we got no way to put him down--
REBEKAH: [sighs] No. Instead, here we are, gearing up for the fight of our lives, and all anyone can worry about is his next move.

[Marcel pauses for a moment and gets an idea, but he doesn't say anything about it. Instead, he just throws another dart at the dartboard, which hits the bullseye right in the center]


[Freya is up in the bell tower of the church, where she has moved the memorial for Mikael from the cemetery to a table, which, like the rest of the room, is filled with lit white candles. After a moment, she pauses when she senses someone behind her and calls out to them without turning around. It's Elijah]

FREYA: I had a feeling I would be seeing you.

[Elijah steps out of the shadows, holding something in his hands, and joins her in front of the memorial]

Elijah: I understand you built a marker for Father. I wish to contribute this.

[Elijah holds out his hand to her and shows her what he brought-- a small hunting knife in a sheath. Freya takes it from him and removes it from its sheath to examine it, and seems surprised to see the blade]

FREYA: How did you...?
Elijah: Niklaus stole it from Mikael long ago. He used it to carve these tiny little wooden figurines for Rebekah and myself. Like your own, his was not a happy childhood. Art was something of a sanctuary for Niklaus. It remains so to this day.
FREYA: Do you tell me this so I might sympathize with him, as you do incessantly? [Elijah looks at her curiously] I assume Rebekah gave you my ultimatum.
Elijah: I don't accept ultimatums, nor will I make a choice between yourself and Niklaus.
FREYA: I will not trust my freedom to an alliance with Klaus! Which means you will fight Dahlia alone, and you will lose.
Elijah: [calmly] You came to us-- tired of running, desperate to be free, and searching for the kind of strength that can only come from family.

[Freya gives him a look, although it's clear she knows he's right]

Elijah: Now, with or without you, Klaus and I will defeat Dahlia, and I would prefer you to be on our side.
FREYA: You would ask me to stay and watch as we all become Dahlia's chattel?

[Elijah walks toward Freya and stares her in the eyes]

Elijah: Stay, and we will defeat Dahlia together. Or, you may leave, and consign yourself to a life of solitude. My sister, is there really any choice?

[Freya sighs in frustration, but knows that in the end, she has to side with him]

FREYA: Swear to me that you will not allow Klaus to be our undoing.

[Elijah pauses for a moment, but says nothing]


[Klaus is continuing to paint his abstract piece with red, gold, and green/brown paint when Cami suddenly arrives and approaches him in his art room]

CAMI: Bad time?
Klaus: Camille. Ah, yes. As I've recently proved disagreeable, I assume Elijah asked you here to play therapist to the savage beast.
CAMI: [smiles innocently] Actually, I was just gonna say you look like you could use some fresh air. Maybe we could go for a walk? You can spend, oh, five seconds not obsessing about who not to trust, and who you're gonna murder next?
Klaus: I quite enjoy my obsessions, thank you very much.

[He returns to his painting]

Klaus: Fear not, I shall tell Elijah you came as asked, and you may leave assured your duty is fulfilled.

[Cami seems shocked and hurt by this reaction and walks toward him with a worried expression]

CAMI: Klaus. Talk to me. And not because Elijah sent me.

[Klaus sighs in frustration before nodding at her]


[Hayley is pacing anxiously around inside the safe house with Hope in her arms. She looks extremely nervous as Hope chews on a toy obliviously]

HAYLEY: It's okay, baby girl.

[Dahlia has made it through the entrance of the jazz club and is walking into the front hall, whose walls are now covered in vines and dahlia flowers. She finally finds the doorway to the room where Hayley and Hope are standing, but stops just outside the doorway. Hayley clutches Hope tightly to her chest and glares at her. When Dahlia sees Hope, she clutches her heart and gasps]

DAHLIA: What a beauty! Hello, my child. I--

[She starts to walk into the room, but she stops when she notices the thick line of sand that is is spread over the entire length of the doorway that seals Josephine's disruption spell within the room]

DAHLIA: I was hoping for a more intimate chat. Though I sense by entering, you would have me at a considerable disadvantage.
HAYLEY: [scared] Why don't you come on in? I would love to show you some hybrid hospitality.
DAHLIA: I only wanted to see the little one who has been promised to me. Won't be long now-- surely you've noticed the spell protecting you is growing weaker?
HAYLEY: If you lay a finger on her, I swear I will make you suffer in ways even your evil mind can't imagine.

