Can't a Council meeting ever just be a Council meeting?
Alaric to Damon Salvatore in Our Town

Wickery Bridge Restoration Fundraiser was an event featured in Our Town (in the third season of The Vampire Diaries). The fundraiser was held at Founders' Hall to raise money for the restoration of Wickery Bridge; Alaric Saltzman, Damon Salvatore, Carol Lockwood, Meredith Fell, Brian Walters and Klaus were among those in attendance.

It is unknown how much money they raised, but it is known that Klaus made a very generous donation.

In Break On Through, it was revealed that the fundraiser was a success, as the whole town gathered to see the restored bridge. It was also revealed that many of the components of the bridge were made of white oak wood that came from trees descended from the original white oak tree, which is the only substance that can kill all of the Original vampires.


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