Whitmore Hospital is a medical center which is part of Whitmore College.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Elizabeth in the hospital

In I'll Remember, Elena and Liam were volunteering here under the tutelage of Jo Laughlin.

In Black Hole Sun, Alaric brought Jeremy after getting drunk.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Alaric kissed Jo.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Elena volunteered at the hospital. Jo told her that she knows that her and Alaric are vampires and Elena managed to figure out that Jo is a a witch. Alaric was later admitted into the hospital after crossing the town boarder.

In Do You Remember the First Time?, Damon visited Alaric in the hospital. A fundraiser party occurred that day so Alaric was released. Elizabeth Forbes was later admitted after suffering a concussion.

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Kai kidnapped Jo from the hospital. Sheriff Forbes was later admitted after fainting. It was revealed that she has cancer.

In Woke Up With a Monster, Elizabeth Forbes was released from the hospital.

In Prayer For the Dying, Colin Phelps was admitted after Caroline fed him vampire blood which actually sped the cancer. She did the same to her mom, which is why she was admitted again. Colin was later mercy killed by Damon.

In Let Her Go, Jo and Alaric talked about her magic.

In The Downward Spiral, Caroline compelled Liam to kill Sarah Nelson.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Sarah was admitted to the hospital. She was later visited by Lorenzo St. John who revealed her real surname.

In I Never Could Love Like That, after Stefan and Caroline's killing spree, several humans were admitted into to hospital, including Matt and Tyler.

In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, Bonnie and Elena surprised Jo with a bachelorette party.

The morgue

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Alaric visited the morgue and paid the assistant to keep Josette Laughlin's body.

In Never Let Me Go, Alaric experimented with the Phoenix Stone.

In Age of Innocence, Alaric showed Bonnie Jo's body in the morgue and asked her to help him bring her back to life. Later Valerie killed Oscar after he revealed to her that he knows where Julian.

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, assistant warned Alaric that his wife's body can stay for only one more day. Bonnie later brought "Oscar" back to life using the Phoenix Stone. She has also managed to bring "Josette Laughlin" back to life using the same stone.

In Mommie Dearest, Caroline found out that she's carrying Alaric's babies.

The hospital got decorated for the Christmas holidays. Nora decided to give presents to the children in the hospital, when she was visited by Mary Louise.

In Postcards from the Edge, Caroline was admitted after fainting. It was revealed by Valerie that the babies are feeding on her. Caroline gave birth to Josie and Lizzie in This Woman's Work.

Bonnie was admitted in Moonlight on the Bayou after Tyler threw her on the glass in the Armory. Damon visited her in the following episode.



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