[Dahlia laughs, but continues speaking to Hayley in a kind and gentle tone in hopes of winning her over]

DAHLIA: Hayley, is it? I have no quarrel with you! Esther made this bargain long ago. It's most unfortunate you've been dragged into it.
HAYLEY: You talk like you don't have a choice, but this is your doing!
DAHLIA: When I give my word, I keep it, and I expect others to do the same. Esther and I made a bargain a long time ago, and so, you see, that child is rightfully mine. The only question you need ask is-- would you deny me, knowing that it would mean your death?

[Dahlia sighs and tries to remain patient with Hayley, ultimately deciding to humor her a little]

HAYLEY: [furiously] You're not taking her.

[Dahlia sighs and tries to remain patient with Hayley, and ultimately decides to humor her a little]

DAHLIA: You're frightened for... your child. I can assure you, anything that Freya might have told you about our life together... well, she always had a flair for the dramatic.
HAYLEY: [unamused] Well, it seems to run in the family.
DAHLIA: Well, then, of course, most of my troubles with Freya stemmed from the fact that I came for her so late in life. She had such a strong memory of the family that I took her from. But Hope is so young, she won't cling to the memory of you, or cry for you in her sleep.

[Hayley looks both enraged and devastated by this statement]

DAHLIA: You can take comfort in the fact that for her, it will be as if you never existed.

[Hayley's hybrid eyes emerge in anger as she glares at Dahlia]

HAYLEY: Come closer. Let's see how a witch with no magic does against me.

[Suddenly, Hope starts to cry, causing Hayley to turn her attention back to her]

DAHLIA: [mockingly] Well, you've upset the child. It's a pity-- you ought not to waste your last hours with her this way. You should spend this time saying your farewells. Nightfall tomorrow will come all too soon. Goodbye for now, little one.

[Hayley rocks Hope and kisses her on the forehead as she continues to glare at Dahlia, and Dahlia gives them one last parting glance before she leaves]


[Cami is sitting with Klaus at an outdoor café table, where they're drinking coffee and talking. Nearby, several children are tap-dancing on the sidewalk for spare change]

CAMI: Have you ever thought about how hard it must have been for Freya, being raised by this woman? I mean, you of all people should at least have some compassion for that.
Klaus: [boredly] Yes, yes, poor Freya, but that's my point exactly-- I, of all people, know whether the parent raising you loves you or loathes you, they still form who you are. After all this time, am I not Mikael's son? And, therefore, is Freya not just as dangerous as Dahlia herself?
CAMI: You've been talking for twenty minutes, and that's the first time you've brought up Mikael.
Klaus: [sighs] I see no reason to dwell on the deceased.
CAMI: You made an alliance with him. You fought beside him. And then, you killed him.
Klaus: Yes, for the second time. Your point?
CAMI: [skeptically] You don't have any feelings about that?
Klaus: My only feeling is a lingering sense of annoyance that he didn't stay dead the first time.
CAMI: I don't believe you. Mikael raised you.
Klaus: And I ended him.

[Cami looks at him with concern and disbelief and Klaus shrugs]

Klaus: After the first good day we ever had together, we actually made a good team. And, just when it looked as though we might, for once, be allies...

[Klaus hesitates for a moment before finishing his sentence]

Klaus: I drove a stake through his heart.

[Klaus smiles weakly, and Cami seems even more unsettled]

CAMI: Because he said he loved Freya?

[Klaus' smile falls, but he shrugs it off]

Klaus: [sarcastically] Or, maybe it's just what I do? Kill my enemies, sometimes my friends. This may come as a surprise to you, Camille, but I'm not a terribly good person.

