The Whitmore House Party was held in I Know What You Did Last Summer at the beginning of Freshmen Year.

Season Five

Elena & Caroline's roommate is murdered.

Elena and Caroline attend the Whitmore House Party on the first day of their college. They enter and are greeted by Jesse. They try to enter inside the house but get stuck at the door as they have not been invited in. Megan sees them and wonders why they're standing there. Later, Elena gets a frantic call from Megan. She begs for help, but Elena can't come inside the building. Elena tries to get Megan to invite her inside but then they hear a scream and Megan comes plummeting out of the window above. She lands in front of them. She was attacked by a vampire. When the police tells them that Megan committed suicide they worry even more since the police is covering the murder.


  • Elena and Caroline's roommate, Megan King is killed by a vampire.
    • He is later revealed to be Enzo.
  • Caroline and Elena cannot enter Whitmore House because they haven't been invited in by the owner, Aaron Whitmore.


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