[Klaus smirks at her, and Cami just stares at him silently]

[Elsewhere in the Quarter, Josh and Aiden are walking down the street while they talk]

JOSH: So, after I realized I was spending, like, three hours a day on Reddit, I just thought, "This is stupid, you know? I'm just gonna start reading The Times Picayune." Even though it's, like, the weirdest name ever for a newspaper, it's still--

[The two turn into an alley, and Aiden cuts him off]

AIDEN: Josh--
JOSH: [confused] Huh?
AIDEN: [smiles] I love you.

[Josh laughs in disbelief and happiness, which causes Aiden to do the same. However, after a moment, Josh's smile falls, and he starts to become worried]

JOSH: Oh, no-- what are you gonna do?
AIDEN: Look, here's the thing-- I am who I am, okay? Loyalty is in my DNA. But, I can't live with myself if I'm someone who's spying for Klaus, because I'm not cut out to be a double agent. So, I'm gonna tell Jackson everything.
JOSH: [concerned] What, because it's so much better to be killed by Jackson than Klaus? A-and even if he doesn't kill you, then what?
AIDEN: Then meet me in two hours. Let's get out of here and finally start our life together.
JOSH: [stunned] Wow. You really want to just go? [Aiden nods] With me?
AIDEN: [smiles] Like I said, I am who I am.

[He squeezes Josh's arm affectionately]

AIDEN: I'm a pack guy, and you are my pack now.
JOSH: [overwhelmed] Wow, leave. Okay, um, wow. [He laughs nervously] I mean, I'm finally pronouncing all the street names right. [Aiden giggles happily] And, I know I did die here and all, but well, this was the first place I ever felt like myself.
AIDEN: I know this is all really fast. But, if you want this, I'll see you in two hours.

[Josh gulps nervously and smiles a weak smile, too overwhelmed to speak. Aiden takes his silence as a rejection and looks hurt and disappointed, but still smiles sadly at him and squeezes his hands affectionately as he turns and walks away. Before he can leave, Josh sighs and vamp-speeds toward him to stop him]

JOSH: Yes. I'll be there.

[Aiden sighs in relief and happiness as Josh puts his hand on Aiden's neck]

JOSH: Of course I'll be there!

[The two press their foreheads together and look each other in the eyes before Josh kisses Aiden. The two make out for a long moment before they pull away, both looking happy and nervous for what is to come]

AIDEN: Good.

[Aiden walks away again, but Josh stops him one last time before he leaves]

JOSH: Aiden? [Aiden turns to look back at him] I love you, too.

[Aiden smiles widely, which makes Josh smile as well, before Aiden leaves to get ready]


[Davina is sitting in Kol's old playhouse with Dowager Fauline's large paragon diamond in her hand, which reflects the sunlight from the windows into small rainbows on her face. After a moment, Davina hears someone entering the tomb and stands, holding the diamond in one hand and thrusting her other hand out in preparation to use magic against the intruder. However, it's only Marcel, and once Davina realizes that, she sighs in relief and annoyance and stands down]

MARCEL: [alarmed] Whoa, hold it! It's just me, alright? I come in peace.

[Davina pushes up her sleeves to continue her work]

DAVINA: You should know better than to sneak up on me.
MARCEL: [walks toward her] I wasn't sneaking, just... haven't talked to you in a while.
DAVINA: What do you want, Marcel?
MARCEL: Look, I know you've been going through a hard time, holed up in here ever since Kol died, trying to bring him back...
DAVINA: What do you care? You hated him anyway.
MARCEL: I didn't hate him-- I just didn't much like him. And, to be honest, I didn't really like him for you, you know? I can be a little protective.
DAVINA: [laughs weakly] Yeah, understatement of the year.

[She starts wandering around the tomb as she looks through spell ingredients]

DAVINA: You know, even though I appreciate you saving me from Eva, you never once bothered to ask me how I felt after Kol died.

[Her voice becomes thick with emotion]

DAVINA: And even after all the crazy things I've been through, that was the worst. That's when I needed you most.

[Marcel sighs and walks toward her until they're face-to-face]

MARCEL: You're right. I'm truly sorry that I wasn't there for you. But, we have a problem-- Klaus.
DAVINA: So what else is new?
MARCEL: Kol told me you guys were working on a weapon you could use against him. Rebekah heard it was a dagger, one that would work even on Klaus. I need to know if you finished it.
DAVINA: And what if we did?
MARCEL: Look, D, nobody in this city is safe with this witch Dahlia coming around. Now Klaus is off the rails, and he won't trust anyone, and he won't share the one weapon that will take down this witch. If things go south, that dagger might come in handy.
DAVINA: [unamused] Kol gave me that dagger for my protection. I'll be the one that decides if it gets used. [She starts setting up for a spell] Now, I have to get back to work.

[Marcel looks conflicted]


[Klaus, having finished his talk with Cami, is walking down the streets of the Quarter when Elijah appears and joins him. When Klaus sees him, he sighs in annoyance]

Klaus: Your transparent attempts to therapize me failed, brother. I suggest you allow me to make my way home in peace.
Elijah: Enough of the games, Niklaus-- now is not the time. I beseech you to stand with us.
Klaus: If by "us" you mean you and Freya, then I will not be standing with you.
Elijah: She is the best chance we have to save your child.
Klaus: Yes, Elijah-- my child! Which is why-- although she feigns innocence-- I can't help but recall it was Freya who led our lunatic brother Finn to the safe house where he would have done God knows what if you hadn't intervened!
Elijah: [sighs] I was a breath away from taking your life.

[He holds up his hand, which is in a fist, so that it is in front of Klaus' eyes]

Elijah: Just a few short years ago, when you broke your curse, I held your beating heart in my hand. Do you recall that, Klaus? And yet, here we are, still alive, still family. Now, we need her, Niklaus-- Freya is our family. If you cannot see the greater picture here--
Klaus: [interrupts him] You see only around the next curve in the road! I am looking from above. Freya gave herself away when she complained of our single weapon to kill Dahlia. Now, I know there is a way to defeat our hated enemy without her.
Elijah: So enlighten me, and I will do everything in my power to help you!
Klaus: Forsake Freya, and I will let you in!
Elijah: [frustrated] Klaus, this is insane! Hope is also my family. Now, if you continue to walk this path, you will lead her towards harm. [Klaus looks at him blankly] And do not fail to understand me when I say this to you-- I will do whatever it takes to prevent this.
Klaus: [angrily] So will I. So, the choice remains yours, brother-- Freya, or me.

[Klaus turns and rushes away, leaving Elijah to glare at him mutinously for his behavior]

[Elsewhere in the Quarter, Aiden has just met with Jackson on the street, where he hands him the chain Kol and Davina made that Davina spelled for them]

AIDEN: So, Davina says Hope shouldn't be able to do any magic if she's wearing that, and, uh-- [He thinks for a second]-- Oh! To tell you, uh, goodbye.
JACKSON: [pleased] Hey, you did good, Aiden. [He pats Aiden on the back and leads him to an alley] Come on!
AIDEN: [nervous] Wait, uh, there's something I, um, need to tell you.

[Jackson turns to face him, looking confused, and Aiden seems anxious]

AIDEN: Look, um, the reason you didn't get out of the compound last night was because of me.
JACKSON: [scoffs] Can't control traffic, buddy!
AIDEN: No, I, uh... I did it on purpose... for Klaus.

[Jackson's face turns from stunned to betrayed, and Aiden starts to plead with him]

AIDEN: He sucked me in! He appealed to my stupid ego and he told me everything that I wanted to hear, okay?

[Jackson turns around and rubs his face with his hands in disbelief]

AIDEN: Last night, he told me to watch you guys. Jack, if I would have let you escape, he would have killed me, but--

[Jackson loses his temper and punches Aiden straight in the face with a right cross. Aiden groans and rubs his jaw as he turns back to Jackson, looking guilty and grimacing in pain]

AIDEN: Guess I deserved that.
JACKSON: [angrily] This thing Klaus said that you wanted to hear, what was it?

[Aiden hesitates for a long moment, visibly embarrassed and ashamed]

AIDEN: Uh, he told me I'd make a good Alpha. [He scoffs and laughs bitterly] What a joke, right? I mean, an Alpha would never turn on his pack.

[Jackson looks furious for a moment, but then he sighs and calms down]

JACKSON: Neither did you, in the end. [Aiden looks surprised to hear this] All I know is today, you risked your life for Hayley, and for Hope. So, you have to take my forgiveness.
AIDEN: [guilty] No, I don't deserve to be part of the pack. So, I'm leaving. Uh, Josh and I are getting out of here.
JACKSON: [surprised] Okay. If you need to take some time, like I did? Do it. But you'll always be part of this pack, okay? I'm not ready to lose you yet.

[Jackson turns to leave, and Aiden, who seems relieved by Jackson's reaction to his confession, stops him before he can go]

AIDEN: Hey, Jackson-- [Jackson turns to face him]-- Just... take care of yourself, you know? And watch your back with Klaus.

[Jackson walks over to him and gives him a big hug]

JACKSON: Come here, idiot.

[Jackson pounds Aiden's back affectionately with his fist, and Aiden laughs heartily in response as they squeeze each other tight. However, unbeknownst to them, Dahlia has been eavesdropping on their conversation from across the street and watches as Jackson and Aiden split up and walk in opposite directions]


[Elijah has just made it to the safe house, where Hayley is updating him on what happened]

HAYLEY: Of course I tried to call you, Elijah! But since Dahlia was able to take down both Klaus and Mikael, I'm guessing that a cell phone tower was a piece of cake.
Elijah: [unhappily] And where were the wolves who stood guard?
HAYLEY: [frustrated] Getting their asses handed to them by Dahlia, just like Klaus did.

[Klaus arrives just then and joins them in the jazz club]

Klaus: That's it-- you're coming with me to the compound.
HAYLEY: [incredulously] Where Dahlia sent Josephine this morning? No way! We'd be sitting ducks, just like we will be here as soon as that spell breaks. [She sighs] Which is why we have to go.

[Elijah looks at her in alarm, and Klaus does not seem at all happy by this news either]

HAYLEY: Jackson is out getting supplies, and then we're taking the wolves and we're headed to the Bayou.
Klaus: [unamused] The swamp? So my child can be protected by the very wolves Dahlia so easily defeated? Absolutely not!

[Hayley shoves past Elijah, shoulder-checking him in the process, and aggressively gets in Klaus' face]

HAYLEY: You know, I am so over taking advice from you, Klaus. All it has done so far is put Hope in danger. From now on, I am going to do what I want to do. We're leaving.

[Hayley pushes past Klaus as well, but he shoves her backwards to stop her]

Klaus: [points at her] You're not going anywhere unless I tell you to.
HAYLEY: [furiously] I am not your prisoner, Klaus!
Elijah: Both of you, please-- we're playing into Dahlia's hands.
Klaus: Not doing as I say plays into her hands! While you two have been kow-towing to Freya and devising ways to flee with your tail between your legs, I've been forging a new path. I know what Freya was planning, and I know how to kill Dahlia.


[Aiden steps out of the Silhouetted Garden flower shop, holding the door open for a woman as he leaves with a bouquet of red roses]

WOMAN: Thank you!
AIDEN: [smiles] Sure.

[All of a sudden, Aiden hears Dahlia's whistled tune, and when he looks down at the bouquet of flowers, he finds they've been dried and wilted by Dahlia's spell]

DAHLIA: Too bad. They were almost as young and beautiful as you!
AIDEN: [confused] You--
DAHLIA: [cuts him off] Hello, Aiden, sweet boy. We should get started.

[She turns, pressing the tip of her index finger to her lips before using it to beckon Aiden forward. He resists at first, but eventually, the spell forces him to follow behind her despite his best efforts]

AIDEN: [scared] Ahh!
DAHLIA: Don't fear, this will be over quickly.

[She clenches her hand into a fist and punches the air backwards, which telekinetically hits Aiden in the abdomen and causes him to double over in pain as they walk into another deserted alley]

DAHLIA: You are what is known as a tipping point... to set Mikaelson against Mikaelson.

[She flicks her index and middle fingers, which causes two deep, bleeding claw-marks to appear on Aiden's neck. Aiden groans and hisses in pain as his eyes fill with tears]

AIDEN: Yeeow!
DAHLIA: It is true, you are a minor player, though it only takes one match to burn down acres of forest. In my plan to divide and conquer, you are my perfect kindling.

[She swipes at the air with her other hand, causing another two claw-marks to appear on Aiden's face, which bleed down his cheek]


[He's crying now, and looks to be in agony]

AIDEN: Why are you doing this to me?
DAHLIA: Because--

[She thrusts her arm forward and makes a fist with her hand, causing Aiden to gasp in pain and a bloody spot to appear on his shirt from his chest. Aiden falls to his knees]

DAHLIA: -- I need it to look convincing.

[She opens her fist, and Aiden's heart flies out of his chest and into her open hand. Aiden gasps one last time before he falls dead to the floor. Dahlia looks pleased as she examines Aiden's heart in her hand. As she walks away, she drops his heart onto the ground next to his body]


[It's night time now, and Josh is talking to Davina as they walk down the street to meet Aiden. Josh has packed everything he needs in his backpack, and seems excited to leave on an adventure]

JOSH: Well, I promise, we'll move somewhere cool so you'll want to come visit. [Davina laughs] Any preferences? We've got Berlin, Rio, Jo-berg.
DAVINA: You know I'd go anywhere to see you.
JOSH: You know, I hate to leave right after Kol and all. It's just, I feel like a jerk.
DAVINA: [laughs] No, I'm glad for you guys. Really, I am. It'd be too depressing if one of us didn't get a happy ending.

[Josh smiles at Davina, but they stop when they reach an alley. When Josh looks down it, he sees a figure laying on the ground and immediately drops his backpack on the ground]

JOSH: [freaks out] What the...?

[He and Davina rush to the figure, and sure enough, it's Aiden, who is still sprawled on the alley floor with his heart on the ground next to him. Josh kneels next to Aiden and shakes him gently as he starts to cry]

JOSH: No. No. No, no, no, no, no.

[He examines Aiden's clawed-up face and bites his wrist in hopes of saving him with his blood. However, when he sees Aiden's heart on the ground next to him, he realizes there's nothing he can do and begins to sob]

JOSH: Aiden? Aiden?

[Josh, absolutely devastated, begins to sob as Davina, who is still standing behind him, looks both furious and horrified at Aiden's death]


[Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus are still arguing at the safe house]

Klaus: Freya objected to us making a single weapon because it spoiled her plan.

[Klaus is interrupted by the sound of Jackson's angry voice calling out from the entrance hall]

JACKSON: [furiously] KLAUS!

[Hayley and Elijah turn to look at Jackson, who comes in with Aiden's body over his shoulder and another werewolf guard following behind him]

HAYLEY: [confused] Jack?
HAYLEY: [sees Aiden's body and looks horrified] Oh, my God.

[Jackson and the other werewolf place Aiden's body on a table in the next room, and Klaus and Elijah follow Hayley in to investigate]

HAYLEY: What happened?
JACKSON: Klaus made Aiden spy on us. Instead, he told me everything-- [Jackson turns to Klaus and gives him a mutinous look]-- so you killed him!

[Klaus looks at Aiden's body with a blank face, and Hayley looks at Klaus with a look of betrayal]

HAYLEY: You killed one of the wolves sworn to protect our daughter?

[She, Jackson, and the other werewolf stare Klaus down, and Elijah looks at Klaus, not sure what to believe. Klaus looks upset for a brief moment, but then pushes it down and lies]

Klaus: So what if I did? [He points at Aiden's body] This is what happens to anyone who dares cross me!
WEREWOLF: [furious] Just give us the word, Jackson.
Klaus: [shouts] Yes! Come and have a go! But you'll be putting your life on the line for one who is all too willing to betray you. Perhaps this never would have happened if he'd had a real Alpha.

[Jackson lunges for Klaus and punches him in the face, which is all the invitation Klaus needs to fight back with all his pent-up rage. He pushes Jackson backward into the other wolves who have come to defend their Alphas, and when Hayley vamp-speeds over to Klaus to get between them, Klaus punches Hayley in the stomach so hard she's thrown to the side. When Elijah sees Klaus strike Hayley, he jumps into the fray and lunges between Klaus and Jackson, pushing each of them backwards with an arm]

Elijah: [to Jackson] Do you wish to die?

[Hayley, furious, vamp-speeds to her feet and shoves Elijah away from them]

HAYLEY: You wanna kill me, too, Elijah?

[Elijah looks hurt and stands in front of Klaus, who looks pleased with this outcome]

Elijah: If you come at him, you come at me.
Klaus: You lot should make better use of your time. I suggest burying your dead.
HAYLEY: [enraged] GET. OUT.
Elijah: Niklaus, you mentioned a plan. I recommend you begin. Hayley and Hope are safe for the time being and not going anywhere.

[Klaus smirks smugly at Hayley and the werewolves]

Klaus: [fake-whispers] Shan't be long.

[Klaus turns and walks away, leaving Elijah alone with Hayley and Jackson]


[Rebekah and Marcel are still at his apartment, where they have just learned the news about Aiden's death]

REBEKAH: [stunned] I can't believe this is happening. My brother's lost his bloody mind!
MARCEL: [unhappily] You really think those wolves are gonna fight to protect Hope now?

[Rebekah shakes her head in disbelief, looking appalled and horrified]

REBEKAH: He ruins everything he touches! Turns everyone against us!

[Marcel nods in agreement when a devastated Davina appears at Marcel's door]

DAVINA: [softly] Marcel?

[Marcel looks up to find a teary-eyed Davina and immediately rushes to greet her]

MARCEL: We just heard. Is Josh with you?

[Davina walks toward Marcel, clearly devastated, as Marcel gives her a sympathetic look]

DAVINA: No. When Jackson came to get Aiden's body, he just took off.
MARCEL: D-- D, I'm so sorry.

[He gives her a big hug, and Davina starts to sob in his arms. After a moment, Davina pulls away from him and wipes the tears from his face]

DAVINA: I brought something for you.

[She reaches into her purse and pulls out the gold dagger she and Kol made using Kemiya. She hands it to Marcel, and when Rebekah sees the familiar-looking dagger, she gapes in shock. Marcel looks stunned to see it as well, and Rebekah rushes forward to get a closer look]

REBEKAH: Is that what I think it is?
DAVINA: [nods] The dagger Kol and I made. I want you to use it. I want you to put Klaus down.

[Marcel takes the dagger from her and nods as he squeezes it in his hand]


[Jackson wraps the bracelet Davina spelled around Hope's wrist as she sleeps in her cradle and stares at her with worry. An exhausted Hayley finds him a moment later and comes to check on him. After a moment, she turns and walks over to Elijah, looking furious]

HAYLEY: [angrily] Nice job today. First Klaus kills Aiden, and then you defend him?
Elijah: I was defending Hope.
HAYLEY: Yeah? Well, if that's true, then what happens now? Somehow, I don't think that Klaus is going to be able to save us.
Elijah: He loves her. I love her.

[Hayley gives him a desperate look and lowers her voice to a whisper]

HAYLEY: Well, if you do, then let us leave.
Elijah: [whispers back] If you went to the Bayou, I can't protect you from Dahlia. Or Niklaus.
HAYLEY: We have a way to keep Hope from doing magic. Dahlia won't be able to track us down.

[Elijah looks stunned by this admission]

HAYLEY: Jackson knows every inch of the Bayou-- he can protect us. And, I know that Marcel will help us get out of the city. The only thing standing in our way is you.
Elijah: What are you asking me to do?

[Hayley grabs Elijah's hand and squeezes it as she stares him in the eyes]

HAYLEY: We can't run from Dahlia and hide from Klaus at the same time. You wanna protect us? Buy us some time.

[Hayley turns and walks back over to see Jackson, leaving Elijah to consider his options]


[Klaus has just arrived home when Cami, whose eyes are filled with tears, confronts him]

CAMI: Tell me you didn't do it.

[Klaus stops dead in his tracks and sighs deeply]

CAMI: Tell me you didn't kill that sweet boy.
Klaus: Camille--
CAMI: [cuts him off] They said you admitted it.
Klaus: [aggravated] Then why even come here? To see for yourself? Morbid curiosity? Another piece of the puzzle in your long-standing analysis of the immortal bastard? If I tell you who I am, and you refuse to believe me, then I can hardly be blamed for your disappointment.

[Klaus storms away from her and walks into the courtyard. Cami follows him, looking upset]

CAMI: I wish I did believe you.

[Klaus stops walking again and turns back to her, looking upset about this conversation]

CAMI: And, you know, maybe you were right. Maybe about everything. Even Freya! Maybe she's not what she seems. Maybe she is out to get you and twisting everyone against you, and maybe she is this terrible person. But, you know what she didn't do, Klaus? She didn't just kill Aiden!

[Cami breaks down into tears]

CAMI: She didn't just murder an innocent guy.
Klaus: [frustrated] And neither did I!

[Cami looks so confused and overwhelmed that Klaus actually looks guilty for a moment. When Cami finally processes what he just said, she gasps in relief and confusion]

CAMI: What? Why did you tell them that you did?
Klaus: If I've spilled Crescent blood, then Hayley will be forced to question her pack's loyalty to Hope, and she will not run!
CAMI: But if they don't protect her, then--
Klaus: [upset] Only I can save her! And I need them to fear me!
CAMI: [sadly] Am I supposed to fear you, too?
Klaus: [quietly] It would be better for you if you did. To believe that I'm the monster they would paint me as. And then, when all this was past, I might find you and profess my innocence. And, because you're you, you'd believe me. And we would pass a perfect afternoon in a corner café together.

[He gently caresses Cami's cheek with his hand, and Cami sighs and closes her eyes, overwhelmed by her conflicting emotions]

Klaus: And I would wish for nothing more. A better man would protect you with that lie, but I am not that man.

[He starts to back away from her, and she looks hurt]

Klaus: And so I leave you burdened with the truth that no one will believe.

[Klaus rushes away from Cami, leaving her alone and confused in the courtyard]

[Later, Klaus comes into his art room to find Elijah already in there, looking out the window and holding one of his paintbrushes in his hand. After a moment of silence, Elijah lifts the paintbrush in the air]

Elijah: You put them in the paint. Father's ashes, the earth from sacred ground, all hidden in plain sight.
Klaus: [unamused] What are you doing here? You're supposed to be guarding Hayley.
Elijah: [calmly] She's gone. She and Jackson took Hope, and you will not find them, brother.
Klaus: [furious] You helped Hayley escape? With my daughter?
Elijah: Well, someone had to protect that child.

[Klaus becomes so enraged that he vamp-speeds toward Elijah, shoving him backward until he is bent backward over the railing to the balcony overlooking the city]

Klaus: [bellows] HOW DARE YOU?

[Elijah grabs Klaus' arm, twists it and him around, and throws him back into his room, where he crashes into one of his tables. Klaus tackles Elijah and throws him backwards onto another table as he holds him down by the chest]

Klaus: I'm a hybrid, Elijah. Why provoke a fight you cannot win?

[Instead of replying, Elijah pulls the golden dagger out of his jacket pocket and shoves it into Klaus' heart]


[Taking advantage of Klaus' distraction, Elijah pushes them both upright and shoves the rest of the dagger's blade into Klaus' chest. Klaus is so taken off-guard by this move that he has no time to fight back as the dagger begins to desiccate him]

Elijah: For Hope.

[As Klaus falls to his knees and becomes weaker, Freya and Rebekah walk into the room and watch him with blank expressions. Once Klaus is fully neutralized, his body laying gray and mottled on the floor, Elijah, Freya, and Rebekah each look at each other nervously. As Elijah walks out onto the balcony, looking horrified by what he's just done, the three hear the bell tower of St. Louis Cathedral playing Dahlia's tune to the city]


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